Lavatsa finds a rich vein of form

Winger Edwin Lavatsa was named as the DSTV player of the match following his stellar performance. Lavatsa gave the Sofapaka backline all kind of nightmares throughout the match. He made several runs down the flanks setting up team-mates and often leaving Sofapaka defenders for dead. It was one of those runs and the resultant cross that was knocked home by Kiongera.

The down to earth striker was quick to deflect praise to his team-mates. “We maintained the right discipline throughout the game but in the end it was my teammates’ contribution to the game that made me stand out” Lavatsa told

Last season started on a sour note for Lavatsa following a long term injury that saw him miss out on action for several weeks. He has slowly and gradually worked his way back to form. His recent form has seen the coach give him a place in the starting lineup unlike last year where he often came off the bench. “The coach has also shown a lot of confidence in me lately, giving me a lot of starts and I am thankful for that,” he said. “It is the reason I am doing well and I want to pay back his trust even more” he added to

Coach Logarusic has no doubt taken note of his form. “Yes, Ssserunkuma was our top scorer last year and the best player in the league but at the moment, he is not at the right form to start. You can see Kiongera and Lavatsa are on form and their partnership is producing results. For Danny, I know his form will come much later because he is also picking up,” Logarusic told michezoafrika.

Lavatsa’s stellar performance is not limited to club. He acquited himself extremely well during the 2012 CECAFA cup and even scored Kenya’s goal in the final against Uganda. His peformance saw him end up as one of the 5 players from the CECAFA squad that were selected to play against Burundi in the CHAN qualifier.

With his constant hard work and hustle on the flanks and ability to set up team-mates for goals, Lavatsa is sure to record several assists this season. Too bad KPL does not keep a tally of assists but this site will. As Nigeria comes calling for the 2014 World cup qualifier, it would seem that Lavatsa is the in form person most suitable to pair up with Dennis Oliech upfront for the national team.

Nevertheless , Lavatsa must continue to work hard on his game in order to maintain his place in the team for both club and country.  And given his youth, he still has the ability to add more dimensions to his game that will make him even more lethal.


14 thoughts on “Lavatsa finds a rich vein of form

  1. lavatsa form has been no secret…the guy is doing well. even though i have some beef with kiongera. he should learn to be a supplier too. he shud not always consider himself the finisher. so far some chances have gone begging simply coz he does not supply to teammates who are in better position. but he is a good striker all the same. but learn from the likes of rooney and van persie.
    Now to my dear afc leopards. for karuturi to score and win with ten men tells alot about AFC. afc are now where gor were last season. all teams will declare war on you and go ahead and beat you. management it’s time to change before another ‘election’ is called. i will refer you to two ways of handling the situation.
    1. copy what gor did.
    2. copy what nigeria (national team) did.
    otherwise masika et the rest will soon realize they are going nowhere, then all will go south.

  2. That was good for the start as i always say Lavasta is the best stiker we have if not for the injury and he must keep the pace,about mashemeji lets pray for them as u all know mashemeje when down can go down till they are relagated and it will be too bad for kenyan football because the are the one giving as a taste of football rivalry

  3. I’ve always had faith in Lavaster bcos of his ability 2 harass defenders.He’s one player who will take on any defender regardless of how tall or huge is the defender.I think that now EC have a list of players whom they know should be given long term contracts say 4 yrs so that they may not fall to temptation of leaving this great team when we need them most , what Masika did when we were to go continental. Thank u Lavasta 4 being loyal to GOR MAHIA FC and turning down offers from local clubs .

  4. cont#3
    Am sure that this is ua yr & u might as well bcome among Gor Mahia legends or players of the yr that Gor have always produced.I am also glad that u’ve retaken ua no. that u lost due to injury last season.with u i know that Timbe duto biro ywak ni Gor like tusker and sofapaka r now crying this yr.Let as pray also for Efusi bcos they always start well and by starting the league this way they might go back to division one bcos they dont have character of recollecting themselves.

  5. This boy Lavatsa’ will go places. He has pace, height, agility and courage. More so he is a team player. Kogalo looks even more dangerous in attack this season, what with Kiongera in our ranks. These players will take us to the group stage of the confed cup. We can’t wait for a grand performance in Egypt. Quick counter attacking football. Bring on ENNPI….our away prowess will reign supreme.

  6. Great player who has a huge future potential and can go places due to his speed, strength, height, hard work, and discipline. With right attitude and commitment, this lad can go places.

  7. I usually say Lavasta has tributes similar to arsenal legend thiery henry what he needs is a coach that can polish his talent. He will be a central striker in the near future. Hope and pray that our women and alcohol do not destroy him just like my neighbour Bob Mugalia.

  8. Nya k’ogalo where r u ?
    I’ve not heard of ua comment 4r a long time.I always like ua comment on this great club.

  9. Nya k’ogalo where r u ?
    I’ve not heard of ua comment 4r a long time.I always like ua comment on this great club. Or u also left with the efusi lads who were only after Gor’s failures.

  10. 4 those who have good thots about AFC thanx n God bless n 4those talking about division 1 pls dont even go there coz it cant happen, theres still a long way 2 go ligi bado mtoi

  11. @Michael,I’m back now.
    With our perfomance I’ve been reading the blog and wondering why some bloggers are excited when we are winning ONLY! There were times i stood by the team and many bloggers would say they wanted performance and would not take the players kindly,now i challenge them to always positive and always be ready to accept results whether positive or negative and comment objectively. What i realised is that our players are very young coz I have heard a chance of meeting some and talking to them at personal level and recently our coach echoed the same sentiments .i believe in our players and they are growing .apart from lavatsa growing other players in the team are also gaining confidence which they need when playing for fans and i mean fans not because of anything but the way fans cheer u may times i find myself telling some fans to get in the pitch and play coz they normally don’t understand what the player goes through .On growth of the players i still feel apart from team doctor, the team needs a psychologist for mental stability of the players.
    In addition i would like to give credit to the team capt who is gaining confidence too and being able to display maturity and command the team while playing.

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