Kagere and Silva shine as Gor Mahia beat Jericho All Stars

Earlier reports indicating that Gor Mahia’s Brazilian trialist Thiago Silva had left the country have now been proven unfounded. The Brazilian was in action and scored when Gor Mahia beat Jericho All Stars in a friendly match on Wednesday.

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Brazilian Thiago Silva was on target in Gor Mahia’s 3-0 victory against Jericho AllStars in a friendly played on Wednesday

Meddie Kagere, the 2015 Gor Mahia fans darling and Brazilian Thiago Silva were instrumental for the club against lower league side Jericho AllStars in a friendly played on Wednesday.

Kagere delivered vital passes which could have widened Gor Mahia’s victory over the minnows while the Brazilian striker, who has been under assessment for a few weeks, registered his name on the score-sheet in the 70th minute after new signing Baron Jobita and lead striker Jaques Tuyisenge had scored the first two goals in the first half.

Jericho AllStars could have managed a consolation in the 75th minute but Jerim Onyango was keen on goal to easily pick Edd Kuria’s penalty-kick confirming the 3-0 victory for the Kenyan champions. K’Ogalo were using the match as a fitness test ahead of their Kenyan Premier League match against Thika United on Sunday (July 3).

Only time will tell if Meddie Kagere will be confirmed at Gor Mahia after the job was left to the club’s head coach Ze Maria to decide whether he rejoins the club or not. With barely three days to the transfer window closure, the club is also yet to officially confirm Thiago Silva’s fate after it was reported that he will not be signed.

35 thoughts on “Kagere and Silva shine as Gor Mahia beat Jericho All Stars

  1. There is just so much going on behind the scenes that we feel left out …. is there a communications session for fans planned soon ??

  2. Kamau murata wa kwa, I also don’t understand. And this is the last day, the transfer. It has caught my mouth. Wacha niwache hapo.

  3. So thiago is still in Kenya ….and meddle kagere is still on trial and th coach is the final call. That’s what am reading finally from ambrose rachier.

    Best of luck coach, I hope you make a wise decision but don’t give us that rubbish that kagere is old and his return may not make much of an impact to kogallo. We know better !

  4. we want Kagere period! he has been tested in the league and he proved to be a wonderful striker. Ze Maria should not give us his foolish reason of Meddie being sijui old and can not replicate his scoring form. Kagere is diff from other players. Thiago Olima is old. at 32 years he should be retiring in a few years time. Kagere still has time. Kagere aingie Olima aende.

  5. despite the fact that we as fans have been kept in darkness, no communications…. i see the coach signing both Kagere and Thiago

  6. So much confusion I will keep quiet on this transfer bullcrap till something clears up!!!! Aucho, Thiago, Kagere, foreign quota, trials. Too much bull!!!!!!

  7. Didn’t someone confirmed to us that he took Thiago Silva to the airport? Is he a ghost?

    Mambo ya K’ogalo ni ngumu kweli.

  8. wheither olima or magere i welcome both.only time will tell if we hav made the right choice. for those who hav been here for sometime we like castigating every ‘old’players later when they perform they are heroes like magere.some even are forced to eat their words.i dont even worry now i know we hav an able coch and able players.if it is olima or magere it is okay.ja asego you hav not bin truthful on olima.you said that he was already on the plane heading home,now you are hiding can u respond pls

  9. Too much confusion. I only hope that at the end of it all the EC will treat us to some very pleasant surprise.

    I wish the decision-makers all the best. I am sure they are aware that so far Efusi have armed themselves to the limits that ethnicity could allow. Brewkenge too have “armed themselves to the boardroom”. I believe that Gor Mahia took cognisance of this and have done what will make us emerge tops in a second leg that will definitely be hostile from all angles. It should not turn out that we were more preoccupied with gagging the likes of Okewkanango and Jasego.

    The decision to keep an unsigned Thiago Dilemma but sign Meddie Kagere is commendable although it may be expensive. It is the best way out of the tricky situation we find ourselves in. Wise move. Thank you EC and wuod Luo nyathin Maria nyakwar Ogalo. By the way, does anyone have news on George Blackberry? Where is this lad? He has not featured in our last two or three matches.

      1. Thank you Dan for the information. I had actually started getting jittery after missing him for a couple of matches.

  10. @barefoot bandit. ..blackberry played the friendly vs Jericho all stars yesterday. Not sure how he performed but I know all players in Gor featured.however I can’t remember seeing walusimbis name

  11. I have time and again warned bloggers against believing every sentence posted online. I also took an initiative to remind fans of the roles of information in this planet where the royal class puppeteer their subjects via information. Once again, I have a few sentences from which you should select the ones worth believing:
    Aucho has gone for trials in Glasgow!
    Aucho is soon joining a South African club!
    Kagere has joined Ingwe and Tusker at the same time (I wish I possessed such magic)!!!!
    Kagere has been training with Gor since January!
    Kagere has never been seen in Kenya since December!
    Thigo Olima took a plane back to Brazil after being declared unfit!
    Thigo scored a goal against Jericho Allstars!

  12. Just read on Goal.com that Rachier has said Thiago will remain at Gor on trials for six months and will be signed if he impresses. Someone please tell me what informs such a decision? And please that brigade of the coach knows what he is doing please spare me that crap on this one!!!

    1. @MUsyumo, Thiago could be having a contract and hence cannot be released. Why no ‘loan’ him to City Stars or Sony?

  13. Thiago is my choice not becoz I know him but I trust all ze Maria’s undertakings.I also know that am just a supporter and that ze maria is an experienced ex-international.I can’t argue with him.he knows the requirements of his formation.for me am clueless with regards to play formation.So he must always hav a free hand so as to take responsibility for the result.No fan or EC has moral authority to tell the coach who to sign and who not to.if you so kindly go and try your luck elsewhere.

    1. Kagere has been signed. Thiago will continue with his fitness but he is not in Gor books. Aucho could not secure a Visa to Scotland and hence will stay with Gor unless the South African options work out.

    2. The constitution allows you any level of thinking so you are within your rights. I am not forcing the coach to do anything. I was just having a question that needed answering. Too bad you used so many words to tell me nothing. Though you said you are clueless does not mean what Ze Maria does is law!!!

      1. One of the foreigners will only play CECAFA and GOTV but not Top 8 and League. Walusimbi is very much in! Kagere will partner with Tuyisenge upfront. So the other player who will not feature on league matches will likely come from defence or midfield.

  14. Wuoolooo, am i hearing this right from AR, unless somebody is lost in translation……’Thiago will continue with his fitness for the next 6 months’ . Since when did Kogallo become a fitness club or gym ? How come we did not give other unfit players so much time to become fit ? who will take care of Thiago’s upkeep costs until he get fit ? what is this definition of fit anyway ?

    @Admin, please give us latest update on this saga na uchambue kila kitu.

  15. Bloggers let the able coach do his job and why are bloggers questioning and doubting what the coach is doing. The role of fans and bloggers is to support the team period. Our coach knows better what he wants for the club and in this matter let us wait and see who the new signings are and thereafter support the team.

  16. Ze Maria comparisons with the Legendary Len Julians are deserved. Never has a Gor Mahia goal had me so worried as Thiago’s especially when Luanda Magere didn’t score in that game. That the coach opted for Luanda shows that he PGF ( Puts Gor First). Now as a Mighty Gor Mahia fan i say bring on “my tea” Thika.

  17. We’ve signed Kagere and Odula for 2nd leg but my worry is Aucho’s transfer issues and Walusimbi’s absence, hope it works out well but looking at the first 5 fixtures, a draw will be the worst result (thika,kkhb, ushuru, cstars, sony). God bless the mighty K’ogalo

  18. I talked about issue of Jasego here sometime back talking about transfer issues and he is not one of the EC but i was almost got lunched but now i have been vindicated,have nothing against him nikech wan GOR e mawahero

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