Kerr brushes off demands on fielding

As is the case with every other Kogalo coach, Dylan Kerr has been facing pressure from a section of fans and officials who are making demands on whom should be fielded.  But Kerr is adamant that a player’s performance on the field is what determines whether he plays or not.

“I always tell my players they are the best, but one has to prove on the pitch that he deserves to be in the team that will go to South Africa. Sometimes I hear things from other people about some complain from my players, but I tend to ignore them. My challenge is to all players, do the talking on the pitch and I will definitely consider you,” Kerr told on Thursday.

One player who many fans think should be fielded more often is Ephrem Guikan. The Ivorian looks dangerous each time he steps on the field. Yet  he often finds himself on the bench. But Kerr finally obliged this past weekend .

Gor Mahia do not have any match this weekend and should be well rested before they play Supersport in the return leg of the CAF Confederations cup playoff round.

Meanwhile their opponents played against title contenders Orlando Pirates on Wednesday and forced a draw, something their coach Kaitano Tembo was very happy about.

“I’ve got to give credit to the boys. It wasn’t an easy game. This is a very good Pirates team. In the first half, I think we tried to be a bit more adventurous,” Tembo told SuperSport TV.

“I think we created better opportunities when we pressed them a bit high,” he said.

Extended Highlights: Gor Mahia vs Wazito

11 thoughts on “Kerr brushes off demands on fielding

  1. He spends more time with the players than any of therefore follows that he is the best placed person to decide who fits where…

  2. The only coach who can handle Gor mahia fans is one who don’t listen to noise makers. This is the reason why our local coaches can’t coach Gor Mahia fc bcos they are not firm to ignore fans. The only local coach who I believe can’t listen to fans is Zedekiah Zico but he’s a problem of segregating players such that players become enemies of themselves. As you can see Odhoji have worked very hard to be our no. Two goalkeeper. But that doesn’t mean that Odhiambo is a bad goalkeeper.

  3. Jamigori…I like measured banter which you possess so gentlemanly i challenge you to tell us where Sportpesa unofficial sponsorship money goes since i believe it caters for all recurrent expenditures you mentioned in the earlier posting.Also why cant we raise 1 Million which i myself am willing to contribute 100k and pay Walusimbi?If i did so,Chairman did more with 200k,Patron Raila with his golden handshake contributed 300k to be escorted by Uhuru Kenyatta’s goodwill of 300k and yourself plus our fanbase,wouldn’t Walusimbi be back tommorow?I need him for the Supersport tie for he holds key to our progression.Act on this proposal now and let’s go meet AR together actualize it if need be.Remember even with 500k i can convince Walusimbi to resume as he holds me in very high regard…

    1. @ Jamigori, also note that the government has undertaken to foot the airticket cost for the CAF away matches and so far it has kept its promise unlike EC which has taken Walusimbi round in circles. We are stronger with Walu in the team. If EC are not able to run the club, they should resign instead of peddling false promises! Why itemize the expenses and ignore the income part (every coin has 2 sides). Also,don’t we have an elected treasurer and assistant treasurer to furnish us with such information? So far even accurate gate collection figures cannot be released, WHY? Lastly different fans will always have their favourite players especially when the team faces challenges e.g in scoring, i for one have a soft spot for one Dan “Flava”. However fans have a very negligible effect on the TB selection of the players fielded, unlike officials.EC trying to influence the TB is an issue that must be stopped in its tracks, it is unacceptable and a recipe for disaster.

    2. @Jasego, I agree with you. I am ready to contribute 200k towards this course. Have we taken into account that club has been paying Walusimbi all other financial obligations such as salaries but he has decided to his mandate as a player. Can the club surcharge or fine him by not attending trainings and having boycotted his duties as a player due to sign on fee?

      1. Club can do that but in the spirit of goodwill and reconciliation it would be prudent not to and instead exercise the Mantra of “Forgive & Let Go”

  4. @ jasego, for once I agree with you…MUST we wait for his majesty right reverend chariman to come to our rescue all the time…..surely, we FANS can mobilise ewch other raise some 500k and hand over to walusimbi. All for one , one for all otherwise NO GOALS.

    Count me in for this worthy cause !!

  5. Ati no money no goals? How does it work? We deliberately throw away clear scoring opportunities? I doubt but Jakoyo can explain this since he appears to be so much aware of such a conspiracy. Jasego, please push this project harder, we may just find a solution

  6. Watching those highlights, I can’t help but wonder why the stadium is so empty. Fans wameenda wapi?
    Kogalo should stop playing league games in Machakos. Why not play in Kisumu or even Mumias or even Afraha.

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