Kerr allays fears about Guikan

Image courtesy of Bonny Kochieng

Late last week , there were rumours that Ivorian striker Ephrem Guikan would not travel to Pretoria after he picked up a collar bone injury and missed several training sesssions. But coach Kerr has sought to allay those fears.

“Guikan is fit and ready to play,” Kerr told on Saturday.

As was the case against Esperance, Kogalo will be facing a team whose budget is several times larger.

“We have done our best since the Esperance match in Tunis; that was a great display considering the resources and everything that that club (Esperance) has.” continued Kerr

However unlike the Esperance encounter, Gor Mahia will be well rested having not played a match in almost a week.

“My players have shown good attitude after losing the match and we carry that positive attitude to Pretoria.”

Supersport scoreless again

If Kogalo have been finding difficulty in scoring then so are Supersport. They were held to  0-0 by Capetown City in an Absa Premiership match at the Cape Town Stadium on Saturday . Their second succesive scoreless draw.  The draw sees the Matsatsantsa remain on the 14th  on the league standings just two points above relegation

The return match will be played at 8pm EAT Wednesday at the Lucas Moripe Stadium in Pretoria

13 thoughts on “Kerr allays fears about Guikan

  1. Bigger finances don’t play matches or score goals, so to me this is but an excuse. What is important is prudent use of available resources and creating opportunities for more financing e.g QUALIFYING FOR CAF GROUP STAGES. At CAF stages surely SPesa will surely want to advertise to Africa that they are the sponsors of this great club hence formalize the current “come we stay” arrangement or else we….! What about other suitors who will come knocking once GM wins against SSport? Currently Gor Mahia can get quality players in East & Central African by paying between 100-150k per month. We need to start recruiting players strictly on merit. The other nonsense which EC must stop is empty/false promises when signing players or renewing their contracts.AR must shake off the shameful tag of being a chairman who served longest (+10 years) but never steered GM beyond CAF preliminary/1st rounds.BEST OF LUCK K’OGALO.

    1. @Oduor12, this is not the work of fans on demanding players to be recruited. The recruitment is the work and mandate of EC but not fans nor supporters nor bloggers like you and I.

  2. Supetsport 4 will have the match live in HD so we will follow keenly.Supersport might get relegated as they are identical to Gor under Ze Maria whereby they possess no urgency to score no matter how dire their situation is.For me bare minimum is qualification to group stage.I repeat to win we need to do four things
    1.Play with high intensity
    2.Press high and maintain our shape especially midfield
    3.Exercise good technique on the ball
    4.Quick decision making & clinical finishing

  3. I beg to differ, any stakeholder can suggest,not demand,for a player to be recruited. The final decision lies with the TB, if EC is able to meet the player(s) demands i.e salary, signing fees etc. I REITERATE IN FUTURE LET PLAYERS BE RECRUITED PURELY ON MERIT. Today, I can confirm Jasego’s assertion that at least GMs’ players salaries are being paid by SPesa. Efusi’s chair Dan Mule confirmed (at Radio Jambo’s Sportswrap) that SPesa were paying salaries for that club’s players and I believe the same is happening to GM. So with the government footing airtickets cost to CAF it is simply lack of foresight and theft that has led to AR/EC not being able to clear signing fees and winning bonuses. With proper management and accountability holding our league home matches in Kisumu, instead of Machakos, can net gate collections of at least kes.750,000 to even 1M per match. EC should be thankful, TRANSPARENT and give credit to SPesa and the government for the invaluable financial support being given.

    1. Oduor12 as long as the support is done clandestinely,it can be denied.Rem there are those who thrive when GM is in constant imbroglio’s and financial uncertainty.Even the bible says He Ye who dwells in chaos & strive Never wishes for peace & tranquility.3 times Sportpesa have proposed to officialize & resume sponsorship to GM but they have been told No rush the current opaque setting is just fine.It is a perfect panacea to always control aspirations of GM Fanbase by insinuating we have a savior rescuing us from his personal funds while hakuna kitu kama hiyo.In essence the opaque funding runs the club while excuses are cooked up for delaying bonuses/signing fees all the while club officials are building houses upcountry in what we refer to in ‘Lingua’ as “Goyo Dala’

  4. Does it meam that to some people nothing positive comes out of the EC or AR? Or do we think that by hyping on the negatives the positives will multiply?
    Can’t we concentrate on how we can get a positive result from SA? As fans there was some thinking on how to sort out the Walusimbi issue but looks like it fizzled out. Anelka used to assist on such issues

    1. +1-100=(99)!!!!!!!!! Now that it has been proven beyond any doubt that SPesa (not ka’almighty mugabe) is the one paying players’ and TBs’ salaries with the government catering for CAF airtickets that leaves AR/EC with only allowances and signing fees to handle. Gate collections and Muguna’s transfer fee from Tirana is more than enough for these unless the theiving matter raised by Nyangi is not a one off but a regular occurence. Infact I always believe and I’ve so stated that EC veterans are never keen on GM’s progress in CAF for the simple reason that it will eat into their annual cut. Tricks not paying players on time so that you can “dash” to the training ground with an envelope so that you are seen as the “saviour” when players strike is now stale. As we pray for a K’Ogalo win against SSport let EC be accountable and give credit to the government and SPesa for supporting the club. I repeat this is a very good chance for AR to improve his embrassing CAF record.

  5. I have serious concerns if the coach says that Guikan is fit to play. Very serious concerns. Jasego isn’t his injury obvious to all? He is a very potent player reminiscent to abdalla shebe who would kill games in the second half.very brilliant. His fitness though is questionable

    1. Yes jamriambo he is suffering from a shoulder blade injury which is slowing him down & hindering his full potential…Desperation though demands he be thrown in the fray in the second half for we bought him specifically for Caf onslaught…

  6. Did I hear finding scoring difficult ?….yes, it will be so until all the underlying issues are resolved. No pay = no GOALS.

  7. Meanwhile visa issues to SA which dogged Ingwe sometimes back come to haunt Gor. What happened to our CEO and TM? I thought those are some of the things they should be handling. After all we knew we would be going to SA almost 4 weeks ago

    1. Do not worry about VISAS, RAO is istill in South Agrica and he has talked directly to his friend the new president. Just let FKF pay the air tickets.

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