Kerr: We created chances but finishing was poor

Kerr with club legend Peter Dawo

As Gor Mahia prepare to face off with Supersport United of coach Dylan Kerr is once again urging his strike force to sharpen their finishing. Kerr is satisfied with the overall play against Vihiga United but is still concerned with the lack of goals.

“We had played to our plan…and to be honest, we have to be more serious in training because it’s (poor finishing) hurting me and the K’Ogalo fans, but we created (many chances) and that’s amazing,” Kerr told

Kerr also wants the players to work harder to fulfill their true potential.

“My pleasure is knowing the potential we have. My frustration is the players not knowing the potential they have.” he continued.

Supersport for their part, will warm up for their match against Kogalo with an SAPL match against Polokwane City on Wednesday. Their last match was a scoreless draw against Maritzburg United.

6 thoughts on “Kerr: We created chances but finishing was poor

  1. @Kerr You have made my day. Ati your very potential is that the team is capable of creating so many scoring chances only to be frustrated by poor finishing and yet you are the coach.
    Why cant you read the riot act and crack the whip.The TB has all the statistics of your so called strikers conversion ratio per chances created. That is the starting point and stop complaining.
    Chances created will remain as mere statistic unless they pump in goals. Super-sports united FC will be knocking our doors soon and yet you have no solution to the
    blunt striking partners that bloggers have been lamenting on this site day in day out.

  2. Hopefully,this “finishing problem” won’t haunt us against Supersport. That said Kerr must resolve it between now and the end of June transfer window. As head coach the buck stops with him since he signed those players.I concur with @O.T we can’t have the head coach lamenting like a helpless fan. Shame on Sally Bollo for letting a ticket thief go scot free, you had a opportunity to make an example of that thief. Why is EC sticking with this corruption ridden manual ticketing system instead of trying out e-ticketing which does not have loopholes occassioned by numerous human interactions. Bollo explanation sounds like a COVER UP, WELL DONE NYANGI ON THIS ONE.

  3. @Ogango expect no miracle from Kerr let us wait patiently for June if Gor has the guts to Axe our misfiring strikers

    1. @moses it is not a miracle issue but rather our boys being unlucky to utilize their available opportunities. The prevailing financial situation might also be an off the pitch factor that is affecting the guys mental and physical concentration.
      @Kerr has the players to the job for him within his current squad and he only needs to uplift their waning confidence level by giving them some pep talk and encourage them to perform better while using the CAF group stage qualification monetary value as an incentive to drive his point home. If GOR qualifies for group stages then be assured that fans will be motivated and they will troop back to the stadium in large numbers.

  4. Kerr has done everything humanly possible to get the strikers scoring.Never b4 have i seen a more friendlier,happy and calm fellow whose rapport with players is fantastic.He jokes with them,hugs them,encourages them,never shouts so hawa wachezaji waache kuangusha coach.You cant be unlucky daily,they just need more composure infront of goal and better positioning.For the Supersport game we need to be less physical but play with high intensity,pressing,technique and quick decision making and we shall prevail…

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