Logarusic elated with win

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Gor Mahia coach Zdravko Logarusic was elated with his team’s performance against ten man Tusker who they edged out 5-4 on post match penalties to lift the SuperSport/DSTV Cup on Saturday.

Logarusic said he was impressed with his team despite failure to score goals during regulation time to decide the winner.

“I’m satisfied with the boys on how they played Tusker. We did mistakes in this match but we hope to improve on them.”

“This needs to be done before we go to represent the country in Seychelles during the Caf confederations cup against Anse Reunion because we want to represent Kenya well and we won’t give up on our mission.”

“The striking force wasn’t up to task last week but we are slightly getting into form and I enjoyed the game.”

Club captain keeper Jerim Onyango who was substituted at almost stroke of full time, echoed his excitement.

“I’m happy with the win and the trophy we’ve won against Tusker. This is good for the team and its impact especially now that we are going to face Anse Reunion.”

Gor Mahia will resume training before they travel to face the latter in a Caf Confederations Cup match next week.

20 thoughts on “Logarusic elated with win

  1. Apart from lifting the cup and pocketing the prise money that victory served well enough to warn Tusker of our zeal to win the remaining trophies. Though Im not fit to advise the couch, I would like to point it out here that the 4.3.3 playing formation is failing and makes Serenkuma fizzle. I have faith in the 4.4.2 style which our players are acustomed to. this is the formation largely used last season and it worked. While I wish Kogalo victory away I wish Mutiso is engaged in this game as a winger he has the speed and skill.

  2. we have inconsistent strikers but the best defence/defensive midfielders in this country that is why we concede the least goals. lets make use of the them……the problem loga has is tactical choices. I have faith in 4 2 2 2 with very speedy wingers /flankers which is where gor mahia needs to invest. innocent mutiso and omondi roaming on both flanks will be good. Serenkuma and Rama salim can be trained to play offensive wingers/flankers………this therefore means, technically we have to go to the market to buy new strikers. Loga if you are reading this lets talk !

  3. I don’t want to get excited but I saw some promise and a pattern on display against a strong Tusker. What impressed me was the willingness of our forward to try and take on the opponents. I hope we move forward, build on this performance and won’t fizzle out.

    Love-A-Star,as one has already said, showed his potential.

    The tusker midfielder Omonuk was a joy to watch. That’s what tusker was doing while we (executive community) wasted time with Ja-Brazil.
    All the best against Anse- ReUnion.

  4. The bottom line is this- Gor failed to beat a 10 man Tusker team. So now you all are elated about how they played with a one man advantage? Bure kabisa.

  5. I don’t understand this 10 man issue.

    In soccer even in the world cup finals a win is win, and a champion is a champion AND IS CROWNED KING whether the opposing team were reduced to 10 or even 8 players. Also teams with 10 players have been known to win matches. At the end of the “best team” is the winner.

    Clever players even prefer to commit fouls and be sent off rather than concede that fatal goal. Here players such as Suarez- Ghana Vs Urugay and our Teddy Akumu come to mind. K’galo defeated Tusker and lifted the tropy and prize money, PERIOD.

  6. this guy Ingo is only interested in critism .He will not be happy when Gor is winning accolades .INGO style up , They say that if you cant beat them then join them. IF YOU ARE frustrated at Efusi why dont you join kor(Gor).Even the penalty Efusi was awarded was a bogus penalt just to make you feel the sence of belonging to the teams to watch.

    On the performance of the strikers,I think the EC should introduce bonuses to the players who scores and to players who assist in scoring so that players can help each other to win matches . In that sense we shall not witness the kind of selfishness that we witnessed on the match against tusker.Remember kiongera and Dube going for one ball and ending up not scoring just because every one wants to score.

  7. In 1979, Gor mostly played 4-5-1, in 1987 4-5-1 was mostly in use, with Dave in goal, Bobby and akina Bassanga in defense, our midfield had 5 players (Abbas, Odembo, Engine chali, Fundi onyi, and Jogoo) mostly controlling it, hence stifling the teams from getting the ball, our main striker was Dawo, and it worked magic. Now if Akumu and Owino could be deployed in defensive midfield, Kiongera and Odhis/Mutiso in either flanks and Kevo to operate as attacking midfielder and Sserunyeti to finish.

  8. I must concede that @abok in 6 above has a point, as much as we left the terrace coaching thing, really with the players we have in camp we should not wish for more. The 4-5-1 may work better but its all upto the tech bench.

    A five man mid works for many teams watch the 3-5-2 at the current Juve but remember even the 4-3-3 works wonders for Jose Mourinho.

    Away from that, @ Oduori 12 , you need not respond to every fly oozing around, let these guys be.

    Otherwise our Tech bench must rest assured that be it 4-3-3 or whichever, penalties or free kicks, losses and/or wins, we are with you.

  9. my elation was that the Team is slowly but surely starting to jell together.This has been lacking but as I had said earlier in my contribution that Gor seems to be slow starters and they hit their form as games progress on. It is still not 100% but we are getting there. The mental strength is picking up and once this is lined up with the physical strength, we will be okay.Towards the end of the match one could see the burst of energy for Kiongera. All I can say, let us continue with our support.Aluta continua.

  10. @Abok
    I have to disagree. In 1987, the formation was almost always 3-5-2 and sometimes 4-4-2. There were always two strikers. It was usually Dawo and Ndolo or Dawo and Jogoo playing upfront.

    As for 1979 , from the descriptions I have received, it was usually 4-3-3. In those days Gor Mahia was known for brilliant wingers. Nahashon Oluoch, George Yoga were the usual wingers. The centre forward was usually Obunga or Chore.

    This 4-5-1 formation is usually used when your primary objective is to defend a lead or look for a draw.

  11. Yes, Joe Riaga, Jogoo and Ndolo were strikers but they operated as offensive midfielders, who provided most of the banana balls for Dawo to score?. Jogoo always came back to help Janabi defend same to Ndolo on Jua Kali. On 5th dec and always the way they operated was, Dawo was the main striker with the rest controlling the mildfield. remember even Oduor Makamu was a defensive midfielder but operated as a sweeper.

  12. i always thought soccer is a spectator sport!why would the local federation set a game for friday 11am and others in the early hours of the afternoon on a working day!!?dont we ever learn anything from how well organised the leagues abroad are?what motivation are you giving to players in an empty stadium?and we always wonder why we are not progressing!!what a shame!!!

  13. I believe the problem we have in today’s Kenyan football is lack of the passion right from the managers through to the fans and players.

    Guys are here for money and passive intentions, its the reason why fans abuse players instead of cheering, our managers are ever accused of financial impropriety and players are visibly not giving their all.

    I watched Ndolo when i was a very young boy and by then to me he was almost an equivalent of todays Cristiano Ronaldo..Speed, intellect and passion.

    Kevo could have done something like this (K14) but he just retreated and to me he is moving backwards, its really a concern. These formations have been there but remember the game plan is normally implemented by the players who must be upto the generally required standards.

  14. As you people continue debating on club performance ,our rivals INGWE are soon launching their TV station called AFC TV in partnership with ZUKU…what a brilliant idea!!

  15. Mwivagano, the 1987 squad was after glory for Gor not financial gains. they played their hearts out. Even the fans new nothing else but Gor, i remember them coming to Kericho and Kakamega it was our parents who contributed for their upkeep. The officials then were not money hungry and every penny was used for the betterment of the team. I rubbed sloans on Nyangi Odembo’s legs then, hey bwana they were big, i’ve never seen anybody in Gor with such, that is why he could send artilleries from centre pitch to goal (vs malawi twice), you always talk about mecharndise to generate funds for the club, like real madrid, but who takes note, all i see is adverts for jersies, how do these jersies sold benefit the club? Back to football, i believe 4-5-1 would work magic as control would be in midfield, hence keeping ball for long and scoring with ease, imagine, Akumu and Owino covering defence- perfect, Kiongera and Mutiso on the flanks and falling back when need be, Kevo behind Sserukuma, that definitely would scare any team in the KPL.

  16. @Abok
    Ndolo used to fall back to defend ?
    You and I must have been watching different teams.
    I remember clearly Jack Johnson espousing his 3-5-2 formation and how he would play with only one winger.

    The full backs already had Magongo, Janabi and Charles Otieno who would fall back to defend. They did not need Ndolo to defend. With the fitness levels the players had , it would be difficult for Ndolo and Jogoo to play box to box. They wer emostly needed to supply crosses to Dawo.
    The offensive midfielder was usually Fundi or Artillery.

    Anyway thats how I remember it.

  17. Am happy at the end of the penalty shootouts we emerged victories. A win is a win. Again the number whether 10 or 9 doesn’t matter. I know it is usually difficult to play against 10 men as opposed to 11.

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