12 thoughts on “Kogalo vs Mahakama highlights

  1. Thanks for the clip 2 classic goals from a very classy team.


  2. We must pray hard,but the team must play smart.
    Tell the coach to help fix the midfield even for future.
    God bless K’Ogalo!

  3. I’ve heard of a bus project..this means we are thinking in a focused way..thats just whats been lacking for decades..if its true then lets keep the tempo..

  4. guys can we get this website updated.honestly bado tuko nyuma.office should do something.we need more news not only about gor but also other clubs so that we can know what is happening out there.

  5. dear comrades ,
    long time i was away in Zanzibar anyway there is a function in kayole who organized it we need information in good time to participate too ,the sudden increase in ticket price i say it is ill timed we need season tickets who says that we only need to get cash flow from the tickets with an approximate fun base of 15 million and you target to cash in on 15000 it is senseless,how will guys travel to naivasha ?, who is in charge of jersey sales cos they are sold even in some dirty imenti house BUS PROJECT VERY GOOD IDEA i wish to give some donation let the office make good use of the prevailing good will to make gor better
    cheers!!!!!!!!!!! KO’GALLO let akuku rest in peace

  6. the website is just a disgrace let us have interviews with players maybe by asking questions early so that some players are able to interact with their idolizers we cannot sit on one issue for a long time please we have experts like Paul who can help here goodnight ko’galo family

  7. First – Gor win or lose I am Gor damu. Every time Gor plays I ruch to check the score on the KPl site. It is long since I felt this excited about the team.
    What we have is a very good crop of young players that we can build a good team foundation on.

    I am glad that the team now has website.I will hold judgment about quality for now.
    Go Gor!!

  8. Hi fellow fans,what are the travelling arrangements to Karuturi Sports this coming Saturday? Can we leave Nairobi together? May be in a convoy of cars and Buses? Please update and plan i advance.we need to support this boys.

  9. How will guys travel to NAIVASHA on sato?and by the way cant the office print the tickets for our game with Ingwe in advance.they can partner with Uchumi so that we buy tickets there in advance.infact they should get us seasonal tickets for our home matches.

  10. Kick off is 3pm. For those of us who are driving let us meet 11am uhuru park(or any ideal place – Plz comment). My number 0735 513337. I can assist with coordination

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