Logarusic unhappy with display

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The 0-0 draw with Anse ReUnion has left Coach Zdvarko Logarusic an unhappy man.

“We played a very disjointed game and failed to capitalise on easy chances as the players were very uneasy at goal and my strikers failed to calm down.”

“I acknowledge the expectations were too much with many fans coming to the stadium with already set minds that we would win by a big margin,” Logarusic told supersport.com.

“I am personally affected with the loss but we did not prepare well only managing to play a few games before this day. We have to go back to the drawing board and make amends before the second leg away which will be very difficult,” Logarusic told supersport.

Logarusic added that he will be working on the weaknesses his team showed in order to correct them before the return leg.

Anse ReUnion Coach Guel Ahkong for his part expressed satsifaction with his team’s ability to withstand the pressure. “Gor Mahia played with a lot of speed and attacked so much but my players kept their composure and defended well managing to contain them,” he told michezoafrika.com

Coach Ahkong had indicated earlier that he was targeting a draw in the 1st leg.

The scoreless draw comes as a shock to most pundits considering that the Kenya national team demolished Seychelles both home and away in 2012.The return leg is due to be played on March 2nd. Gor Mahia will have to play without the dependable Teddy Akumu who sacrificed himself to save Gor Mahia the blushes.

27 thoughts on “Logarusic unhappy with display

  1. The heading after the return leg will read something like this “Logarusic cries after Kogalo makes an early exit from CAF cup”

  2. First I would like to thank Akumu for the professional foul.

    I have to confess publicly that the current GM squad is very strong and in TPL no team will find it easy. The tactic Lugarisic needs to work on is training our players how to play in a ‘locked’ match (wherenever our opponents play defensive like in the Saturday match against Reunion). We normally struggle against small teams because they play defensive but when it comes to big teams that are coming to attack eg Tusker FC, AFC Leopards, etc then we beat them easily without struggle…you saw it with Thika UInited (our last match last year in premier league whjen they played defensive and we run out of ideas completely)

    I’m double sure this Anse Reunion we will beat away since they lack speed and stamina and when we go away they will open up, and when they dare do so then our strikers know clearly what to do. If these ‘visitors’ were good as some people are thinking that counter-attack could have been a goal but stamina pamoja na mbio hawana kabisa.

    The other suggestion I would like to bring to attention of technical bench and specifically to Mr. Logarusic is substitutions – clearly there was no need substituting Kiongera and Wekesa. Wekesa was already the man of the match as he was challenging these ‘visitors’ mpaka wanaanguka chini…I would prefer in a match like that you dont bench both Abondo ‘teargas’ and Kevo 14; that was a mistake. Because the opponents already knew Rama and Ssurunkuma, one of them was supposed to have been substituted but not Kiongera.

    In conclusion I still repeat that we have a very strong squad and fans who think the results have to be positive all the time are misled. Our problem is we are always blaming someone if we dont win – it’s either the coach, referee, etc who carry the wrath of the fans and we are not being realistic and fair. Let us be patient please. To coach – if you want a very good combination, then never bench both Kevo 14 and Abondo; I’m one of the fans who believe that better the conclusion of a matter than the beginning and what we have seen is just but the beginning of good things to coming. The draw is still ok. What if we beat them 3-1 yesterday and then they beat us 4-1 in reverse fixture? For sure after two weeks when we meet with this team away, our form will have improved and we will not be the same so let us give the coach time and team as well… Thanks.

  3. Let us not cheat ourselves that Anse Reunion players are sluggish. The sluggishness they displayed yesterday was tactical and anyone who expects the same in Seychelles is in for a rude shock.

    I am not the Gor Mahia tactician but I wish to make a few submissions:

    1. Michael Olunga shouted his voice hoarse that he would have loved to play for Gor mahia, Coach Logarusic ignored him and went for established names. Now Olunga is scoring goals regularly for Tusker (even away in Seychelles) while our established names are either warming the bench or shooting blanks.

    2. Blaming our current poor form on failure by FKF to start the league early does not hold water. The curtains for last season’s premier league came down on the same day for all the big six teams. How come Tusker and Sofapaka (and even Efusi) are performing so well? If anyone has heavy legs here I am afraid it is the coach.

    3. Substituting a player very early in the first half can be understandable if it happens once, but not when it happens every other day, in every other match and on the same one player! What a strategy? This begs the question: must some players be fielded even if the lack the required level of fitness? Do we have sacred cows in the playing unit? Was Michael Olunga not hired because he is not related to those who matter in the EC?

    4. Anse Reunion seems to have done very elaborate background study on us. How much did coach Logarusic do about Anse Reunion? And how much more does he plan to gather? At times like this it is strategies and tactics that carry the day i.e. brains rather than braun.

    5. Finally some busy body has observed in the blog that Gor Mahia should camp in Mombasa in preparation for the return leg. May someone listen please. Good performince as we all know does not come through chest thumping and theatrics. It takes meticulous organization and planning. EC take note.
    Take heed and we hope all will be well.

  4. 1.I had raised the issue of “research and spying” but was told that we have a TB and EC thats knows what its doing? well?
    2.I don’t blame Logarusic, b4 he left in November2011 he had wanted his contractual issues finalized but “executive community” delayed this until Jan2012 and in fact spearheaded recruitments with the view ” that O.G.A.T was not returning.” O.G.A.T only started concenrating K’galo matters when he had secured a contract. This is how professionals work.
    3. All said and done I still feel Anse Re-Union can’t eliminate K’galo coz though I’ve never understood why, the “spirits” or history bear it out that our team plays better away than @ home. Also Re-Union will open their game and we’ll hit them on this basis. Again O.G.A.T must justify his pay we don’t want excuses? Yes I say this even though i’ve strongly defended his hiring.
    4. I’ve always maintained though O.G.A.T is the best antidote to the “executive community” shenanigans, Sir Bob is tactically as good if not better and must step up.
    5. We’ve never recruited any creative/ attacking midfieders (Olando saga) yet this is the area that cost us the league title and may get us eliminated from CAF. Here I blame the “executive community” and Sir Bob. Logarusic didn’t have a contract with K’galo during the recruitment period / sagas

  5. Well, I am in Seychelles and watched Tusker play against St.Michel.Tusker did not play well either, but they run down their opponents physically and used their chances well.I agree with Walter Alando’s observations and believe that if Gor settles down they will beat Anse ReUnion in Seychelles.There are quite a number of passionate Kenyan fans here who supported Tusker throughout and will also do more for Gor.In Seychelles their fans are a bit reserved,so except for climatical changes(Hot and Humid) that might bother Gor,they will feel at home to do their work.These guys are physically weak and barely last 90 minutes.Most of the goals scored by Harambee Stars,and Tusker were in the second half.So guys keep faith they will be beaten in their own their backyard.

  6. I like wakina Walter Alando because he understands what football is. I gues he must have been a player over the past. I personaly don’t see much problem with how we played as others are putting it. We played well but it is unfortunate we did not score goals. Let us be patient and wait for the return leg. Let us encourage the team. It is very dangerous to condemn them at this time. It is stil early. Give them time. GOOD LUCK KOGALO!!

  7. Charity cup loss to Sofapaka, Anse draw on saturday, Tusker is beating you on saturday coming, Anse kick you hard in the ass on march 2nd in Seychelles…..That is when realities will awaken you from your deep slumber that LUOSICKLY has placed you in. You are blaming him of early substitutions…..you amaze me! Is this not the OLD TACTIC that was successfully used by him last year? How come you are now blaming him for this tactic? Others are saying you played very well….THOSE LONG BALLS ARE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING YOU PLAYED WELL…WERE SOME OF YOU IN THE STADIUM OR WERE YOU UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF DRUGS, BANGI & CHANGAA!

  8. Generally the boys played well though it was bad luck.Many lost chances with strikers not being decisive in front of goal says a lot and this can be blamed on poor preparation heading into this game.Coach had put out a very attack oriented lineup up front, but they were denied by something I do not understand.

    What is this I hear about players not camping for this game, coming from their houses on the afternoon of the game day? If that is true then we have a big problem some where.Was this a friendly or a practice match? People ought to be serious about certain things. And how will we play tusker? Lets wait and see!!

  9. let the management carry out due diligence, data on weather, low and high and use it as a basis for conditioning players.|Mental strength will come in handy and team concentration..in times like this a strong team shows character.

  10. The game against Anse with all the good and bad things is now water under the bridge. Barefoot, please don’t remind them about Olunga. Our club will see so much politics this season. We never seem to learn.

    When you are winners of two cups, and league runners up, do you sign 7 new players whom only one can help you in continentals? Do you sign 7 new players whom only 2 can help you in the league? Do you sign a Brazilian who is so unfit he needs months to prove he can run before he proves he can play? Logarusic had a running contract and the negotiations were only about extension, just like the Tuzo one. Did he abscond? Was it Bobby who recruited? I am starting to sense that the team has ‘big boys’ and small ones. There are those who are untouchable.

    I said it earlier and it is coming to pass that the fans will be the team sponsors this season. VIP as i said has already reached 1,000/- Terraces i said will be 500/- and it is soon getting there.


  12. Personally I saw that the players tried their best but it was not good enough for us to win the game. The gods might have connived against us. Our game plan was good but we were not composed in front of goal. Either we wanted to score classic goals or go for the hard blast at goal and all this failed.
    On camping I was surprised to see some of the players walking from the Eastlands side and taking matatus at the City stadium stage at Likoni road for the Nyayo stadium. I personally thought thet they had some personal things to do which delayed them. In case there was no camp then we had to rethink our strategies.
    All the same let’s not raise unnecessary tension on the players and coach. Locally I still believe we have what it takes to give the other big boys bloddied noses but continentally we need to be more organised even with the players we have.
    Let start our season proper this sato with the Tusker match which I believe will be very entertaining and @Disi you are welcome on this blog now that in the Ingwe camp nothing is happening.

  13. i think our tactical naivety was on display on saturday.
    What we should vace done and didn’t are as follows:

    1.using the width of the pitch. We played a very narrow attacking game that was well kept in check by the Anse defenders. In order to achieve central penetration, attackers need to be very skilled and/or defenders need to be very poor, our attackers lacked ideas. they were static thereby making it easy for the Anse defenders to mark them out of the game. We should have played on the wings by utilising in Wekesa and Owino. the few times we did this we caused pandemonium in the Anse defence.

    2.The coaches inability to read the game was clearly visible. we played one pattern the whole game 4-4-2 (incidentally, this pattern is outdated.

    3.We did not utilise the pace and power of Kiongera, Ade and Lavatsa.

    4.Ramma and serru were poor the whole game,and were the obvious candidates for replacements.

    5.Our substitutions were poor, and one actually resulted in our missing the services of Akumu in the return fixture

  14. @Disi most welcome you must have been so lonely to pour out your frstration about efusi. Back to K’Ogalo i think we are not yet out. We played well its only that LUCK was not on our side. We need not condemn the team as if this is the first time K’Ogalo has dominated a game without scoring. As long as politics does not interfere with the team im certain we are winning the second round in seychelles have FAITH.Lets pray for unity in the team and the rest will be history.

  15. i expressed my concerns here in January about our poor pre-season training and compared it to Tuskers but many bloggers dismissed me.Now the results are there for everyone to see.
    Teams the world over treat pre-season with alot of seriousness as it sets the tone for how the long and strenuous season will pun out.We ignored this fact and it may prove costly in the end!!
    Lets not kid ourselves that we played well on Saturday.We committed lots of fouls,our passes were going astray and the general play was uncoordinated and boring to watch.
    It was expected that we would run over that team but it dint happen.If we indeed make it through to the next round,our next opponent who lies in wait will be a much tougher opposition than ANSE by a long way!!We therefore must sort out our team ASAP or we will end up being an embarrassment!
    Lets cut out the poor excuses that we are floating around and perform…we invest alot of time and money in this team,they must give us a return on that investment…period!!

  16. I wish to digress a bit from the match and comment on the security personnel.
    It defies logic for the security guys at the VIP gate to deny my 4 years old son entry into the stadium with a bottle of water and allow a gentleman in with 4 bottles of whisky and 2 dozens of beer.


    Take NOTICE that; “To be Pre-warned is to be pre-armed”

    The juicy of the matter is that i warned all of you yapping and wailing with your comments above. Did i not tell you guys to stop your wishful and fanatical chest-thumping by setting unrealistic , ambitious and over-zealous target for our team.

    When a player reads the blog with comments like “GOR WILL WIN FIVE- NIL”, and yet while playing sharks they were struggling then you miss the point. You actually do qualify to be a soccer heckler but not a PUNDIT,. PERIOD!!! “Just like “BUSY BODIES” shemeji’s on this blog.

    The reality of the moment can not sink in your small brain. Think outside the box and support GOR with an eagle eye that can see yonder beyond your nose.

    When you read of the golden era generation performance and out of blues you miss-judge your opponents based on our ego-centric reasoning , then expect to reap what you sow. Some of us will suffer from ULCER because they can not agree that “GOR bado iko chini” for continental matches.

    @ Dinga said start with domestic, the regional and the rest will flow. @ Jakoyo always say the proper “EC” leadership that can set up basic pre-requisite foundation and infrastructure is paramount. Did you not read LOGA boasting that our budget for the match was 720,000kshs while Anse Re-Union was 7.2 million and that it will be a different case on the pitch. That was silly , coaches are specialization is the technical aspect and not financial, God forbid. Instead plotting on his tactics he was busy reading figures and chest thumping just like some us on this blog-site.

    GOR did not invest to win first leg ; but for sure they will invest to win second leg cause they know what is cooking up.There celebrity status should be judged by results and not the women surrounding them after losing matches carelessly due to lack of seriousness and commitment from ALL and i mean ALL OF US.

    The SHARKS friendly was an eye opening moment but instead you “HECKLERS” refused to consume “@OKOTH JABILO” warning and played deaf ears by refusing to accept reality that the team was far from the one the played last season in terms of physical fitness,mental strength , team stability and cohesiveness.

    You guys at times you just sound funny and idea-less.

    At this rate let me remain silent, cause for sure GOR will turn tables in the return leg. The draw with out an away goals is a wake-up call to all the entire GM fraternity from FANS,PLAYERS,COACHES AND EXECUTIVE TEAM


  18. @O.TRAILER and @Barefoot Bandit it is all about collective responsibility and we shall surge a head to the second round. Let the coach and his team get their chemistry right after playing TUSKER and then switch to climatize while camping in the costal region and all will be well. This so called first eleven needs a bit tweaking with Owino David, Kevin Omondi, Ali Abondo and Edwin Lavatsa being considered. Our players are very predictable.

    All the best K’Ogalo and let us learn to be patient and tolerant. It is in all sports. High/ Low.

  19. Dear walter,i have read your comments and i like them and agree with you .Lets be positive and am sure our coach is reading what we are posting and he will rectify them I am sure Kogalo will triumph in Seychelles.Afterall kogalo has eliminated even more difficult teams away.A good example was oilers of liberia and BTM of Madagascar.Go for it kogalo!

  20. @ ogango trailer,plz desist from calling other bloggers busy bodies,jst respect other people’s opinion coz they remain jst suggestions and wilful thinking.I wish bloggers would be registered as a branch so as to air our views bt unfortunately they are jst views thnx to the once started bloggers branch which o attended 2 mtgs b4 things went out of hand.its also amazing when u are nt aware tht our team doesn’t camp apart from when they are playing away matches,reason only the office knows.personally I will always be positive,though I support negative criticism which are healthy for growth of the team.a fact remains tht the boys played.mbele ndipo palikuwa na shida bt I know it will be sorted out.

  21. @Nyakogalo the busy bodies are those who obviously have no affiliation to K’Ogalo whatsoever but roam this bog to spew their xenophobic inadequacies. My sister look at the achives and you will realise that nothing good comes out of the mouth of @7 and the new rookie @1. Wazee wangu @Creative Village and Okoth Jabilo wosia wenu nimeupata.

  22. Tactically Anse Re union played system where they had four defenders, four defensive midfielders,one attacking midfielder and tall striker. Gor played 4.3.3 until wekesa was substituted but changed to 3.4.3 and last ten minute 2.3.4 after red card. On camping issue, it stated when logarusic arrived. He abolished the camping issue first they are professionals not ‘amueture’ thus knows what not to do and 2. The camping money used to motivate the players. No need to sleep in camp yet ur family is sleeping hungry and psychologically players arent settled. All this not camping stated last year one week after loga arrival.

  23. Tactically for us to beat anse re- union at there back yard then: 1. Play 4 defenders with 2 defensive mid fielders to cover for full backs whenever they overlap, break the counter attack and block all crosses at our goal as these people will try aerial crosses for their tall striker to head. 2. play ADE behind either Rama,serunkuma and kiongera/ lavatsa as an attacking mid.

  24. Those who are saying the coach didnt had a contract are missing the point,this man had a running contract the problem was the renewal,so the coach should bear the haviest responsibility this season,teams were recruting we were still doing nothing,people were practising and playing friendlies the coach was still giving mixed signal just to come and even refuse to play a strong team like azam in a friendly,seriously this man must pull up his socks or else one way flight awaits him very soon.

  25. I still believe that that our team will suprise many on their away match coz hawatakuwa na pressure ya kogalo fans who yell their hearts out instead of encouraging them and also coz some players wont be playing for their fans kuwafurahisha bt will be business and i mean business.lets wait for the sato match then we will be able to gauge our boys stamina.
    @barefoot,ive noted some bloggers here are always against gor and so are always out to make us feel them,too bad coz we dont have time for their so called empty blogs.LONG LIVE GOR MAHIA!

  26. Your BWANA & “ONE MILLION SHILLINGS PER MONTH COACH” feared to play AZAM FC after INGWE beat them 2-1.You placed your tails tightly between your legs instead of playing -it serves your egos right!

  27. @Irichiryinduvatiru welcome to this blog. At least you now have somewhere to celebrate after your team ‘beat’ Azam. I hope this year you will give everyone a run for their money, i mean in the field. The team played well though we couldn’t score. It happens all the time in football. I still see us beating fellow TPL teams this year

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