Logarusic set to return June 18

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The tactician left Nairobi last week for his home country to rest and visit his family before the second leg of the premiership resumes on June 22

Gor Mahia coach Zdravko Logarusic is set to return to the country on June 19 after a two week holiday in his native Croatia.

The tactician left Nairobi last week for his home country to rest and visit his family before the second leg of the premiership resumes on June 22.

According to Gor Mahia Secretary General George Bwana, Logarusic left clear instruction on the players to be signed and released before he left on Friday.

“The team will be reporting back to training on June 10 under assistant coach John ‘Bobby’ Ogolla while the coach (Logarusic) is expected back in Nairobi on June 19.”

“Before he left, he gave clear instructions on the transfer business for this window,” Bwana told Goal.

Bwana said the team is set to release four players and sign an equal number. “We have identified the four players set to be released and we will be aiming at signing an equal number.”

“We would like to have at least two midfielders since we have been struggling in that department as well as a young goalkeeper and a striker,” added Bwana.

Gor Mahia are currently lying seventh on the 16-team table standings and are looking on to replicate the form that saw them win two trophies last year – the FKF Cup and the KPL Top 8 tournament.

They were also on pole position to winning the league but fluffed on the final day drawing 1-1 with Thika United when they only needed three points to clinch the title after a 17-year wait.

24 thoughts on “Logarusic set to return June 18


  2. I still stand by what i said earlier…the coach should never have left for holiday at this crucial stage,family or not,regardless of what people like Dan and others say!!!

    Leaving a list of players to drop and another of players to be recruited makes no sense when you are not around to oversee the same.Coaches,as heads of the playing unit all over the world identify players,talk to them and even bring them over for trial as they assess them.

    Am dismayed that some of us here are in support of that move.Just look at what our main competitors are doing…the best players will be snapped up as we holiday!!!!if the team post poor returns in the 2nd leg,please Dan and others don’t raise a finger at anybody!!!

  3. I agree with no.2 above….how do you court a woman then marry her in absentia?as the man,you should be there on the wedding day to show her to her new house….thats what all coaches do,why is loga an exception?or will we hear later that the EC recruited players he did not want????

  4. Fred, am forced to comment on your stand here. One needs to see his family at some interval. If Loga came back here in February, there is nothing wrong with him going now when the league is on recess. Otherwise when did you expect him to go, or you don’t want him to go at all?

    Another thing, don’t you believe on the other technical bench members? This is teamwork and if he has left clear instructions, surely that is what he needed to do unless you want us to rubbish everybody else. Let Loga take a rest.

    This league is surely ours to lose, but just praying that Kiongera and Mutiso recover well to fully take part in 2nd leg. I can see the goals coming and very soon.

  5. jathur…well said.but who goes on leave without first putting his house in order?

    same thing happened in Dec….instructions were left,and look where it has gotten us.Same script,different cast!!!

  6. I still stand by belief that there is nothing wrong with the coach going on recess when all else has stopped. The EC/TB have their families here and do not need to go for recess, although don’t be surprised that Bobby went to his Oshago somewhere in nyanza only that it was not reported.
    If the coach identified the players to be released and those to be hired, is he supposed to sign the cheque or what is his role then? Don’t we believe that Rachier and Co. can complete a legal deal without the coach. As passionate fans have we made their work easier by convincing some of these players to join Gor?
    For our info if some of the best players don’t come to Gor then it’s the tech. bench and our shilling power which will have let us down. and by the way why don’t we go for Murunga of Karaturi? Maybe he is one of the players Loga identified.
    All the same let Loga and the rest take a rest till 18th when he will be back but Bobby and co. can carry out the rest of the tasks.
    And by the way you don’t do trials for players playing at the same level, apart from the medical bit which we are not qualified to do as Gor. I have seen players identified , recruited on Thursday and are fielded on Saturday so I don’t see any case for alarm.
    For those who want us to look outside yet we cannot afford Pinchez’s fee or the Rwandese striker. Let’s not wish for things we cannot afford. Even Ingwe the moneybags are developing cold feet when it comes to going beyond Uganda and Tz

  7. Guys, football is all about organisation. The time we held Nigeria in Calabar we felt like the stars which the Eagle cannot reach. But the fact was that we were outplayed in that game. Apart from the defence which held our team together we only got two chances courtesy of Kahata of which he scored one.
    Being Kenyans we believed that the three points would be ours for the taking. Moreover we were playing at home. While Nigeria were all over the place playing Mexico we could not even manage a friendly, maybe with some of the KPL teams. We even went ahead and promised millions for the team disregarding the fact that the grassroots teams in Div 1 and even teams like City stars has no funds.
    Now may the same fans start throwing brickbats to all and saundry. At least as Gor fans we have learnt our lessons and know that football can be a cruel game.
    May we continue reaping what we sow as HS fans while wishing GM all the best.

  8. Mara list…mara holiday…mara mzungu..mara i know all that ails kenyan football…mara midfielder…mara striker…mara uganda…mara running…mara thinking…mara quality…mara we’ll conquer africa..mara kiongera…mara league…mara five weeks..mara luo inside…mara so and so must go…mara so and so must come…mara patience…mara big team…mara pesa….and the roller coaster continues…

  9. Let me start off by congratulating Gor Mahia B (the Green Army sorry Eagles) for their skilful display in downing H.S 1-0.

    The studious silence on signing alluded to by Barefoot Bandit (see previous article) is largely due to “lack of shilling power” as put by @ Dan above. Big question is WHERE DOES K’GALO MONEY DISAPPEAR? WHY IS INGWE NOT STRUGGLING AS MUCH?
    13 members of the executive community will just release populist statements while waiting for A.R to release the signing fees @ the last minute.
    And am not praising A.R I think he relishes such scenarios rather than making the E.C and club more structurally organized.
    I agree there’s no midfield talent in TPL worthy of K’galo, that why Logarusic should attend the uncoming CECAFA club cup for talent from Ethiopia, Malawi

  10. I agree @ODUOR12. We need to try shopping in Malawi and Zambia. I have watched a number of matches on supersport from that end and they seem to be courageous and creative ball players.

  11. Dear Fellow Bloggers,

    Don’t you find it very strange that none of our legends vie for office and are mainly restricted to technical roles.
    With reservations I still see A.R as the best official in this executive community.
    But can alone says that for example Dr. William Obwaka would not have made a better contribution singularly as Vice Chair that D. Killo, Faiz and the other vice chair.
    While I still strongly advocate an EC of 5 members can we start a conversation/ movement of identifying formers players with skill to run Gor Mahia cum next elections. Maybe thing might change since mimi am almost giving up like @8 Kassam
    Look at Bayern their top officals are KarlRumeenige and Uli Hoeness.
    Just a thought

  12. Easy guys. Our trip to hell is still fresh in my mind and I don’t want any of us back there so soon.

    David Owino’s injury while playing for a miserable and clueless national team is what worries me. He has been Gor mahia’s last man standing and I pray that his injury does not follow the now familiar Kiongera-Mutiso-Pablo-Rama path.

    Nigeria just confirmed how mediocre they are. Why beat us only 1-0 after camping in Germany and flying all the way to Texas for a friedly? Why on earth did they not beat us the usual 3-0? Shame.

    I pray for your quick recover King David.

  13. Barefoot? No shoes all these years? Come for donation of a pair. My brother dont bother with this Harambee Stars thing, they are going nowhere and will not in the forseable future if what was displayed yesterday is what was hyped about since the March match in Calabar.
    How can a whole team play with nine men all game coz that Aswani was not there at all? Whose opinion was it that he should play?
    Eight men yes, coz Jamal was just about his own useless displays.
    No, seven men coz I didnt see Opiyo’s contribution at all.
    Six men I think, coz of that overrated Kahata, Coach Kamau of Thika you know better.
    Only five effective men as Mulinge on the left back does not do any better that Abdulatif Omar or Abdalla Juma!!!
    How can you then field only 5 effective men(D.Ochieng,Owino,Mandela, Ochieng “Cheche” and Victor) against 11 effective Nigerians. So if we can defend nothing else matters in a match like that?

    My worry like yours is about Owino’s injury, lets hope it wasn’t serious and that he recovers quickly.

  14. in my honest opinion,we lost to a very poor nigerian team.the game never thrilled us as we expected…and we are just not good enough yet to make it to brazil…

  15. TO harambe to lose i knew it was coming look how we train . player wanyama and owinyo did donkey work .sub yetu buree sana in total we were not there mybe afta six years to com .i understood EC are meeting leo i dnt know if they would give us new players or just take us marygoround ya kila siku.PLSE TO OUR ALL GOR FANS LETS KNOW CELBRATE WHILE GOING HOME OR TOWN OR AWAY GAMES MISBEHAVING ON THE ROAD HAPANA LETS STOP THAT SOON WE MAY ENDUP LOSING LIFE .

  16. BREAKING NEWS: Tusker opts out of CECAFA for security reasons. So what happens next. Logically Gor is the first team that can replace Tusker but are we upto the task? And if we take up the challenge are we financially upto it? Let’s wait to hear more for the EC and the secretariat. We all remember when Tusker also snubbed the tourney and Abaluhyia Football Club was included at the last minute. And guess who carried the cup back home. The same Ingwe.
    So like the proverbial hyena what does GM do? Sacrifice the TPL games in case we are called to replace Tusker or focus on TPL and ignore CECAFA or go for both. A tricky situation it can be

  17. dan…tricky why?that is Tuskers business,let Gor concentrate on trying to lift the TPL…CECAFA will be an unwanted distraction if you ask me!!!

  18. I think if the chance avails itself we should go for the CECAFA since our chances of lifting the current TPL are at best 50-50.We really have nothing to lose and players will gain regional experience and the club can rate itself especially players & bench.
    We have this hype that TPL league is the most competitive in the region but the results show otherwise e.g when did a kenyan club last lift the CECAFA Cup.
    BTW does the “executive community” have a secretariat, and if so who are the persons/ positions?

    Back to the officials, what sayz the bloggers
    1. Chairman- A.R Vs ???-Can’t pick out a challenger yet
    2.Vice Chair-Dr. W.Obwaka vs Killo/Faiz etc
    3.Sec. General-Nahason Oluoch”Lule” vs G. Bwana
    4.Treasurer- Any Ideas

  19. Even Simba has pulled out of the tournament citing security concerns. Why play the game in Dafur of all places. I support the reported withdrawals. Life is so short and let us not act the hyena. If it is security concern then even Gor Mahia players have not advanced that much as to wear bullet proof or amour plated kits on the pitch. My advice: we value our players and our Tech Bench so much to lose them through a hyena’s greed.

  20. Now that everyone is citing security reasons, dont you think we equally value the security for our team and the technical bench?

    On Harambee Stars, I almost laughed at how we played. how can everyone be in the midfield and we expect to score goals? This was a very poor show. I wished Lavasta was fielded even if it meant for 45 mins only. There was literally no striker upfront throughout the 90 mins despite so many good strikers we have in Kenya Premier League. To me the defense was ok and then only Victor Mugabe and Kahata shone, but these were just but mid-fielders so who was to score if Kenya expected to beat the Nigerian?

  21. @ 20, who says you need a strikers to score in modern football ! remember spain played 4-6-0 formation in most matches in the euro 2012 – the European championships and they routed Italy 4 – 0 in the final.

    Omera, mambo ni skills , tactics, self belief, attitude and leadership/organisation.

    If we don’t have the above, Kenya football is going NOWHERE !

  22. I agree with Jathur gi ji and Walter Alando Bwoga that a team of 5 Kenyan defenders played against 11 Nigerians. What I saw from Pinches left me with no regrets that we failed to sign him. Kahata ia indeed overated and one wonders if he is better than Paul Were or Charles Okwemba or K14. Jamal’s beard proved such an impediment as it slowed him down due to its extra dead weight as well as the turbulence it created against the wind any time he attempted to move with speed. The sheer weight of that beard also raised the man’s centre of gravity thereby distorting his dynamic equilibrium and rendering him quite unstable.

    It is my belief that that Nigerian team would have been handed a thorough beating by Bandari or Efusi or Chemelil. As usual we are back to the starting blocks and it is a matter of time before Adel follows Michel. FKF should know that it will take long and some extra hard work before Kenya displays a performance close to what we played in Luanda and Kampala last year under Zico. Put simply, give Zico back the only team he managed well.

  23. To me its sad to note how guys become so forgetful.
    Now people can say how this and that competition is a waste and less important when we all saw Ingwe going as far as abandoning the Top 8 tournament last season to concentrate on the League. We criticized them to the last man and as fate could turn out with extreme cruelty they missed out on everything!

    Lets get real GM is a football team..meant for playing football, if a chance comes for participating in CECAFA lets gladly take it, if anything what do we lose, (note also that its an all expenses paid trip where GM incurs nothing and with winner’s prize bigger than the KPL), as the pressure is all on the others who qualified for the tournament we take it easy a game at a time, remember this has worked similarly for the Danish team in the nineties when they won the EURO cup on invitation!

    We also have been fighting to win the league for over a decade and each season we’ve set to win it to naught. Mark my words, if its Matano’s idea to skip CECAFA then he’s dug his grave as a coach because no competition is easy in Kenya today and he may go Ingwe’s way of last season. I also do not see us winning the league ‘easily’ as some think and say so if an opportunity arises to play at the CECAFA i would we rather grab it with both hands and see what happens.

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