Keli deal falls through as new signings discuss targets

Gor Mahia CEO Lordvick Aduda has announced that contrary to earlier speculation, the club will not be pursuing AFC Leopards striker Jacob Keli.

“Keli is not in our plans .The coach has closed the door for more signings since he believes the players who have been picked are enough for the season,”said Aduda to supersport.

There had been speculation and reports that Gor Mahia were on the verge of signing keli after he appeared at the club’s press conference. However Aduda has denied this.

“To be honest, we never instituted any talks with Keli. We were not interested in him because there are particular players we were targeting who could fit in our long term plans, not every Tom, Dick and Harry. I’m sorry to say our bus is fully packed with no room for any extra passenger,” he continued.

With the Gor Mahia attack appearing blunt, many fans though Keli would have been a welcome addition. However he has failed to impress in 2014. Had coach Nuttall watched the Jacob Keli of 2013, he may have had a different opinion.

Bernard Odhiambo: No Comparisons please

New Gor Mahia defender Bernard Odhiambo, who is a younger brother to David Owino “Calabar” has rejected any comparisons to his elder brother.

“Of course I draw a lot of inspiration from him. He has worked hard to be where he is and I am very proud of him and I wish him well in his new club,”added Odhiambo.

“It would have been my wish to play with him at Gor Mahia but that may not happen now that he has moved but I hope Gor Mahia will make me a better player so that I can make it to the Harambee Stars and play alongside him.” he said to

Odhiambo says he was drawn to the club due to its past success and its passionate fan base.

“Gor Mahia is the biggest and most successful club in Kenya and it is the pride of any player to don the green jersey. I love the passion of the fans and commitment of the management,” he continued to supersport.

Odhiambo wants to use his stint at Gor Mahia as a growth opportunity and is also aiming to win titles while at Gor Mahia.

“A player can only grow by playing for a club that offers challenge. I am ready to handle the pressure that comes with playing for Gor Mahia. My brother always encourages me. I am happy to be here and I want to win titles.”

Olunga on why he joined Gor Mahia

Newly signed striker, Michael Olunga has indicated that he turned out offers from other clubs in order to play at Gor Mahia. Among the clubs that made him offers were Supersport of South Africa as well as Tusker, AFC Leopards, Ulinzi and Sofapaka.

“What prevented me from putting pen to paper (at Supersport) was the fact that they had not spelt clearly the requirements of getting a university for me. Previously, we had agreed that if I was to sign for them, they had to provide a university where I will continue with my studies but they did not spell that out in the final contract,” Olunga said.

“There is life after football and having papers is very important,” added Olunga of the decision that saw him opt out. “Tusker was the first team I would have joined but after advice from my manager, I turned them down.” said Olunga to mediamaxnetwork.

Olunga says he turned down Ulinzi upon advice from his manager and turned down Ingwe due to their constant wrangles.

He is certain that Gor Mahia will provide him the platform he needs to ascend to greater heights.

“I always thrive under pressure and in my opinion, Gor will help me shine. I am sure if I was here last season and scored 10 goals, I would have been a regular in the national team,” said Olunga. I believe in myself, I believe I can do well and I will score many goals. Their playing style suits mine and I look forward to a great season. I am not putting myself under pressure to replace Danny (Sserunkuma) but I will do my best,”

Back in 2010 when Olunga was the MVP of the national schools championships, he was tipped by many to be the next superstar. Legendary coach Mohamed Kheri compared him favourably to Mike Okoth Origi.

26 thoughts on “Keli deal falls through as new signings discuss targets

  1. In as much as I would like to see 5-0 drubbing or a cricket score line of some sort( it’s been a long time ) Truth be told, if we cannot score more than one goal in any friendly, be it against supa loaf, agrochemicals, western stima or power dynamos then we have a serious offensive problem.

    I like the way paul trut, Burkina Faso coach puts it…..” In football it’s all about chances, if you are creating scoring chances it means the team is playing well….. If you score, you win the game, if you don’t score , you loose the game”

    So it means kogallo is yet to start playing well…..I guess time will tell.

  2. @Jakoyo, go away with your shallow and narrow arguments. In pre-season games, do you expect a team to continuously score 5-0 in every game or cricket scoreline? Can you explain or support the source of your argument with a true case study or empirical test as compared to all teams in KPL?

    @Jakoyo just suppose Gor Mahia continues to score 5-0 during off-season matches and get beaten in the Kenya Premier League, what will be your final verdict?

    Let us not put unnecessary pressures in the players and technical bench as our able coach Frank Nuttal is trying to find out the best first eleven team. Instead our work as fans is to give maximum support to the team no matter the results. Gor Mahia will always be there with us or without us but the most important matter at this time is to support the team and make proposals that may be or may not be necessary be implemented by the EC.

    Let us continue to have positive and constructive criticisms to the executive committee or administration with probable solutions and the way forward.

    @Jakoyo, finally we need your support for the team but not retrogressive rhetoric.

  3. Not sure how not thumping teams 5-0 in the first/second week of training means the team is blunt. What if we lost the first two matches what would the same people be saying? Danny was a constant scorer in Gor but is struggling to score in TZ but that doesn’t make him a blunt striker.
    Once we start the competitive games then we will be able to rate the team but for now it’s too early.
    Though this being Gor we sometimes criticize even when and where we should not

  4. @ Mwakio P , wacha kila mtu atoe maoni yake.

    Mwakio P, kwani wewe peke yayke ndio unataka kuongea kwa bloggers branch ? Hata watu wengine wana haki ya kusema na kutenda. Tafadhali chukua mda usome CONSTITUION OF KENYA – CHAPTER 4 ,BILL OF RIGHTS , ARTICLE 33 on freedom of speech.

    Mimi yangu ni machache na naomba ushindi tuu !

  5. @ Jakoyo have you ever played football? Your wishful thoughts are not a surprise to any one.
    Last year at a time like this you were saying the same thing, when other teams were thrashing the small teams in friendlies while Gor could barely win the friendlies.
    Where were those goals in the league? Who were the champions?

    Let’s support the team and give the players time without pressure.
    For the fans who always call for a sub, please let coach do his work. You are not even qualified to be in the technical bench.

  6. gor mahia bloggers , guys who never see anything wrong. @Mwakio and @Sam Muga, your JJ kamotho (god rest his soul) style of worshipping the club is amazing. real sycophants !!!

  7. @Sam Muga you are right Just like it is said that it is harder to build a house than to destroy. It is also harder to build a team than to disband it. We therefore need to be patient and realistic. Nuttal is dealing with several teams in the same team. In fact what he sees is not what people see. He is with these guys at every corner. We probably only see them when they are practicing or playing a game or two. Like now when they will be in Mombasa I will not be there. Let us give them our unwavering support.

  8. Jo-Ndhiwa seem to have conspired against me because Gor Mahia are finally coming for friendly matches in my backyard yet I will not be there to receive and watch them. @Jakoyo is 2 weeks of training not too early to start judging the team a little bit harshly? As a soccer coach myself, let me advise you that scoring many goals is never the objective of friendly matches. I am sure there are more important goals that Frank Nuttal is working on. By the way Jackie, a few weeks ago you were looking for someone to buy Gor Mahia. Have you had a change of mind? Perhaps you could try OLX.

    Our CEO is right: to me Keli is just a Tom, Dick and Harry. Let us trust our little unknowns.

  9. No word for Jakoyo!! I am however impressed that today he did not do his usual copy paste articles. He thinks we are so illiterate that we cant read these articles ourselves. He must realize we had read them before he copied and pasted.

  10. So far so good.

    Pre-season friendlies are like training sessions so it’s Ok whether or not we are beaten in a preseason friend. It is just like missing a penalty shootout in a training. It’s for fitness purposes only.

    As for the CEO to call someone Tom, Dick and Harry it’s wrong coz we may need them later. It is the current form of every player that speaks out.

    On Jakoyo’s opinion, there is no need for over-reaction by bloggers as he has right to air his views and there is no measure of who has scored more points on the posting so we need to accept the diversity of views. After-all who is the judge or final or who is the best when it comes to opinions? On your part Jakoyo you must also have facts…

  11. I think what jakoyo is saying is an observation just like many Gor fans who do not visit this sit frequently. If u sign a professional striker who do not score in a friendly match, shud u say that he will score in comptitive match?. Shud assume that friendly matches r too tough for a proffesional striker to score. We shall give them time but we will not avoid to say that our striking force is blnt until they will start scoring.

  12. I hope you guys have heard of Ballotelli, Andy Carrol, Torres and even Suarez when they moved teams to realize that it’s not about adding 1 plus 1 and getting two. Even Danny is not having it smooth in Tz.I also hope that you have some teams where you play and/or coach and these things don’t happen to you.
    The good thing is that whenever you hear comments from fans you can always distinguish those who have ever played footy and those who haven’t.

  13. Does strikers pick balls from keeper to score?
    I think for a striker to score there must be chances which are created by both wingers and midfield.
    Even if you bring the best striker in the world you will be surprised.

    Give the team time to understand each other. Furthermore even defenders can score

  14. I think they should’ve signed Keli. GM needs a reliable scorer. So far I dont think they have any.

  15. @pascal tz, in response to your posting, there is nothing wrong with Mwakio comments unless you do not understand what he had alluded to in his posting. I suggest you read his posting again.


  17. levelmind@15…i beg to order for us to put the necessary checks and balances we must give credit where its due and criticise where necessary.
    lets not pretend here that we are as clean as a whistle…no institution is anyway and it must be put under close scrutiny for it to deliver.lets accept both praise and criticism regardless!!

  18. @fred odhiambo, Kweli kabisa wengine wanajidai kuwa ni pastors sijui apostle sijui kuomba kwa bloggers site…. lakini hao hao bloggers ndio walikula pesa ya bloggers branch !! hati ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ ….ni hizi, mavi ya kuku ?

  19. @Pascal, how much of your money was ‘eaten’? That’s a serious allegation . Am sure this team can findraise and refund you.

  20. @Erico Jarare, leave @Pascal alone on the issue of bloggers money. We all know the money was handed to the team wen they visited the Standard Group. And by the way none of the contributors has any issue with that. Could it be a case of crying louder than the berieved?
    From Msa we are trailing 0-2 and from this we should be learn a few things in order to be ready for Dynamos next week.

    Is the news on the grapevine that the Molo deal fell through and we are now negotiating with Calsberg or is it Heineken true? Whichever the case let’s be humble and hope for the best.

    I still believe that this is also our year.

  21. Hommies, Jakoyo is probably the only smart blogger and a good critic. Keep it up Jakoyo and speak your mind brah.

  22. @Pascal, we are not here to read your camotose. I contributed my money which was handed over to the players in a well organized press conference in Standard Group offices.

    Pascal, I do not think you have been following the happenings in this site. You just better shut up as you are clueless on how the money was well spent.

    On God, we can’t argue about God but we can’t take your abusive comments lightly. If you do not know God, Amen, Praise God, Thanking God etc, it is all upto you.

    But for me and my house, we will always return glory, honour and praises to God for who God is and for what God has done in my life for I am a living testimony.

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