Kerr happy with win but dissatisfied

Speaking in the post match interview, Gor Mahia coach Dylan Kerr thinks his team should have scored at least 7 goals in the first half had they taken their chances.

“We scored in the first minute then in our usual way, we thought we could just walk the ball into the net for the rest of the match.” said Kerr

On Yanga’s second half onslaught, Kerr says he does not blame goalkeeper Oluoch. He however thinks his side took their foot off the accelerator pedal. He also thinks fatigue set in, allowing Yanga to put Gor Mahia under pressure in the last 10 minutes.

” I am not blaming Bonny. Yes he made a mistake. But the team did not react well to conceding a goal. They (Yanga) did. They scored and they put us under pressure”

In conclusion, Kerr is satisfied with the way his side played.
“Its always tough to play against your neighbours. I am delighted with the win. The three points are very healthy for us. We played well especially in the first half. ”

Kerr thinks Gor Mahia should look beyond local success be organized and sort out issues like contracts. .
” I have known Gor Mahia since 2012 when Bobby Williamson was coach. They are very succesful in Kenya. This is an opportunity to put themselves on the African map. There ambitions must match my ambitions. They can only be that if they play in continental championships. Now we have a chance to reach the next stage. You have to be at your best. Contracts should be sorted. There should be no excuse.” concluded Kerr.

Match Highlights

Current Standings

Gor Mahia are now atop group D. This after Rayon Sports pulled off a surprise draw away at USM Alger.

Group D

Pos Team Pld W D L GF GA GD Pts
1  Gor Mahia 4 2 2 0 8 3 +5 8
2 USM Alger 4 2 2 0 7 2 +5 8
3 Rayon Sports 4 0 3 1 3 4 ?1 3
4 Young Africans(E) 4 0 1 3 2 11 ?9 1

Based on past experience, should Gor Mahia go to the next stage, they will face a group C opponent. Group C is currently wide open with all four teams in with a chance to qualify for the next stage. The four teams are AC Williamsville (CIV), CARA Brazzaville (Congo), Enyimba(Nigeria), AC Djoliba(Mali).

46 thoughts on “Kerr happy with win but dissatisfied

  1. As we all blame Bonnie let us not forget the coach.In posts game Odhoji and Ade plated well;he chose only Are for this game. Am not a coach but at some point in the game I could have taken Ade for Guikan to ring in Yanga’s mind that it’s time to protect a hiding. I would then bring Bonface Omondi for Samuel Onyango who was tired all this while at 2-0 then in the coach’s favourite 80th min brought in Okeyo or Momanyi to seal the deal. But it seems coach thought we were playing Thika or Bandari.Who agrees with this

      1. I don’t agree. WE won and won. It is now history. KERR learnt something. Let him take care of that.
        For some of us, we will complain even in heaven. We will complain of a painful death yet we have everlasting life.

  2. Bwana Kerr, I see you are siding with Boni. The next time fans see this Boni of yours in goal don’t say we didn’t warn you. You will take him with you back to England. At Gor Mahia our voices matter. Take care we are putting you notice. Bure kabisa.

    1. @Jabatiso, mind your language. When did Bonnie become the Coach’s? The coach himself has acknowledged that Bonnie did a blunder but as a good coach you don’t go castigating your players in public. Remember Jerry, in one game he could carry Gor over his shoulders and the next one he could be the weak link. That is Bonnie for now. Bonnie’s ‘Mr. Cool’ attitude is his undoing. I see other great keepers like Abbas were very vocal and aggressive, something that is missing from Bonnie.
      All the same congrats team

    2. @Jabatiso, threats are not necessary at this point as we have qualified and you should learn how to communicate Jabatiso. It is wrong to give threats and using uncouthed or uncivilized or uncultured or uncultivated or unrefined or unpolished language against the only Gor Mahia Coach Dylan Kerr. Please note that as the head coach of Gor Mahia, Kerr has all the rights to defend his players including Bonny Oluoch even if they make mistakes. Kerr is the father figure to reprimand, correct and discipline his boys.

      We all acknowledged that Bonny made silly mistakes that should never be repeated. Your name should reflect peace what John the baptist used to preach about coming of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ and take your voice to preach peace but not displacement.

      Let us control our anger against Bonny but he should not repeat the same mistake.

  3. @jabatiso stop your empty threats.Who are you to threaten the coach?Eti Bonny of yours!Kerr did not sign Boniface.I blog here because it(this site)is meant for great minds.Not the stuff you have just posted.Where were you when Kogalo needed a coach.You should have applied for the job if you felt qualified.What is wrong if he has sides with Bonny?He is his coach.

  4. First i must congratulate the team and the technical bench, we played well, except the fact that we were not aggressive.
    The truth must be told, with the kind of goal-keeping Bonny keeps on displaying we will not go far, i don’t know whether its over confidence, laziness, attitude, lack of fitness, or lack of competition in that position.
    His positioning was very poor when we concede around the D. The T/B or the goal keeping coach should have seen this and sat him down over these simple stupid errors he has been making especially during important matches

  5. Totally agree with the coach.The team played VERY WELL, Those focussing on the negative are missing the point,I wonder they didn’t notice Ade was in the field, not long ago it was Ade who cost a win, so as to justify Bonnie:s liability some go to upto a game played 2016 in which Bony blundered. How many games has he played since then ?, Take a look at Yanga:s keeper , He is an international player but Bonnie is far better than him. My point is they are very few good goalkeepers around.We played a good game.In fact KPL teams are not bringing the best out of GM.Calling Bonnie names haisaidii, My MOTM was kahata, kweli umejiuza, am sure Yanga will cough the amount AR wants.Manze Samahani kwa kujirudia, We played really really well.tuwache negatives, Odhoji , Odhiambo will get their chance .Bravo GM.Am so Proud of my team.

    1. @Level mindfan, , well put. One thing I have noticed is that Gor forwards and midfielders are still selfish. When it is easier and better to assist your teammate who is in a better position to score we still force ourselves to attempt. JauSenge, BB, Kahata and Onyango all had such chances where t was simple to cross it to the team mate to score but in our selfishness we missed the chances. Maybe those are the chances Kerr is talking about but anyway that is football. Barca will always assist even in the 6-box so long as the team wins
      We should now aim to top the group. Just realized that it’s possible. Beat Rayon here and at worst a draw in Algeria. It’s possible guys

      1. Correct!!! That selfish attitude must stop if we are to progress further! I hate to admit it but the team is playing some very good football right now. However, we must face the truth and stop playing players for sentimental value. Ade was off the pace for large part of the game. The coach should have replaced him much earlier.

  6. My good coach i know you have to protect your keeper for you are a professional. It would be reckless to admonish him publicly after those two comical blunders that left even supersport commentators laughing. But in the spirit of fairness i think he deserves to be benched henceforth. Don’t have favorite players i would advise. When you arrived Peter Odhiambo the rookie was your preferred keeper,what happened?The boy Never made a blunder and went 6 games clean sheets Sir but all of a sudden disappeared from the team. Boni is not the best currently and despite players not scoring 7 goals as you say remember we didn’t need to concede 2 schoolboy mistake goals. Anyway i will be with you tomorrow in Hurlingham and we’ll talk more on your preferred Keeper i hear your thoughts. Congrats on the vital away win…

  7. We should call a spade a spade. Odoji angelala naso . Now henceforth, Odoji should be our first choice goalkeeper. Remember when we were playing against Kariobangi sharks, Oluoch made the same mistake.

  8. I always support what the players and the coach do and say. But this time NO. Bobby let us down even if the coach says what.

    There is always second chance. If its fatigue, then let Bonny take test.

    Am just proposing that for the remaining two matches, Oluoch should be rested.

    Opuonji is also good. Let him be tried. Am of the view because we are already in the next stage.

  9. Truth hurts but that goalkeeper messed the team. Too complacent, feeble efforts, overdepending on defenders and approaching the game casually.
    Of course Kerr can’t castigate him in public but in the dressing room, this guy needs to be reprimanded or even benched. He should miss a run of 10 games so as to deflate his pride. The guy feels like he is a god’s gift to Kogallo. No way, let that boy hit the bench henceforth.

    1. Jambitatiny correction bro…Boni is old not a boy which would be understandable if Peter who is 22 was making such mistakes but a veteran of yesteryears like boni at 36 is simply unforgivable…

  10. On my opinion Bonny has never been the best keeper. Bonny simply gained from the excellent defence organized by M.Muhammed. Once Musa left that organization has been low and Shakava has not matched. The goals Yanga scored were very genuine but the Gor defence were asleep. In both cases there were more Yanga players in play. On the 1st goal, one took the chance, there was no follow up from the Gor defence, the one Gor player who tried was too slow.
    Bonny basically cannot dive and this is his weakest point. The second goal was really painfull to watch I will not even discuss. Bonny exposed his weakness, he made Yanga believe. They realized he was beatable. Give Bonny an aerial diving shot and he simply will not bother. I hope he can prove me wrong. I second that he needs the bench, let Odhoji take up the task. Football careers tend to be merciless.
    Kevin Omondi showed signs of improvement but he is yet to grow up. I hope he can learn from Blackberry. Walusimbi ball control was truly amazing. The rest of the team are truly good even though the ball needs to move faster.
    I also conquer with Kerr on the issue of contracts. Settle with the players now. Gor needs to keep it’s players unless it wants to establish itself as a supplier.
    Facing Group C teams will be good, these are the Abu Nuasi’s of CCC CAF. I hoped it would be Enyimba but they are sliding. Group A and B has the real threat in this tournament. Gor Mahia on my opinion will be able to handle any Group C team. It’s in the semis where the fireworks shall be.
    USM got exposed by Rayon. Their claim to fame was simply that they could handle the E.Africa teams. Now… how they can explain Gor leading. Even at Kasarani I expected a tough team but they turned out to be byproducts rather than the real deal. It’s shameful how Caf allows Arabs to mistreat visitors. They are nolonger sure of the Yanga match in Dar. Their hope now lies on the Algiers Gor encounter… so Gor better psyche up for the real deal of Arab hospitality. The recipe is in the Esperance cookbook.
    Rayon will probably come to Nairobi breathing fire but that will be a mistake. Yanga should have learnt and not gone for an all out attack against Gor. Now we have the fastest Goal record.
    Meanwhile, the ban to overtake Gor in the KPL standings has now been lifted.

      1. USM could not beat Rayon after letting in an early goal. It took some Arab “hospitality” which included pouring water at the Rayon goal for them to level. Water was poured at Rayon goal to remove ” juju”. This was done by a journalist of all people… match ended with ugly scuffle… score 1-1.
        Gor leads table.

  11. Congratulations to the Team for a job well done in total. I say this with a lot of gusto. Considering that this a team that is hardly having any meaningful and yer they have not kept their foot off the Peddle. They have taken this scenario with a lot of commitment. This is building the team’s character. The results are obvious. I want to concur with the Coaches sentiments that Gor is now too big for the local success. Thinking continental requires a wider scope and commitment and quick thinking from the part of office. The coach has alluding to this by advising that matters of contracts be resolved with urgency any time they are due.
    As of the details of what happened on the pitch, my observation is that Bonnie’s approach was a bit casual. But I also add that it should not be used to dress him down in a degrading manner especially publicly. Everyone has their ego, Simply just ask a question how would you want to be addressed or corrected if you did any thing wrong. I am sure you would still want to command some respect. Actually this enables one to learn quicker. Kerry has never owned any player, but he has the club in his heart. I think this has been his main drive to challenge the team to go for bigger things and not be satisfied with the status quo. So I therefore think and I know for sure that the dressing room is usually not the nicest place to be when an individual player is on the sport. At the end of the day our players are human beings who are bound to making mistakes just like any other human being is bound to. Thank you once again Team Kogallo.

  12. I agree with the coach when he says that the boys wanted to walk the ball into the net, but I don’t agree with him when he says that the team did not react after conceding the first goal. This is because Yanga’s first goal came in the 59th minute and Shakava tapped in from a corner kick in the 64th minute. What more reaction can we ask for?

    Dan Original’s observation selfishness in front of goal is valid and this is one weakness that the Tech Bench should address.

    I don’t see anything wrong with Moses giving his views. In fact he is very open to disagreeing opinions hence his closing question, “who agrees with this”? Why then do we unleash so much vitriol on him? Once again I will appeal to all bloggers in this site to strive to resist the temptation to convert this forum into a forum for propagation of hatered and intolerance.

  13. My friend Kerr, I think you need to ask frank Nutall about Gor Mahia Fans. There are things we dont take for granted. You just say the goal keeper is ok ok ok

  14. Someone MUST tell these people that the only seeding in the quarter finals is a) teams from the same group do not meet b) group winners will play against the runners up c) the group winners will play the 2nd leg matches at home. It is therefore misleading for one to pretend to choose the group where our quarter final opponents are likely to come from. This nonsense MUST stop immediately. Gor Mahia ir ready to meet any team from any group

  15. Breaking News
    Tusker has beaten Sofapaka 2:1 on a replayed match.

    Points difference between Sofapaka and Gor Mahia are currently at 12 points with Gor Mahia having played 20 matches against 24 matches played by Sofapaka.

  16. @Blogger take time and watch the replay and you will realize why I think you owe this “Passenger 14” an apology. We now brag over the record for the fastest goal in continental football. That goal was a team goal and he played a very crucial link. Watch and tell this blog who tucked the ball to the wing for Samuel Onyango to cross for the Blackberry header.

    It’s true that K14 faded very early. In fact he was already worn out in by the time the goalie gifted him with a scoring opportunity. That was 13 minutes and 40 seconds into the match. I concur with those who feel he was rushed into this game. His physical fitness and mental strength is still fragile. Perhaps the coach should field him against lighter teams like Wazito, Efusi, Thika, Brewkenge and Mathare to enable him regain his confidence gradually.

    1. BB help me figure this scenaro out my friend. Guikan scores a double aka a brace against Yanga last we played them and Ade scores a brace midweek against Posta Rangers and guess who my friend the Coach prefers to start on the Caf return leg?My boy Guikan has endured alot of bias and is very sad right now but well Coach knows why plus we won so its all fine as far as fielding was concerned except Bonnie Bure. All i can do is encourage him to continue working harder. Another of my signings atleast is nowadays playing Samuel Daddy with goals and assists for which am glad. Hii ya Guikan acha niskie Kerr ataniambia vipi ilikuwaje na kijana ameivisha form…

      1. Wuod Asego in ng’at ma migosi. You are one man I regard with the highest esteem. I know If we had asked you to bring Andreas Iniesta to stengthen our midfield you would have tried your best! I want to read in your friend, Ker’s mind. I believe his intention was to introduce Guikan in the second half to harass Yanga defenders’ tired legs. Of course it is an open secret that Ker has a soft spot for K14 and so he had to be fielded first. The unfortunate developments of the second half forced Ker to pull a tactical masterstroke. Boniface’s first blunder forced Ker to reinforce the midfield by resting K14 and bringing in the all-round Lawrence Juma instead of Guikan. Then he sacrificed a striker Tuisenge for Momanyi. to hold on to the lead. That was Ker at his best tactically. Bonnie’s second howler is what killed any chances of Guikan playing. The midfield had to be packed even more hence the introduction of Benard Ondiek in place of Blackberry.

        You are right coz all is not lost. Just encourage Guikan to continue working hard. I believe he will demolish for us Rayon and USMA in Algiers. I remember your pleas for Samuel Onyango and I am very happy that he has finally caught Ker’s eye. Sammy is turning out to be another utility player like Philemon. You notice when Momanyi came in he took fullback 2, Philemon was pushed to 7 and Sammy deployed to the midfield.

      2. @Jasego, we have many games ahead and Guikan almost game but in instead Momanyi was brought in to bolster the defence. Guikan is a great player and let him just work hard.

  17. There is a shortage of good goalkeepers in Kenya. That’s why the top goalkeepers have become so complacent. Let the EC go out there and find another David Juma type who is determined.

  18. Bonny is over working…..

    His biggest undoing is arrogancy and Mr. I know it all..

    His contract with Gor should be terminated,you can’t bring such mediocre performance in an international competition and you go unpunished…..Noooo

    EC show him the door…

    En kamano

  19. The best keepers in KPL today are Farouk Shikalo of Bandari , Matasi of Tusker and Owade of AFC. These are consistent in their teams. As it is Shikalo will win the golden glove this year while our keepers will be out partially because of rotation and performance

    1. @janam… there are many ways of handling such issues but I can assure you termination of his contract won’t be one of them!!

  20. The Mashemeji derby season 2 scheduled for 25th August should be postponed for the sake of safety of our players. Safely of our players should be a matter of concern bearing in mind that
    1. we will be playing USMA in a must win match on 29th August.
    2. Abdalla Salim Shitu and other Ogwang’ players always approach this fixture with an objective of maiming our players.

    Full Fixtures: Gor Mahia v K. Sharks – Kisumu (August 1), Nakumatt v Gor Mahia – Machakos (August 4), Bandari v Gor Mahia – Mombasa (August 7), Posta Rangers v Gor Mahia – Narok (August 10), Gor Mahia v Homeboyz – Machakos (August 13), Gor Mahia v Chemelil – Machakos (August 16), Gor Mahia v Rayon – Kasarani (August 19), Sofapaka v Gor Mahia – Narok (August 22), Gor Mahia v Leopards – Kasarani (August 25) and USM Alger v Gor Mahia – Algeria (August 29).

    1. Why can’t KPL spread some games to September 2018? What is the hurry for congesting the matches as if Gor Mahia is running away. The club can protest as there is no way of playing all these matches.

  21. I have said before, I repeat. Gor Mahia is far better team than any other in Kenya. You can see that by yourself. Now to the international games, Gor can obviously emulate exactly the same as they do in Kenya (see they top group D). Gor team need:
    Support from management, and everyone else including moral, financial support
    They need to believe in themselves that they are the champions, they did it before, why not now?
    Blaming specific player demoralises him, he needs support and more from coach and funs.

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