Logarusic vows to correct errors

Gor Mahia coach Zdvarko Logarusic blamed a number of factors for the 0-3 loss on Friday.

“We did not play very well, we gave them so much space” Logarusic said to the Nation. However with a lineup that had 3 strikers, 2 attacking midfielders and only 1 defensive midfielder it is not clear how Gor Mahia were going to press the Egyptians.

It was the same formation he used in Victoria against Anse ReUnion. People who have seen how effective Egyptians teams are at exploiting defensive lapses would have advised him to shore up the defence.

He also attributed the loss to the absence of striker Paul Kiongera and midfielder Moses Odhiambo. Given that Gor Mahia’s problems were defensive one has to question that rationale.

He indicated that uncertainty played a key role in the poor result. “Our preparation before the Egypt match was not the best. At some point, we didn’t even know how we would travel because of lack of funds. We cannot prepare for such a match this way and hopefully our preparations for the second leg will give us positive results,”  he told the Standard..Nevertheless as a coach, one of his primary jobs is to keep players focused and motivated even in cases of uncertainty. In reality, uncertainty should never be an excuse unless it is a case where players are not being paid.

Coach Logarusic has done a marvelous job since he joined Kogalo and none of these critiques are meant to take away from the fact that he is an excellent coach. However Gor Mahia fans who have been starved of continental success for years are eager for a good performance after 18 years of mediocre performances.

One thing Loga should do is consider having a discussion with coach Ezekiel Akwana, the only Kenyan coach ever to slay an Egyptian team and who seems to have a wealth of knowledge on North African teams. Not only did he beat Ismailia, he came very close to beating Club Africain of Tunisia.

Egyptian teams are also known for studying other teams in detail and always send members of their technical bench to study their opponents. It is not clear how much Logarusic knew about ENPPI beforehand but he must now busy himself with ENPPI videos and find weaknesses that Gor Mahia can exploit.

Gor official Ronald Ngala, who witnessed the match, claimed his side missed many scoring chances that would have given them the away-goal advantage.

For his part, ENPPI coach expressed Tariq El Ashry said, he is very happy to win by three goals, because the results gaves them a level of comfort but quickly added that they do not qualify for the next round,until the return match in Kenya. He also lauded his team for playing well despite suffering from extreme exhaustion due to playing too many games.

Meanwhile Gor Mahia are set to arrive from Cairo on Sunday. One hopes that fans will show up at the airport to give the coach and the players moral support for the uphill task ahead.

38 thoughts on “Logarusic vows to correct errors

  1. Ingo, why dont u think on how Efusi will come out of relegation zone.Bcos 2day if u loose 2 western stima then I think u should not dream of winning the league this season. we dont need ua comments on K’ogalos performance.we r only praying 4r efusi to resurect so that they may give us a run 4r our money. Dont think we r not concerned about Efusi unlike u who only thinks that condeming Gor is fan. Style up Ingo.U r gaining nothing by visitng this site and only condeming our team.

  2. You see if Dan is short for Daniel then what about Ingo? Ingokho? Whatever you are I want to assure you that you have stated your case and we have heard you. Now go and help our great competitors to put their act together. Please realise that however consistently we Gor Mahia fans pray for Efusi, God will not answer those prayers if you Efusi fans are persistently filled with xenophobia, hate speech and hatred.

    Coach Logarusic don’t allow the name Egypt to cow you. Do not be intimidated by their budget. Take it from me that ‘Ni Maji’ is beatable and beatable by a four goal margin. What you need is the correct approach to the game. The correct approach will determine your line-up and team tactics. By now you must have picked out a weakness or two about that team; exploit it. As advised in this article, please swallow your pride and have a tete-a-tete with ‘the special one’ Ezekiel Akwana.

    It is how well you prepare that will determine whether you eliminate this ‘watery’ team or not. Let me give you a hint. Back in 1987 Esperence assigned one of its defenders the task of marking out Peter Dawo. Part of the preparation of that defender involved giving him Dawo’s photo which he had to study and revise over and over. Legend has it that he carried the photo everywhere including the mosque and even invoked divine intervention to subdue Peter Dawo. This was in addition to video footages of Dawo in action that they studied as a team. That is how serious preparations can go.

    Coach you are a maverick and I know you can do even much more. Put your heart to it and make eliminating this Egyptian non-entity your obsession. Think of how much it could do for your C.V. The time for Gor Mahia to roll over an Egyptian outfit could not be better. We have everything it takes. If we don’t do it this season then we shall have to wait very very long. Believe that you will give us a 4-0 win over Egypt.

  3. I also believe that it’s not over until it’s over,just focus and the players believing that they can do it is what it takes.my prayers are with the team.though i know our players are down but they should pick themselves up as fast as possible and focus.other technical issues to be handled by the coach and his bench plz.don’t demotivate the players.

  4. @Ingo give me only 4 reasons why you believe it is not possible for Gor Mahia to maul ENPPI 4-0. Coach Logarusic I want you to have faith and believe that you and the boys will confound the pessimists. @Ingo Efusi seems to be heading for their first win today….let’s keep praying. I loved the b’day treat for Joe Kadenge and I thank whoever came up with the brilliant idea.

  5. Barefoot…..you seem ro be a very classy gentleman (along with many others here) dont take many of my comments here personal. I’m actually trying to have fun with mashemejis here. Thanks for the kind words about Kadenge and ingwes victory today.

    Now….why do I think that Gor will not beat ENPP? Let me put on my Engineer cap fora second and apply statistics. If Gor could only manage a 1-0 victory against Sofapaka a week ago at home, what is the probability of beating a more superior team by 4 clear goals? The answere to that is 0. Lets go back to last seasone. What pwrcent of games did gor win by 4 clear goals? The answer to that is less than 0.5 percent. The odds are clearly against gor. Those who are saying that gor will win have theories that are based on bahati nasibu (like Charity Sweepsteak) and not true science

  6. @Ingo that’s interesting…I am left wondering about the science behind your statistics…I see it as more of historical statistics than anything science. If it is historical then I put it to you that history is made by men and women who have a dream and a passion (you yourself called it ‘ndoto’).

    Let me be scientific and show you how the 4-0 scoreline will come: multiply the size of coach Logarusic’s ego with his appetite for surmounting new challenges then raise it to the power of its impact on his C.V. then round it off to the vocal support of the fans….I assure you with 98% confidence interval that we are eliminating ENPPI. Only a 0.02 margin of error!!

    Before I forget, kindly accept my congratulations for the Efusi win. Now our target is position 5 in the log (Efusi is 6th!!).

  7. Nya k’ogalo I dont think that our players r down as u put it. we have the best players in tpl & its just that footbal is ajua and even good teams loose matches in continental levels.It does not mean that we cannot beat ENNPI even 3-0 so that we go on to win on penalties.avoid this idea that our players r down .It might do harm than good to our team.

  8. Barefoot…..if thats the case, why didnt gor beat an inferior team like sofapaka by 4 clear goals or more last week? The number of wins that gor had last year with 4 clear goals were less than 0.5 percent why? Your statistics simply does not work. Yours is ehat I call bahati nasibu principles. In my books, Gor are mathematically out of the tournament already

  9. @Ingo don’t base your mathematics on outcomes of local results. If we go local then you would understand why Real Madrid succumbs to Le-Vante or Barcelona to Ossssuna. Local teams share so many geographical factors which affect the performance of individual players and team as a whole. It is a question of environmental factors that influence the physiology of an athlete’s body systems. Now I believe you appreciate that Nairobi and Cairo are worlds apart as far as influence of environmental/geographical factors on individual and team performance is concerned. Take my advice: don’t rule Gor Mahia out yet. Our boys are in tip top shape and come 6th April you will witness goals from Chris Wekesa, K14, Besigye, Kiongera and Lavatsa….How many? 5 clean goals to no reply!

  10. Get me right…position 5 is as far as our next game is concerned. With our second league game we collect 3 points and we are above Efusi who are currently in 6th position with 5 points out of 4 matches. I hope it is clear.i.e. O.G.A.T.!!

  11. Barefoot…….if geography and environment play a major factor, then shouldent Harambee Stars whip the likes of South Africa, Nigeria, Tunisia Egypt and Ghana whenever they pay us a visit?

  12. @Ingo ask a question don’t ask an answer! Harambee what?…Eh… you mean the national team.How do you expect them to do well with all the shenanigans and intrigues that you and I know so well. Everything about that team is not right beginning with its name!

  13. Loga had no idea on how he could have played safe in egypt.
    First arabs are known for speed game and long passes so our approach to the game cud not not give us draw since we went for goals hence midfield colapsed and gave defence had time, which is 4;3;3 system. We cud have gone for 4;5;1 1st half then go for 4;4;2 after retaining and learning then we culd have been on safer side in egypt.

  14. @Michael,i mearnt down emotionally coz of the loss not in terms of the abilities ,our team is gd and i believe in them.i know with composure our team will do marvellous.i know we have the best team in the country and I’m proud to their no 1 fan.

  15. Ingo….dont waste time on these dreamers-lets go to watch INGWE at Nyayo and enjoy some Gadaa dance after the win. I kept telling these people that TUZO was a useless political carrot for sponsorship and they could not understand me. Now you can imagine they could not afford tickets to Cairo-reason! NO MONEY AS THE COACH HAD TO BE PAID 1ST! last year when LUGOROSIC was armtwisting Kiilo and Bwana for salary hike before he signed his contract, I asked your officials how much they knew about budgeting which would have informed their decision on whether the GOR GOONS FC would afford LUGOROSICLY or not instead Kiilo was in the news raising funds to buy the same coach a 2nd hand car-he stil walks on foot through town to KOMWONDONDO! so when you tell the GOONS that you dont have mnoney to fly the team to Cairo-did you mean since last year the officials only realised last week that you needed airtickets to cairo?? KIILO AND BWANA WANATAKIKANA WASEME NA WATENDE sio ndomo ndomo tu!

  16. Ingo….dont waste time on these dreamers-lets go to watch INGWE at Nyayo and enjoy some Gadaa dance after the win. I kept telling these people that TUZO was a useless political carrot for sponsorship and they could not understand me. Now you can imagine they could not afford tickets to Cairo-reason! NO MONEY AS THE COACH HAD TO BE PAID 1ST! last year when LUGOROSIC was armtwisting Kiilo and Bwana for salary hike before he signed his contract, I asked your officials how much they knew about budgeting which would have informed their decision on whether the GOR GOONS FC would afford LUGOROSICLY or not instead Kiilo was in the news raising funds to buy the same coach a 2nd hand car-he stil walks on foot through town to KOMWONDONDO! so when you tell the GOONS that you dont have money to fly the team to Cairo-did you mean since last year the officials only realised last week that the players needed airtickets to cairo?? KIILO AND BWANA WANATAKIKANA WASEME NA WATENDE sio ndomo ndomo tu!

  17. @Ben Disi and @Ingo Gor and Tusker are currently representing Kenya whether we like it or not. We have a choice to support them or support the Egyptians. That is your constitutional rights.On Gor not being able to beat ENNPI because they could not beat Sofapaka comprehensively look back at Sofapaka performance when they beat Ismailia here. Ismailia beat them 3-0 in Cairo, when they came back SONY sugar beat them in Nairobi in the KPL (TPL now) then they beat Ismailia 4-0. Are we saying that SONY is more superior than Ismailia. Unfortunately football doesn’t follow that Logic. If it was then City Stars will beat Ingwe because they beat Sher who bet Ingwe. As Gor and Kenyans let’s support Gor just like the few non-Tusker fans supported the team on Saturday. By the way I watched Ingwe beat WS but even the die-hard fans of Ingwe were not impressed. The Ingwe team still has a mountain to climb but that does not mean that if there is a derby today then Gor will automatically win since a derby is just that. A derby. @Ben Disi this is 2013 and i thought you would become more intelligent and civilised. Please go and look at the word GOONS in the dictionary and know when and where to use it. Your contribution just goes to show how you think and behave. I’m sure with time you will style up and especially if you continue reading the positive contributions on this blog. All the same your contributions are welcome. As for @Ingo I like your mature contributions and I hope it will rub off on @Ben Disi as you support your beloved team

  18. Barefoot bandit…the only science ingo knows is how poor Afc are.They are soooo poor,nobody even talks about them anymore.A team that couldnt even make top 4 in the charity cup?bure kabisa,as useless as they come!!!
    I disagree with a fellow blogger who has advised Loga to get advice from Akwana on how to beat ENNPI.Soccer is a dynamic game and changes everyday.The tactics used when sofa beat the egyptians are not necessarily the same tactics Gor can use and overcome them.
    Let Loga use the tactics he feels will carry the day as he is the one we engaged to take the club forward….my best to the team and we are right behind them!!!

  19. at least its a learning process our players and fans must learn how to humbly handle both success and failure but for me the loss is good for growth after all they say akupigaye ndiye akufunzaye

  20. Ooh Laa la!”A WAKE UP CALL GUYS” The mighty GOR MAHIA.


    Suppose we turn the tables and win with a very comfortable margin to allow us to progress, what will the doubting Thomases say?. This blog has archive and it will be very disappointing for you guys if Logarusic and the so called players we have underrated are to carry the day.

    If SOFAPAKA overturned ISMAILIA Is that not enough motivation to disapprove the thinking that we have a mountain to climb.

    MAHIA “INA-WES-MAKE” @ Nyar Kogalo & @ the B.Bandit.

    I have some self belief and my gut feelings inform me from where i sit that it is not yet over until after the remaining 90 minutes. Egyptians are very beatable and that is exactly what Logarusic will work on.

    ” Mpira ni mviringo na ina dunda pande zote mbili “.


  21. As it is said that “Mpira haina adabu”, it can roll anywhere.For that day day it rolled in their favor, I believe it can do the same for Mahia. I believe in our team and that they have what it takes.But even if they do not, I will still say that is football and life goes on there will be another day to smile. We will give the best of our support when those guys come over here. As a team go there to do your best guys. K’ogalo go for goals.

  22. Ingwe coach @Olaba tells AFC fans to be like Gor fans who whatever the case never abuse thei players. Read futaa.com. How I wish @Ben Disi would read that. As GM fans we need to realise that we will win some and lose some, luckily we have a coach who is hungry for success and so are the followers. As the team rests this week we hope they will come back rejunivated

  23. Just walken up by the sciences appearing on this blog.just as my friend @ Ogango has reapeted,that ball hudunda and Gor can score many goals not even 5 or 6 which i strongly pray for.but my worry is,as Gor will be scoring,something tells me our opponents will be scoring too.so we dont need Akwana for this by the way Akwana found a well organised team do you think he would have perfomed well if it was a different team? So my take is this game will be worn by deffense,a bloger earlier suggested Emunge to play this game i think that could be worst deffense against Egyptians.rem Egyptians are very fast upfront and the likes of Emunge and Anguyo i’m sure hawana mbio sana.so mr Loga as an Afc Leopard diehard fan on loan to Gor against Mafarao, advice your deffenders to be so quick and cautious. On striking side Mr kiongera should score only when in a position but if we have a nother striker in a better position,apeane ball is not a must that is him to score. Let me now use maths and mechanical science to show how Gor can win this game.from the squrely accelerated momentum of Kiongera and Lavatsa ,the probability of expanding the chances unstability cofusion of algebra with all the pararel and vertical inclution of sochatoa and bodmas at the goal post of faraos is nearing 0.7.meaning if 70% of chances are created and Sserunkuma and Rama uses their acute directed acurate shorts then why not score 60% or 50& meaning 0.6 or 0.5 from probability sum or 6,5 goals.but my worry is on our slow defensd. M.r Okoth Jabilo wont you agree with me that Tpl and kenyan defenders are too slow,thats why we are always as Kenyan clubs and Harambee scored silly goals. Last but not least i thank all Gor fans tha have put my beloved Ingwe under prayers.my friend Hagai a real Gor fan,i know we come from same estate.we love you,you have always been with us with u’r Gor jazi.you will know me more.lastly i’ve travelled to ingo where i’l be for 1 week,i thank almight Father for the safe journey.may God bless Afc leopards.

  24. Dan-

    Atleast ingwe fans demand answeres from the players , coach and management instead of throwing stones at innocent motorists and wananchi like Gor when they loose. There is nothing wrong with holding the CORRECT people accountable when there is a problem. Gor should actually emulate AFC Fans who are peaceful but demannd production from the team

  25. @Ingo. Ingwe fans are so peacefull and that’s why the SSMB instead of fining the ‘home’ team Chemelil they are instead fining Ingwe. The moment we will stop burying our heads in the stand and agree that both teams have some goons as supporters that’s when we will make progress in our football.

  26. @ Omwami Omusala is niece to notice that you have been around and well in touch and up to date with our local football. I was very much happy for my pal Tom Olaba for registering his first win of the season. Its never easy to handle pressure from within and without when handling this two clubs [EFUSI & MAYIENGA].

    Truly to your words as a country we have depth in the midfield and that is why most of talents that we can brag of abroad ply their trade in this position.

    But for defenders and strikers we have a lot to do. Look at TUSKER on sato wasting several one on one occasions with the goal at your mercy. They ended up being punished with a set piece dead ball from a corner and a diagonal accurate cross due to poor positioning and man-marking by SHIKO and CHECHE.

    According to LOGARUSIC Gor Mahia wasted chances beyond ten of them and the culprits were Lavatsa ,Rama ,Ssere.
    Clearance blunder from anguyo caused the first goal and improper positioning of defenders resulted in the second goal. Introduction of Musa, Owino and Abondo stabilized the defenders but lack of concentration in the 11th hours openned the flanks for a simple tap in.

    That is what Egyptians applies while playing teams from the sub Saharan Africa. They play swiftly and wait for silly mistakes that can allow them to break lose and finish up the business. For my beloved GOR MAHIA to close this gap and penetrate the Egyptian i can only advise as follows:
    1. Please play David Owino at the centre back since he has the ability to read the moves , with proper timings while defending. He can turn and very flexible offensively.

    2. Let Pablo play deep six to take care of counter attacks. While Akumu can be the sweeper. I would prefer Nasio and Wekesa on the full backs.

    3. I would prefer Ali Abondo and Lavatsa at the flanks since they are good at falling back and assisting the defenders. They always win 50/50 balls with ease. I would not play Odhis with his current form and same to Rama because with Egyptians if hold the ball then expect trouble once you lost the possession. Look at hoe Peter Opiyo “Pinches” stood out in the TUSKER midfield through speed and releasing one two to penetrate the Egyptian half. I would rather to use two guys as a secret weapon in the last quarter of the match.

    4. Unleash Sserekuma and kiongera as twin strikers as Kevin “Daddy” organizes the play behind them. Daddy is good direct attacking midfielder and very creative while facing the opponents.

    For me this would be my preferred line up that if am the coach then they should be physical fit as soon as yesterday in preparation for the match in a fortnight.

  27. ingo@30….what a pity,your english sentence construction is as poor as Afc’s game.Maybe you need to go for some english classes…then MAYBE your english and your teams performance will improve…..,no guarantee though.pole!!How many years are you counting without a trophy…?10?15? kindly bring me up to speed!!!meanwhile we have 3,in what?less than 1 year!!BEAT THAT IF YOU CAN….BUT SORRY YOU WONT!!!!

  28. Mr. Odhiambo,

    I’m extremely intrigued by your comments above (#30). It is clear beyond any reasonable doubt that this is a soccer blog and not an english language blog. If you are smart enough to examine the blogs above, it will dawn on you that the goal of each writer is to convey a message and not to display his or her proficiency in writing the queens language. For example, let us examine your post above (article# 33). Shoulde’nt the lette “P” in Pole be capitalised? The sentence “How many years are you counting without a trophy…?” is not gramatically correct. You could have said something like “How many years have gone by since you last won a trophy? Do you see what I’m saying Mr. Odhiambbo? Now, of what use are the dots after “improve”, “trophy” and “CAN” in your posting above?. I have seen KCPE students write better than this Mr.Odhiambo!

    Out of the three trophies that Gor won, only one is a major one. That would be the FKF Cup. The rest ni za kuomba maji. It seems to me that you are not only challenged in english but mathematics also. The last time AFC Leopards won the FKF cup was one year ago and not 10 or 15 years ago that you attempt to communicate above.

    Asante Papa

  29. @Ingo I am quite impressed. You have tackled that issue factually. You are turning out to be an objective debator. Just maintain objective discussions and avoid being dragged into hate as I can see some lunatic is desparately trying to pull you to outdated and useless enthic stereotype in post 21 & 22.

  30. @Ingo. Thanks for your insight but just for correction.
    ‘The last time AFC Leopards won the FKF cup was one year ago and not 10 or 15 years ago that you attempt to communicate above.’ This is wrong since gor has won the trophy for two concecutive years, unless there are two FKF cups. Anyway thanks all for keepng the debate as objective as possible without calling others ‘GOONS’ yet the SSMB are fining others for misconduct resulting in damages.

  31. pls revert to best system of playing against such experience teams.never open midfield for those egyptians

  32. Why am I NOT surprised to see the name Benson Disi next to some silly argument?
    Always hating on people. You are such a disgrace to our club!

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