Kogalo go down in derby

Gor Mahia went down to arch rivals AFC Leopards 0-1 in a well attended match played at Nyayo stadium under floodlights.

Despite dominating the match for long periods, Kogalo were unable to find the back of the net. In part this was due to the goalkeeping of Lawrence Webo. In part due to poor finishing on the part of Kogalo players.

For the second game running, Kogalo lost again due to poor finishing and lack of poise, something coach Zico will have to emphasize in training.

24 thoughts on “Kogalo go down in derby

  1. Hali ya game. The boys played very well. However we need an out right striker. A striker like John Baraza of Sofapaka would be a perfect choice in the current squad. Blackberry can play very well behind such a striker.Zico should use the mid season transfer window to get a lithal finisher. Goal keeping also need to be reinforeced. That is Kogallo’s only undoing. Otherwise the team is in good shape. For the fans, let us give the technical team time and support. I know its painfull to lose to Kwach but I can see the light at the end of the tunnell. The match against Karuturi on Sunday is a MUST win. No excuses.

  2. I agree with you totally Albert.We have a big problem in the goalkeeping department.Can u imagine if last night it was the reverse? I mean AFC were attacking us the way we did? We could have soacked 6 goals.Technically we played well.Look at the ever improving Kevin Odhiambo,i think Blackberry should now be benched,give Kiplagat a chance.U remember what Ghost did to Oliech? Then there was this No 8 boy,i tell u we have talent in the squad.

  3. I think we need to offer support to team all times to boost their morale let’s be like Chelsea fans, may be we can also sign international players too!!

  4. We need some established players. AFC did a good thing by recruiting players who are ready now. Kogalo on the other hand relied on signing young players. Thats good but it will take several years for them to be ready to win consistently. And its a big gamble because some young players dont fulfill their potential. We need to sign some established players to bring stability to the team. Kogalo badly needs a proven goal scorer.

  5. we played our hearts out..it just wasn’t our day…i wish we could raid like that always(and score of course)..otherwise team iko sawa..finishing tu!

  6. I agree with you guys. We must sharpen our frontline and besides, do some shooting drilling. Where did ‘Pro’ go to? Zico must do something before Sunday, else we will be trophiless end of season. Kevin, Blackberry are young boys who need so much exposure on such big scenes, I think going to the market this transfer window for a seasonned frontman is necessary. About Jerry, personally I dont have a problem with him.He made a spot save and has done wonders previously… Let’s mobilise for Sunday. LONG LIVE KOGALLO!!!

  7. Chances were there unbelievably for K’ogalo but the players were not just in it, BB MESSED UP BUT we give it up to the boys for this was a game well played. If you observe well Gor is playing well this season as compared to the other season though most funs went home disappointed the league is not yet off and the culmination will be Gor ending up with the mantle this season. Lets await Sher Karuturi’s game on Sunday. GOR BIRO!

  8. The game yesterday wasn’t bad and weakness wasn’t with jerry,it was with the strikers who failed to finish even on an open goal,we’re on the right track but we must include new strikers to support Blackberry and kevin.

  9. striker striker striker …. all those missed chances … Gor should hae won the Game 6 -1 at least! Zico should work with the strikers on the finishing! mano kende!

  10. I am a Leopard Fan and just want to congratulate Fans from both sides for their maturity and sportsmanship. WE are happy with both community clubs. They have done us proud. the only thing we need to do a s fans is to continue attending their matches and pay to gain access to watch them.

  11. Haha Ombeja you are welcome. We, as community clubs, stand alot to lose by not co-operating and building the love and success of the game in Kenya. I miss last season when Gor & AFC fans would unite to support each other. I hope this time we will pull up better in the standings. Lakini mwache kutumia hiyo uchawi yenu dhidi ya Gor, where even the most open goal-bound short from BB ends wayward —Aiih! I hope to see you Sunday for K’Ogalo vs Karuturi. GAME IBAMBE!

  12. Well played boys. That was won hands down if only soccer was scored the style of boxing.In fact the referee could have stopped the game in the first twenty minutes to save Ingwe from further harm.It is not boxing and here, that goal scored matters most and you saw it.Karuturi could not have come at a worse time.Three points boys and you are able to have them.To Ingwe fans, congrats and please come all on sunday to support Kogalo.

  13. Lets not be taken a way with the kind of play we displayed.Ziko do not have luck in coaching he better have somethings to do.if he had all monies in chemelil yet tulikua mbele yako u people don’t expect anything from Ziko.Now he is planning to offload 6 players i.e Ibrahim Kitawi,Eric Wasike,Noah Wekesa,Solomon Nasio,Peter Opiyo and Blackberry Odhiambo.I know his Performance will chase him a way this weekend, bcos Karaturi will beat 0-1.People like Ziko has no place in Gor mahia as a coach.Let him be a fam.Its this Weekend or never we MUST WIN OR ZEDI GIVE WAY its better a quack than a doctor we is lazy,drunk.

  14. Its high time the chairman be serious,He keep off from his P.A in the the name of Ngala and Mwalimu who are advising him wrongly on Gor mahia he should be taking his time to know the team. Then there are Watu wa kuomba omba like Mzee Joniko,Omollo tumbo,leatherjacket Jacob, Ouma Rayier kod Ogalo Oduonde.ujogowa umany jowakali utim unego mon gi kech.Morning to evening training.The people mentioned above are responsible for Gor poor running in the league peddling liars you have been identified keep off.Mzee Joniko is never a ayouth.Ngala,Mwalimu Rachier,Zedi gi jokuecho red flag.

  15. Gor kogalo here we kam 2 take wats ours! The team generaly is ön point dspite sme hiches,the goalkeeping is nt bad wat we need is a striker who can help convert the drils 4rom ‘dady ’14’ 2 goals as 4 me we got good players who can make it 2 lift the trophy we playd our best bt that game!!!! Jowadwa notwewa yawa uru tho! Even open goals? Luv kogalo mae marwa

  16. Shaggy, you are spreading unwanted rumors in Gor. You are the type of people ambaye mna gonganisha watu na coach. Please Mr. Shaggy, advice on what we should do rather than spreading words around about the coach. Kwani wewe ndiye mtu wa mkono wake that you know all this things. Kimya kimya.

  17. congrats KOGALLO.That was an entertaining game against karuturi.but i agree with you guys.we need to shape our striking.i strongly believe we can lift the trophy.All we need to do is to invite our friends to come and watch our games.the standards have improved.I love the cheering squad.

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  19. Gor is simply the chelsea of kenya.i love their never say die ATT. Let the defeat by our brothers serve as a wake up call that we need to take the chanes as they come. But i foresee the trophy being taken to ko’gallos abode at the end of the season.

  20. Congrats kogallo the draw away was good but not good enough, all the fans lets rally behind Mayienga stop spreading baseless rumours we need to beat Ingwe our bitter rivals and win the other three matches because Ulinzi will definately drop points. The tiltle is ours Awillo pona haraka we miss you. Adious jokadana.

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