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Gor Mahia has established a working partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Society, the parastatal that is in charge of protecting wild life. The report posted on suggests that Gor Mahia will lead the wildlife preservation campaign dubbed “Say no to poaching”.

“We have entered in a partnership with KWS in their ‘Say No to Poaching’ campaign whereby they will be part of us when needed especially branding during our matches and in times we have visitors during the continental matches, they will help us in guiding the visitors who wish to tour the park, ” club official David Kilo told

Gor Mahia will need to be careful not to contravene their previous kitting deal with Joma.

Under the agreement, Gor Mahia will benefit from branding and KWS will assist in hosting foreign visitors which comes in handy since chairman Ambrose Rachier has indicated that hosting a team in the champions league costs the club KES 7 million.

KWS Chairman Julius Cheptei was optimistic that the partnership will be useful in bolstering the anti-poaching campaign.

“We have entered in a partnership with KWS in their ‘Say No to Poaching’ campaign whereby they will be part of us when needed especially branding during our matches and in times we have visitors during the continental matches, they will help

Though it is not the lucrative sponsorship deal that Gor Mahia fans have been hoping for, it is an opportunity for Gor Mahia to improve the club’s public image and make the club more palatable to potential sponsors. Gor Mahia has had some bad publicity of late. And Gor Mahia has plenty of enemies. Supporting a worthy cause like promoting tourism and protecting wildlife could be the tonic that the club needs to navigate its way back into the good graces of potential sponsors. This is espcially true considering that the country is highly dependent on tourism.

Unfortunately there have been a few bad elements in the fan base that have jeopardized Gor Mahia’s chances of landing a sponsor, the president’s idle promise notwithstanding. Therefore this club must work hard to get back in the good graces of sponsors. This is just one step in that direction.

Gor Mahia said to be chasing Brian Umony

A report in the Daily Nation suggests that Gor Mahia are pursuing Ugandan striker Brian Umony as a replacement for the departing Dan Sserunkuma. The 26-year-old striker has previously played for KCC (Uganda), SuperSport United and University of Pretoria (South Africa), Portland Timbers, (USA), Becamex Binh Duong (Vietnam) and Azam (Tanzania) and his representatives are understood to be awaiting a formal offer from the Kenyan champions. His greatets success came in 2008 when he was top scorer in the CECAFA senior challenge cup. More recently he returned to Uganda to play for KCCA and in November, he attended trials in Thailand.

Gor Mahia are also chasing Ezekiel Otuoma of Muhoroni Youth, though Muhoroni have said he is not for sale. Kepha Aswani is also a potential target for the club. The reports also indicates that Gor Mahia is also considering re-signing two former players, Kevin ‘Daddy’ Omondi and Edwin Lavatsa, who have returned to the country after failed stints abroad.

18 thoughts on “KWS partnership: Step in the right direction

  1. I support it, LAKINI if it is NOT making money to Kogallo, then it is not making sense to anybody. so who is gaining for free ? KWS

    In kenya kila mtu ni mwizi hata wale waliiba pesa ya bloggers branch na kila siku tuna ambiwa pesa italipwa. so who is gaining for free ? Bloggers wenyewe.

    gor mahia does not gain anything hata transfer fees hakuna.

  2. Pascal@1 why must you talk nonsense,if u dont have what to write just keep quite and read what people are posting here,who told u that bloggers branch money has been eaten? did u read the last post concerning that money u are talking about? and by the way how much did u contribute to that kitty?

  3. @Pascal, how much did you contribute in Linda Gor Mahia? We are the contributors and @Oduor12 has been updating the bloggers that contributed. Wewe ndio mwizi number one.

  4. This is good. @Pascal: Beggers cannot choose where money can come from. Gor Mahia does have ‘many’ enemies indeed but they have only one name THE FANS. People who masquerade like they can take the club to higher hights but in real effect are paupers just like the club. Fans asked for jerseys, when the jerseys came you wonder why fans all of a sudden cannot afford them but still wear the cheap and fake adidas brand. Gor mahia is yet to announce that they have run out of replicas. Fans then asked for contribution thru’ mpesa, when this came the mpesa number could not even collect 1million shillings. Fans are now asking for a Sacco instead without even thinking about the dynamics of starting a sacco and how it will sustain itself.the same reactive voices wanted to build a stadium coz ‘Moi gave them land’ somewhere in eastlands. the gor fan continues to be ignorant, demanding that gor turns into a business yet is blind to the fact that this club cannot even audit it’s accounts and pay it’s own taxes. Indeed the gor fan is the problem, yet the simple solution stares them in the face and it’s this;
    Stop the violence and
    – pple will attend matches
    – sponsors will come back

  5. Apart from @Pascal we are all positively contributing to build the gor brand. Chest-thumping that the typical gor fan thrives in will not take us anywhere. Does @Pascal know that Barca previosly donned jerseys written unicef before Qatar foundation came by. Who said that everything Gor does there must be a financial benefit? When fans and even the team performs some CSR activities then that is positive PR that the team gets and which in the lng run attracts the right responses.
    On recruitment, let’s not be judgemental we have seen good players flopping when they move clubs and even indisciplined players improving. The thing about the big teams like Gor is that you don’t find cases of indiscipline since no player is bigger than the team nor is the team dependent on one particlar player. It’s for this reason we had a fired-up Gattuso back and would not mind getting Kasaya or Aswani in the team. For them to be identified there must have been something that the EC/TB saw in them

  6. @ Pascal, your views are valid but you don’t have to resort to name calling…….the club obviously lacks a commercial mindset but it is our responsibility to convene a meeting of all stakeholders and give to EC solid commercial proposals that can be pursued for the good of the club…..leaving corporates to come with their ideas, is killing the club.

    talk of killing the club, ….what are they players doing in the KWS pictures herein wearing LEGEA logo/jersey ?? confusion starts with the EC and ends with the fans… in stadiums don adidas jerseys, yet the official logo for the club is JOMA……mmmmh, embarrassed of JOMA, wont be surprised if they drop the deal, dead flat on our faces ….

    lets stop criticising each other and focus on issues !!

  7. I support what @1Pascal is saying 101%.
    How he says it is immaterial.
    Surely Jabilo / CEO started a noble initiative but it has taken too long for the contribution to be handed over.
    Today is Wednesday and the date for the presentation ceremony has not even been communicated yet Jabilo/CEO gave an assurance that the funds will be handed over by end of this week. I am praying that this is done.
    We seem to like taking “too long” in matters K’galo.
    E.g waiting until Tuzo pulled the rag under our feet, currently we don’t even have a head coach- I say if Nutall is not committing himself then let’s look for someone else etc. Players are being front na head coach hayuko!
    Comrade Jabilo, please hand over the money, get an official receipt (which admin can post on this site) by end of the week as promised with or without the ceremony.
    Secondly at face value this KWS/Gor Mahia partnership is all about promoting KWS. There is no financial benefit for K’galo which is broke.
    When you tell us about Barca doing a similar thing please also HIGHTLIGHT how the managed finance itself. Wasn’t it a membership/ sacco of sorts!

  8. At times I wonder how the EC would just get a sponsor as we bloggers wish. Even me if i was a CEO and was approached by Gor for sponsorship I would have some ‘tough’ questions for them. These questions are basically on how we as fans behave and//or reason, book keeping as well a vision for the club. The first two are basically deal-breakers.
    So let’s be patient and appreciate what little we can get now. Afterall a ‘beggar’ cannot be choosy. As was said earlier we had jerseys, which are not buying. We had Chade Bank membership which we did not take up, We had 350100 which we ignored, paying entry fee is itself a problem.
    So will we change our mind and embrass the SACCO idea? Only time will tell.


    If it is true bloggers money has not been handed over and we point fingers at EC for being inept then I agree with @ dan original and everybody else …….WE FANS INCLUDING ADMIN ARE THE PROBLEM…..WE CRITICE as if we are angels!!!!

  10. I think all the ideas worked somehow. Its not good to be too emotional all the time.

    If anything some people contributed through branches towards the harambee, Could be its time we conceded that we are not ‘so many’ that is we who are willing to contribute and join in these contributions. Even complaining is contribution in this case.

    May be, just may be its also time to stop imagining that all luos & subas are GM of us just gave us one name ‘FANS’.

    Honestly though,we have failed to maximize on obvious revenue streams and the easiest way appears to be harambees. Regretfully many would do the same if were to join the EC coz the way people tear each others’ clothes for sonko’s cash tells just how madly guys are in love with frees.

    On top of stopping the violence to bring back sponsors and ‘fans’. We also need to approach leadership soberly.

  11. Those jerseys they are selling do not engender any pride in the club. How can you sell plain green jerseys at that price and ask fans to buy?

  12. Plain jerseys? I thought the jerseys have a team logo and the shirt manufacturer. @Riaga, usually when you don’t have a sponsor the shirt remains plain. Anyway when TUZO was there we still complained that we couldn’t put on TUZO. So what do we want?
    The goodness is that due to technological advances we can print what we want on the t-shirts. Unless there is more to this than meets the eye. By the way I have never seen a top club e.g Real Madrid with club name written their font jerseys. Even National teams apart from Kenya and Uganda no longer print the county name on the jersey. If we complain about our t-shirts yet we want the club to buy the best players i still wonder. One genuine Madrid,Arsenal,Liverpool t-shirt goes for as much as 80 Euros and the real fans are proud having the latest yet we want the cheapest for our own club.
    We need to help ourselves before we ask for help from somewhere

  13. @Dan Original
    Fans want the club name printed in front of the jerseys. Uliza wantu. It gives them a sense of pride and identity.
    Thats why those old Adidas shirts are still so popular. I went majuu recently to visit someone and even there some GM fans are still wearing the old Adidas jersey.

  14. If we can re-sign Lavasta, then there is something wrong with us(gor family).Now that Baba kizito is xpected to leave, who will replace him. I hope that its not aswani.With the kind of recruitment that is being suggested, do we realy have ambition to compete in Champs league.Can u imagine otuoma paraded to play & score against esperance.He cant even score against tusker or thika utd.I thought we will sign atleast 2 top strikers & a top midfielder like khalid aucho. If we dont recrut well then next s’son w

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