Kogalo now in 3rd spot

Gor Mahia fans have a lot to cheer for over the last week. 8 days ago the they put Chemelil to the sword, beating then 4-1, thus earning a measure of revenge against the team that soundly beat them in leg 1. They followed it up this past Sunday with an emphatic 2-0 win over league leaders Tusker. Beating Tusker is perhaps the biggest accomplishement of the season and it electrified Kogalo fans all over the country and abroad. Fans broke into song and dance at the stadium. There was a myriad of celebratory text messages being exchanged between fans in the aftermath.

Gor Mahia being in 3rd position slightly passed the halfway point of the league is perhaps the biggest achievement the team has accomplished in the local league since they finished runners up to Utalii in 1997. The next year 1998 was the beginning of the quagmire of incompetence and poor leadership that saw Kogalo pluunge previously unimaginable depths. This culminated in the relegation of the team twice (2002 and 2004) under the leadership of one Erastus Okul. In 2004, Kogalo was destined for the lower divisions and was only saved from the ignominy of relegation by the fact that Nzoia FC was disbanded thus opening up a spot for Kogalo in the top tier league. Who knows if the club would have recovered. Perhaps we would have gone the way of Re-Union or Shabana.

Jackson Mureu, Nick Otieno and Benard Odhiambo celebrate an equalizing goal during a league match. There was’nt however much to celebrate during the 2002 season and many will want to forget it quickly.

Today however Kogalo are playing the most attractive football in the league. Both national dailies have said as much. Whereas this attractive football did not always yield results during the 1st leg, Kogalo have shown the cutting edge in the past two games. Whats impressive is the fact that this teamis perhaps the youngest team in the league. However the maturity and composure shown by these youngstars has been a joy to watch. They play so well together, one would be forgiven for thinking that they have been playing together for years.

Baldwin Ngwa seems to have developed a telepathic understanding with Blackberry and can find the latter even when facing the wrong direction. Duncan Makori provides much needed width and has shown an ability to cross with either foot a la Sammy Onyango “Jogoo” hapo zamani. The midfield of Opiyo, Collins, Ocholla and Okumu work relentlessly to stifle opposing playmakers. Musa Mohammed has shown an ability to man mark the best attackers in the league as he showed when he shut down Paul Were. Masika, Awilo and Ongwae all complete a much improved defence shielding Jerim in goal. Lets now hope that coach Zico can continue to work his magic.

Another area of improvement has been fan support. Whereas in the past fans were demanding and only cheered when the team did well, this new set of fans gets behind the team whether they are winning or not and acts as a crucial 12th man.  And now more and more fans are returning as word spreads about the exciting brand of football on display when Kogalo plays. Not only was the Russia section full this Sunday, but the standing room only section (Soweto) was also packed. Its been a long time since we saw this.

GM fans have become the crucial 12th man

24 thoughts on “Kogalo now in 3rd spot

  1. Glory days are beckoning!!! Now Kogallo is the team to bit. Let us not relent in our quest, if there is a time we should not relax, then it is now!

  2. When a team loses obvious the fans will cry for the blood of coaches every where in the world. it is therefore upon the coach to work hard for Kogalo to excel otherwise under performance means nothing and he should pack and go home.

  3. I read on Tai Atieno’s CHOBO magazine on facebook K’Ogalo has been invited to Drogba-land (Cote de Ivoire)in September to play top soccer including against Brazil’s Cruzeiro. Managemnt confirm.

  4. I have just seen it on KBC website which states that – Gor Mahia FC has landed an invitation to participate in a four club international tournament to be played in Abidjan Cote d’ Ivoire between September 14 and 20 this year.

    This is a fully paid for trip for a contingent of 25 organized by Santa Cruz FC of Cote d’Ivoire.

    The other two clubs invited are Clube Cruzeiro Belo Horizonte of Brazil and FC Ashford Town of UK.

    Congratulations for the invite!!!

  5. Let fans and office unit this season league.This is our year kogalo.Support the team with hali na mali

  6. Gor kogalo is back with a bang long live Gor and aim for nothing but the lst postion and beat AFC

  7. Kogalo is the best thing that ever happened in Kenyan football scene! Gor makogalo jotugo yaye famous! Jo piny duto oyie kodu Gooor Maia! Jompira odonje epap, fc gor maia! gor makogalo, fc gor mahia! Black berry odonje pap

    Let us all come out in support of the team anyuola, people are struggling to identify with me yawa just coz i am GOR and GOR is ME

  8. Kogalo nyamna ngato chieng saturday. Ngani ochawa maok ber. Gisebiedo e wiwa makoro oromo. Kwani gin nopok gi ekor yien.Aol.

    Keke Keny.

  9. You have done good work coach Zico. Infact Joka Nyanam and any other person in this our republic or even abroad is happy with your work. You are impressing’ us together your management team. Ng’ama talo coach kod Kogalo management team ok wadua winjo kata matin. Keep it up Mr Zico you have made Kagalo to shine !

  10. this our team and we feel part of the game.we form part of the 12th man and its good to be part of this large community

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