José Marcelo Ferreira introduced as new Gor Mahia coach

José Marcelo Ferreira aka Ze Maria popularly known as Ze Maria was on Tuesday introduced as the new Kogalo coach. Flanked by the club chairman, players and other officials, Ze Maria, the Brazilian tactician espoused his passion for the game.

“I am Brazilian, therefore I love this game and I will try to transport this passion to Gor Mahia players and return the team for his place, first place” he said in stuttering English.

Well the good news is that he can communicate in English at a level that is good enough.

In a previous interview Ze maria noted that he recognized the previous success of the team
“You won the Championship last year, so my goal is to win again this year, then go to the Champions league and win that as well”. he said

Chairman Ambrose Rachier noted that Ze Maria has previously worked with famous coaches like Jose Mourinho at Chelsea and Carlo Ancelloti at Inter Milan. He explained what qualifications the club was looking for while taking a side swipe at previous coach Frank Nuttall.

“We were looking for a person from a professional background so that he can instill professionalisnm to this team. And trust me when I say we will not have a repeat of what happened in the past” said Rachier.

Ze Maria who holds maria holds a UEFA Pro license has a tall order in lifting the team out of its malaise. The team has not won a single game in eight attempts this season. First things first, Ze Maria will need to learn about his players.

“I have come to try as much as possible and help this great team, definitely I will try to help the team win the championship, that is the main target. I will have to first know the team, get basic information which will guide me. But I believe that it will be a good venture and the team will manage to defend the league title.” he said.

His first test will be away to Kakamega Homeboyz this Saturday at Mumias Complex.

As a side note, the journalists forgot to ask him if he knows fellow Brazilian Giovanni Rodriguez Bissolli who once tried out for Kogalo.

The Italian trainer Sandro Fantoni was also at the press conference and noted that he was here to follow his dreams.
“I come here for follow dreams and after that the results will speak for themselves”

With Fantoni flanking Ze Maria, it is not clear what the fate of current Gor Mahia physical trainer, Nduta Maina will be. Gor Mahia

16 thoughts on “José Marcelo Ferreira introduced as new Gor Mahia coach

  1. Trial and error, waiting patiently, may be a will be proved wrong or may be not. Am sleeping with my eyes wide open, LOL!!!!!!!

  2. If we love the team then I believe our only option is to support the TB unconditionally. Believing is one way of getting to or destination. I have a feeling that Ze Maria could be more professional and qualified than Nuttal. Could be wrong but let me believe. With his own physical fitness trainer he will concentrate on tactics than worrying that so and so is still unfit

  3. As KOGALLO fratternity, the best gift we can give is our full support to the team in all cricumstances. We must always applaud any seeming right move and yet stand up to correct where we feel things are wrong. Right now we cant keep talking about FN, its time to rise up again, give our full support to the new coach and entire TB team and the team itself and hope for a better change. Lets Support and critisize objectively for the betterment of our team and at large, our community. LONG LIVE KOGALLO!

  4. @Bob, why are you terming it trial and error. May be you know something that some of us do not know. Be kind enough and share.

    I am never worried about nothing. Too early to start mourning. For God and my beloved club – Kogallo.

  5. Ze Maria can and will reclaim our fading Glory days.C’mon good people lets psyche up and throng back to the stadium.Nothing gives a new coach more morale than seeing expectant fans pushing the team on,look at what it has done to Minnaert at ingwe.Even in the Derby we played better but ingwe believed more so they won,we were not cheering just looking in anxiously,lets be the Green Army we are known to be guys…Tuache hii vita yote tusimame na team,bado tunaweza,let’s believe and push our Boys…

  6. Ooh Laa la….!! ” ZE-MARIA A.K.A JA-BRAZIL”

    The dust is now settled with no more AR Vs FN commotion; FN Vs PLAYERS dressing room revolt; FANS Vs AR bragging rights ; KILO Vs JARO SOJA thuggery and hooliganism court wars.


  7. I will be sitting on the fence to watch the new coach.

    We will wait and see the happenings but bloated EC must be restructured in line with requirements of the Sports Act.

  8. NGESTO thanks brother i think those are the kind of words that we should here now. @ Dan Original plz dont be silent say something i know u are the only guy who says something constructive to help the team.

  9. By now i believe we all know the EC, coaches and players come and go but the team remains..some people mourned Loga for too long and went as far as engaging fellow fans in abusive battles and so with Zico and the rest..FN is long gone, the only available option is to remain cheering the current squad and the TB as constituted.

    Let us throw our weight behind the official channels…As for the EC i also trust all of us have a chance to vote and accept the outcome moving on.

  10. We have to support the team, we cant mourn Nutall forever. Anyway only Arsene Wenger can stay in a team forever. Players and coaches will come and go. We must be proud of our colours no matter who is in charge.

  11. We have to support the team. We cant mourn Nutall forever, anyway only Arsene Wenger can stay in a team forever. Both players and coaches will come and go, we fans must be proud of our teams’ colour no matter who is in charge. Our loyalty is to the team not individuals.

  12. Let’s be proud of our great club Gor Mahia. To imagine that we are now attracting management talent from as far as Brazil and Italy is no mean fete. And they have come in one basket!!!! This club has a great future. A 5yr sponsorship from an entity that believes and thrives in football can only spell optimism and a bright future for the Brand Kogalo. Let’s jealously guard it. Let’s show this by turning up in our tens of thousands to watch the 1st match under Ze Maria and carry on from there. Ze Maria is Big, he played 46 times for the Samba boys. That’s not easy to achieve in that soccer mad country. He has a lot to offer us. Can’t wait for Home Boys.

  13. The other good news is that A. Rachier says Meddie Kagere will be back training at Kogalo and hopefully sign in June.Trust Neddie to keep fit and be back and be the same Lwanda Magere

  14. Karibu coach Ze Maria + Trainer mine is a guarded welcome for now let’t compare notes after game 6 otherwise all the best, Return us to winning ways as the heartache has been terrible

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