Kerr too rest key players this weekend

Coach Dylan Kerr feels he has no choice but to rest some of this players this weekend. This is so that the players avoid injury and fatigue ahead of the crucial return leg against Esperance in Tunis on March 17.

“I definitely will and I don’t think I have much of a choice. Look we have a huge game against Esperance on the 17th and we have a very good chance of making it. I would want to have a strong squad to get a good result. Also, this game against Nzoia will be a chance to the other players to show they deserve to be in that travelling team,” Kerr said to Citizen Sports.

Gor Mahia are set to play Nzoia United this weekend and Kerr under no illusions about how difficult the match will be.

“Every team that comes to play against Gor Mahia gives their best because they want to open the papers the next day and see that they beat us. Nzoia is a tough team and this will not be an easy walk for us,” he continued.

Earlier on Kerr observed that Esperance came to Kenya with the express intent to force a draw. To that end they employed time wasting tactics.

“Esperance came to draw, they used time-wasting tactics to frustrate us because they had come for a draw. It is something that I am not happy with; especially their goalkeeper who on multiple occasions took a lot of time to take a goal kick and the referee was just there.

“However, I am happy with the way my players played, it was not the best of preparations considering the fact that we spent seven hours in the jam. We could have scored six goals, but it was just a bad day. We will not be cowed in the second leg.” said Kerr to

At the end of the game Esperance were slapping high fives and celebrating after they accomplished their goal of forcing a draw.

However Kerr also knows that he will be facing a more attack minded Esperance side when the two sides meet in Tunis.

Bob Oyugi tips Kogalo to proceed

Former Gor Mahia coach Bob Oyugi is positive that Gor Mahia will overcome Esperance and proceed to the group stage of the champions league.

“Gor Mahia has a complete team to beat Esperance. We only need to be very careful with a penalty that their usual number 11 looks for when they play.

“Esperance are already under pressure and Gor Mahia should score an early goal to win their fans. Part of their supporters will support Gor Mahia,” said Oyugi to

Oyugi who is also the former National Youth Talent Academy coach observed that Kogalo has what it takes but must utilize their chances.

“Gor Mahia has very technical and strong players for the away game- let them use all chances that come.” he continued.

Oyugi coached Gor Mahia in 1992 and 1993 having previously coached KTM of Thika. Should Gor Mahia proceed to the group stage, a financial windfall awaits them to the tune of Ksh 52 million.

8 thoughts on “Kerr too rest key players this weekend

  1. Nzoia plays offensively and on several occasions leave gaping holes at their defense. Gor players must utilize this weakness to punish them.Those Gor strikers who often want to score individually and look selfish in front of goal should be well advised. Football is more about team work and not solo effort like in athletics.Otherwise good luck against nzoia,winning is our culture.

  2. yes…and lets us not forget almighty legendary chairman for offering to foot 50% of our return bills for 2nd leg clash in Tunis. He deserves our uttermost respect !

    and now that we have 2 more CAF legs to honour after esperance, should EC not bother to share with us how the club is fairing in terms of player and TB salaries and allowances ? we dont want last minute surprises mara go slow, mara infighting, mara match fixing etc etc

  3. That 50% from the ‘god’ if at there is may actually be from the club’s mysterious account. It’s the players’ and TB’s right not a favour.Hata sportpesa pia bado inafadhili timu ingawa chini ya maji.

  4. Should the team have financial difficulties, the club should just give us a paybill number and we give our contributions

  5. Are we dreaming of problems in Gor since currently there is none.Meanwhile in Tunis our unused striker will score or give an assist

    1. It is high time the club come up with an income generating project. Gor Mahia is old enough ( Fifty years old ) it should not depend fully upon sponsors. I understand the club had a plot in Nairobi but nobody knows where it went. Guys we should start thinking beyond our noses.

  6. as we prepare for 2nd leg in which we shall qualify to Group stage here are interesting facts(subject to correction) did you know Bonnie in his entire Gor career has NEVER collected the ball from the net Three times.

  7. During the good old days we had the Gor Zamalek squad and the For Khartoum Squad, and all were up to task delivering trophies. When merged it become invincible. Mayienga go for it

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