26 Aug 12

Courtesy of michezoafrika.com

Gor Mahia Coach Zdravko Logarusic says his players should always be ready to play in any position they are assigned to. The Croat made several key changes that led to a great comeback for Gor Mahia who were trailing Mathare 2-0, pulling players into different playing positions. This paid off as the match ended 2-2.

Logarusic pulled out central defender Donald Mosoti and brought in the creative Kelvin Omondi. This change pulled Teddy Akumu from his pivot midfield point and into central defense. In the second half, he also pulled out defender Solomon Nasio and brought in Itubu Imbem. He then went on to display his tactical genius when he left a “Hole” at left back and pulled David Owino to right back.

“We had two goals which were cheaply given by individual error. It was not that we played badly but just a slight loss in concentration. I had to surprise Mathare by bringing in changes they least expected. I shuffled the players and that means that all my players have to be used to playing several positions,” Logarusic told Michezoafrika.com.

“I am building a team with versatile players and in modern football this is the modern way of play. You can change your tact anytime and you have to have players who can quickly fit into any position they are assigned. I am happy we are getting there,” Logarusic adds.

The Coach is now shifting focus to a tight week where they invite relegation threatened Oserian on Wednesday night at the Nyayo Stadium before playing Western Stima on Saturday at “Tok Komwanda” in the FKF Cup Quarter finals.

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  • Pod Antie says:

    i’ll miss both games coming up coz of my travels but my oh my, doesnt it feel like watching a top European club whenever Kogalo slices defences with slick passing and intelligent displays lately? What a massive difference this Coach has brought to this club! Tactical play, great discipline, attacking football, goals….no wonder i look forward to watching Gor more than arsenal these days!!! But that’s the way it should be, local soccer growing to new heights, my beloved club leading the way in this project. At all costs, we must retain the services of Logarusic next season, what with the addition of a few key players, the KPL trophy will be beckonning. Go Kogalo go on Wed, i’ll keep updated 5hrs ahead. And on Sato, against Western Stima, switch them off for me again, this is the trophy that takes us to continental soccer next season, we must win.

  • Pod Antie says:

    Ooooops! And i just learnt Ingwe lost to KCB! Dont we have a chance guys? They just lost lost! So we beat them and the gap will be 4 points but they’ll be gasping for breadth!!!The KPL title is well within our reach, let’s go for it!

  • Dan says:

    So long as we win on both wednesdays. Possible but what of the injuries?

  • j.kenyattta says:

    @Pod,yaah we lost 2 Kcb but a loss 2 Gor forget my friend,u will b behind us til the end of the season.

  • dinga says:

    afc leopards will not take the league; one simple reason, they cannot handle pressure. i will tell anyone who cares to listen. gor camp on the otherside is and has always been a pressure cooker. afc has never been tested under pressure like gor. so KCB is just the first of the many disappointments on the way. gor will take the league and if not it will be pipped by one point by either tusker,sofa,ulinzi or extent afc. yes,i see the contradiction but my money on afc is kidigo. gor had a major outing with mathare, i sense panic with the fans on this sight but there is no need for that. the mathare parformance can be attributed to the ‘mabati’ super8 cup.yaap, that worthless cup. but gor will spring back like thunder. just watch the oserian match…HERE IS where gor wants to make a statement. i am that confident. the ‘parastatal’ clubs ulinzi et tusker will offer challenge but there fight is ‘pure makeup'(these two have never had pressure to do anything). these two clubs are not what they pretend to be. i would rather sofapaka or mathare take the league. my worry on gor was the player backup incase of injuries, this is what will deny gor the league. for the moment coach logar seems to have the dawa for this, so lets hope it holds. i hope ulinzi draw or win over tusker. but these guys don’t even know the route to kismayu, so gor shud not rely on other clubs…just go and win from now on. TWENDE KAZI K’OGALO.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    @oduor12,has been shouting here everyday, ‘tie the log to a long contract ‘,yet nobody seems to be interested in that.I tell you what do you think this team can achieve in say 2-3years from now,if they’ve already achieved this much,this short?I repeat and echo @oduor12,sentiments,pliz,pliz, pliz,tie the log to a long contract(minimum 3yrs).

    For the benefits of those who either dont understand or appreciate poetry and figures of speech,it’s a pity that my post in the previous article about powersharing with efussi was taken at face value,hence was not only misunderstood and misconstrued but it was also taken out of context.That was meant to chide chingwe.

    Still on chingwe chingwe,my timely and heartfelt condolences to our ‘hippo mouthed’friend @benson disi kwa yote yaliyokupata hiyo Jana kwenye uga wa kitaifa wa nyayo.

  • jb says:

    @kentatta football bounces you cannot be too proud of afusi you risk loosing your head dont you remember ulinzi could be just 2 points behinf you in the next one week we are our self so dont bother so much with kogallo how many seasons have you people finished behind us be true to yourself just support efusi leave gormahia out of your chauvinism

  • George Ochoro says:

    Congra! Lugar and his team in the tech. bench, also not to forget the players. You have made us proud. Let us forget the past matches and forcus ahead. This is a cherist moment we are watching ‘sweat’ soccer in kogalo. Keep it up.

  • OKOTH JABILO says:

    Let TUSKER & ULINZI share the spoils so that non of them can widen gap between us with an additional 3 points. We shall be meeting 4 out of the 5 teams above us in the table standings.
    I am sure of GOR beating AFC because derby are won with the team that has confidence and since they pulled out of super 8 in the last minute, they must pay back our trust in our boys by losing the match in the dressing room as it happened to KCB yesterday.

    We have ULINZI,TUSKER and THIKA U, to meet and as long as we can collect maximum points from the them we shall reduce the gap between us by three points. And if we can maintain the winning mentality the top teams will crack under pressure and allow us to KUPITA KATI KATI YAO.

    For the benefit of doubt i desperately appeal my case once more as i repeat again to my
    comrades like @ Kenyatta to please refer to my previous prediction to my respected brother
    @ Omusala that AFC can not and I repeat loud and clear that its the truth of the matter as of now that you can not win against the likes of KCB, GOR, CHEMO, ULINZI , TUSKER and MUHORONI. You are playing CHEMO and MUHORONI away where even a draw should be appreciated as a win, so please analyze your remaining matches and just pray.

    Not that I hate AFC but that is just the reality in our local football. The same way GOR will struggle against KARUTURI and THIKA U. This are football jinx that we live with whether you like it or not. Remember last year CONGO UNITED was a jinx to GOR MAHIA. It is the truth and however much AFC is leading you have the toughest and most difficult matches.
    Poleni SHEMEJI you are in the most difficult situation and KOOPS is already PANICKING.
    All said and done all the best EFUSI, do not be threatened but my predictions are TRUE.

    Yesterday KCB proved me right and on Friday AFC will lose bitterly to TUSKER. The only team that is causing panic to all this team is K’Ogalo because our football standards at the moments are way above local standards. If we came back from 2-0 against Mathare and it the same scenario AFC found themselves yesterday and failed to recover simply because they do not have the strategy and championship acumen to withstand the pressure.

  • Mboya Obendi says:

    Jabilo you have offered a very useful and impartial observation. Personally I still hold the view that KPL tittle chase is still wide open. My conviction has been boosted by the fighting spirit the team has which helped them recover and draw against Mathare united. Considering the number of games Gor has played in the last three weeks Im convinced that their phisical fitness is good. May the tachnical team and the EC keep up the good job.

  • fred Odhiambo says:

    just an inquiry….where and at what time is our game on wenesday?the kpl fixture says city stadium 3pm,this website story says nyayo stadium at night….what is the true picture?

  • Walter Alando Bwoga says:

    Logarusic I’ve keenly been observing and really liked the way you have been doing substitutes. Each time we do a substitute of late, it brings a positive impact.

    As per my last week’s comment that we can still take the league or finish in position 2, I still go by that – all teams that are ahead of us are under great pressure so let us try possibly to win all the remaining matches and you will see. You’ve seen Tusker, SOFAPAKA fire their coaches…this is because of pressure.

    @10 Fred – Wednesday night we will play Oserian at the Nyayo Stadium then Saturday Western Stima on at “Tok Komwanda” in the FKF Cup Quarter finals.


    Yes it is pressure from K’Ogalo that is causing this panic and sacking of coaches. Yesterday we were a handful of fans but we cheered the LION of KCB until the last whistle. EFUSI are very lucky , they could have been beaten 3-0 was it not for blunt and poor striking by Kiongera.

    Now operation ” jaza Stadi” is working against AFC , cause a small section of K’Ogalo fans cheered KCB and truly speaking their fans just fizzled out complete while looking hopeless and they just switched off the gear and believed in losing the match. On Friday guys turn up to cheer TUSKER and the gap will be only 4points as long as we can collect the three points from Oserian on Wednesday. PRESSURE!!! PRESSURE!!! PRESSURE !!!

  • Bill Wabz says:

    @mboya i partly agree wit u bout the title being OPEN bt not WIDE OPEN as u put it @okoth jabilo i agree winning against the mentiond teams wil b hard as it was evidence wit kcb bt its the same 2 the rest of the chasing pack, afc wil bounce back n pls note we r still at the top, wish u the best on weno

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @J. Kenyatta I echo Okoth Jabilo’s sentiments that all the pressure is on Ingwe and Ingwe is not good at soaking pressure. Elsewhere in this blog, comrade Arrumtiddi was very clear that Gor Mahia is under no pressure to take the league. K’Ogalo has already met its major objective (which was to avoid relegation). Whatever comes after that is therefore a bonus.

    @J. Kenyatta please divorce yourself from the notion that we are playing to catch up with Efusi. K’Ogalo’s objective is noble and clear-cut: to build a young but formidable side that can take on the regional and continental big boys while displaying entertaining soccer. As stated by @Pod Antie we are on the right track with regard to this goal because our game is currently far superior to that of Arsenal or even Real Madrid. To be fair we are slightly below but almost at par with Barcelona. So why should we compete with Efusi? Let Efusi take the league if they want but we won’t mind taking it if the pretenders panic and misfire. Talk of the stealthy hunter stalking his kill! That is the Mighty Gor.

    Ideally, our match with Oserian should give us the needed impetus. However, the odds are slightly tilted against us because of some advantages Oserian will be enjoying over us, namely:
    1. It is a team that the Log may not know much about.
    2. Oserian is virtually unchanged since beating us in leg one and are buoyed by the presence of Pamzo who by now understands our game to some extent.
    3.Being the underdog, Oserian have nothing to lose.
    4.Pamzo is a man on a mission and with a burning ambition and desire to salvage a sinking ship. He will therefore stop at nothing.

    Oserian on the other hand have very limited firepower upfront and that is where we beat them. Our great comeback against a relatively more stubborn Mathare underscores our strongest asset. We are emerging to be a very patient side that wears the opponent down before finally plunging the dagger in.

    The player versatility is the strategy that Okoth Jabilo was asking for in terms of the Log’s plan B and it is just great. All the best boys. All the best team.

  • Omusala says:

    @Okoth Jabilo.partly i agree with you,all the remaing games are hard because even the so called weak clubs are fighting teethly to come out of relegation.as far as Ingwe is,i’m sure KCB was alesson wel learnd.that was a slip that we wont repeat.i feel we wont lose any other game.@ Afc leopards fans,thank you for comings in great numbers and cheering while rained on God saw our request and our calmness and He will reward us.@ Afc players i realized KCB game you were down na kweli some of you hawakujituma.there wasnt Ingwesim in them.Anyway tulichapwa but make sure loose nor draw any other you are capable and you will.thanks guys.

  • Omusala says:

    …….”Correction on above commend”……….Make sure you dont lose nor draw any other game.you are capable and you will.thanks guys.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    My take on our match with Mathare Utd.
    Is it only I who noticed that both our equalizers came as a result of constant pressure of our now exicting carpet football/ passing i.e “come baby come” soccer.
    Strangely after the 2nd goal the team opted more for high balls and hence lost effectiveness,hence to me the winning 3rd goal.
    Dan “Flava”, Love-A-Star and Itubu were not well serviced as Dube opted to play deep.
    As much as Dube and Ali Abondo have improved, the technical bench (especially Sir.Bob) should shop around to 2 midfielders of the calibre of Zamalek,Fundi,Zangi to mention a few greats.This and the central defense is where coaches need to focuss.
    I remind bloggers of Man City Vs QPR season ender match.Man City prevailed in that match coz they maintained coordinated attacking carpet football against their opponents until QPR cracked.

  • Omusala says:

    Thank God for the draw between Tusker and Ulinzi. OKOTH JABILO ARE YOU MAGICIAN.Anyway umesema na yametendeka.gunyt.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    The Tusker-Ulinzi draw is good for us. Thank you God. Thank you @Okoth Jabilo.

    So the Tusker-Efusi tie of 31.08.2012 has been postponed! This reminds me of the first leg when Efusi matches were dubiously postponed after a loss to Tusker in Mombasa followed by a draw to Karuturi before Agido handed them a 3-0 hiding. Is it a coincidence that their next match is postponed soon after losing to KCB?

    Some hidden hand always intervenes at the nick of time to give Efusi time to ‘put its house in order’. I wish the league could just be won on the pitch.

  • Dan says:

    We need to win on Wednesday to keep @Omusala company at the top there. At this rate the crowding at the top there could result in any team kupitia kati kati and win the league. So Ingwe and Tusker should be carefull as Thika, Ulinzi Gor, and Sofapaka will soon join them at the top there and then the mathematics and pressure/tension will just be too much for whoever is not used to it

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    Hmm…GM is more certain of winning the league than keeping the super 8 trophy already in the cabinet. Be informed.

  • Baba nyako says:

    Oserian must bend over for us

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    jabilo to kenyatta is woundering about wht you mail here before game ya ulinzi na tusker saree now if he can go back and read your comments who is going to take the league again he would dought you / things are going wrong way to top three gor tunasija pole pole we were told OFFFF NOW ?presure sasa until the end game by game.shemejis checki space sasa .

  • j.kenyattta says:

    @Dinga,Barefoot,Bandit,Jabito and Jb we only go 2 stadium just 2 enjoy football,after football we meet,talk and if it is a drink,we drink,let no one hate somebody coz of football,i luv u all.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @J.Kenyatta now you are talking in post 22. Just maintain that attitude. Goodday.

  • Bill Wabz says:

    @barefoot bandit sio hivyo bana ingwe r2 play congo mombasa on 1st sep so it was only logical 2 postpon

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Sawa omwami @Bill Wabz. Nimeelewa sasa. Thanks.

  • Jacala says:

    Dear fellow bloggers
    I know we have a match tomorrow but would appreciate accurate info on the venue and time. Thanks

  • dinga says:

    afc fans; kesho just watch what will happen to oserian. it will be kichapo mchapo of the chapati version. 3 nil ile iko karibu na 5 nil, ya, whatever that means. the nxt 7 games (from game 21 onwards is taking the league). angalia uone na musiseme hamukuambiwa. MAMBO WOTE as my buddy used to say. gor is taking the league. gor fans sud not whine here that gor will not take the league, we hear alot of that from afc fans, why the low moral?panic, panic here i come, as the song goes. as chui pounced with all his might towards the antelope, from nowhere, a shadow seemed have moved, chui noticed somethng covered in green moving too, was it k’galo, he was sure he had out foxed him and left him behind. chui was sure that he had misled k’ogalo from the prey. but what was that… and slightly chui felt the hair on his neck rise…he had done his final leap towards the prey…BUT he was now sure of one thng, K’ogalo had done the same.yes, it was k’ogalo. he closed his eyes and hoped for the best.k’ogalo sprung, his eyes open…IT WAS NOW OR NEVER.

  • Dan says:

    As much as we want to win tomorrow’s game let’s not count the chicks before they hatch. Otherwise, God forbid, it can be disappointment galore. Overconfidence has cost teams alot and currently though Oserian is behind they have some spring in their walk and believe they can do it. Let’s not forget that thay have beat us once and can do it again. For those who care to remember Red Berets beats us a few years ago before they were relegated and we were fighting for the league title

  • dinga says:

    @dan: relax all u guys, it’s not me who will be playing. i don’t think my sentiments shud be attributed to be the teams. i thnk gor is on right mode. but i still think gor will win by those margins. tukishindwa then i will fold my tail an go lick my wounds. otherwise, my comments are just that, my comments. so long as i have not insulted anyone don’t bother with such comments, just know that ONE GOR FAN expects an explosion. my comments shud also not be taken to be that of the rest of gor fans by the afc spies on this channel.otherwise have a gud day to u all(including the spies).

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    There is no doubt GM will win or should i deploy the ‘SHALL’ as a finality asertion, its no secret we will win, the issue is by how many goals.

    I have this feeling that our defence was well read by Mathare. I am behind the team 200% for a win.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Sammy Omollo is talking in Futaa.com! Hmm! I think he had a much better squad at Tusker with which to beat us yet he failed. Will it be easier to achieve with Oserian?

    Pamzo my advice to you: our Log is very unpredictable. With this player versatility don’t be surprised if you have to contend with Chris Wekesa as an offensive midfielder and Musa Mohammed plus Kasaya as the lead strikers. You will be disappointed in-case you are strategising for Rama and Dan for they may not feature at all.

    Yes @Kassam Mwivangano, feel free to deploy the ‘SHALL’ because that is what happens with a ‘Mahia’ line up.

  • Dan says:

    I still believe and hope that we win though boli hudunda pande zote. The first thing is to believe that we will win and the rest will fall in place. Tusilete madharau kwa game, tafadhali. We need to improve on that goal aggregate

  • Vitoo says:

    Wish u ol the best mashemeji

  • Kassam Mwivangano says:

    But when really is the game? Is it 7pm @nyayo or 4pm @ city? When or which is which?

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    @Kassam Mwivangano please refer to regarding venue and time of tomorrows game.

    3.00p.m. at City Stadium.

    Remember Pamzo took his boys through light training at Tok Komwanda today. That is enough indicator as to the venue of the match.

  • arrumtiddi says:

    Game 3.00pm tomorrow , at estadio de city.Unless @Ogango trailer says otherwise.(He’s our eyes and ears kwa mambo za ndani).

  • Baba Travis says:

    We chased and equalised Mathare goals largely to the intelligence of the coach and the fighting spirit of the players.Evidently Log has imparted the desire to win in his charges.Folks champions are made of this stuff.I can hardly remember the last time Kogalo chased a game with such fervor and drew or won.In the past that could have been an easy pick for the slum boys.Kudos to the team.

    Efusi is 10points ahead of GM.How do narrow the gap.
    (A)We should not apply pressure on our players.Lets go to the Studium and just cheer them on.We have the best supporting cast.No jeer.Just cheers.

    (b)Its time we became supporters of Kogalo.Not fans.A Supporter will use his resources and time for the growth and improvement of the team regardless of the outcome of matches .On the other hand a fan is selfish and would always want to pay less and yet occupy the VIP SEATS.Before Ticket masters became the vogue,fans are the guys who brought whole clans to Stadiums to watch Gor matches.Instead of paying,they negotiated with GM scouts and paid a fraction..A supporter knows that players are humans and thus may occasionally have a bad day in office.Bad days do not exist in the vocabularies of fans.

    Comrades,it is true the efusi is feeling the heat.Being at the top for such a long time they have become the target of all teams in the Log especially the five teams below it.I want it to be known here that Kogalo is not competing efusi alone.All the other four teams above us may spoil the the party.All the remaining matches are finals.If the players do their bit and we do ours then we will finish at a respectable postion neigh even win it.When we were trailing Mathare by two goals,there were those raucous Mashemeji fans who cheered Mathare until it became evident that they were backing a wrong horse.Nothing wrong with that though.We also need to attend Efusi matches and do the same.Alright they are not our enemies but we must do something and everything that can slow them down.There are many ways of killing a cat.I mean a Leopard.Remember its just for 90 mins.After the match we do the ritual.We eat and drink together and shake hands.

  • Omusala says:

    @ Dinga.uko sawa.umenijaz at comm 27.but take cation because ball hudunda it goes down and up.@ Baba Trivas i agree with you,even in Epl you have seen alot adverts,teams ganging against the top team,when the leage is approaching the end,and can do anything to bring down the opponent.so i encourage it coz its a way of bringing more fans to grounds,but we should make sure its always peaceful. @Okoth Jabilo you are our football consultant and analyser.now,keeping in mind the position of Oserian,the tension they can bring if they open up the score boad,the morale from Pamzo,and the form of Gor and tacticts of Log,how do you predict.for me am on the fence but i wish you share spoils or you be beaten.@the rest of Gor fans at the point of the leage,and after tasting KCB,there’s no easy team,bu as i told you God decided long time ago that this leage this year is for Ingwe.so may Nyasaaye alinde INGWE.

  • kenyatta says:

    @Dinga,i will agree with u and at the same time i will not agree with u,mpira hudunda,at the moment every team is tough,expect 2 win or 2 b beaten,on sunday i had the same spirit as yours,very sure of beating KCB at the end i was shocked,2 reduce stress just expect 2 things,to win or b beaten,otherwise Good luck mashemejis.



    Henri Mitchel est bievenu au faux de stade de la ville “TOK KOMWANDA” la terre famillie de GOR MAHIA l’encoche de club football appel’ee “K’Ogalo mayienga wuon Timbe” et apprecie le la version de “CATALANS” de football de Barcelona fait par “THE GREEN ARMY”; et perfected par son entrineur Logarusic.


    Henri Mitchel welcome to city stadium alias “TOK KOMWANDA” the home ground of GOR MAHIA football club also nicknamed as “K’Ogalo mayienga wuon Timbe” and enjoy the catalans version of Barcelona soccer made by the “GREEN ARMY” and perfected by coach logarusic.

  • Barefoot Bandit says:


    Henri Michel khukaribu uhalano City stadium mwambolanga “TOK KOMWANDA” ingo khwa GOR MAHIA football club mwambolanga “K’Ogalo mayienga wuon Timbe” na ufeelanga free na khumtindo khwa catalans shya Parcelona nende abandu ba “GREEN ARMY” na khurembesa nende Omwami Logarusic.

  • Kalixtos says:

    I will the boys all the best this afternoon, make us proud again as you display quality football and score as many goals as possible becouse in the end they will save us. Best Wishes, Go for a win Kogallo, Go!!!!!!

  • Onguka says:

    Updates are always a welcome. really far but kogalo blood in my veins
    Wish you the best

  • Kalixtos says:

    Half time Kogallo 1, Oserian 0, thank God, All the best in the second half!!

  • Kalixtos says:

    Congrats, thank God, Gor 1, Oserian 0, It is over!!

  • JAHKOREMO says:

    WAHHHH THANKS alot guys you have done us proud keep the fireb…. i said tutasija kama fans kabisa.

  • George Ochoro says:

    Thanks be to God. We have survieved in this afternoon match!! Gosh! What happened today? Where was our Barcelona type of football we had developed these days? Was it fatigue? Over confidence? Rem. we were almost loosing maximum points. Anyway our boys, we congratulate you for stopping Oserian guys. We trust you. Let’s move on. BACKWARD NEVER. FORWARD EVER!!

  • Dan says:

    Well done boys. The thing to note is that the games are getting tougher and tougher, and many far between. Let’s avoid injuries and hope that we win the remaining games

  • Eric says:



  • Jakababa says:

    Mungu aibariki kogalo na azidi kuipa ushindi kwa mechi zilizozalia.

  • PAREYIO says:



    My sincere apologies for not making my comments as usual. The by – election which is about to take place at my backyard is taking great toll on me including time. This however does not mean i have not been keeping tab of what is going on here ( read site).

    To be number one is easy and to retain the position is quite hard, goes the saying.

    AFC Leopards, Tusker, Ulinzi and Thika United are increasing finding it hard to continue to retain their positions as we near the end of the 2012 KPL season. I am extremely delighted that K’Ogalo was able to overcome Oserian by a solitary goal to naught this evening. And on this note, may i congratulate the Rama Salim for the goal that has finally cemented our position among the title contenders. I have tremendous respect for the flower men but as fate would have it, it was clearly not their day.

    Finally, let us all remember that it is not over untill it is over. The 7 point that separate us with the leading boys, ingwe is a tall order but achievable. I urge everyone to remain focus and take each game at a time. What with the white witchdoctor on the sidelines!