9 May 17

Gor Mahia coach Ze Maria credited the hard work that the team put in during the week.

AFC coach Stewart Hall says his inexperienced side suffered stage fight and were running around like scared rabbits.

Meddie Kagere: “The motivation is there and we are determined to do what it takes to collect more points”.

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  • Oduor12 says:

    Its good that GMFC not only won but also got one over ex-Azam coach Stewart Hall. Winning bonuses zilipue pap!

    • Mwakio P K says:

      Bloggers @Oduor12, when will you graduate from allowance to moneybags? The team at this moment need positive energy and support from all quarters but not always critisms non stop 24/7. Our players, technical bench members, Excom, and loyal fans need your support for the team to move from one level to another. Do you know that if you appreciate their efforts, we will win many games ahead.

  • Joe Riaga says:

    That AFC coach is hillarious

  • Its indeed hilarious for the leopards coach to refer to his players as running around like rabbits otherwise aka apuoyo , but I need to remind Hall that these rabbit runs was not out of choice but rather was a consequence of well drilled hunters
    under pressure to take a kill home , and lastly for the Leopard fans to attribute the loss to the escalating cost
    of unga was indeed hilarious , Going fwd we hope to see a continuation of this rabbit running from other team.

  • Jamriambo. says:

    Thais win should not get on top of your heads, let’s thrive on it to be better. Mgema akisifiwa ,tembo hulitia maji. Lets thrive for Lens Julians class and touch to be back where we deserve. Tactically i hope Ze maria is knowing his players better and better. Thanks for the noise the bloggers have been making, ” Ka osogo gero ode to ower/oywak mangeny, “

  • Hallelujah says:

    This current Gor maji team will anhiliate teams that play open football against them. Efusi made two fundamental mistakes in their signings: may be by design or accident but their youth policy won’t work in the cut throat competition that is the KPL. I still struggle to look for experience through their team. Gor is a team built around the solid rocks of Musa, Karim, Shakava and Bony at the back. You have the constantly improving Wendo and the supremely talented Muguna flanked by the experienced duo of Kahata and Migi directing play in the midfield. The plethora of talent available for the coach to choose from in the attacking department of Gor Mahia is the envy of many coaches. From Tuyisenge, Kagere, BB, Timothy, Nondi, Ndirangu, and you can add the yet to be inducted Uyoga. This team is well endowed in all the departments and just need to do the right things (work hard) and the chips will fall in the right places. Good luck against Chemelil team Mayienga.

  • Hallelujah says:

    Just before I forget, there used to be one confused fellow parading himself to be Efusi diehard called Ingo. Is he still around?? Pls pass my regards the next time he posts on this wall.

    • Albert Kosero - Sofaset Branch Kampala says:

      Shida ya unga illifanya awachane na mambo ya mpira. This unga thing is real.