Logarusic goes home for rest

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Gor Mahia head Coach Zdravko Logarusic left the country on Friday evening to his native Croatia for a two week rest. Logarusic has been in charge of K’Ogalo for the past eight KPL matches.

During his reign, he has managed to help the club rise from 13th place to a current 9th. He has won half the number of matches he has played so far, drew two and lost a similar number.

His first match in the league was against Mathare United where the team played to a 1-1 draw.

According to the team’s secretary General George Bwana, Logarusic will come back after two weeks and his immediate job will be to finalize the transfers for K’Ogalo.

“The coach has been given two weeks to rest and will be back with the recruitment of the players top on the agenda. It is good for him to go and relax his mind and have a good time with his family and when he comes back he will be very fresh,” Bwana told Michezoafrika.com

17 thoughts on “Logarusic goes home for rest

  1. Let’s think strategic with the new rounds of recruitment . Hope we have Learnt from past mistakes. Here are some names that gor should definitely look at……………..serunkuma of city stars, abouba sibomana of rayon sports, mwinyi kazimoto of jkt, Godfrey walusimbi of bunamwaya, Simeon masala of ura, shaban nditi and Hussein javu of mtibwa sugar and labema bogota of motema kinshasa

  2. Or he’s gone like the Germany coach prime minister hand picked to coach Harambee stars some few year ago. Rem the guy insited he be paid 5M in cash before leaving for West Africa.

  3. hi gor you are my favorite team in Africa. you are the Manchester united of Kenya. lets have the vision of transforming the current playing unit into the conqueror of Africa like Gor 1987. we will definitely support you.
    i also just that we use the local coaching talent. lets not sack just because he has lost two matches. viva Gor

  4. @Ja Suba I think the coach has gone for a two-week break and I don’t know of any reason why he would not return.

    From the look of things I suspect he has already identified and perhaps even secured the new players he wishes to sign. You see he does not seem worried that some other team would snap them up. I just wish him a good rest to re-energize in readiness for the second leg that will definitely be grueling.

    Personally I don’t have fond memories of the German you are referring to. Egh, that Guy!


    There is no denying the fact that it has been a very busy schedule for coach Logarusic since he joined the club early this season. The two week holiday, therefore is very good for him to unwind and rejoin his family after a long sojourn in Africa.

    Coach Logarusic is consciously aware that the second round of KPL matches will be a make or break for him. Croatia, his native country, probably provide a safe haven to plot his strategic acquisations and how to improve the tally of the previous season.

    To comrade Mwakio who is moving to gormahiafc.co.ke, all the very best. Let us keep the hope and aspiration of this great club alive. We valued your contributions in this site and indeed we shall miss you.

    To comrade Dinga who want to create a wedge between Adiddas and Legea guys, I also have a message for you. We only have one club, Gor Mahia. When you label a section of our supporters including me as gorillas, then i am left wondering whether you are truly a member of this great club. You will be judged not by the label of your jersey but by the content of your character.

    How i wish this great be free from the Dingas of this world !
    A very fun filled weekend to you all.

  6. Thanks Mr. Logarusic for your achievement thus far. We hope for positive results at the end of the season (second leg). Enjoy your holidays and pass regards from GM fans to your family.

  7. I salute you Bro Pareiyo 09, truly there is no reason and indeed no fun in name calling amongst ourselves. Especially when we know how the Legea thing came about and the Adidas dropping!

    Surely are we warriors who will never have a meaningful job to do if not at war with perceived enemy or with our own selves?

    Fine, some of those who bought the Legea pride themselves for being affluent or modern or whatever, but as Bro Pareiyo puts it we have only one club-Gor Mahia K’ogalo.

    How i wish the EC could harmonize issues including the Jerzey one for posterity so that we could all buy from the same shop in one accord instead of giving room to people with very little to take pride on a field day to create uncalled for commotion!

    EC, i applaud you for the varied changes you’ve done in the tech bench including the professional physical trainer, kindly work on the other crucial areas that remain a thorn in the flesh of GM.

  8. Thanks to all bloggers especially those who have provided knowledge and constructive criticsm.Peace and sanity amomg us all!Enjoy each other! We are a family.

  9. Its good idea to give him time,he could be back to his country to learn more tactics of how to make Kogallo finish TOP 3.good journey to home

  10. Name calling is not a good thing for the time & it’s followers after all the club is one. However lets remember we are the “GREEN ARMY”. My uncle visited me ones & that day Kogalo’s game was live on TV. so he was like ” JoGor eke kae”. he couldn’t reconcille with that uniform. Cant blame legea, Adidas or fans for that, but surely those officials who signed for that contract but have pocketed same good kick backs am not sure but I highly suspect for them to kick out the Adidas design which was by far superior than what we have. this kind of things are the ones which should not be condoned by all at large. If we cannot improove on the former uniform then lets stick with it as it was than this legea thing. Its bad as bad can be.

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