Meddie Kagere back in training

Kagere at Camp Toyoyo on Wednesday

Image courtesy of Kennedy Odhiambo


Meddie Kagere had his first opportunity to put to rest any doubts that coach Ze Maria has about him when he joined the team in training at Camp Toyoyo on Wednesday. Team manager Jolawi Obondo confirmed to Citizen Sports that Kagere is now a member of the club again.

“Kagere is definitely back in the team after passing medical and physical tests and we are glad to have him back. We hope he will retain the form he displayed last year that also helped us clinch the league title unbeaten and for the third year running,” Jolawi confirmed.

The 29 year old Uganda-born Rwandan scored 11 goals in the KPL in 2015 including an exquisite piece of skill against Nakuru All Stars that was good enough to be voted goal of the year. He left in December after the club could not meet his salary and bonus demands.

He will now be called upon to partner with the other Rwandese striker Jacque Tuyisenge. Variously nicknamed Lwanda Magere and also Pacman, Kagere offers Kogalo a second scoring option to reduce the dependency on Tuyisenge.

30 thoughts on “Meddie Kagere back in training

  1. janam

    Coach should not be a politician, let’s give Kagere a chance. He far much more better than Olima,awacho ayueyo

  2. janam

    Coach should not be a politician, let’s give Kagere a chance. He is far much more better than Olima,awacho ayueyo

  3. Kevin Wuod Ayugu

    I prefer Kagere to Olima. he is too unfit and not ready for competitive football from wat I see at camp toyoyo grounds. after all kagere and ja usenge know each other well since they played together in the Rwanda national team. it will be a very lethal strike force. plus dependency on Ja usenge will reduce. Scoring goals won’t be a problem now.

  4. musymo

    Could someone please clarify for me something here. I read in the Daily Nation yesterday that Ze Maria has flatly refused to sign Kagere instead telling the club to give Thiago time to get fit(the article claimed he is still in the country) .So who is telling the truth?

    1. Dan Original

      The guy just had his first session yesterday. Aucho is leaving for SA no problem with signing Kgere

  5. A person

    Now that there is nobody to clarify some issues, we might get conflicting reports about Gmail. Am just concerned that so many projects started by Ec have not been very successful or rather we do know much about them. Now it is lotto. There were other projects like buses, sacco, bread, bottled water name them. How successful are they?

  6. ODUOR12

    Have no doubt Luanda Magere will shine. Now Jasego you want out of this site because your “postings are contrary to admin’s”. My view is that any post from a blogger is just but an opinion and ALL ARE WELCOME. On this Admin has only slipped once with the post in Kiswahili / English article. Here whenever you feel a Gor Mahia itch you scratch it. Some may react and tell you that you’re out of topic but that is their opinion about your opinion. Be ready to be challenged regarding your posts and when challenged don’t catch “mafeelings” just clarify.

  7. Jakoyo

    Mara Meddie has a contract, Mara Meddie is in the country, Mara Meddie is in Kigali , Mara e.t.c . Meddie has NOT signed for Kogallo…He is merely being assessed by Ze Maria who will eventually make the final call.

    Mara Thiago aka Thigo has left the country, mara Thigo aka Thiago is still in the country, mara he is unfit, mara he has been offered a contract mara e.t.c

    There is too much ‘mara media stories’ being peddled left, right and centre, sometimes I wonder what we are supposed to believe.

  8. John

    It does not matter to me whether Kagere is Neimar or christiano.what matters is whether the C.E.O (ze maria)approves of the end of the day, ze maria might decide to bench him forever citing”he does not fit into my formation”and u will take him EC and fans keep of the TB decisions.recognize the dotted line btn EC and the TB.

  9. jambita tiny

    As a student who pursued a unit called ‘Mass Media’, below is a breakdown of targeted objectives of the media worldwide:
    FALSE HOPE-even when trapped between satan and hurricane Katrina, the media will always give readers headlines like ‘Kagere has already joined Gor’.
    PERSUASION-despite the fact that Thigo is still in the Kenyan soil, the media has to come out to persuade fans that this ill-fated Brazillian is already in Sao Paulo.
    CONFUSION-there is strength in unity. This is why divisive tactics must be deployed to scatter a common thought. ‘Kagere has never been seen in Kenya since December’ versus ‘Kagere has been training with Gor since January’ !!?
    SARCASM-every homo sapiens with a brain understands what impact an Ingwe team with a Kagere in its squad would have on Kogallo. To create fear and jitters on Gor fans, you better give them headlines like ‘Kagere has signed a conract with Ingwe’.

    Next time you read an article in the media, tarry before you believe.

    1. William Apida

      Jambita, I cannot agree more! Isaack Silwa of the Nation Media is known for neagtive reporting on GOR MAHIA. When you read something like “sources which cannot be qouted because of the sensitivity of the matter” know it is a rumour. Speculation by the media when they cannot get verifiable information is mormal, so no cause for alarm.

      1. musymo

        I thought mainstream media was supposed to be more responsible. That is why I take information I read from say Standard or Nation more seriously than i would believe Kenya Daily Post or Mpasho. Seems the line between gutter press and mainstream is becoming more blurred by the day.

        1. Okewkanango

          Tick wuod kogalo watu yangu. Okwgadongo buru nam gwen. Means the lake of hens is soil kwa wale wanakua wawezi elewa. Yaani hata chini naweza lala for gor.

  10. Dan Kisumu

    Ja sego. I really appreciate your good work. Gor fans have different ways of communicating.continuegiving us updates.when you go to the stadium you see how every person does his thing. So inform on meddie kagere, and eric johanna.

  11. steve osedo

    EC should not interfere with the technical bench. what if kagere doesn’t perform who will we blame?He has gone for trials to clubs that we should be competing with like Zamalek and has been rejected.I don’t think he will perform.

    1. ODUOR12

      Just give Luanda Magere a chance after all Thiago was given a two week chance. Cheki hiyo photo and you see a lean mean football/goal scoring machine. Someone was looking for a job, waiting/ready for an interview call as opposed to JoBrazil who come here “hoping” for to prove they are fit to be given a job. Gor Mahia senior team sio gym. As for those saying that we should nature young talent wapi “King” David, Akumu, Eng. Olunga, Wanyonyi, PPO, Teargas and see how restless Marcelo is!

  12. NGESTO

    Da Silva is a Brazilian and should have excellent skills, he shouldn’t be given any chance to prove himself. As for meddie, we have already tested him, welcome home Luanda Magere

  13. Dan Original

    ES Setif disqualified from CAF Champions League. As Gor fans we should know that the era of impunity is over and misbehavior can cause our beloved team lots of anguish


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