Late goal saves Gor Mahia against El Merreikh

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Gor Mahia were held to 1-1 draw by Al-Merreikh of Sudan, in their Sunday 29 January exhibition match, played at the Nyayo Stadium.

first goal

The Sudanese went up, early in the game through a ninth minute Faisal Aghab strike. Gor retaliated with threatening attacks through Ivan Anguyo and Rama Salim, but their efforts amounted to squandered chances.


Coming into the second half, Gor Mahia went all out, keen not to disappoint the large number of fans that had turned out to offer support.

Their efforts were rewarded in the 88th minute through Baldwin Ngwa, who played well with a Moses Odhiambo cross.

good show

Gor Keeper Jerim Onyango was arguably the man of the match, coming through to save shot after shot by the advancing Merreikh strikers.

Gor Mahia Starting XI

Jerim Onyango, Musa Mohammed,Ivans Anguyo,David Owino,Yusuf Juma,Collins Okoth,Moses Odhiambo Otieno,Rama Salim,Victor Ali,Baldin Ngwa ,Dan Makori

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  1. Hii site sasa inabore ,u cant report anything original, u cant even report about the fun day which has not been reported elsewhere? Kila kitu ni copy and paste from na

  2. After this friendly match I am left with a number of unanswered questions but I prefer to retain them in my chest for now.

  3. Jackowili, do you expect those questions to answer themselves in your chest? I can assure you that nobody will punish u for expressing urself.Those questions may be necessary for growth of the team, so ask them.

  4. The coach played too narrow in the 1st half and I thot that formation inhibited our creativity. U cannot expect to walk balls into the net anymore these days. Awono needs to decide what formation he’ll play this season but for me it has to include wing play. Otherwise was a great game in the 2nd half.

  5. its not enough 2 tell us that the team is not good 4 continental,tell us which one is good n we’ll let u support it roho safi!! WE ARE GOR MAHIA;we do what we want.

  6. Motema,please write substance not just using vague terms which have no direction.we are not forcing u to support this team hence we will not accept general statements meant to hurt our hearts.

  7. Mwalimu reduced our options bcoz instead of playing wide he opted to marking opponents,he also rarely takes on opposing team defenders.The midfield also did not click. Yes a lot of work still has to b done 4 us 2 outplay/match these continental teams coz they r certainly neither Bondo nor Muranga combined.Perhaps the preseason hype was too much n this was a reality check!

  8. Guys we need to understand that this is the first ‘real’ opponent we have faced since we recruited heavily. We should also note that the experience in the El Meriekh team is superior to ours. What with reching the champions league semis last year. It also gives the coach enough info on the dependability of his players. Lucky Dube with his experience actually changed the game while Mwalimu with his pace never bothered to take on the defenders on a one-on-one situation. Otherwise with the addition of Ballotieno (signing confirmed) I still believe that the team will not dissapoint. As fans let’s give all the support we can. Criticising is OK but let’s give alternatives as we do so.

  9. That was a great game. In terms of knowing our position in the continent, the game was a wake up call.

    Moses Otieno was overwhelmed in midfield. Makori seemed lost to the new formation. High balls never favoured Rama and Ali. The only time we played well was after introducing Rasta when we used the wings to open up their defence and the midfield got creative with the ball on the ground. I felt Ngwa, Gatusso, Owino and Juma did well considering the opposition. Midenyo looked a little heavy but he is a good hustler.

    I believe the coach also saw what worked.

    I still see a bright season especially locally.


  11. Generally, the lads played well and the match was entertaining. Most noticeable fact was that players were very tense during most part of the game with exception of Gatusso, Ngwa, Moses Odhiambo, Midenyo, Kevin Ochieng and David Owino. I have the following remarks:-

    1. Jerim was a pale shadow and has to improve if he is to be between the posts. He was not confident at all and as a goalkeeper, he was parrying lots of crosses to the opponent. This is a sign of bad goalkeeping.
    2. Yusuf was good with his runs but his passes were not accurate.
    3. Musa Mohamed played well but few mistakes were noted that need to be rectified. However, Musa is better in the centre of defence to partner with David Owino.
    4. Ivan Anguyo was not playing his role very well. Most of times he exposed David Owino and the entire defence due to mixed ups.
    5. David Owino, excellent acquisition and is a real Masika’s replacement. He can partner well with Musa Mohamed.
    6. Gatusso was man-of-the-match. Exception was that he delayed with the ball which was intercepted. Gatusso played very well.
    7. Abondo was too tense and did not play well due to large crowd but expected to improve with more games. This is the team where Ali belongs.
    8. Moses Otieno has some silly mistakes but played well.
    9. Ngwa was great apart from being isolated due to lack of crosses and passes that the coach need to do some hard work on his passes. Scored a wonderful goal and can score many goals. He needs to work on his passes. He is a great hassler and can beat defenders with his pace.
    10. Rama Salim was excellent in his touches but was too tense. Rama is a professional material and has great potentials and will improve with more games.
    11. Makori need to be serious with his crosses and was lost during most part of the game.

    1. Midenyo was excellent in aerial balls and his body ball controls was excellent. This was a great acquisition and will give us more goals. Midenyo and Moses Odhiambo changed the flow of the game and more attacks.
    2. Moses Odhiambo was great and changed the flow of the game. Great talent and created three or four goal scoring opportunities.
    3. Peter Juma looks like another Gatusso and played well in the midfield with great passes. This is another great acquisition. Peter looks cool, calm and pinpoint passes. He will complement Gatuso, Moses and Rama.
    4. Kevin Ochieng played very well and was part of the team that changed the game. He almost scored an excellent goal. He has potential with the likes of Midenyo, Ngwa, Moses Odhiambo, Moses Otieno, Gatusso, Peter Juma etc around him.
    5. Kiplagat was very fast and looks very dangerous with his balls. This is a great player that needs to be worked on as he can give defenders sleepless nights prior to the games.

    The boys just need to gel together and this is a great team that can take us places. We have a depth of players and with Baloteli Otieno, Lavasta, Kiplagat, Kevin Omondi/Ochieng, Odongo etc we will go places.

  12. one thing GM shud not allow is 2 let tuzo pple dictate 2 us the colour of our jersey.the traditional jersey(home jersey) of any club or team is part of its heritage hence its one of the pillars of the club.GM is a community club n 2day we r sponsrd by tuzo, mayb 2moro its another corporate like airtel so we change 2 red? i thnk those funny colurs shud b used in away matches

  13. Rating? JO-5/10; MM-6/10; YJ- 6/10; IA-5/10; DO -6/10; MO -6/10;RS -6/10; CO- 7/10; BN-8/10; AA-6/10; EM -5/10 (SUBSTITUTES: MO -8/10; KO-6/10)thats the way I saw it and that leaves the team at about 6/10 but belive me with the individual skills that I know is in the team if the could all perform at about 8/10 each there would be fireworks. We need a propoer number 4 signing and Musa should concentrate at number 5.And to supporters: your shouts at players can be very intimidating, kindly give them only the cheers and not the boos, remember playing for GOR can be a very ardous calling and unless the players are given a cool mind some will not be able to pick up. I would want to encourage two players namely Ali Abondo and Rama, you are great players with great talents, this is now your team, give it all, start getting used to the noise and you will surely provide unthinkable solutions to Kogalo.

  14. @ Mwakio thanks for your keen watch and analysis. Though I think we really need people like you to help us come up with 3 good teams which I think is a very big headache for our good and able couch.

    We have very good players and I don’t know what team to use but the word is that these players are yet to understand each other and that is what made the different with the Sudanese side. This is the only are where Mr Awono should concentrate in. We have the finest players in this country though not the finest team and if the couch is not careful with his fielding we will never get the fine team we are looking for.

  15. surely MOTEMA to who are u talking to or who are making fan of HOW CAN U SAY THE TEAM NOT FIT FOR CONT… SAWA SO GOR WITHDRAW THEN WHAT ?SOFAPAKA UR TEAM U CAN TALK BAD BUT AT THE END TUTACHEZA BALL.mistake happend kwa kila team thats why Gor ni machine tena sirikal wev awono who listen to us .so if u felt bad sofapaka were thrown out na gor pole sana.but note all fans on this blogg talk of mistakes and what can be done AND U MOTEMA.

  16. Motema is right,Gor is notyet ripe for continental assignments.Truth is always bitter,but to call a spade a spade is better than calling it a big spoon!we should first try to up our game in the local set up before venturing in the continental field.And by the way, we never rightly qualified for the Cup Winners Tournament is my memory serves me right!

  17. Motema is right,Gor is notyet ripe for continental assignments.Truth is always bitter,but to call a spade a spade is better than calling it a big spoon!we should first try to up our game in the local set up before venturing in the continental field.And by the way, we never rightly qualified for the Cup Winners Tournament if my memory serves me right!

  18. @Jasawagongo and @Jahakoremo why are you guys so upset? lol you cant handle contructive criticism.The team sucks continentally it may be good for locally.

  19. @motema you are wrong. what i saw on sunday is a team with good individual skills but yet to gel as a team. i would rate the team at 6/10. for sure any keen observer will agree with me, this was a big game to some of the players and the tension was evident. am seeing this as the best team we have had in a long time and the problem will be in the fielding. i agree with some of the bloggers here and to which i have always posted here that the weak link will be the right back, no wonder musa had to be posted there. Musa should go back to his position and let anguyo/akumu fight for a position in the mid with the rest of the midfielders. i would prefer kevin takes over the number 2 and kiplangat the number 7 for the later is quicker. a word of advice for the coach and this has been a weakness with the kenyan teams please teach the boys to keep possesion for longer while looking for that killer punch. A good example, when moses came him he did exactly that keeping possesion and releasing the ball when it matters most thats called experience. Rama, ali, gatusso, yusuf juma, peter juma have the same capability. We gonna terrorise teams i can bet for sure going by what i saw. Haters keep off and if you dont like stick to EPL and continue living in utopia (ideal world).

  20. Gor Mahia is a great team as we saw yesterday. Lets jst give it time n we will reap well. I saw great formation that can move mountains in Kpl. With faith n patience everything is possible.

  21. If non of the players dont leave at the end of tranfer i think they will be good in like 2 years. Its hard playing for AFC and GOR because of pressure from fans. i have come to believe that its good to sign big names sometime that have been exposed and have the skin take the abuse from fans. lets face it when this players start playing badly in a competive game fans like the ones on this blog will be the ones calling up there names.

  22. @motema ua spot on regarding the issue of a fan England national team n ua told those experienced players r scared of playing at wembley coz of the stick they receive from their fans.i think we GM fans shud heed the advice thierry henry.he told the Arsenal fans 2 b behind the team no matter what.such a youthful team cant handle the pressure well,so the fans support the team n not boo it.

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