12 Jan 18

All the new signings were in training this week: Charles Momanyi, Ivorian Ephraim Guikan, Wesley Onguso, Kevin Omondi, Humphrey Mieno, Samuel Onyango, and Lawrence Juma. Coach Dylan Kerr is impressed with his new charges.

“The new players have really impressed me in training; they look motivated are focused so we can only forward for a successful year,” he said to Citizen FM.

Kerr says he and his technical staff have been studying opponents and preparing appropriately.

“It’s not an easy task for us because this is the biggest stage of club football in the continent. We want to plan appropriately so we can match the expectations of our fans. Every team will want to beat Gor next season but they should know we are stronger than before.” he continued.

On Musa Mohamed, coach Kerr says he is unaware of the status of his captain from 2017.

“l am not  100 percent sure what is happening to Musa but on Friday five of our players left for the KPL Awards and then they will be back on Saturday for the weekend friendly matches.”  he concluded.

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  • dawaplus says:

    i like the way this coch puts it”we are strong than b4″.omiyo piny iya liet….am only waiting for continental competion.i always enjoy reading analysis of the mighty mayienga here.pls bloggers like jakoyo,jasego,sofa and many others know that we av a common denominator mayienga and as a daily reader of this blog i appreciate u all especially this last sison for ur analysis.keep critising,supporting,crying,informing,and attending kogalo matches. kogalo issayingcome babe come.

  • Jasego says:

    Being spoilt for choice of players to field is always a welcome headache for any coach and a measure of a big club…We look forward to annihilating efusi on 28th during the season curtain raiser super cup

  • Oduor12 says:

    I like that CONTINENTAL HYPE. Let nobody and I repeat LET NOBODY now row the boat.

    • Oduor12 says:


  • Dan kisumu says:

    Is Sammy onyango case sorted out? Ja asego pls inform.

    • Jasego says:

      Yes we sorted it out,he is a GM player and scored a goal in the 6-0 demolition warm up match against Egerton University earlier on friday…

  • Le Pastre says:

    The just ended KPL Awards must be replaced with the word, ” Mediocrity Awards’. Thosse awarded, save for Matasi deserves nothing. Nil achievement s calls for zero awards.

    • Jamigori says:

      This 2017 KPL was the most useless annual award corrupted by KPL and corrupt Kenya Sports journalists. A waste of time and resources that could have been used better to pay school fees for the needy KCPE candidates that might miss form 1. I can’t imagine Madoya of zoo winning MVP of the year? What did Zoo achieved? This is flattery and contempt of fair play. This event of the corrupt KPL awards is a waste of time and should be scrapped! Wow George Wise winning defender of the year..waw with Mather struggling relegation most of the year.

      • Sam Muga says:

        I could not believe my both ears and eyes. Failed to understand how?…Very discouraging..NKT

      • Musymo says:

        It seems the common denominator was to ensure no Gor Mahia player gets any award. What did Madoya do to earn MVP, midfielder of the year, new player of the year and Fair play award? Gor finshed the league with games to spare and with a 20plus point gap. How could it be that none of its players won any award?
        Lawrence Juma. Apart from who votes we should be told which criteria is used to pick the winners!!!

        • Musymo says:

          Lawrence Juma was one of the best scoring midfielders if not the highest(someone confirm if there is any midfielder who scored more goals than him. He had 7 or 8 goals and almost the same number of assists). Should have won at least mid of the year or new player!!!

          • Jasego says:

            Hehe KPL end season TakaTaka awards Gala seems to be a befitting name for that sham mediocre exercise.Ati Madoya scooping a whooping 4 awards and 1.7 Million Kshs while no club even noticed he’s exploits and bid for him in the current transfer window.Shows how lucklustre he and his team were but issorait they propped him up for their own reasons,sisi yetu ni Okombe Tu…The rest are Sideshows

  • Dan Original says:

    The awards were a cold war betwren SJAK and KPL. Let’s not be drawn in. We already won our trophies in the field

  • Oduor12 says:

    Allow me to be drawn in! There must be a ranking and merit based system in these awards. I agree with Jamigori, best defender with no national team callup, from a team that spent the entire season fighting relegation, how many goals did Mathare concede in 2018, are’nt the KPL CEO and finance officer are former teammates of “best defender. KPL “best player” again with no national team appearance in 2018, his team finished in the bottom half. How many MOTM awards and against which teams did he achieve this? How many player of the month awards? WHO IS BIASED THE NATIONAL TEAM SELECTORS OR KPL? ANYWAY SOMETHING IS AMISS HERE!…..Lastly if FK Tirana can’t pay kes.4M for Muguna’s transfee AR & EC should ensure his name is on Gor Mahia’s CAF list due on 15/01/2018.

    • Barefoot Bandit says:

      Let us not over rate this Muguna chap. He has demonstrated impatience and ungratefulness. He indeed is behaving as if he will last as a footballer for ever. If it is talent, Gor Mahia has had far more talented players. If it is midfielders then he ranks at the tail end of best, versatile and resourceful midfielders in the history of this mighty football club.

      We can get his name in the CAF team list, but he won’t deliver because that hopeless Ze Maria has brainwashed him.

      • Oduor12 says:

        @BB,am thinking along the lines of a win win situation for our club, GMFC, Actually We Need That “RECORD TRANSFER FEE” More Then The Player. Infact should Muguna throw tantrums or refuse to train/play then Ofis should dock his pay / fine him. NO MONEY NO TRANSFER FOR TIRANA AND NO WORK NO PAY FOR THE PLAYER. None of that atitude “ati if a player wants to leave, there’s nothing you can do”. I hear Coutinho partly self financed his transfer to Barcelona let Muguna do the same.

        • Barefoot Bandit says:

          You are absolutely spot on. Right now the money will do Gor Mahia more good than the Muguna.

        • Jamigori says:

          @Oduor12, you are spot on and Muguna should know that Gor Mahia is bigger than him. Tirana can’t even beat Gor Mahia in any football match.

  • Jakoyo says:

    hehehe, just because KPL awards did not favour KOgallo does not mean they are mediocre awards ! yajowaaa thoooo…….lets give credit where it is due, look at the statistics, madoya got the most monthly awards for any player over the last 9 months.

    I think besides Kagere and perhaps closely george blackberry, no single gor mahia player stood out throughout the entire season. and it was befitting our team manager jolawi abondo got the award…speaks volume !

  • Francis Mbaya says:

    Was looking for comments on Collins Okoth signing for our in-laws. Surprised to see none.