7 Jan 18

Image courtesy of Judith Nyangi

Speaking at the club’s training session at Camp Toyoyo, Gor Maha coach Dylan Kerr says he is content with the performance of the new signings:
“So far so good for us, the new players ar slowly adapting to our style of play and I am optimistic that by the time the league kicks-off they will be ready.” he told goal.com

Kerr is adamant that players who were in the starting line-up in 2017, should not automatically assume that they will be maintain their positions in 2018.
“No one is guaranteed a position in this team, all must prove that they are worth it.” he continued.

Gor Mahia has parted ways with at least 12 players including stalwarts like Timothy Otieno who joined Tusker on free transfer, Musa Mohamed and Kenneth Muguna who are headed overseas as well as Oliver Maloba, Kenneth Mbugua, Jeconiah Uyoga and John Ndirangu.

Rachier pleads with Sportpesa

Meanwhile chairman Ambrose Rachier has stated that he met with Sportpesa officials to urge them to maintain their sponsorship.
“I have today (Thursday) held a meeting with SportPesa to plead with them not to withdraw their sponsorship at least to Gor Mahia, having regard to the forthcoming Caf Campions League campaign in February as well as the league duties,” he told the club’s site.

Gor Mahia have not received official notification from Sportpesa with regard to withdrawal of the sponsorship.

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  • Ja-Gem Oremo says:

    Let us pray and hope that Sportprsa does not terminate the sponsorship. As a club, we are in dare need of financial support at this time in moment.

  • Jakoyo says:

    Hehehe… my insiders tell me termination notice is effective 30th January 2018.i have said this to the EC over and over and over but they are still hopeful ! Yajowa, talk of planning and contingency plans .

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Two issues here. First to the playing unit: Ker is right. No positions are assured and for one to earn game time, every player should spend more time in the training ground than they do with the hair-stylist. One of those offloaded players apparently spent more time in the salon than in the training ground yet he dared complain of being used sparingly as a striker. You will not be fielded unless you get your priorities right and ably deliver as per expectations.

    Secondly, about the sponsorship: It is not bad to be optimistic. However, as for this current situation I believe the horse has already bolted and I put this to the thieves including those brokers who bleed Gor Mahia dry: What say you now? All the illegalities and corrupt deals that you masterminded have culminated in the current situation that The Team finds itself in. What say you now?

    The ordinary, lowly bloggers in this site foresaw that a time would come when Sportpesa would pull out and the EC and well-wishers were advised to fast track sustainability projects. I believe the only thing left is to start from square one again and hope that we put Gor Mahia first this time round.

    • Oduor12 says:

      @BB you are so right. How can the players and TB focus on CAF when Mugabe, sorry “our chairman” is busy threatening to pull out of the same tournament. Talk of negative energy. Even as we pray for SP to continue with its sponsorship what are we doing to help ourselves e.g getting a good transfer fee for Muguna e.g at least kes 7M, gate collections from Super Cup match against efusi on 28 Jan, luckily 1st leg is at home so we also get gate collections from this match also. I see no reason why we should pull out of CAF unless as I have always suspected GMFC’s participation and progress in CAF means less funds available for looting. This is why some veteran EC officials want Gor Mahia’s success to be confined to the local scene only.

  • Sylvester says:

    Football today is big business and it seems we, gormahia,aren’t making any profit. No financial info, even the sponsorship was announced with lots of secrecy on figures. Mungu atujaliye….. We are helpless

  • Seville says:

    From the day of signing the contract with sportpesa it was cloud clear that they are there cause of the threat of other company e.g. betway now that the market is no here or there they see nothing to loose .we deal with any sort of contract as a toilet paper sagas after sagas.. we have a very great company and their service is looting..we have the best chance to qualify for group stage and gain alot in terms of our coffers and player exposure…. buh back home we busy formulating formulas to deem dreams of many fans who wish to see the army slaying giants… we are left to see how best we slay the queens of kenya disheartened..

  • Le Pastre says:

    That the tone of some of the bloggers is full of sarcasm since the intended withdrawal of our sponsors, Sportpesa is of no surprise. What is surprising is the fact that they are going the long haul to intimate that The EC mode of operation is opaque and this withdrawal serves them right!!!!!!! Why, why, why!

  • Dan Original says:

    What is this obsessuon with looting of Gor funds by EC? Do we have proof or we are relying on the past? Anyone who has managed any football team in Kenya will really pity the officials. The players always have so many demands that in most cases the officials use their personal funds just to keep the tram running.
    On transfers anybody reading tje responses from Tirana will get it that our EC is really pushing to get the little we can from them. Once a player has made their mind to go nothing much the club can do. Get what you can and move on. On sportpesa it’s our wish that they continue but it’s a lesson on us not to rely solely on sponsors

    • Jamigori says:

      @Oduor Original, there are fans thepat keep on throwing insults at the chairman. What they do not know how much the chairman they are abusing and calling names has invested in the club. We need to respect our leaders and all will be well in the KPL log. Anyone abusing the chair should look at their faces in the mirror before posting garbage in carbage out (GIGO).

    • Oduor12 says:

      Do you also have any proof that GMFC officials use their personal money to run the club? Where is that reflected in the club’s accounts? GMFC must and will take part in the CAF matches, Mugabe apende asipende. Let him use the undeclared gate collections for the last 2 seasons whether he labels them personal funds sio shida yetu! However I see reaching CAF group stages is not in the interest of EC, it has never been. Yes, AR has done a lot, but only LOCALLY. GMFC used to be a continental force.

  • Dan Original says:

    Sportpesa tell Gor, ingwe told to hold on search for new sponsors