Loga Blames officials

Coach Zdvarko Logarusic is blaming his sacking on some club officials who says says had sabotaged him, among the Bwana, Ronald Ngala (assistant secretary), Faiz Ochieng (First Vice Chairman) and David Nyandega (Organising Secretary).

“They worked against me. They were out to ensure I fail. I think they are now happy I have been sacked. But I do not care, I know I will get an even better club.” Before he came to Kenya

No regrets

Sacked Gor Mahia coach Zdravko Logarusic says he has no regrets losing his job at one of Kenya’s top clubs in the premiership.

The Croat tactician, who was relieved off duties on Tuesday after failing to report to work, says he had sensed things could not go his way when he boarded the plane to his native home for holiday.

“For now, I have no regrets leaving the club. I wish Gor Mahia all the best and I pray that they win the league this season. Bobby Ogolla is a reputable coach, who can take the team places and I wish him all the best. said Logarusic to goal.com

No word from the chairman

Interestingly, in all these accusations and counter-accusations , nothing has been heard from the club chairman Ambrose Rachier. If it is indeed true that Loga was hounded out by some members of the EC then one has to wonder whether Rachier is really in control.

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  1. No, Rachier is not in control coz gor is managed by ’emotions’ electees. bring in ur village mates and get elected. logar as match as i support you, ur a poor decision maker. why did you agree to coach without a contract. wether you get a better job or not is totally irrelevant. how is ur new job going to affect gor? my only worry is that ‘bobby’ will swim into the same current if he does not do what these gor ‘managers’ want and one thing they want is to decide who gets recruited and who plays. so bobby as much as i wish you the best , i will repeat what i said before about ‘kenyan’ coaches, you guys have no spine to contain the club ‘hawks’ and you will soon face the same fate. this is in exception of matano who at least has shown some mettle where he has worked. now ‘waiganjo’ can come back.

  2. Sad but the institution carried the day. The only problem is the institution consists of people hell bent to satisfy their personal greed. Most of those officials are up to no good. Please give Sir Bobby the support he needs and the current crop of players can deliver the title. We need elections but importantly a leader with balls to change the constitution and scrap off too many vice- and deputy positions designed to help the officials ‘eat’ from the club. We need to provide for our legends like Awilo and allow them impart their passion on young and upcoming Kogalo players through youth structures. Adios Loga, you gave us many highlights but you came at the wrong time when Bwana and Faiz et al had not eaten enough.

  3. Ok he may have been hounded out of office, but did they force him into the night life that left him with no time to rest and serve Gor Mahia effectively? How about the alleged interference with players’ social lives? Didn’t he have the maturity, self-discipline, decorum and humanity to know that olang’ kata tin to ok maye ng’wende?

    Coach Zdravko, it is regretable that you had to leave in acrimony. You served us well at one time and we shall always reflect on such positives once in a while. For now I will suggest you let this matter rest and move on. To Gor Maia’s Executive Community, please note that you are not clean at all in this, however the best way forward now is to let this issue end and concentrate on supporting Sir Bobby and the boys. Do not engage coach Logarusic in anymore acusations and counter-accusations.

  4. It’s unfortunate that it had to end this way but there is definitely no way these two groups could work together. For Loga he was impatient in that it was either his way or no way. I occassionally listened to him ‘rubbishing’ Lucy Emael and Amrouche on SS Simba sports and it wasn’t very civil. For our EC let’s give Bobby the space to operate, including recruitment, motivation and all that appertains to getting positive results.
    Wish the team all the best today.

  5. It is good this ‘Waiganjo’ has gone. Even Anaba won FKF Cup with a language the players couldn’t understand. Zico came as close as Loga to winning the league. We beat Ogwang’ last season in a game the maverick appeared on match day from his holiday.

    What i’m saying is that our playing unit is up to task and they have proven it before with many different coaches and they just need to respect JBO and work hard and we will get there.

    I still think our EC is the best in this league. They are a true reflection of what we are as Kogalo. They love politics. Let us let these men and woman serve their term. Any member is free to jump into the ring once elections are called.

    We need to think of reducing their numbers and giving them 5 year terms in our constitution. Soccer all over the world has long term managers. Look at what Havelange was. Look at Blatter. Look at Hayatou. Look at Platini. Who ever kicked out these guys i have mentioned after 1 year? Look at the top clubs. Chairmen last and stabilize the ship. That is the difference between us and our in-laws. That is the problem with Kenyan soccer.

  6. Loga must know that in life every dog has its day. He got to Gor with a big ego, calling players all sorts of names and now it is his turn to be called names (NDUKIST, LUTHERAN….). This should be a lesson to anyone to learn to respect authority lest you make noise from your bedroom with nothing constructive to do. For player: The ball is in your court, either make the followers proud or the normal regret of ” that was close to the title” Goodluck Bobby

  7. Loga did very very well and his record will always stand out 28 wins , 5 losses in just about 14 months…..VERY SAD DAY FOR KOGALLO ! nevertheless, EC must take all the blame and when it comes to EC elections 2013, change will definitely come………It about time we bring back former gor mahia players to the helm of this club. They know what the club stands for and what it means to wear the green jersey!!!!!!

  8. BUT I would still recommend a foreign coach as HEAD COACH ! local coaches easily meddle in club politics and favouritism.

  9. It is very sad to learm that some EC members were working against him and this has been proved beyond no daught. Infact this is why our game deteroriated this year. Fellow bloggers let us be honnest with our comments, who is to blem, Logar or EC? Those EC are the ones who are trying to sink the club. There was no way the team could play and win under such situations. We were desparate and cried for good results. These EC do not have the club at heart. Logar should not be blamed in any way. We should learn to appreciate. This coach did alot to the club.

  10. With me i have issues with the club chairman mr rachier this guy is not always serious with the team he is always waiting for things to be worse in the team is when he is reacting.Awhole chairman always taking low profile in every thing, lets wait and see what will happen but let us give bobby full support.

  11. As we have started the second leg, all we need to do is to support Bobby and the team. Meanwhile the club chairman should read these comments and put the EC in order.

  12. EC ,Has a problem the loga pay ,iS needed by faiz,bwana and the like so how can the club grow ,we need 2 follow standard procedure here the coach manages playing unit the office sets structures and finances but now we are at all time low! what can bobby do ? they are just on a rush to earn more before november really bad times ahead!

  13. I’ve gone through all the above comments and I’ve seen diversity of some people supporting EC and other Logarusic. Either way we seem to be ok with our justfication until that time when things will begin to go wrong somewhere.

    As much as Logarusic had his weaknesses, technically I dont have a problem with these local coaches, Bobby and Matano and any other ‘better’ coach you may think of included in the list. However, sincerely speaking, I doubt their managerial capacity and ability to contain players where discipline matters are concerned.

    The sacking might have been occassioned by ’emotions’ based on our last week’s victory where we saw ‘Bobby Tosha’ and this could be short-lived, depending on the angle you are viewwing it from.

    Anyway I wish Bobby all the best but don’t celebrate as yet. from the body language, someone is not telling the truth – between EC and Logarusic. It looks like his fate was already cealed when his salary was increased lakini sisi kama fans let us remain focus in our support for Gor Mahia for coaches and EC come and go but GM Club is there to stay.

  14. Was loga forced into the plane back home? What would you do with an employee who travels to ushago and demands return fare? What happens to people who demand pay rise for every new sponsorship? On ec, who runs around them during elections.

  15. Loga must know that we are the most tough men to deal with, he should know that he found the club already up with Ziko, yeye oyende!!

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