Kogalo earn a measure of revenge

Gor Mahia settled the scores with Rangers FC on Thursday evening by beating them 3-1. The Kogalo 2011 season had started unceremoniously when they went down 3-0 to Rangers in the first league game. On Thursday evening however, Kogalo appeared determined to revenge.

The first goal came in only two minutes via a stroke of luck. Anthony Akumu sent a pass to Dan Makori whose shot went into the net with the keeper expecting him to cross. John Kiplagat scored the second via one of his trademark “ballistic” missiles after receiving a pass from Musa Mohammed. And before Rangers could regroup, Anthony Akumu scored the third after 17 minutes following a goalmouth melee, Rangers pulled one back after 29 minutes.

Gor Mahia continued to outplay Rangers in the early stages of the second half with Lavatsa missing a gilt edged chance or two. Gor Mahia are now in fourth place with 44 points. Scoring three goals will be a welcome change for the team that has been struggling to put the ball in the net. Kogalo now needs one of the strikers to step up as a dependable goal getter.

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  1. Coach Mahono triks work again,,,To Di World Gor K’Ogalo…..Waniye yo yerusalem….baba waniye yo…..CAF Wabiro,,,,,

  2. good 1st half display.a defensive 2nd half.a deserved 3-1.lavatsa must get his much needed composure infront of goal.many many wasted chances.should av ended 7-1.

  3. Great game. Congrats boys. Great show by the followers too.

    Mzee Awono is doing well, apart from cases of injuries, he is sticking with his first eleven. It gives players confidence. He made only one substitution yesterday and that shows he trusts his players to deliver. That is his secret.

  4. again another article copied from supersport.com (including the error) we do not have 44 points but 47… In other news, Awono’s 4-3-3 formation is wrecking havoc on team in the KPL… Makori’s pace down the left, Kiplangat’s pace and guile down the right and lavatsa’s pace and lethal shot down the middle are terrorizing opposition defences. What we need to work on is lavatsa’s first touch and Makori’s crossing abilities. In my own assessment the KPL lacks quality forwards and hence we do not have a quick fix solution to our attacking problems. So our best chances to succeed lies in nurturing the young talents to fulfill their potential. In this regard i will also advocate the signing of Jesse Were from Mathare United who has the potential to be a great striking partner to Lavatsa in the next two seasons. Kevin Omondi is also a player with great potential if he can continue to work as hard as Kiplangat did when he was not playing.

    Kevin Kimani (Free Transfer) as well as Humphrey Mieno and Brian Manadela can also be welcome additions to the squad.

  5. @ 7 Omondiomollo as much as we desire to recruit young and more talented players for next season i fully agree with you that the experienced and tested players should be our first priority given that we will be a busy outfit involved in the continental cup , local league and super-8 in the first quarter of 2012.

    1. Mieno will be moving back to club afrikana –
    2. Kevin Kimani is scheduled for trials with Auxerre.
    3. Brian mandela has his total commitment to Tusker.

    My humble suggestion is that let look yonder beyond our borders.

  6. @ 8 OKOTH JABILO i truly concur with you because most of our local talent will be over priced as long as its GM that will be going after them. Even Coach Kimanzi admitted that Kenya clubs needs to sharpen the players so that they can up their games to an acceptable standard of international level.

    1. The re-surfacing of AKUMU and KIPLAGAT is welcome.
    2. The continued playing of ANGUYO and MASIKA is
    building confidence in defensive partnership.
    3. The continued compulsory leave of ZICO {ZD} and of
    course after being sent packing from H-STARS has
    been not only a blessing in disguise for players
    who were suffering from his theatrics exclusions but
    also given both KOGALO and H-STARS the winning
    mentality that a good coach like KIMANZI and ANABA
    AHONO has let the players to show case theie soccer

    ZICO thank you for keeping off; at long last now you know that we do not hate or dislike you as a person ; but you are full of bad luck and losses omen be it at club or national level. I hope you find something better in future;wish you good luck.


    “This my only advice to you ZD and do not be cheated by your friends because GM has this “JUOGI-THING” that JANBI AHONO has taken it from you for good.Just look at what he has done yesterday with RANGERS[3-1] and you started off with[0-3] leading to hooliganism.


    1. You will make fans return to hooliganism.
    2. You will make the club incur cost related to no:1
    3. You will make players unhappy by destroy their life.
    4. Fans will turn away from GM matches.
    5. The cost of providing your security.
    6. Lastly we dont want to shade blood for no reason.

  7. Terriffic football!how we played in the first half and particularly the first 30mins,can only be described as terriffic.I saw self belief in the players,i saw confidence,players so sure of themselves and just enjoying football.Am happy that we can launch and score from counter attacks,for that is where our strength in attack lies,since we have very speedy forwards/wingers(mwalimu,kip,lavatsa,selenge,moses odhiambo).Am also happy that the counter attacks are becoming more consistent(look at our game againts sofapaka in fkl semi,againts sony and yesterday).This is very encouraging
    Kiplangats’ goal had evrything you’ll need from a striker.excellent ball control,sheer agility and strength,composure infront of goal and great finising.what more would one ask for?thats’ to me is what a ‘complete’ striker should be made of.
    We should build on this as we get ready to meet africas’ finest next year.
    kudos to the entire team,though there is always room for improvement!

  8. Mwalimu Janabi Mahono – I salute you for your good work at Kogallo.You have proved that you can handle the team.I like your style of play,the way you have instilled that self belief in our players.God Bless you Janabi.

  9. That was a good display, especially in the first half. In the second half I noted that we somehow lost our composure, especially the defence and midfield, otherwise we had the potential to use Lavatsa, Kiplagat and Mwalimu’s pace to cause more misery to Rangers in counter-attacks. Anguyo’s partnership with PPO is good as the PPO does not seem overworked as it was previously. Though Anguyo still needs to compose himself more. Whacking the ball from the defence just tires the defenders as they struggle to control it and also fend off the opposing defender. Otherwise I like the way Moses Otieno controlled the midfield with Akumu (though Teddy was not the Vierra we knew him to be a year ago). It also shows that without Gattuso we can still hold our own.

  10. As I Saw It.On a scale of 1-10
    JERRY-partly to blame for kiarie’s goal,could have done better with the first ball.good to see he has improved on goal kicks’-5.5
    MUSA MOHAMMED-our makeshift right back did just well to foil rangers attacks from down the left wing.He also took good care of kauka-6.5
    CHRIS OMONDI-Did well down the left flank,but rather too cautious,and less adventerous,didnt’ venture much forward as ‘kiri'(wekesa) does-6.0
    ANGUYO-Also partly to blame for the goal.if this guy had speed,he would be amazing.Anyway,what he lacks in speed,he has it in height and strength.neutralised aerial attacks very well-6.5
    MASIKA-By far the most consistent player of the season,and again yesterday he showed his consistency.He is our ‘rock of Giblartar’-6.5
    AKUMU-Arguably the ‘man of the match’,provided the 1st goal down left, the 2nd one down the right,then finished off the 3rd himself from the centre.All in a space of 17mins .He literally destroyed rangers from ‘left,right and centre’.Great in midfield throughout the game.-8.5
    KEVIN OCHIENG’-Impressive down the right,was so sure of himself and his passes unlike in previous matches-6.0
    MOSES OTIENO-Alongside teddy,they marshalled and controlled the midfield well,though like most of our players,work rate decreased in the 2nd half-6.5
    LAVATSA-We didnt’ see the lavatsa we know.quiet all evening.a little bit of a lackadaisical perfomance from him-4.5
    KIPLAGAT-Great goal,great runs,great industry all evening.this boy is the future of gor-8.0
    MAKORI-Terriffic speed and full of energy all evening,also did help the full backs whenever we were under attack-7.5

  11. Forgot to rate the coach
    JANABI MAHONO-Great fielding,considering the number oe injured/unavailable players.great tactical approach by the coach by not allowing rangers to settle and persistent attacks even when we were two up.he also contained rangers well in the second half-7.5

  12. Arrumtidi,good analysis but u are wrong on the Rangers goal.it was as a result of poor marking by the defenders,while ppo was marking there was another a free Rangers player in front of him prompting ppo to go for him and the the scorer sneaked behind Anguyo,so the blame is not entirely Jerry’s.

  13. Good performance but boys soccer is played over 90 minutes and not 30 as was the case. The first 30 minutes yes, Rangers had no clue what was going on around them and the game was won and sealed. Thereafter they took over and we lived dangerously to the end and for a few minutes before the end of 1st half I thought they would cause an upset. As we approach Continental competition I would’nt recomend an overhaul but clear coaching and tactical intentions
    A few players would’nt be bad but we should not sacrifice the current players. One strong defender, one speedy midfielder, a tall strong striker might just do. If Kevin Kimani of Mathare is available, the lad is not bad. Ochomo will be back? Yes he can fill in; Mandela, that Chemelil defender Agembe? Olando? Victor Ochieng from Chemelil?

  14. for the first time this season, i enjoyed myself fully. My voice was gone by half time. Kudos to the entire team, that is the spirit. Kiptanui – you are a true mahia. Ahono – thanks for bringing life into the team.

    Makes me wonder; why was the intoxicated/deranged fellow bent on stagnating promising careers of players like Kip, Akumu and derailing the team in general?

    Ashindwe tena sana!

  15. @18 Opuk raronge you are spot on.

    The intoxicated / deranged fellow was a career destroyer who is bent on killing players on both local and international front. Look at JAMAL “MALO-MALO” outburst in “migingo derby” and he threw him out just for Coach KIMANZI to reinstate him just to dis-approve him on “technical ability”.


    HARAMBEE WINS AWAY 3-0 & GM CAN PUMP 3 goals within 15 minutes.

  16. Guys let’s celebrate as much as we can but let’s also weigh our barbs against those we don’t like. A few weeks ago we didn’t like both AR and ZD but now since we are winning and AR still in charge the missiles towards him have more or less died down. I believe we still need to professionalise our technical bench, management as well as the playing unit. There is still more to be done to compete with the best in Africa. Otherwise the players and bench are there and all we need is to fill in some gaps. The romours coming out is that we might lose Masika, Gattuso, Lavatsa, Lucky Dube so we might as well take @Ja Thur ji’s advice and approach the players he just mentioned. Otherwise congrats to the team and Kiplagat who has given us more reason to believe in our team again. GM’s pace has been their strength with BB (now Lavatsa), Kiplagat and Makori using it to terrorise defences. I believe we will still end the league by winning our last match. I saw Sofapaka struggling against Chemelil and was somehow assisted by the ref, no wonder Chemelil were furious at the end of the match. I also hope we get the best officials during the elections.

  17. Guys..its Kudos to the team..Bro Ogango you’re right. ZD thanks for keeping off.

    For me on players signings i would be very conservative since the spree has mostly destroyed K’ogalo than made the team better. I would if i could advise the tech bench to keep the ones we have and mould them..

    1. The wastefulness of Lavatsa is worrying me a lot.
    2. There are already very good midfielders in GM on who i see no difference from the ones frequently mentioned.
    3.We already have Kip., Ochomo, Lavatsa and Owiti as typical number nines why add more? We already can see one shouted about recruit in the mid season who is way behind the news in the pitch!
    4. I think the tradition of nurturing school boys at GM is haunting us as these quick fix with so called stars have consistently backfired on our faces.
    5. Fine let Janabi Mahono do his work so he would be judged for his style and approach independently as ZD’s been judged for destroying young talents and killing players’ careers.

  18. In futaa.com some fans (which fans it is not indicated) are planning to petition FKF (I thought it is FKA) over GM’s participation in CAF cup next year. We still have people with ill-feelings against us though this is what makes us tick.

  19. @dan av read it.I think the era of baba na mama was over they are doom to fail.the question is WHAT WRONG DID KOGALO DO?Kip,Mwalimu keep the fire burning u av made me proud.to the new officials whom shall be elected we need more friendlies.what do think about salim rama?


    I wish also to pay homage to our boys for doing us proud by winning the second to lat game of the premier league.

    Like my earlier comrades, our boys controlled the first half but they fizzled out in the second half. We were lucky to escape a thrashing from Rangers. We got chances and converted them. The maximum points we collected during the match, has putted in good stead with front runners in the premier league. We are determined like last year to take this race to the wire.

    On who is moving out and who is moving in gossips, I chose to remain mum. My eyes are fixed on the next match. Our last game is as crucial as the first one in the beginning of the season. Infact we need a record crowd in this game . Let me therefore take this opportunity to urge our loyal fans to turn up in large numbers as we cheer our boys to victory.

    On ZD issue which refuses to die, no amount of hate speech clearly recorded in the pages of this blog can make us loose the sight of the goal. I salute coach Zico for his courage and commitment, the officials for standing firm with the coach and staying focussed. I also thank you, the zicophobia comrades for sustaining the pressure. We are not enemies. We are only different and that’s the mosaic that make this great club , K’Ogalo.

  21. @pareyio ole lelerue, please stop this nonsence of zicophobia. It has been about performance and poor fielding. It has been about his poor and outdated tactics. We have pointed out here several times about his tacts and relationship with players that have been very poor. Where were Kiplangat, Anguyo’s position, macheda, etc. On office standing behind zico is not true. It has been Ambrose Rachier that has given Zico support but not entire office.

  22. i was really pleased with our performance i have not adjective to describe the team put out there by our maim coach awono you are a nice lad with abig heart and good knowledge in football what did you expect rangers to do after getting a thrashing of three nil they would come guns out especially teddy that is the teddy i know great performance the fans who attended despite the bad weather kudos but zd issue is really embarrassing surely this lad needs some psychiatric help the edict was out like 3 months ago his services are , were ,will no longer be needed he should literally pack and go there are alot of jobs especially with this alshabab issue why cant he just join one of the security firms and be employed as one who checks people with those security gadgets and the noise made by the gadgets really soothes him good weekend comrades

  23. t bwana is seeking for the post of secretary general why cant the manager of this blog put him forward for bloggers to interrogate him


    To give my opinion i will.

    ZD is still the coach of GM. Untill a formal notification is made to the contrary, i will still recognize, support and give him the respect he deserves. ZD is not just another coach. He was a former Gor Mahia player. To allege coach ZD is killing the career of some players is gross misrepresentation of facts.

    Assistant coach Alaba Awono is only enjoying uneasy calm. I have studied the mentality of our fans for many years including politics. My fear now is how we shall behave in confederation tournament. I will not be suprised if we facean early exit becase of our behavior off the pitch. This is the sadness in my heart.

    Comrade Paul, unless you choose to respect your leaders, the club is going nowhere. I say this with alot of conviction in my heart. A coach is employed by the oEC who derive their power from the members. Our loyalty to the club is equal. You and I only have one vote.

  25. @pareyio ole lelerue, it is not about personal here. But let the truth be told and stop personalising and self opinionated comments my brother pareyio ole lelerue. Gor Mahia is a public club and we fans have all rights to criticise and commend officials. If something is wrong at the club, we have to speak it out without fear for the club to move into right direction.

  26. Great performance, its good ZD is out of GM despite some bloggers refusing to accept reality. And its kudos to AR for accepting that ZD should stay out and not spoil the momentum GM had garnered, that what we need a chair that listens.

  27. K’galo AGM contestants-Anyone with insight on the individuals and their capabilities!!!!

    Ambrose Rachier, Emmanuel Achayo, Collins Ajuok.
    George Owino. (UNOPPOSED)
    1ST VICE
    David Kilo and Faiz Ochieng, Antony Ojee.
    2ND VICE
    George Ong’udi and Erick Wasuna.
    Jolawi Obondo. Nickanor Arum,Thomas Oriko and George Bwana
    Ronald Ngala and Samson Kidha.
    Samuel Ominde, Stephn Odhiambo, Harrison Okwiri and Sally Bolo.
    John Ochieng’ and Gerphas Okuku.
    Tom Ataro and David Nyandega.
    James Wamugo, Roselinder Achieng’ and Henry Opondo.
    D/Org. Sec
    Jack Orowe and Samuel Ogola.

  28. Congrats to the GM team for the good work the fans are doing off the field and the players determination to restore our pride……Please look into you tube( gor mahia wins fkl cup) the video is amazing with people dancing and cheering the sight is phenomenal…..For those who have brought out their feelings concerning Zico..my humble opinion is let’s us treat him with respect coz at the end of the day he is still one of the all time greats of this great team….Kik wayany chien let’s love lets not hate so much…Kwe kende..I would like to thank oduor12 for the posting of the contestants list…I would like to say that I am glad to propose Emmanuel Achayo as an alternative to AR that is if u r willing to give him a chance..av known for so many years and he is a clean hardworking guy.

  29. Ogango Trailer@25
    I think u had a bad up bringing and i hope that the guy u ar talking about is someone from yur family and not the coach.may b ur bro.GROWUP.

  30. @Ja Ngere, my brother Ogango Trailer is spot on. Up bringing or growing up does not arise here. May be I think understanding or conceptualizing English might be the biggest problem in this blog. Zico messed up many careers and just mention few players such as Kiplagat, owiti, Kitawi (since left GM for Tusker), Anguyo was always playing in the wrong position. We fans got fed up with Zico due to poor tactics, fielding, poor relationship with players, poor knowledge on opponents, lack of pattern, pathetic substitutions etc.

    Use some civilised language because the blogger #25 was very clear and I think what you posted depicted more on yourself that leaves us with conviction that you could be suffering of the same catastrophic you posted.

  31. Hi bloggers, much have been said about our team,the players and zico.pls lets focus our energy on the last game and then strategize for next season.

  32. I would have liked to have Mwakio as one of the contestants, maybe treasurer or sec-gen. Mwakio, where are you? Even Ole Lelerue would have thrown his hat in the mix. Have nothing personal against the list as I believe all the contestants have something to bring to GM. But how about spreading the office bearers across the breadth of the country? And how about gender balance now that our divas are very active members of the club? Unfortunately these are elective posts and you can only be elected if you present yourselves. Otherwise on ZD let’s not be abusive as Ogango @25 has done. Our language on this blog basically mirrors our thoughts and behaviour. The best we can do it either to counsell ZD, let him be the understudy of Awono on how to handle the young players, get him a scholarship out of the country to improve on his technical and people-issue skills, or wish him the best as he scouts for another coaching job. Let’s not forget that even Siang’a who we hounded out of the office is now being mentioned in favourable terms as one who can be incorporated into an expanded technical bench, maybe as a scout. Otherwise we are now happy that we are winning and let the trend continue on saturday. Let’s paint Nyayo Green (and white) and let’s hope that the fans in diaspora like @Kisero will show up at least for this one. Had a glimpse of what Achayo has in store for GM if elected chairman on Sunday Standard and looks like he has ideas on how to take the team to the next level but the fans will be the decider. Happy peacefull voting.

  33. @39 Ja Ngere please be informed that I do not belong to the “village calibre” that you so much incline to be. Your have too much Luoism iin your blood such that you can not comprehend reasons from nonsense.

    As much as I originate from Jo Ka Nyanam or Nyikwa Ramogi Ajwang ; My upbringing is purely metropolitan if you wish to know. And as such I do not succumb to “TRIBAL AFFILIATION”.
    My family is “KENYA” my brothers and sisters are “KENYANS”; But when it comes to individual performances I have got no boundary to criticize or support his course irrespective of his originality.

    So Ja Ngere stop mourning on behalf of an individual failure to which you have no strings attached. Let him carry his own cross; And I advice you that even if it’s one R.A.O ,please be your own person and always let reason prevail before you commit yourself into unforeseen circumstances.
    GOR MAHIA is bigger than an individual and when ZICO becomes obsolete we have no other options other than to send into “Ko’galo Dustbin of Kaburi la Sahau”.

    Please pass the same message to your pal one bro Pareyio ole pelagic who suffering from “ZICO-MANIA”, to accept that the verdict is out and we dictated and intimidated the decision to favor what is good for the club and not individuals egocentric beliefs.

  34. @ 41 Bro Dan i can now confirm that you are suffering from “Selective amnesia”.

    1. Why do you single out OGANGO TRAILER @ 25 without reading in between the lines of my post. My comments are just follow ups based on Opuk raronge post @ 24 of which i borrowed it word by word and decided to juice it up with facts as concern JAMAL “malo-malo” and KIPLAGAT on both national and domestic fronts respectively. If you a are keen follower on football matters then you will easily agree with my facts, although as ZD sympathizer it will be hard to digest.

    2. I strongly oppose your idea of loading GM with the burden of giving ZD a warm send off in the name of some scholarship abroad. First and foremost he has done nothing worth to be rewarded. And i repeat as i posted @ 15 that his tenure at GM was the cause of “hooliganism” until “JANABI AHONO” brought back peace, tranquility and success that makes us “GOR MAHIANS”.

    3. He promised fans heaven at the end of last season and then grew horns without visualizing the consequences. So if he has failed because of his wishful thinking and gambling with two birds in the bush;then the best thing is to let him carry his own cross. World over i have not seen where failures and mediocre performance are rewarded and GM will not be an exemption.

    4. Dan i fully support your suggestion to have MWAKIO candidature in forth comming AGM. But for bro PAREYIO OLE LELERUE i beg to differ. He is one of the bloggers who came out strongly with daggers aimed at the suggestion to have MWAKIO as a contestant when one of the bloggers showed his preference for him.Personal i do not read much from him a part from too much rhetoric and hero worshipping.


  35. If a kid crys for a full bottle of soda and yet you only have half a bottle left, you can play tricks by filling a smaller bottle with the same soda to satisfy his/her demands. ZICO is the man incharge of GM and was incharge on drawing the lineup together with his technical team. For those doubting, please visit GM’s training ground to confirm that. The coach must not seat on the bench. The coach does his thing at the training ground, NOT on the day of the match on the pitch. Even Len Julians, was suspended by CAF but was very much in charge of preparing the mighty Kogallo of the 80’s. Some GM fans are like kids crying for a full bottle of soda. ZICO is very much in charge of Kogallo. For God and my club Kogallo.

  36. @Dan and @Jangere, the words used by OGANGO TRAILER on #25 intoxicated/deranged are not abusive but reflected the behaviour of Zico.

    – Intoxicated means under influence or drunk or high or inebriated or smashed
    – Deranged means disturbed or unhinged or unstable or crazy or cracker or nuts or sane or unbalanced.

    All the allegations against Zico are true and I totally concur with Paul and OGANGO TRAILER. I think we fans are losing it I think may be because of our understanding of the English vocabulary and terminologies.

    @Ja-Ngere there is no need of commenting on a blogger of having bad up-bringing or growing up. This just reflect on your character as depicted by your own comments.

    @pareyio ole lelerue, you have turned personal in all your comments posted and as much as you have all rights to comment please brother stop this hollow, worthless, empty and self opinionated comments.

  37. Bro Mwakio I thought I would see your name on the lineup for GM elections. But I still believe that you can serve the club even out of the EC. Can someone give us a headstart on the contestants so that we can make meaningful choices. I once saw G. Bwana providing tickets to the team to Msa courtesy of the FaceBook branch and the Divas. To me that shows the thinking out-of-the-box which we need in GM and for that I would consider giving him my vote. Otherwse we might end up voting in someone just because we don’t like his/her opponent.

  38. Bro Dan ..i’ve just gone through Tom Oriko’s Manifesto and its fabulous..but is this for real or just a camouflage to get to the office..

    God knows..all these people will say sweeties and much of it i hope they are serious. I also hope voters will be serious and focused.

  39. @44 Albert Kosero i though you belonged to the “UTOPIAN-WORLD” where people do not reason like bushmen in the north of Sub-saharan Africa and south of river Limpopo.

    Suppose you lack water to top up your “half bottle of soda”, then i have no doubt that you will automatically urinate in the bottle to achieve your agenda and serve your lovely but inquisitive son with “URINATED SODA”.

    Be informed that my comments as regards ZD are official position as delivered by none other than AR during his meet the people campaign meeting with Nairobi Eastlands GM Branch delegates meeting held last week on Wednesday at KALOLENI SOCIAL HALL. I can also confirm to you that next on the line is KOREA and OLE TUNDA.

    We told AR to his face that any attempt to re-introduce ZD will be meet by full force and it is not a laughing matter. Who can withstands a coach who rides on “GOONS” instead of goodwill from supporters.

    ZD attends training as contractual obligation for him to justify his take home and no player even responds to his instructions. @ Kisero just accept that we carried the day and the person who sits on the bench currently is running the show and all of us enjoying the benefit; including the doubting “Thomases” like yourself, Dan, Ja Ngere , Pareyio amongst others.


  40. @Dan, I would have liked to go for Secretary General but I was discouraged by the comments of other bloggers such as Kosero. I’m willing to serve in any capacity apart from the Chairman however the deadline elapsed for submission of nomination papers.


    @Kisero once offered a free piece of advice on what it entails and the true picture when it comes to GM election and i did reflect on the same so that we are not caught with surprises.Please do not take things for granted


    I actual did attend AR meeting with the NAIROBI EASTLANDS BRANCHES DELEGATES last Wednesday at Kaloleni as alluded by bro ogango @ 48. There was a total of 250 delegates and each was issued with 200 membership cards to recruit voters. The person who facilitated all the logistic was ATARO. The same case applies to KIBERA and KARIOBANGI branches.

    We can not match this guys when it boils down to dirty politics and marshaling numbers to achieve their agenda.



  42. Jabillo that’s very unfortunate..it will even get worse when other contenders get even dirtier.

    I’ve heard of other contenders’ plans and its horrendous, its even more advanced..the most part of this thing we call GM election is gonna be fire..nothing is decided yet..dirty or dirtier!

  43. I am not well versed with GM politics can not comment, I only hope the person with the best intentions for our beloved team will prevail. Though from foregoing posts, it appears the outcome might be Nyamweya style..God Forbid.

    In regards our inebriated friend, no one can question his contribution as a dedicated, hardworking and passionate Kogalo player/captain. We the Kogalo faithful are and will forever be grateful. That is an unquestionable fact.

    His contribution to Kogalo as a coach, however well intentioned, did not bear fruit. Moi believes whatever he did for Kenya was well intentioned. Kibaki also believes his actions are well intentioned though he has filled all top posts with his tribes men and all infrastucture developments (eg Thika Rd and the myriad bypasses) have central province as the hub.

    Moi lives happily in Kenya and so will Kibaki after he exits. Lets urge our beloved drunk (by the way a die hard Kogalo fan) to forget the technical bench and join us in the stands in supporting our Mighty Kogalo.

  44. . . .This guy: George Bwana for Secretary General, . . .hehe, the boy represents change, he is youthful with some strong media and leadership relations that can market the team, . .he has tried to be at the all the games and you can have a chance to meet him at the usual Sheraton Hotel( Green Rose), Nrb West, after Gor matches!
    . . . Achayo has been providing players with water for the past some years and I would recommend him as a clear opportunity to have change, . .we need a peaceful elections, unless Rachier bribes voters!Lol

  45. kosero @44,ur comments are made out of ignorance and are bordering on arrogance and malice.Please be informed that zico IS NOT in charge at gm.I personally did not attend the kaloleni meeting but i heard enough ‘ears on the ground’.So for you to claim that zico is in charge when even Ar himself is distancing himself from him,really makes one feels that there is more than meets the eye in your defense of zico.
    All sorts of accusations,and theories have been made by some bloogers to explain your defense ôf zico some of them bordering on the absurds and i have always treated them as ‘mere porojo’,but now your outbursts are lending more credence to those theories,including that one to the effect that you are indeed zico.Am not saying that those allegattions are true,in any case i wouldnt’ care even if they were .Rather, it really casts aspersions about what you really stand for,and makes one wonder whether your defense for zico is simply ‘blind loyalty’ or there is something you know that we dont know?

  46. Let’s hope sanity prevails during the elections. With the rumoured impending departure of most of our best players the conduct of the elections can be a make or break event for the club. If we have a peacefull and succesfull election some of them might change their mind but if we have the ‘hooliganism-inspired, vote-buying’ one then the players will use that as an excuse t leave. The truth now is that no player is bound to any team as they are all pros and can move to any team so long as they are guaranteed of their daily bread. Having said that there are still many good-enough players ready to join GM. The only problem will be continuity.

  47. PC, DC, Chiefs and Sub chiefs will retain their jobs, say the 2 principals during referendum campaigns. MP’s are promised that their salaries will not be touched, say the 2 principals. These guys campaigned vigorously for the passing of katiba only to be told that they have no jobs and taxes must be paid by everyone in the new dispensation. AR is a Politian and was indeed campaigning and he had to tell the likes of Mr. Trailer what they wanted to hear. @arrumtiddi and @OGANGO TRAILER I am surprised you could not see that. I don’t hold brief for ZD or anybody but I only hate the tone and chest thumbing exhibited by some bloggers here. You hear one saying that “they” have fired the coach, you wonder where “they” draws his powers from, yet there is a legitimate office charged with those responsibilities. I am eagerly waiting for the outcome of the AGM. Those who have been shouting loudest, your turn to vote in your messiah has come. Please don’t let us down. By the way what come of our candidate Mwakio? I cannot remember seeing his name on the list of those who picked nomination papers. For God and my club Kogallo.

  48. For me i wouldn’t worry if our players get better paying opportunities in and outside the country because good life is what everyone of us intends for self,friends and family.

    If anything:
    a) The current management is bent on maintaining questionable levels of players and staff welfare and they are seemingly getting back to office.
    b)Our direct opponents have shown a lot of interest on improved players welfare, why not encourage these young lads to get themselves meaningful livelihoods instead of persuading them with hot air inform of fanatism and well attended matches but with peanuts or utter nonsense to take home.
    c)There are several better managed and well paying teams for them to join.
    d)Our team has also proved to players that you may only have time on the pitch depending on who is coach and whoever recruited you to GM..also that you may have peace in the pitch depending on what opinion fans have about you e.g Francis Ocholla was regularly booed by fans but is doing wonders at Sony another good midfielder is treated similarly but various coaches outside GM have a lot of respect for him(8).
    f)Foot ball can only be played for so long and is not a lifetime venture hence players ought to maximize the short period of contract…and many more reasons.

    That’s why i would not discourage any GM player for choosing between development and vain glory..that is as things stand now!

  49. From the look of things the AGM might end in acrimony with no legitimate office in place. What i will urge the K’Ogalo fraternity is not to accept results from a sham election. This is the club’s defining moment, either we’ll turn professional and achieve greatness or maintain the status quo and remain mediocre

  50. @ 59 Kisero is just too early to declare who will carry the day. And by the way which candidate are you voting for ?. My guess is that you will definitely support the status quo. And that being case I will be voting for either Amayo or Ajuok and for sure I will beat you pants down just like the same way I did with your ZICO.

  51. @OGANGO TRAILER, I didn’t know that there was a contest between you and me. You are just informing me. Secondly I don’t know how you won the ZICO battle. I cannot remember when it became a matter for us bloggers to decide on. All the same you won, feeling good I guess, but am surprised the dude is still in charge of training the team at their training grounds. Who is fooling who here? Over to you Mr. Trailer. Concerning who I support, I have always been very clear. I will give unwavering support to whoever wins. I am not a registered voter therefore shouting about so and so does not add any value. Those who are going to vote, I am not sure whether Mr. Trailer will, please elect the messiah who will take us to the next level. If Ajuok or Amayo wins, I will not seat and watch the like of Trailer throwing insults at the chair. I will again be called a sycophant, a stooge name it, names that I have wholeheartedly accepted. For God and my club Kogallo.


    Zico hands Awono the reigns

    Gor-Mahia K’ogalo will be under Awono’s care for the rest of the season
    (Photo: Rodgers Eshitemi / Futaa.com)
    * Sms not send
    Gor Mahia coach Zedekiah Zico Otieno will not be back at the club for the remainder of the current Kenyan Premier League season.
    Zico, has been away from duty for the better part of three months, having first had a stint with national team Harambee Stars and then taking a sabbatical after his sacking from the national team.
    He had said that he would be back to the Gor bench for the 3-1 beating of Rangers last week, but he missed out and again, with Gor playing Sofapaka in their penultimate match of the season, he will be away, but for good reason.
    -My assistant (Anaba Awono) has done a good job when I was away. We have won a trophy and the club has risen up the KPL table, so I am happy.
    -I have been in training throughout, but seeing as there were only two games left in the current season, I saw it fit not to disrupt the flow he had built, until next season, if so, he told Futaa.com.

    New deal

    The coach’s two year contract with Gor ends in January 2012 and he is hoping to stay put, if all goes well.

    -My contract ends in January, so I will see what happens by then. The elections will have taken place, so if all is well, I will continue, he hopes.

    Zico led Gor Mahia to second place finish in the 2010 KPL title race, finishing just three point behind eventual champions Ulinzi Stars.

    Submitted 22/11-11 13:49 by Dennis Masinde Wandabwa

  53. @ 61 Kisero you seem to be very smart and I like the way you juggle with people’s brain depending on which side of divide your arguing for or against. Bro Kisero your are saying categorically that you will give your unwavering support to whoever wins and just the other day you condemned some bloggers preference to MWAKIO candidature to the extent that @49 MWAKIO has confirmed to Dan @46 that your barbaric and uncouth comments discouraged him to offer himself for the secretary general post.
    Bro Kisero as our number one fan in the diaspora I only urge to learn how listen to some of us who have mighty power of making things happen in KO’GALO. I am a holder of SILVER CARD membership of GM and I will be voting during the AGM.
    My preferred candidates for Chair is AR, because to me it’s better a devil I know that an angel that I know nothing about apart from their borrowed manifesto. But for Secretary general I will vote for George Bwana.

    I will support the outcome of the elections as long has they are free and fair. But if the incumbents decides to rig then I will join the “GREEN ARMY” hooligans and deal with the issue at stake just the same like we dealt with ZICO and I will not regret my actions.

    As for throwing insults to the chair,@Kisero you are quoting me out of context, i have a humble Christian upbringing background that I do not remember when lastly I insulted even an animal. My comments have been narratives based like eg. “FISI” that simply that means one person one job one mission.

    But I agree with that I am a harsh critic once I analyze and confirm that whoever is at the helm of GM is taking the club for a ride. I will stop at nothing to bring him down,including incitement,hooliganism,thuggery just to name a few.

    ZD fate is already sealed as confirmed by ODUOR12 @62 and AR can not risk making official statement at this point in time due to fear of loosing out on ZICOMANIAC votes. Although I can confide to you that upon expiry of his contract in Jan 2012 who takes over can not risk to have on the bench because of obvious reason that I do not need to talk
    he is hoping for AR to

  54. Bwana Trailer, Mwakio was not serious about his candidature. He cannot claim that it’s me who made him not vie. That’s hogwash. He simply does not have what it takes to hold an office in GM. By contributing on this blog is not enough to earn one a seat in GM’s EC. I repeat again, I will support whoever wins the coming elections. Mwakio has not won any seat, so what makes you think I should support him bwana Trailer. If he does, I will give him undivided support unfortunately he did not pick nomination papers. If telling Mwakio that he cannot win any seat in GM elections is uncouth, then I take the earliest opportunity to unreservedly apologize to him. Otherwise bwana Trailer vote wisely with your SILVER CARD come Sunday. For God and my club Kogallo.

  55. Bwana Kosero..with all due respect who would you vote for?

    Bwana O’Trailer..its all our right and freedom to vote the way we believe, but i have a small problem with the way some people say they’re going to vote..

    Especially those saying they will vote the current chair. They say better the devil..why is he substituted with the devil? and why someone you know? what about some of us who don’t know anyone? why, how and for what reason should we vote and for who if someone must be either a devil we know or an angel we do not know.
    I think the saying is misplaced in this case.
    1.In a public office we should vote integrity, development and progress.As opposed to status quo just to fulfill the obligation of keeping an office for legal purposes.
    2.If we must vote someone back to the office it should be on the basis of performance with reference to the above parameters.(as in 1)
    3. If the office have performed or certain individuals then we should do the right thing by taking them back not in fear of anything but on official bench marked results.
    4.The people in office are not supermen or gods who must be there and are subject to change with time so we must not be subjective on matters of elections..remember the former president believed no one else could be president and for him if someone else was to be then only him could appoint.
    5.Then are we saying this office will just continue forever till the devil we do not know appears?

    For this i do not believe we should vote on the basis of excuses but for progress,development and integrity?

  56. May the best candidate win as the best win,bloggers branch plz lets meet on sunday at SAMBA RESTAURANT for a impromtu meeting before we match to Nyayo stadium.meeting shall start at 11.00 am.

  57. Let us all vote wisely and peacefully. I hope and pray that we will not witness the scenes of some ‘voters’ carrying nyaunyo and matchetes to the polling centre. Otherwise I foresee a scenario where the chair returns but a thorough clean up of the other office bearers. No more hanging on people’s coats in order to ascend to an office in GM. It’s time for all the office bearers to account for their time in office. Let’s use our heads and not the hearts to elect the office bearers else we live to regret in the next two years

  58. @Agwa Kassam I will vote for a selfless and a very financially sound leader. All other qualities are details. From what I have seen in GM, you need to be wealthy in order to effectively run it. More often than not the chairman will have to sacrifice his own resources to bail out the club. Unlike what most of us want to believe, there is no money to steal from Gor. Let us not elect a person who is limping financially to lead a cash strapped club.
    It is unfortunate that most of would be leader of Kogallo do not have these 2 most impotant “qualities” and for that reason AR will have my vote. For God and my club Kogallo.

  59. Kosero..you are right, circumstantially your point is valid. I only hope that at one point in time we may have leaders committed to:
    1. Wiping out corruption thriving at the gates.
    2. Professionalize and streamline merchandize sales.
    3. Subject/influence branches to contribute towards the clubs finances instead of being breeders for votes during elections only.
    4. Committed to accountability and prudence with respect to finances..sources and expenditure.

    I believe these are the pillars for financial stability in GM that will enable us to elect people in future based on all other factors with financial appeal being one but not the main qualification.

  60. @65 Agwa Kassam I will be voting very wisely during the AGM and my decision wil be guided by individual performance at his or her field of specialization,his personal credentials,his mission and vision for GM and lastly if he is a former member of GM EC I will critically analyze his or her leadership skill,personal contribution, commitment and achievement during his or her tenure.

    Based on the above mentioned issue’s which are my personal yardstick to determine whom I will be queuing behind to offer my mlolongo vote are the following persons listed below.

    Chair: Ambrose Rachier ( Tested,Committed,Team worker,Good PR&Revenue generator)
    Secretary : George Bwana (Good leadership skill,Very visionary,Youthful agenda)


    @Kosero that is where my SILVER CARD MEMBERSHIP will determine the future of our beloved club and may the best candidate win in peaceful and democratic elections.

  61. @70 OGANGO TRAILER I can confirm to you that we are reading from the same script. I will cast my vote for AR and G BWANA on the post of chairman and secretary general respectively so that we can have both experienced leadership moulded together with youthful and innovative skills that will take GM to next level.

    AR has single handedly built Ko’galo from the dying horse in the slumberland to the current resurgent giant that it used to be. I can only compare him to Zack Mbori in the 80’s. And I totally agree with @ Kosero on post 68 that to chair GM oftenly you will be required to shoulder and sacrifice your personal finances when need arises.

    SO I BEG TO SUPPORT: “Better the devil I know than the angle I know nothing about historically with reference to my beloved GOR KO’GALO.

    May the best candidates win. GOD BLESS GOR MAHIA.

  62. @kosero, you a very interesting fellow. Why do you say Mwakio was not serious whilst his proposed candaditure was proposed by fellow bloggers? Mwakio never offered himself for any position but it is the bloggers that had proposed him. in my own opinion, I think Mwakio could have been a good addition to the new office due to his positive contributions on the way our club should run and managed. With his suggestions and proposal, he should have been encouraged but not condemned. Gor Mahia draws his fanbase across the board and he could have brought representations of other communities.

    Am supporting Ambrose Rachier for Chairmanship, jolawi for secretary, lady for treasurer, mwakio vice chairman if he is on the race, bwana as organising secretary,

  63. @kosero, you a very interesting fellow. Why do you say Mwakio was not serious whilst his proposed candaditure was proposed by fellow bloggers? Mwakio never offered himself for any position but it is the bloggers that had proposed him. in my own opinion, I think Mwakio could have been a good addition to the new office due to his positive contributions on the way our club should run and managed. With his suggestions and proposal, he should have been encouraged but not condemned. Gor Mahia draws his fanbase across the board and he could have brought representations of other communities.

    Am supporting Ambrose Rachier for Chairmanship, jolawi for secretary, lady for treasurer, mwakio vice chairman if he is on the race, bwana as organising secretary.

  64. @Paul, ndugu Mwakio pst no. 50 is on record saying that he pulled out because of people like me. That means he was habouring ambition to hold a post at GM, which is ok anyway. However I just reminded him that he stood no chance knowing Kogallo very well. I explained the reason in my previous posts. Otherwise there is always next time. Ndugu Mwakio should move beyond this blog to popularise himself early enough. 2013 is not far brother. For God and my club Kogallo

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