Kagere signed but questions abound

Gor Mahia have signed Rwandese striker Meddie Kagere on a one year deal. In the process, Gor mahia paid a transfer fee worth Sh2,016,554 (USD22,000)
“Kagere is already training with the team. We wanted him to sign a two year contract but he wanted a year’s stay, but we hope we can convince him otherwise,” club’s Deputy Secretary General Naima Oketch told Capital Sport.
The fact that he insisted on a one year contract means he will likely be looking to leave the club at the end of 2015 which will once again leave the club looking for a striker.
Given that Kagere only trained with the club for a short time before they signed him, then Kagere must have really impressed the technical bench within this short period.
But fans may not get a chance to see Kagere in action soon since he is ineligible to play in the continental campaign and coach Nuttall will be looking to identify the line-up that will face CNAPs of Madagascar in 2 weeks.
However it is worth noting that Gor Mahia appears not to have conducted any health assessments on any of the players they signed least of all Kagere who was signed at whiplash speed.
The signing fee given to Kagere does not seem commensurate with a one year contract either. It is not even clear if the signing fee matches Kagere’s current form. The Kagere of 2011 was certainly worth that massive transfer fee. However he has not matched that form of late at club level considering that his sojourns outside Rwanda have fallen short of expectations.
On a positive note, as of 2014, Kagere was still a mainstay in the Rwandese national team and scored three goals during the 2014 world cup qualifiers. Gor Mahia fans will hope that he can transfer that form to the local league.

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  1. Gormahia.net….is it two million shillings or two hundred thousand? Mungu saidia yawa. Cut your clothes according to you size shemeji

  2. IT THIS OFFICIAL , CAN somebody confirm .??????????

    The eagerly awaited Gor Mahia versus Power Dynamos friendly that was due February 1st will be played at a later date after the Zambians arrived late.

    Gor Mahia Chief Executive Offcer (CEO) Lordvic Aduda disclosed that the team officials will arrive in Nairobi on Saturday before they are joined by the players the following day.

    Aduda added that it was impossible for the team to arrive and play the same day. The match will now be re-arranged but the venue remains Nairobi City Stadium.

    Speaking at the Nyayo National Stadium, Aduda attributed the late arrival of the Zambianss to ticketing delays where the process was to start in Zambia, Nairobi, Khartoum and back to Zambia.

    Other information pertaining to the match remains the same. Supporters wishing to follow the proceedings from the main stand and VIP will part with Kshs. 500 (approximately 5 US Dollars) and Kshs. 200 (approximately 2 US dollars) for the terraces.

    Tickets will be available at the venue on the match day starting 0900 hours local time for the 1600 hours local time kick off.

  3. @Admin, times have changed. These are not the days we were signing Odera at 5,000/-.

    The reason we couldn’t afford Razak Fiston is because his price was even higher. All our players have gone for bigger sums of cash, the only issue is that they go for free. Wanga went for close to 10 million just the other day from Ingwe. That is the reality of modern soccer.

    Smart teams world over invest in younger players on longer contracts. That is the surest way of getting return on investment. My only issue is that we are buying expensively for the local league and not CAF Champions league.

    Secondly, i think we already have a sponsor on-board. How else could we pay for all these players? Most times our club bosses operate in a mafia style and keep members guessing.

    Finally, someone said the shenanigans are about government vs FIFA. I beg to differ. The fight is over resources and FKF know that FIFA elections are around the corner and their vote will be needed and that’s why they are pushing KPL aside. It’s about the money! All about the money! Question is, where does Gor Mahia stand on all this? We love money and are the KPL Chair. Where does Gor Mahia stand?

  4. I totally support this signing. If you contributed money towards his signing then you did it on your own free will. The club has used money in it’s account. If Gor had the money to spend then so be it. Transfers are risky business and I think Gor has taken a good risk on this one. Ofcourse it could go either way but this guys is better than the average player on the league. I think EC ha done well on recruitment so far. In Kagere and Olunga we have good strikers and it’s certainly now up to the coach.

  5. Calabar went for over 4m and we thought it was fine. Moreover he is a defender and the cost of defenders is cheaper than strikers. Danny pocketed almost 8m. So if we have the money let’s get the best.To get the best you need to spend. The TP Mazembes, Esperance, Al Ahly, Azam etc are all there due to the quality they get as a result of the deep pockets.
    As said transfers are risks, look at the Torres, Bolloteli and Suarez situations. Locally Keli and Mieno are good examples

  6. Lets now give Coach Nuttal time to gel the team. To the executive thanks alot for the good recruitment in sooo!!!! many years. For Gor mahia fans things(life) have changed everything is on higher scale, Even players like DROGBA,FRANK LAMPARD,FARNANDO TORRIES are proving themselves and are older than our new recruits.

    From futaa.com…… Kagere has refuted reports that he has completed a deal to Kenya Premier League side Gor Mahia, insisting he is still weighing offers.

    Kagere was expected to jet into the country on Monday 26 January to seal a deal to Gor Mahia but speaking to Rwandan site, New Times, he said he was still in Rwanda, waiting for negotiations to be complete.

    Still in Rwanda

    -My agent is the one in contact with teams that are interested in me. At the moment I am in Rwanda waiting for what comes out of the talks.

    -I have been listening to reports that I am in Kenya but I am in Rwanda waiting for the right offer, my agent is doing everything to get me the right team, he said.

    According to Kagere, the main reason why he is yet to jet in for Gor move is because of the deal offered. He claims he has been offered a six month deal while he wants a longer deal.

    26 caps

    He is currently training with his former side, SC Kiyovu. Kagere, 28, was released by KF Tirana after just six months with the team. He had joined KF Tirana from Rayon Sports in July last year.

  8. So what is the status of the friendly against Power Dynamos. Supersport reports that they will arrive on Sunday an cant play the same day so the friendly has been deferred to a later date. Futaa reports that they arrive Saturday and the game is still on Sunday. Both are quoting Aduda. So which is which? About Jakoyo’s Futaa story on Kagere , I av also seen the same on Futaa, so admin kindly clear the air.Still, methinks Keli would have been a good buy. He still can replicate his top scorer exploits in the right environment which Ingwe definitely is not. But as a Kogallo supporter, I will always rally behind whoever is signed.

  9. Information is power, can someone give us credible information on kagere status? Is he in Kenya or not? Has he been training with the Club or not and if he has been who has seen him? To me the catch phrase is according to this cite “Given that Kagere only trained with the club for a short time before they signed him, then Kagere must have really impressed the technical bench within this short period” This is an assumption. I have no problem with the player being signed or not but the correct information. In that way we can contribute from a point of knowledge rather than rumors or hearsays.

  10. l support the signing of Medie Kagere experience n hardworking player…bt my problem z source of information,gor should abolish all thiz bloggers who tend to speak on behalf of the club….let’s have 1credible source of information from the EC..

  11. a large and strong team is vital for the league. it will not be an easy ride for kogallo this time round having managed to retain the league cup and therefore buying not only many but quality players too is necessary. we wish to see a more improved kogallo side from last seasons and a team with less unnecessary mistakes. we do not need to rely on an individual player but work as a team for better results but how do we do this? first we must start by performing well in the continental assignments in which the teams moral and confidence will be established, secondly the manager must be flexible to work with all the players in the squad and master the art of rotation to kill fatigue in the team this is because the club had enough time to release the fringe players and replace them with better one and if any was retained then he is capable of performing for the team to the highest level expected and the entire kogallo fraternity, lastly I would urge the organisers of kogallo matches to spread some matches to kisumu stadium we saw the kind of intimidation that the hug supporters cause to the visiting teams which made it easy for the team to retain the league cup, after all is it not the points that we need then we should go full length to acquire them at whatever cost as long as it is not unfairly

  12. Weche Gor Tek

    Really, the news of Gor Mahia’s biggest signing in the recent years being broken by Secretary no.5.
    I just hope the money has not been paid out, Situmbeko all over again. These secretaries yawa.

    Gor Mahia’s EC have just secured a major sponsorship deal and all that remains is for the EC to provide the sponsor with details of the clubs bank account to enable the sponsor remit the funds to the club. What do you think will follow given the the clubs bank accounts have been frozen by KRA? I.e any money paid into the accounts will be seized by KRA to offset the huge tax bill.
    Tafakari hayo!
    1.Will EC use the paybill no.?
    2.Will they use an official’s account or a secret account?
    3.Will they request cash payments?
    Most sponsors won’t accept these.
    What am saying is that until the KRA saga is resolved even effecting a sponsorship deal is difficult.

    All these matters together are stunting GMFC’s potential growth.
    Finally EC hopefully you taken concrete steps to ensure players / TB monthly wage bill is not an issue this year.

  13. Gor’s issue with KRA is well documented.I have a ten year old son who is an ardent supporter of Gor.He is well versed with this matter.I don’t think any prospective sponsor would enter into a partnership with Kigalo without asking how this matter will be addressed.If a ten year old boy knows about it what would make me think that an organisation that want to invest millions of shillings didn’t hear about it and,therefore,needs that information-first hand from me?No!Fellow bloggers,sometimes we go overboard with our criticisms.Granted,we can’t agree on everything.Constructive criticisms lead to new ideas and many cases generate possible solutions.Being opposition bellicose is not helping Gor.The EC members are not headless chickens who have no idea of what they are doing.I didn’t support the return of this group back at the helm of Gor but I remember saying here that I will render the my absolute support because I love this club.Won’t we be doing a great favour to the club if we fully pushed their projects and when their time is up then we present our own candidature?Do want Kigalo to go efusi’s way?God forbid my brothers.God forbid.

  14. @ ODOURI12 Gor won the 2015 premier league,were they paid in cash?
    When they went to state house were they paid in cash?

    I’m just asking to understand how an organization like Gor can operate without bank account

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