Its D-day for Kogalo in Cairo

Gor Mahia will count on their away form

Gor Mahia face an acid test against Egyptian side ENPPI on Friday. The Egyptians will not have much home support because the match will be played in a military camp with no fans allowed. This is because of the lack of security currently prevailing in Cairo.

Gor Mahia will be without Raphael Kiongera. It is a significant blow considering that he has been one of the in form players. Also missing will be Moses Odhiambo and Ivan Anguyo.

“I thought Kiongera and Odhiambo would recover in time but as it is, they are out of the game. Kiongera cannot even kick the ball, he is still in pain, while Odhiambo cannot run with the pain on his back,. “As for Anguyo, he may start depending on how he overcomes the stomach bug,” said Logarusic to the Nation.

In place of Kiongera, Logarusic will depend on Edwin Lavatsa, Danny Ssserunkuma and / or Rama Salim who himself has been nursing a knock.

Gor Mahia will be hoping for a positive result away. Conceding a high number of goals away will put Gor Mahia in a precarious position. On the other hand, Kogalo has had a good record away from home lately. No Kenyan team has ever recorded a draw or a win in Cairo. Here’s hoping Kogalo will be the first.


25 thoughts on “Its D-day for Kogalo in Cairo

  1. The mighty Ko’ogalo will prove to as back at home that they can do it’,remember 1987and 1984 with zamalek& Tunisia,team work is determination gives you confidence.we are behind you….

  2. The state of our mental preparedness is tested here.
    Taking our match in the middle of a heavily guarded airforce barrack in cairo, was meant to intimidate us, the security/polirical situation in cairo notwithstanding.
    North africans and west africans are particularly very notorious when it comes to these intimidation tactics.They’ve been doing this since time immemorial.These people try all the dirty tricks, from food poisoning, colluding with immigration officials to delay opponents at points of entries, refusing to give opponents, training facilities, (most opponents come to know of the match stadium just minutes to kickoff!).
    Kogallo should be focuses and concentrate on the match, while treating any distraction as shenanigans.
    Kiongera’s absence is a real blow, but I believe whoever will take his place is deserves it.
    All the best kogallo!

  3. Ooh Laa la!!! Good luck “The Government-TUZO / Kigali-Sirkal”

    “The game will end either 2 – 1” or “1 – 0” in favor of….!! “I CAN NOT TELL” This a 50/50 PREDICTION. It is a two horse race and the rest is “FUDA”, Be aware referee or “IEBC-CAF”

  4. May the almighty Father be with you (In Cairo) and guide you to score many goals . K’Ogalo We adore you and your win will restore our dignity forever.

  5. @ ogango trailer, you make my day, kogallo ‘ the real sirkal ‘ aka government sponsored gor mahia is playing in Egypt. wasilete upumbavu ya zamalek !!!

    The Egyptians should know they are playing the Kenyan government….how appropriate they are playing in the barracks!

    Good luck

  6. That Kiongera and Dube cannot play in this match is disturbing and this is why overdependence on a single player is dangerous. However we have the men to do the job, Sserunkuma, Lavtsa, Rama and Kevo. Lets hope that they will be well and ready by the return leg date; they then can be the lethal weapon that the Egyptians never met in Cairo and it will be sweet time then.

  7. Kogalo will make it but will appreciate the outcome of the game. The strikers have played together and know each other’s runs and moves so i dont feel very disturbed by kiongera not playing.the players also want to show that they are up to task so what we need is them to play their game to the best of their ability and God will see them prayers are with the team.let those with injuries recover well to avoid incidence that happened to one young footballer named JOHN may his soul rest in peace, happen to any other player.

  8. I bind the spirit of a dubious red card, a dubious penalty and a biased referee all in the name of Jesus Christ. I rebuke every intimidation and unfair officiation all in the name of Jesus Christ. Mighty King Jesus Christ, stretch your victorious right arm over our team and offer them protection and victory against all adversities as we humble ourselves before your throne and pray….Amen. Father God what we are asking for is a win in Egypt that will glorify and exalt your holly name….Amen and Amen.

  9. It’s over 3 – 0 ! I think we were scared of our opponents who honestly look tactically superior. If gor mahia is to beat egypt in Nairobi, we have to ruthless in front of goal…..lakini inawezekana

  10. We have the chance to even scores here in Nairobi. There is also the local league and tourneys to play for.
    Don’t give up boys. We the fans are still behind the team

  11. @jakoyo were fans present ama u r an official,just wondering aloud?i know we will cheer our boys when they come back.our coach will make our team play well here at home.wish our team safe journey back.bado ni wetu.well done KOGALO! from the start after 2goals i thought will get thorough beating thts why i have to congratulate our team for playing with some confidence during second half.

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