Logarusic cites Injuries

Gor Mahia coach Zdvarko Logarusic has cited the rash of injuries the team has suffered for the current spate of bad results. He said the the loss of striker Paul Kiongera and Moses Odhiambo, who did not start the game, and that of Rama Salim who limped off before half-time, played a crucial role in the loss to Ulinzi.

“The pressure was on us. We had a lean squad. Ulinzi were strong and experienced,” Logarusic told the Daily Nation.

On Wednesday , Logarusic opted for Rama Salim and Dan Sserunkuma upfront. However the duo have yet to recover the form which set the league ablaze last season. Rama in particular does not seem to have recovered from his injuries and will probably be rested for the foreseable future.

Logarusic however promised that the team would soon get back on track

“Losing is part of the game. I know it is hard for the fans to take it. They have gone for long without a loss. And I also think this is a wake-up call to all of us in the team that we have to work harder this season. Last season we lost the league by a point. This season we must do better,” he told the Daily Nation.

13 thoughts on “Logarusic cites Injuries

  1. gormahia hardly has good reserve base. so when some guys are injured then we end up being beaten. anyway i do not thnk that gor was beaten coz they were weak or indisciplined but rather on circumstances beyond the teams control. so lets give thse guys time to recover well. urgent recruitment is needed for at least a good midfield base so that defenders are not deployed as midfielders on short notice. so logar, pls plan well for nxt wknds egypt match. and as i said before the league has teams basically of same calibar, so mister logar, we need to see ur technical expertise(so far i have not seen any capability of the team on opening locked defenses!!), otherwise losing to the local coaches is basically out of question. i am not condemnming logar but when the local coach can hardly be paid 100,000 per month coz ‘Hawezi’ then a foreign coach must not have ‘loser’ stories. i have severally condemned local coaches here, so logar do not shame me. we score one goal then resort to defending!!! why?

  2. I will let you in on a secret, Rama was injured during the last training session b4 the match against Ulinzi after inadvertently colliding with Ja Towel.B4 the collusion he was his brilliant self, after the collusion he did not train further.
    2 questions-
    1.Do we have qualified medics, remember Ngujuna’s never healing injury, the Lavasta injury saga. I hear the Nigerian was signed even though he had a long term injury.Kiongera’s seems to be long term, was it there b4 joining K’galo.
    2.So coaches,bench and “executive community” why rely on and recruit injured player’s.What abt the “fit” ones like Mutiso or are they 2 injured.
    Lastly I echo the sentiments we’re nt paying Logarusic peanuts.Thanks head coach for the good job of keeping the officials(ADMINISTRATIVELY YOU ARE GOOD) at bay but we NEED RESULTS (IMPROVE TACTICALLY)i.e goals and good soccer.

  3. That explanation is understandable and surfices. As a professional coach he is definately in a better position to explain the loss.

    I am left wondering what would become of Gor Mahia if Odhis Dube’s Middle East deal had gone through, or if we failed to get PM Kiongera’s signature. Would we not be scoring goals? The answer is NO. Goals would still come. In a nutshell I am only suggesting that the injured should not be rushed back. Let them heal and go through resolution and all those stages of healing. Meanwhile let us make use of those available. Ok they may be shaky in the first one or two matches but would definately pick up and shine with time. For these players to have survived the big chop of last season or for others to have been signed this season I believe they can give a better output than an established but injured regular. The season is still young and full of opportunities which we can secure only if we plan well. Allow the injured enough time to heal even if it is 3 months.

  4. I think that all players in Gor must be in a possition to repressent the club well .They r proffessionals and they should perform under all circumstances.They did not join Gor to see others play and give their best.Donning a green jersy means that u r qualified. pple like mutiso should show why they joined k’ogalo.we r yet to see what he can do. But coach cannot just field them if they have not shown their pottential in trainning and convince the coach that they r upto the task.

  5. @ michael Odhis above i’m Afc leopard die hard but as afriend,be informed that u can play better than any injured best tpl player.u’ve been watching tpl especially for last 2 seasons and u will agree that the only clubs that play soft football is Gor, Thika, kcb and probably Homeboyz but the rest includin my Ingwe,they play a very hard game.so the solder in camp is the one who finally kills the enemy.therefore i humbly disagree wth u for today that having not been given a change you have to proof against an injured fielded star one for u to get a chance. This is how Jan Koops allowed The league to slip from us. he could field injured ones like, wanga and Baraza and u remember nearing the end of the season especially Wanga could not score any goal. Rem Masika,due to being forced to play even with injury he realy went down.so my word is if the Log continues to play with the same underform and injured players in Tpl,then be ready for strokes. By the way my friend Odhis just inform me. Between Madönkey and Jeri who is better. Personaly i thought Mapunda is better.game ni ngumu na hudunda.

  6. I’ve always said that I prefer Mapunda to be no.1 but some pple disagree. But one thing I know is that Jerry after loosing a match always needs to rest 4r some 3 to 4 matches to regain confidence.But if any coach gambles to field him after loosing a previous match must be prepared to loose a match. He is a good keeper but he is prone to conceeding after loosing a match. the records proves that. when we lost to ENNPI I did suggest that mapunda be given a chance bcos I knew that he(Jerry) cannot perform .

  7. Jerrys record after loosing
    when we lost to feroviaro 3-0 he lost to karuturi 1-0 and again lost 0-1 to feroviaro. when we drew with thika utd in the last seasons league match, he went on to conceed 1-0 when he was given a chance by Henri Michel in Tanzanias friendly match.so I’ve been keen on his performance after loosing a match.he never performs after loosing.

  8. Whatever we say, we must let players like Mutiso and David (and all the rest ) earn their pay. They should be introduced gradually. Loga might be the head coach but surely he can be wrong at times. All the same we will still be there to support our team. Watched the game between Tusker and Bandari and I can assure all that the league this year is tough. Thika beat Muho at Muhoroni only for Muhoroni to beat Ingwe at Awendo

  9. Dan I hope you took note of the dimunitive Bandari winger in jersey number 7. He is Shaban Kenga. The boy is as good as they come. I watched him against Sony and he contributed alot in the 3-0 demolition of Sony. You are right: let no one underate Bandari. I wish we could snap up this lad. The boy is a skillful dribbler, slippery to mark, very speedy with the ball and excellent even off the ball. Fantasize this boy’s partnership with Innocent Mutiso as wingers. Over to you Gor Mahia scouts.

    @Omusala and Ingo, poleni for today’s loss. We are together in ALL DISAPPOINTMENTS. I believe God will grant us the strength and grace to rise up even stronger.

  10. Yes, loga is coach and must be accorded space for authority and power. He may know all regarding players abilities but when injured ones are forced into the pitch and converting defenders to mids,leaving other fit ones out,we only live to witness the results and maybe hope for him to learn something with time but before its too late for all us, remember the league is won by consistency and we all want success. If i were in a position to advice i would persuade loga to involve his entire legion of 26 players as appropriate.

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