29 thoughts on “KTN report claims Gor Mahia is the richest club in Kenya

  1. What riches! we are in rugs. Tell us the poorest also

    No club house, no training ground / stadium, No Office/secretariat; No club bus – tumeomba TUZO; One set of uniform, that players cannot manage to exchange uniforms with other players when they win a championship, No medical insurance for the players – I have not heard any, No car for the coach.

    This will make the EC look like we are in the year 2030.


  3. What KTN means is that our bloated EC has bcom the richest in Kenya.
    Members obligations cld b:
    1. Make a contribution, of 50/month or 600/year payable in advance, maintained in a permanent electronic register. This shld form a basis 4 shares in a future coop/company.
    2. Fix the entry fee 4 the season.I propose 150&450bob 4 terraces & VIP.

  4. 3. Recall of non-performing EC members but stringent thresholds as 2 the time & conditions when this can happen.
    Let’s restructure the EC into a board with specific,measurable roles againt which elected officials can be guaged i.e:
    1.Director Chairman-Sponsorhip & Security. Despite AR’s apparent opaqueness, control over his EC,inability..

  5. .. 2 curb hooliganism, GM members shld ignore any candidate 4 chairmanship without a beta/concrete sponsorhip deal than Tuzo’s. Avoid empty manifestos e.g building stadiums & hses.Ask how & when? Remember a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush.
    2.Technical & team welfare Director. Medical insurance must b one of the benchmarks 4 holder of this office.
    3. Membership & Public relation & Transparency director-Benchmark 2 recruit at least 2K members annually @ 600/year payable in advance. Let’s make…

  6. GM all inclusive 2 attract a wide membership. Which is better having a membership base of 20k members each giving ksh.600 to total ksh.12M “guanrateed” income per year or a membership of 20K which may attract only 100 people who then want 2 control/loot the club.
    4. Marketing, Merchandizing Director who must ensure that only genuine GM products r in the market & that fakes r eradicated.
    5. FIN & ADMIN Director.
    These elected directors (as opposed 2 the current vague Chair,V.Chair & Sec.Gen posts)

  7. shld then appoint a lean Secretariat(performance contracted) of a CEO,Fin & Admin & Head Coach(Who is also the technical manager) 4 the day 2 day running of GM.
    Elected officials must pledge adequate time/ability 2 generate resources 4 GM activities.
    Collectively EC must undertake to improve home match attendance. Catch is GOALS,TITLES,ENTERTAIN SOCCER & SECURITY.
    i urge qualified legends Obwaka,Lule,Sianga,Makamu & Mwakios 2 vie BUT FANS SET THE AGENDA & BASIC MANIFESTO.

  8. Administrator plse, you expect us to believe in this story.
    Bloggers, don’t be fooled that gor is the richest club in the country. Infact there isn’t a single rich club in kenya. To be rich you must own valueable property. What do we really have as gor mahia?
    We may not even be able to keep coach BW and Sserunkuma.

    Gor has the potential to become the richest club in kenya. We only need to elect the right pple, people who understand football management. Let’s elect a team that will fight hooliganism and lay infrastructure for growth.
    One such person is mr. Mwakio, he is knowledgeable and he understands football management. Let us give him a chance. Our biggest problem today as a club is HOOLIGANISM.

  9. You dont even have a bus? Players are payed through envelops, foreign coaches work for the team on tourist visas. Ati matajiri? Kweli?

  10. Bloggers got it wrong on this KTN report. Unless you are understanding what he meant in terms of potentials for maximizing on gate collections. At the gate, this is both Gor and Effusi are loosing revenues. Something must be done to minimize these leakages.

  11. My dear friends lets not critisize everything just because we want to,what do we understand by the word rich? the problem here is that we think big and we r not yet there thats why some of us think of owning an aircraft coz TP MAZEMBE has one,when we talk of GOR being the richest club this is acording to what we av i.e avery strong fan base,a very committed fans and the passion we av as fans this is what makes us the richest coz if we can manage it well,we can aim high and that is where we need to know how to reach there,we must start from platform Oduor12 is campaining on why should we av more that ten officials what r there roles in the club? why do we av Srn vice,1st vice and 2nd vice in the 1st place,why do we av more than 30 security at the gate n yet we av police,on wednesday when we were playing Sofapaka is when i came face to face with the reality of how this club is milked dry,these so called security are collecting the tickets that are already used then they sell them to people outside for 100sh n they av one gate that is manned by only them so after uv bought ur fake ticket they direct u to that gate where they control n they get u in n there someone there just standing just to count how many people r getting in using this method,to my suprise i saw one of the so called EC official who i will not mention here standing there at some distance monitoring the progress i stood there 4 almost 20 min and i was shocked by what i saw

  12. I urge the TB 2 try out the combination of Dan”Flava”,Oboya & Love-A-Star so that they cn have actual match situation experience b4 the GorTv final. Even if it means playing either 1st or 2nd half of the 2 remaining games together.
    @Erico was it one of the numerous secretaries involved in the malpractice in particular the Org.Sec & his deputy since the infamous GM youth r under their direct control or is it one of the many V.Cs. Toboa tu.

  13. Waaw!the team winning a trophee has resulted into alot of politics and people discovering alot of on-goings.
    We have left National politics we are now busy doing football politics.
    I pray this does not affect our perfomance next year but we should not forget that the same management we are blaming thought ver hard and wisely went for The most Experiance Coach in the region after Loga went.
    Lets give them time guys.

  14. Kwani watu hamjui this thing? Its happening like its normal!

    To me the only funny thing about it is that its been exported to away matches. I was actually confronted at Thika the other week as to why i refused to hand in my used ticket and so to these people i was a fool, a braggart and very useless!

    That’s why i would rather we elect a completely new team and see if new ideas could be introduced in the management of GM than pretend that some are good and a section is bad.

    Really AR’s good work from where he found GM cannot be taken away from him but to me i believe he has lost control of the club completely. I am not also a believer in the devil you know than the angel you don’t know theory of management so i’ll excuse myself from voting back AR.

    On the real matters:

    1. hooliganism
    2. Membership
    3. Financial/property management

    I don’t think there’s need for too much mathematics since these are matters of engagement and paying the bills, a chairperson id definitely not required to chase hooligans around or maintain membership and even man the gates, quarrel fellow errant EC members, just spearheading policies and implementation.

    By the way how will the club arrive at a lean EC if not by having the leadership guiding the club into constitutional changes and investments initiation activities, remember these ideas have been floated for decades and even those EC members know what to do without being told or given ideas.

  15. As we blame the EC and stewards why do we surrender our used tickets? To me we are actually to blame for all that is happening at the gates. Then we are usually the first ones to ask about the match collection.
    We have to live by example. During the Gor match against HomeBoyz I arrived late(actually at half time) only to find a very large group at the gate. The stewards started telling me that the tickets were over but with 200 bob I could enter. I insisted on either going in free or paying for a ticket. We were several gor fans and they had to get us genuine tickets and we insisted on not leaving the counterfoils as they wanted. so guys be the CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE otherwise lamenting here in the blog and at the stadium we bribe the guards then blame the EC. Not that the EC are blameless but so are we

  16. @Dan Original its not that we surender the used ticket what these guys are doing is that they go round the stadium collecting the tickets that u av thrown away since its of no use to u since u r already inside the stadium,what we need maybe to start doing maybe to tell guys not to throw away there tickets after getting inside,like a case of when we went to thika these pple were demanding for the tickets as if its there right n imagine we were away.

  17. @Dan Original. Thank you for the sober commentary.”Be the change you want to see in others” We can not demand accountability on the EC when we ourselves are not,. That would be hypocritical.Those stewards behave the way they do because we encourage them to do so. Thank you for the stand you took. In regard to Gor being the richest in the Country,am glad. My assumption is that they must have followed the financial conventions to arrive at this. I just wish they told us how.But this comes with responsibility. We must therefore be ahead in creating ways and means of creating wealth for K’Ogalo and then would be talking of a clubhouse, good perks for the players and the coach and many other things. I think that for this to happen,we must be at the forefront to keeping hooliganism out and creating a condussive atmosphere for others to come to the stadium to watch us play and be entertained. And this means more gate collection.

  18. Yes the EC & in particular the chairperson shld spearhead policies & implementation. Isn’t implementation ensuring that things r going right & if not effective correction action is taken. If positive/corrective action is not achieveable then your policies r useless. However bcoz GM’s EC don’t have specified roles am sure each one of them will say I was elected as Chair/V.C/Secretary but mambo ya security, fake tickets hiyo sijui. Sunday Nation’s Gado cartoon shld be a wake up call. We won but….

  19. @Oduori12, Sunday nation Gado cartoon depicted gor as a club of goons. Its very sad, this hooligans do not realize the magnitude of damage they are causing the club. They suffer severe knowledge deficit because of the things they smoke,they don’t reason like normal human beings. Muswahili alisema hivi; ” HERI KURARUKA NGUO BADALA YA KURARUKA AKILI.”

    Ogango trailor once tried to describe these hooligans but he could not get a word that best suits them.
    I want to say that these hooligans are A HUMAN WASTE.
    By human waste i don’t mean what we produce as a result of digestive process but that they have completely lost the very essence for life. They inflict serious injuries on others. They maim, they disfgure, they commit all sorts of offences. All am saying is that better human beings should have been born in the place of these goons. They are a disgrace to the mankind, and its unfortunate that they live in our midst.
    All that they need is rehabilitation. The police should just do their work, lets help the club identify these goons.

  20. By the way what happened to the Kogalo magazine? It used to be such a good piece for marketing. What with all those clourful events and people appearing therein

  21. How to build a winning team in 2014 and beyond
    Who is your Rooney? Who is your Drogba? Who is your Messi? Who is your Neymar? Who scores your goals? Who controls the game? How you manage them and bring out their best?

    Over the years we have found questions like these to be really useful in helping Football clubs leaders (with an interest in the beautiful game) to manage their teams more effectively. Getting a football manager to think of themselves as Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger or Pep Guardiola can help people frame their management in a different and possibly more productive way.

    In our KPL this year let’s use this football theory and see what we can learn about management of football in Kenya. This Note highlights my starting eleven tips:

    1. Focus on the field
    2. Manage your players
    3. Recruit a balanced playing squad
    4. Concentrate on training
    5. Bring out the best in your players
    6. Get them to play together as a team
    7. Set a style of play
    8. Work out flexible tactics and formation
    9. Rigorously review performance
    10. Keep the score
    11. Earn respect, instill pride and create meaning

    1. Focus on the field
    In football it is obvious that what really matters is what happens in the field, not in the office. Football managers or officials should also remember that the match takes place on the pitch. Managers are overwhelmed with seemingly pressures to win matches day in day out. Yet what really matters is what happens out there. We must shift the focus of our attention to the field – to the actual interactions with players, with fans, with other stakeholders. This is where development occurs. Players who make a difference are the disciplined players, the ones who are willing to learn in training and improve in all matters of football both in and out of the field. These should be the focus of attention in a football team. Everyone else is back room staff. The football club should be structured to support this critical interface with all stakeholders.

    2. Manage your players, do not play yourself
    A football manager’s role is to get the best out of the players, not try and play themselves. There are very few examples of successful player-managers. We would think it ridiculous if Alex Ferguson kept running on to the pitch and taking the ball from his own players to do it for them. No, the manager has to let the players play. Managers are not meant to be great players. In fact the best managers tend to have been average, rather than world class players. Management is a very different skill to playing. It requires skill and insight which may need specific training. It is for good reason that all managers in the KPL must now have a Coaching Certificate.

    3. Recruit a balanced playing squad
    In football it helps to have a squad which blends experience and youth. When looking to recruit players, football teams do not advertise and interview – they scout for the best players elsewhere. They persuade them to leave their current job and join them. Or many have youth academies to develop young players into possible professionals. They often give youngsters experience gradually on the pitch as substitutes before putting them in the starting line up. But the way some of the richer clubs are able to sign the best players from smaller teams by paying transfer fee.

    4. Concentrate on training
    In football players probably spend more than 90% of their time training and preparing for a game. Coaches constantly work with players on individual skills, team moves, strategies and fitness. How will we defend against set pieces? How will we attack on the break? Football managers spend hours investing in instilling ethics of discipline and hard work.

    5. Bring out the best in your players
    Who is it that really makes a difference in the field? Who is your Drogba? Your Ronaldo? Your Fabregas? Who scores the goals your organisation hopes to achieve? Who catalyses change in matches? Do you have a play-maker in your Team? Who is your holding midfielder? Who is your centre of defence? Who do people listen to and follow – your captain? Football managers are constantly trying to bring out the best in their players. Good managers give them freedom to play to their strengths. They encourage them to try things and not fear failure. They know their players’ best positions. Playing people out of position can lead to confusion and undermine confidence, resulting in poor individual and even team performance.

    All members of a team are different. Players management is a key skill. What does this individual respond well to? Encouragement? Criticism? Pressure? Being left alone? How do you manage big egos? People management in football does not take place in the office. It is on the training ground, the dressing room, on the pitch – before, during and after the match. Being a good manager means being present and available to the players. How would it be if Arsene Wenger sat in his office all day at a computer screen or was continually in meetings?

    6. Get them playing together as a team
    A key to great football management is to get players to play together as a team. It would obviously be silly, however skilled they were, if one player just kept the ball to himself and refused to pass to his teammates. The challenge of football is to work together as a cohesive back four, to get players to link well with each other, to play in triangles and diamonds up the pitch, to support each other on overlaps. Players need to work hard for each other, making dummy runs and covering back. When Real Madrid was full of ‘Galáctico’ stars it tended to underachieve. Egypt has arguably been successful in the Africa Cup of Nations because of their ability to play well together against teams with more individual star players.

    Obviously not all players are the same. Some are left footed, others right, some strikers, some defenders. Some play more spectacular roles, making the headlines by scoring goals. But equally important may be the unsung holding midfielder, who keeps everything ticking over by relentlessly tackling and setting things in motion with quick, short passes. Good football teams have a mixture of players. In the English Premiership, a key challenge is to work with different cultures – to meld them together into a unified team.

    7. Set the style of play
    Each manager has a favoured approach to football, an overall style of play. Arsene Wenger for example wants to play beautiful football, with quick movement up the field. Others want to squeeze and control the midfield. Others are happy with the long-ball game, scoring on the break. It is the manager’s role to instil the vision and train the team in the way they should play. This is something the team comes to understand, gets accustomed to and enables players to be more interchangeable.

    7. Work out flexible tactics and formation
    A good manager also knows each match is different. They analyse the context thoroughly, sizing up the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition. They also think about the specific situation. Playing home or away, playing in heat or at altitude, playing on a hard pitch or thick mud all affect the match tactics and formation. Your Team might have an overall vision and ethos, which you stay true to, but it should be applied differently in different contexts. Some matches are more important than others. Some are ‘must win’, for others a draw is fine; and still others you can probably afford to lose. For each game it is up to the manager to pick the best combination of players that they think will play to these tactics.

    Good managers have a flexible game plan. If the game plan is not working, a good manager will have ‘Plan b’. They will change the tactics and the players midway through the game. What they do may be more important than what they say. How does the manager respond to a crisis of conceding a goal or even two? Is it just anger or blame, or do they do something practical about it?

    8. Rigorously review performance
    In football there is rigorous and regular performance assessment. They believe completely in action learning. Reviews are conducted after every match. Football teams invest considerable time and technology in thoroughly reviewing what happened after the event.

    Videos are analysed in depth.

    Statistics are collated on metres run, passes completed, tackles made… How much do our local managers regularly review performance? Do we make time to watch our players in action?

    9. Keep the score
    At least in football it is clear what the score is and what constitutes a goal. But in any game (or part of the season), managers may have a number of objectives. It may be about soaking up and surviving the pressure in the first half. It may be about testing out the opposition goalkeeper with shots on target. Managers will assess the team performance against a number of criteria. What are the goals? What are the tactics for the next match? A good manager then takes decisions based on performance. There may be man-of- the match awards to give out. Or player of the month. Alternatively poor performance means difficult decisions are made. If a footballer is not playing well, they are likely to get dropped from the team.

    10. Earn respect, instil pride and create meaning
    Good football managers all generate respect, if not even awe, from their players. They get on well, but managers are not ‘one of the lads’. They can be hard and harsh when necessary. Alex Ferguson plays to his ‘hairdryer’ image of giving hot blasts to his players, but only in rare and exceptional circumstances. Most professionals agree that being screamed at does little good. Much more frequently good managers build up players’ confidence. They show they have pride and faith in them. As Jose Mourinho says: ‘A good manager must make all his men feel big, not small’. This is superbly illustrated by Pep Guardiola before the 2009 Champions League final who said to his players: ‘Gentlemen, if you lose today you will continue to be the best in the world – but if you win today you will be eternal’. Barcelona went on to win.

    Great managers are able to get their players to feel as if they are playing for the manager. They do not want to let them down. They know that if they do, they may pay the price in the short term. But they also know that if the team continues to underperform, the manager will eventually be sacked.

    Good football managers use image and charisma to create meaning. Jose Mourinho came to Chelsea with a proven ability to win big trophies with lesser clubs. He brought and further crafted an image of being a winner (the self-styled ‘Special One’). This charisma and self- belief rubbed off on his players who proceeded to win the Premiership for the next two seasons. Mourinho motivates his players by manipulating meaning, creating the image of ‘it is us against the world’. What might this mean for local managers? Are we able to get our players playing for us as managers? How do we use our image to the greatest effect? How do we instil self-belief in our teams? How do we create meaning?

    11. The final whistle
    What other things does this football analogy teach you about management? How would Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Capello or Ancellotti approach our local teams?

    Obviously all analogies break down at some point. They can be pushed too far. After all football, unlike relief and development, is not a matter of life and death (whatever Bill Shankly might think). Resources are obviously different. But it is valuable to learn about Football management from different disciplines. Playing with different analogies can help us think outside the box. This can unlock seemingly stuck situations. It obviously does not only have to be about football. The same analogy would work for any team sport like cricket, basketball, rugby or netball. But it certainly does not have to be just sport. Create an analogy from something you are passionate about or even just interested in. There are many good management analogies from jazz groups or orchestras or even dancing the Argentine tango.

    Thank you all.

  22. Guys let’s be positive sometimes,its a comparison of Kenyan clubs n we r ahead of them,,hizo zingine tutapata Tu with timetukumbuke serious management just started not long time ago…for now it’s all celebration.

  23. This is an open letter to the GOR MAHIA FC Management :

    This is what should be done having won the league ( 2013)what i read on DN was appalling .
    – Review players / Technical teams perks ( salaries / Medical / Welfare contributions )
    – Increase fees for ALL GOR MAHIA matches on tickets by 100% the brand is now stronger than before.
    – Engage Coach BOBBY WILLIAMSON on a new platform so that we risk loosing him mid season .
    – All GOR MAHIA MERCHANDISES should be up by 100% for the club to start getting revenues
    – Start engaging the Nairobi Governor for a partnership to have CITY STADIUM as a home stadium .

    Chairman / Secretary General do the above and you shall NOT REGRET COME NOVEMBER 2014.

    God bless GOR MAHIA FC .

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