Kerr describes horror of coaching Gor Mahia

Speaking to the Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom, former Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr has described the appalling conditions he had to ensure as Gor Mahia coach.

He first decried the appalling conditions of the playing surface of KPL venues.

Kerr said: “It was horrendous. You wouldn’t walk your dogs on some fields we played on. Yet that was Kenya’s Premier League.”

Kerr also described how players often went without food because their salaries were not paid on time.

“Six of my players got jobs in work-yards because they couldn’t afford to eat. One lost 8kg as he wasn’t eating.

He noted that players went on strike during the last six matches of the season.

“In my last six games, my players downed tools. Once I had to knock on doors, begging players to fulfil the fixture. But they would go on the pitch and lose because they weren’t being paid. I understood but it was frustrating.” he said

Kerr went on to state that he had a good relationship with the fans unlike the previous coach Ze Maria

“We never had issues with fans because we were winning. “But the previous coach lost three games on the run and they tried to burn the bus with the players in it! They smashed all the windows.”

Next Match

Gor Mahia will travel to Kericho to play Zoo Kericho on Wednesday March 27. On Saturday they will return to their spiritual home of Kisumu where they will play Kariobangi Sharks.

“It’s been a while since Gor Mahia played in Kisumu and as an office, we have decided to take the match to the fans based around there. Let them come out in good numbers to support the team.” said treasurer Sally Bolo to

20 thoughts on “Kerr describes horror of coaching Gor Mahia

  1. So degrading stories about Africans is what sells. How much was Kerr paid to bulls@*t the club. This is the last of the so called ‘ foreign white coaches’ and oktay is also slowly taking the same path albeit without much trophies to show for. Awacho atieko…..

  2. I have nothing to comment on this. Admin kindly bring us the topics about E-Ticketing and more about the AGM and the new constitution.

  3. Treating Gor a mat, toilet paper, rubbish to get where he is. This guy used Gor and the players…..he even tattooed himself to endear to the funs. His colours are out. He was a snake. Cant he even know one of the reason is because he was being paid a salary equivalent to that of all the players put together?
    Believe in white people. they will never respect you. This is where I will agree to Jakoyo. Leave this thing for Zico.

    The last time I enjoyed Gor Rhythm of play was when AGIDO was coach. He has never insulted Gor.

    He can like the fans. but am out. Wichkuot maduong’

    1. on hind sight, if the EC will see this in bad light. it is a good thing.

      Now I know why Igwe does not take nonsense from the coaches. They will at some point bite the figure that feed them

  4. I think Kerr started to lose it when he turned into a socialite. It is not a secret that coaches come to Africa thru’ financially weaker club and once they build their CV’s they go to bigger clubs. Gor has never held onto a foreign coach for over two years. Oktay will not be different and so will be the nxt guy.
    Kerr cannot blame Gor on the pitches, that’s not the clubs doing. In Kenya, football is still viewed as an opposition sport so until the day we have a ‘football oriented’ or a more mature person gets in office we have to make do with such.
    The reason why Kerr did not reject the job despite all these problems is probably the big question. Why take the job??? Kerr had to sell ‘an African adventure’ story. The are countries probably with worse condition but one advantage that most African countries have especially in W.Africa is that the have economies that ‘run’ on football. Nigeria is disorganized in many things but when it comes to football the budget is never interfered with, they have built countless stadiums. Countries that have smaller budgets than Kenya in W.Africa can easily afford to host Afcon.
    In Kenya football is associated or looked at as an affair of certain opposition tribes and the reasoning is… why built it for them?
    On the other hand Kerr must have felt jilted when he separated from Gor, he seems to talk more about Gor that Black Leopards.
    On players sleeping hungry and if such players do exist as Kerr says, I would not sympathize with them… but the strange questions beckons, why only six? Is Gor salary paid on a merry go round basis. I think here Kerr has told a lie in this instance.
    In conclusion, is Kerr the real enemy, No. The real enemy is the Kenya goverment who have chosen to discriminate football.
    But having saying all this and as much as I identify the govt as the real enemy of progress, Gor Mahias most vicious enemy remains it’s EC and fans;
    1. people who would rather watch the matches for free than pay.
    2. people who would rather throw stones and tarnish the club image.
    3. fans who go to the stadium so as to rob others.
    4. An EC who can only operate from a ‘dark-room’… the list goes on and on.
    My advice;
    If Gor cannot get the Moi land then it need to get out of Nairobi before it’s too late. Gor can easily become a Kisumu club. Why?
    It is much easier too get a big piece of land in Kisumu that would not only house the stadium but Players and staff members too.
    2. Kisumu has a big fan base.
    3. Caf matches would be played in Kisumu thus boosting the economy of that area.
    4. Nairobi currently is too congested and player lifestyle has been taking a tool on player discipline.
    5. The Moi land can easily be contested in court especially now that it seems to be occupied.

  5. Employ coaches you can pay, pay them as per the agreement and contract wait for the results, our EC always does a good recruitment but always fails in terms and conditions of the contract if there is any, payment delays are normal even in big companies but communication is very important, let those to be paid know about the delay and the reason, things will be smoothly run

  6. Hehe Dylan Kerr i got tired of responding to you long ago. You were a good motivator but after leaving i wonder why belittle GM this much. Better Hassan Oktay who in the True Spirit of Mayienga has embraced GM Culture fully leading her diehard fanbase from the front taking no casualties be it Caf Referee’s or North African technical bench members he takes them Head-On. Meeting a jaber is not a crime for coaching GM is hard a man needs to go home and find cooked food. Even Logarusic…Ze Maria and Dylan Kerr took nyiluo while here so why crucify wuod Turkey for matters of Hera while the team is performing above par both locally and continentally?

  7. Now these are the kind of unwarranted nonsenses some of us with a long view of Gor Mahia have been trying to agitate against , and it really doesnt matter who the proponents are , be it Kerr , Oktay or Nyangi , it just doesnt tie in with the long
    term interest of the Kogalo brand , however Its wrong and opportunist to attribute this to race because were we to go that direction , then I would also site some local coach who ferried his bhang smoking comrades from Kariobangi to come and fight results demanding Gor Mahia fans in the stadium .
    See this Kerr now spewing garbage in a paper reputed to be the mother of gutter in Europe and indeed the whole world , yet this is a guy whose current club is toying with relegation and instead of focussing on his immediate task at hand , he is obsessing in what we always tolerated him to do because we misplacingly considered him Popular .
    Now another one in the name of Oktay is taking the same path and when he is called out , you get self appointed Sanguenyas of this site catching stewed feelings and breathing fake fire , yet are the first ones on Nyangi’s neck when she does the exact same thing .
    But its not been all bad news vis a vis Gor Mahia , after the you tube and the e-ticketing news , today has come with even better news vis a vis the need to revisit the management structures in Gor , to make it lean and mean by creating a reduced EC from the bloated 11plus team to a not more than membership of 4 I.e the chairman, vice chairman , SG and Treasurer , with a CEO taking care of the day to day operations , all these will be the subject of discussion during the SGM slated for 9th of April .
    Finally , Gor Mahia is going to kisumu to face K.Sharks and I wish to appeal-for now , to the characters who came and tore down the ka Akwacha hotel , that getting away with it this time will not happen and were you to attempt , the Real Gor Lovers will give u what is called The First Aid treatment I.e the kind of treatment administered to miscreants before the police come for their clients , and may involve but not limited to breaking of all body joints , dislocation of body parts but with special emphasis that you remain alive to suffer the consequences of your misadventure -This , kisumu residents will ,do to affirm their love for Gor Mahia and their Zero tolerance for anybody wishing to desecrate their city -My beloved hometown .

  8. If Coaching at Gor was horror. The many times he talks about Kogalo strongly suggests to me that he is missing being at Gor. He established such a nostalgic friendship that he finds difficult to forget. If it was true, I would say that his seemingly retaliatory desertion of the paid it and he should just concentrate on where he is at. Thirdly, why should what he says wherever and however he says it, be of interest and concern to us?. After all a bird in hand is worth more than two in the bush. Mayienga is now home and teams are shaking.My advise is that he needs to acknowledge what Oktay has achieved so far that he never did. In this way he will have moved on smoothly instead of looking back and mourning.


    News reaching our desk is that red hot Gor Mahia forward Jacques Tuyisenge has landed in Tanzania to sign a pre-contract deal with local giants Simba SC.

    We wish him all the best in his future endeavour.

  10. The picture Dylan Kerr was trying to paint of Africa and Gor Mahia to be specific is the type that is loved by the Sun Newspaper because it fits into the stereotype of the narrative that Africa is one huge dark continent with malnourished citizens /clubs where players starve , lose upwards of 8kgs, play there games on pitches not good enough to walk Kerr types’ well fed dogs . Then in comes Dylan Kerr , the great white hope , knocking on doors and convincing the unpaid , malnourished players to come out and play , then they deliberately lose the game .
    But you know me , Kerr , those foolish Africans thought I loved them , not knowing that I was just pretending to love them back by having a tattoo on my leg and a selfie pretending I was
    enjoying some yakkish meal of some tasteless thing they call ugali .
    After giving the Sun newspaper the exact stereotypes they wanted , Kerr receives his cheque for throwing our brand under the bus .
    Waaah , a Gor player who is one of the best paid players locally , with an average of 70k plus in pay , losing 8kg coz of a slight delay in salary-Slight delay .
    A manager must act , think and reason like management and giving room for such sideshows is what encourages them to mutate and be taken as the new normal .
    I follow a lot of international football and I know fans love Zidane , Pep , Klopp , Solsjer because of what they do on the pitch and in the beautiful manner they do it , and not because of some nonsensical populist gestures on non football related issues like posing with slay queens while you are supposed to be very busy thinking , strategising and monitoring the players if they are implementing your instructions , I mean , which boss behaves like that infront of his juniors at the workplace (training ground ) .
    Guys , Gor is all we have and we must jealously and zealously guard our brand by discouraging such .
    This Kerr guy has really messed up my Tuesday and whatever little respect I had of him is lost , the same fate awaits his copycat .

  11. The white idiot thought that no other coach would take Gor to caf confederation quarters except himself. Now he is very bitter because despite all the odds Gor continues to progress in the field against his wish. After all he was very immoral and lacked self respect outside the field, always drooling with some cheap Nairobi whores, what a promiscuous guy! How I hope he still reads our comments he will realize that we don’t worship white people who behave like dogs.

  12. Just understand Ker he’s behaving like a jilted lover who will always try to belittle the former lover and say all the bad and nasty things just to get the attention and More so when with another lover not giving the services as expected. Is it true that Tuysenge is in Tanzania or that’s just a joke because April 1st is approaching?

  13. It’s the truth, why do we fear the truth? It is the truth and of course he couldn’t say such things when he was still there. But it’s good that someone who’s been in the King’s court is saying the King is naked. What’s wrong with that and I don’t think he means to gain anything by saying so.

  14. You can’t talk badly about your boss when still working for him.if you do then you are effectively out of a job.if you have something to say ,you are better of doing it when you are already outside the door and that is exactly what kerr is doing!!

  15. Let Tuiysenge follow his heart to a greener pasture, if the ever poor club called Gor cannot give him a lucrative contract.

    1. Guys, there is nothing to be ashamed that Simba or any other team can afford to give Jausenge a more lucrstive contract. That’s how football business is done. But buying expensively does not necessarily make you the best.
      The fight in you determines who comes on top. For the last few years we have played some.of the best and well-moneyed teams in Africa and have come on top or gone down fighting. Instead of breaking the bank to retain Jausenge let’s give gim our blessings and get another set of players to jeep our flag flying high.
      The day we will organise ourselves structurally and financially we will be able to retain the best but as of now let’s make the best out of what we have

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