Joma deal presents merchandizing opportunities

Kenya Premier League side [KPL] Gor Mahia FC has completed signing a three year kit sponsorship deal with Italy based Sports Studio company to fully kit the club. The new kits with the company’s Joma brand name will be launched on Wednesday July 23 at 680 hotel, Nairobi. This according to

With the club having lost its primary sponsor Tuzo, the next best source of finances is the fan base and the general public. And there is no limit to what kind of Gor Mahia branded merchandize can be sold in partnership with Joma because Joma markets everything from polo jerseys to shoes to gym bags and T Shirts.





Bad deals

When Gor Mahia signed a similar deal with Legea in 2011, only 10% of the proceeds from merchandize sales were to go into the club’s kitty. This lopsided deal left many fans disgruntled and many decided to purchase the official Legea-Tuzo jerseys altogether. One certainly hopes that the club management has learned from that experience.

Piracy and fake merchandize

A second issue that was not properly addressed last time was the issue of piracy. In fact Chairman Ambrose Rachier once claimed that Gor Mahia makes no money from merchandize due to piracy. Which means according to Mr. Rachier that all the jerseys you see at the stadium added nothing to the club’s coffers. This can be addressed by educating fans on the locations that are selling legitimate merchandize. This will also solve the third issue which is that some fans often find it difficult to buy club merchandize.


20 thoughts on “Joma deal presents merchandizing opportunities

  1. Forget income from merchandise.!…….Brothers as we speak Heavily connected Chinese businessmen have already flooded the market with ‘fake ‘ replica jerseys of gor mahia and there is another ship load in the high seas.

    Watch out for the fake name ‘ yoma’ and don’t confuse with ‘joma’.

  2. @Jamigori, am back and to those with negative energy so that God can make understand the current situations at Gor Mahia. Let us contribute to support our team and us avoid personal attacks and glorification that only belong to God.

    Meanwhile I thank God for bringing Joma on board.

  3. Thanks admin for keeping Ogango in check. At least one more thing to cheer about, lets support this initiative while watching out for the fakes, let Joma be that and not any other fakes.

  4. i hope gor fans will wake up and buy this product. anyone wearing that fake adidas brand will surely be shameless. it’s a pity that most gor fans in nairobi actually think that they wear a real adidas product. gor once did use the adidas brand but there was no deal signed with adidas. it was simply a customer going into a shop and buying a product. same way Cocacola cannot use your picture to advertise simply coz you choose to drink coke. for coke to use your name on it’s T-shirt there must be an agreement… Harambee stars tried this and got an official warning from Adidas. the only reason gor has not been sued by adidas is coz whoever does this is not doing it on behalf of gor. but i still believe it’s someone close to the gor officialdom.
    have this new shirt replica in plenty. if it’s a quality product then guys will buy, but do not overprice. gor EC must also direct fans as to which outlets supply the real Joma product… coz the ‘adidas’ supplier will simply switch names. if gor is ever going to make money then it should start by closing the loopholes.

  5. Kindly restrict the Fake sellers of the replica jersey.Lets Shops recognized to sell the Replica and the registration to sell the Replica should not be less than 50,000 Kenya shillings multiply by 200 agents it becomes 10,000,000.and this is good for the club.These sellers should order them from Joma Directly and Joma Notifies the Office on the Order in order to get the clubs percentage.

  6. This is great! At least now let our boys work harder. I have never commented on someones comment ever before in this column. But please without naming names, there is one fellow whose comments are always negative. If you must criticize then let it be a healthy one and followed with a solution. I mean why would one say that there are already fake Kits in the market yet the new brand name is to be launched today? N’way all the best Mayienga.

  7. Well done to those who are involved in making sure my team is well kitted. My worry is are the players up to the task. How do you market yourself by posting negative results. Fans comes in numbers but what they get is disappointment. The players expect me to contribute towards their welfare by depositing money in 350100 and yet when it comes to my turn to enjoy my investment what I get is disappointment. Even from small teams Yawa. Can someone tell the players to start Marketing K’Ogallo by playing beatifull football unlike what I saw in Kisumu Please

  8. We need to promote Gor Mahia as a club and not a selfish individual. to make the matter worse may find that the guy doing this is not in any way related with Gor Mahia but he is doing this for his selfish gain. Please tell us where to get these kits we Fans in Mombasa.

  9. God blss joma da sponsorship n fans lets go fo real products if u rilly love Mayienga mayiengo piny as i do…….we love u Kogalo Sirkal n tutakupenda milele no mata wot……waheri min timbe kendo wuon timbe……..waguan bigg up….luv u sirkal

  10. Hi Kogalo faithfulls, together we shall stand with our team by attending all matches even they are to be played in KAPEDO village,MAYIENGA for life………


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