20 Aug 12

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After bagging his first silverware as the coach of Gor Mahia, Croat Zdravko Logarusic has now set his predative eye on defending the FKF Cup, much more charged by the fact that he will earn a chance to take Gor Mahia to the continental stage.

“The next thing on my mind is the FKF Cup. The Top 8 is gone and we now have to set new targets. We are in the quarter finals and it is a challenge to us to keep up with the expectations. We know that winning the FKF Cup will give us a chance to play in the CAF Confederations Cup and that is our motivation.” he says.

“I know the ability of my boys and I have seen them improve quite a lot and that is something positive. As for the league, we are clutching at our position taking each match as it comes. It might seem unrealistic to say that we are going for the league but if the top teams make mistakes, we will be there with them,” Logarusic adds.

Gor Mahia are currently placed 5th on the log with 33 points after 20 matches. They will play away to Mathare United and Coach Logarusic might be just the man to hand K’Ogalo the League crown after a 17 year wait. They came closest in 2010 under Coach Zedekiah Otieno but Ulinzi Stars maintained their grip at the Top with Gor coming in second.

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  • Kamau wa Njoroge says:


    GO GOR !
    GO GOR !!
    GO GOR !!!

  • dinga says:

    i congrat gor for the top 8. but i thnk the presidents cup is worth more than the top 8 anyday. gor disappointed me as they seemed slow on getting the loose balls. ulinzi were more sharp on these situations and they mid-field knew where the strikers were. i congrat the gor defence in that they subdued all the ulinzi schemes. so far the defence looks like the top notch department. the gor game has changed and it’s the kind of game that needs accuracy in passing. the good thing, gor got i million shillings, i hope it went to player bonuses, now get the fkf cup or better the league. the team did not seem threatened by ulinzi and that was a good sign. congrats…

  • odhiambo p. owuor. says:

    A man with a mission. A man with a vision. That is Alogo.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    As Gor Mahia fans, we are different in so many perspectives. Even bloggers in gormahia.net are made up of those who believe a little (the pessimists) and those whose faith is very strong (the optimists). My take is: no one is at fault here and when we get to celebration time like now, we should celebrate in one accord without doing a forensic audit to pick out the ‘naysayers’.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the blog it is celebration time: we have clinched the Top 8 title. With it comes 1 million shillings and now we can aptly and deservedly refer to ourselves as millionaires. Yes @Arrumtiddi is a millionare. Ja-Ngere is a millionare, so is Dinga and so am I now. Even Eric in Ghana is a millionare.

    Thanks team for winning despite a not-so-inspiring performance. As the coach says, that FKF cup is a must win ; so boys it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

  • Baba Travis says:

    congrts to the team and the entire Kogalo family.Let me also appreciate the presence of some our SHEMEJIS who were at Kasarani and cheered Kogalo to victory.Thats something!Thats wot football is all about-Universality of Language.Am still on cloud nine.The future looks good and promising.Ulinzi had a great game and truly dominated the proceedings from the first whistle.Many were the moments they had us on tenterhooks whenever they set on those marauding attacks. Thankfully JERRY was the difference between victory and defeat.

    If there is a player who has flourished and understands the coach’s chemistry it is Jerry.His five star performances may also be attributed,in part,to the competition in that department.Can someone out there tell me why Dube cannot get a call up to to the National team.Even Harambee STARS team B?Is there any player who marshals the midfield with virtuoso displays like he does every week?The jury is out there.

    Comrade Omusalia,I always admire the sense of objectivity in your contributions.However,the last time I checked out,you bemoaned the standard of officiating on Sunday and feared the consequences if it had been a mashemeji derby.It could have been a recipe for chaos.You added that Gor had actually demanded for the services of that referee.Like many bloggers here you questioned the legality of the first goal.Let me start with the first goal.SS uses fewer than 20 cameras to beam these matches.Compare this to over 600 at Emirates for example.I have had time to look at the highlights of that first goal.You will notice that when the goalkeeper spills Rama’s effort the ball rolls toward the net and appears to be “crossing” the line.The camera view is blocked by the body of the goalie-now sprawled on the turf and Owino’s tucked out leg.Even slomos do not help matters here.Thats where the limited number of cameras comes in .Because refs have the benefit of doubt,he used his discretion to allow the goal to stand.The second goal was genuine.Period.

    You also insinuated that Gor had literally demanded for the services of that particular ref.Gor does not appoint refs.All Gor wanted was Kirwa to be replaced with any one.That any one happened to be Doka.
    Is it true the ref was biased against?A BIG NO.First he awarded them a penalty-a genuine penalty at that.Secondly,he let Ochomo to stay on the pitch when other refs could have sent him off after he intentionally elbowed Nasio.I agree with you that if the first goal had been allowed to stand in a mashemeji derby then it could have been chaos.Chaos?I shudder at the thought.
    My-in-law,we are approaching an election year.Politicians have turned us against each other in the past.They may well do the same in a soccer match.It is instructive to note that GOR and Ingwe draw their support across the political divide and from different communities.For instance,I am not a LUO but Gor is my team of choice.Buy virtue of being a Kogalo fan we are in-laws.Therefore football is a Universal language.When Drogba’s Ivory coast was burning football was key in bringing the North and the south together.When war broke out in Libya-during the summer Arab uprising-both the TNC and pro Gaddafi forces would declare a ceasefire,troupe to a neighbouring country to cheer their National team to victory.

    We shuold not allow politicians to bring politics into our beloved game because we don’t take our fanaticism into their into their rallies.Apart from the prime minister, can you mention any other politician who religiously attends Harambee stars,Gor’s and Inwe’s matches?It is only now that elections are around the corner that they are being associated with certain teams where they whip ethnic passions.We have a powerful tool(which if used correctly)can heal and unite this great Nation.

    I want to hear those witty taunts-that characterizes our matches-in our next meeting.But after the encounter I want to walk hand in hand with an Ingwe fan discussing the result and laughing it off like friends of football. Ngugu Omuasalia,this process must start from a point.I am honored to be the point.We are the people to start it.Not as rivals.Its just a game of football.Not war!

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    Coaches kindly as per previous matches’ standards let us aim higher. The match against Ulinzi had lots of loopholes in difference and midfield, especially first half that forced Moses Odhiambo to play defensive most of the time. Hope you will adjust in this area.

    As I had earlier on mentioned we can not only take FKF but also KPL trophy..watch this space. However, that can only happen on one condition – win all remaining matches.

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    I too believe the league is still within reach. As for the two goals, i do not know who to blame..the ref super sport or even the player who immediately appealed for the goal just before the ref could allow it! I don’t know but to me it appeared to have been cleared from inside the net and if i were the ref i would have behave no differently and had i been the player i could have raised my hands the same way the guy did.

    Let us accept that foot ball is a game.. you play with minds and physically too. Fans accept the results and go home, i differ on the must win insinuations. Foot ball is not and will never be war at any day.

    Lets prepare and work smart to win the FKF cup its very very important..everyone take your position.

  • dinga says:

    may you live in exiting times; this saying is an arabic saying and is actually more of a curse than a blessing; what has it got to do with what i want to say, NOTHING; anyway these seem to be exiting times. sofapaka has sent salim packing et omollo in brewery. anyway the thing here is that it’s about foreign coaches. so is the reality coming to kenyan soccer? i maintain that the local coaches were never at par with the foreign coaches. pls look at the other clubs pattern, the passing is good from goalmouth to opponents box, then all seems to go awry; what happens?? the game with ulinzi was a good case to point, ulinzi were quick to the ball(gor reason to being slow has been given on another sight. at least the coach acknowledged this n i’m cool with it) , the passing was good but when it came to scoring, it’s the ‘tired’ looking gor that went with the cup, breweries was almost outplaying gor with ten ppl lakini gor still scored and booted them out of the tona. i’m happy and hope that sofapaka get a good foreign coach to give gor compe. i want gor to beat teams that are playing well and scoring goals. at this rate gor will TAKE THE LEAGUE EASILY na mimi sitaki hiyo. the only compe hapa ni afc, i predict they will panick kama kawaida then the STEALTH WARRIOR who moves like a sado will overtake them. sofapaka, brewer, ulinzi, i will acknowledge ur compe but thats just about it, u will willingly DONATE ur positions to k’galo. one game at a time, the french say gout a gout.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    First of all belated congratulations to the team for winning the top 8.
    One thing that makes this blog one of the best,(actually the best),is the informed and level headed nature of bloggers here.Here you can’t give people half truths or mixed up facts and figures,it will be thrown back at you.Here I rarely hear matusis like in other sporting blogs,though occasionally words get thrown here and there but atleast its not usually as bad as in other blogs,and normalcy always returns very fast.But it is @ogango trailer’s observations, on the previous article that has got me marvelling at the sheer wit and hawk eyedness of bloggers here.

    The observations made by trailerman on that previous post should serve as a wake up call to all and sundry that bloggers are watching and nothing will escape their eyes.Here we watch each and every step,each and every move,each and every blade of grass!.Here we bisect and disect using a toothpick.This blog is now the ‘unofficial watchdog’and ‘whistleblowing’agency at kogallo.Keep up guys as your efforts does in one way or the other make kogallo the best in the region.@baba travis no5,I agree with you 200per cent.

  • mbugi says:

    If Henri Michel comes to work in Kenya at all some of the distractive sideshows he will have to deal with include:
    At many occasions being told by busybodies such as Mukolwe, Hussein “Terrier” and Doris Petra [Heads of the ‘Technical Wing’] to toe the line.
    They will demand the coach and his minders note the rider:
    “We are the ONLY bodies MANDATED to run all football activities in the country.”.
    They will also say: “Michel’s salary [Sh3 million a month] should be channeled through the FK-off. Sponsors, such as the Kenya Government, must realize we are the only ones MANDATED to manage football in the country…”

  • Dan says:

    Ingwe fan comrade @Omusula and the rest of GM followers what’s your take on the cry of the ‘small clubs’ that AFC and Gor are being favoured in the KPL league? Personally I think the two teams are reaping from the massive investment they put in their teams, plus the massive following.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    Kudos to the K’galo players/bench. This is what i call gelling.Gor Mahia has passed the litmus test against the 4 top teams in country.
    A testimony of the sheer class of K’galo is the now regular participation of shemejis in the blog.WELCOME Remember the saying Kizuri cha…..(Bro Mwakio help me out)
    Even though the top 8 is the least of the 3 competition a K’galo victory (especially in these times when we are the toast of kenya soccer) is always something savor.

  • i have heard that loga have signed zamalek .is it true.

  • blogger says:

    Why is it that I am still seeing a picture of Dan Makori and Baldwin Ngwa on that first page photograph yet they are no longer members of the team? I think that picture is misleading and therefore it should be changed. , And why does this club still not have a clubhouse yet it is big and has all ways and means to acquire one?

  • Michael Odhiambo Ogolo says:

    I am disturbed with this kind of unconfirmed reports that our coach has signed with egytian giants zamalek. Can somebody put things straight and tell us exactly what is going on please.

  • seth oriri says:

    from what source have you recieved that kind of information?.

  • PAREYIO says:


    Before i give my comments, allow me to clarify something emanating from my immediate post on top 8 doomsayers. I did not actually impute that comrade mwakio is one such person. I have tremendous respect to him and indeed admire his non- apologetic but insightful contributions on this august blog. As a matter of fact, i have greatly benefitted from his deep understanding of world football.

    Back to the point. Since coach Logarusic joined us at the beginning of the season, no one expected that we could achieve what we’ve already done. The top 8 prestigious trophy is already decorating our cabinet trophy. And now, he ( logarusic) has set his eyes on another prestigious cup, the FKP cup. Our great team is already in th quater finals and onlyafew steps away to the finals. The heavy responsibility to deliver this cup to the club lies squarely on his shoulders. I pledge my personal support on this big assignment.

    Finally, allow me to send my condolence to the deputy prime minister and the people of the republic of Ethiopia following the death of prime minister, Meles Zenawi. Kenyans will still remember his face when he was on a working tour in Kenya when Kibaki, south Sudan president Salva Kirr and Zenawi launched one of the biggest infrastructural project, Lapsset. Till we meet again, may your soul rest in eternal peace. Amen.

  • Omusala says:

    @ Baba Trivas. If the guy you are claiming to be you is you,then there is some wiseness in you and so keep up and you will realize football is just a game to enjoy.about politics i don’t commend and won’t commend. YES DAN, my answer is yes kenya refs are sometimes bias and the reason after this short story…,. Sometimes back we were playing a football tornament in western the team i was playing had worn the semis waiting an opponent in final from the second semis which was still being played between the home team (with alot of fans)vs a team which had come from far with a handfull of fans.as the game was nearing to go to adraw for penalties and as the home fans were roaring theatening and insulting at ref,one of the home team’s striker hit a hard ground ball to score,the ball passed outside just some inches beside the goal post and sneaked in to the net.there was alot of celebration,fans running into the field carring up the guy shoot that ball.even though the ref ”even later confirmed the goal wasnt real” had no option other than to accept.the guys later worn the final. What i mean is,INGWE and Gor have extra player as compared to other clubs,and this player (fans) has always given 10% of play.one day check Rassia stands in Nyayo when AFC or Gor is playing you will realize the line man/woman at that area is always in trouble and ends up doing a small blander that eventualy brings the difference.rem fans will always help ref be confused more and award a goal even if they saw it not go in.thats the sweetnes of soccer…,,@OKOTH JABILO . Now that foreign coatches are coming to kpl.what i like from them other than our kenyan counteparts who first go fo the confident of club owners,they go for fans.just look at Koops and Logarusic they will always greet and entertain the fans unlike our local ones.This i why whenever they are sucked they leave without any support,in addition to that a think foreign coaches are to make a clean c.v and so they choose players by merits . But our local coaches i belive they choose according to who belongs to who and who can buy what hence tainting there c.v and coming up with teams which cant perfom outside kenya.this is what am trying to think.what’s your take on this .am seeing kenyan leage going up and up and up.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    @OMWAMI Omusala my comrade ; YES local tacticians are in a dilemma because if you don’t change with time then ultimately time will sacrifice your status as far as football made in Kenya standards for KPL demands. Just digest that within a spell of one week both PAMZO and SALIM has been shown the doors, where as NYANGWESO kissed his job before the end of the first leg and ZICO has been served a warning notice pegged on his performance.

    @ Omusala records show that PAMZO was the previous championship coach who succeeded NYANGWESO and prior to that MATANO had won the cup with SOFAPAKA. But my take is the above coaches belonged to the current and previous champions that have now realized that pecking is tilting towards the traditional Kenyan giants namely AFC and GOR of which informs me to be the actual genesis and basis of the so called “small clubs” feeling intimidated with the so called “BIG CLUBS”.

    But the issue does not revolve around the coach per say but rather the sound management of the club with technical bench being the cornerstone that will be adjudged based on key performance indicators that can be measured by all stake holders with the fans being majority shareholders to ensure that football turn around in business breaks even with their
    expenditures. The fact that foreign coaches have excelled in both AFC and GOR does not necessarily mean that it will work with other clubs or Harambee stars for that matter.

    In GOR and AFC coaches feel the heat from fans and that derives their overzealous pressure to get the best out of the players in a professional manner thus leading to higher turnout match attendance by their supporters which translates into more business revenues.

    Local coaches tend to play to the whims of executive and this ultimately causes them a lot of irreparable damages that leads to sacking. They can not with stand both the internal executive political infightings and external factors like fans demand for good performance.

    KOOPS and LOG are beneficiary of external factors supports and as such they become untouchable from the executive as long as they enjoy goodwill from the fanatical supporters.

    In SOFAPAKA , I am sorry PRESIDA will still call the shots and the same case still applies to TUSKER or HARAMBEE STARS. They should not emulate this community clubs at all since the scenario and game- changer are world apart. Over to you@Omusala.

  • DIDMUS says:

    lets flood the field to support GOR and most importantly Teams which shall be playing against Tusker,Ulinzi,EFUSI so that this teams are beaten.This is the only chance for us to move closer.we missed the leaque by a whisker last year and this year we must do something.

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    Very true Didmus, alot of us still believe the league belongs to us.

  • Benson Disi says:

    GOR GOONS FC CAME FROM 2 GOALS DOWN TO LEVEL WITH MAZARE 2-2. THIS IS NOT NEWS TO US INGWERIANS: NEWS IS THAT MAZARE IMEPANUA SHIMO KATIKATI YA INGWE NA GOR GOONS FC TO 10 POINTS!!HALO? HALO! ARE YOU STIL DREAMING TO WIN THE KPL CUP? This reminds me the 23rd game will not be interesting because the league will have been won by INGWE, The game I am looking forward to is the semi final between INGWE and GOR GOONS FC! My message is, start preparing now! otherwise, the result will break your hearts on that day, weeks and months to come!

  • Am just too proud to be a ko’gallo but can someone come out clean to confirm or deny this talk about our charming coach that he is soon leaving the club for zamalek! And just being curious, how much is highest paid player at Gor and who is he?