Momentous win as Gor Mahia trounce Zamalek 4-2

Gor Mahia overcame two defensive lapses to put four goals past Zamalek.

Additional reporting from the Standard

Gor Mahia recovered from a goal down to beat Egyptian giants Zamakek 4-2 in their Confederations Cup Group D tie at Kasarani.

Ibrahim Hassan struck after only six minutes only for Jacques Tuyisenge to level in the 24th minute before heading Gor Mahia into the lead in the 37th minute only for Hassan to draw the White Knights level before half time.

Nicholas Kipkirui struck Gor Mahia’s third before Dennis ‘The Menace’ Oliech completed the turnaround in stoppage time to silence the illustrious Egyptians.

The build up to the clash was overshadowed by a directive by the Confederation of African Football (Caf) stopping K’Ogalo from wearing jerseys displaying their sponsor, SportPesa, because the continental body has signed a deal with a rival betting company.

On the pitch, Gor Mahia struggled to get past their bigger opponents falling behind after only six minutes through Ibrahim Hassan.  The Kenyan champions were under pressure from kick off with goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch being forced to clear two back-passes in quick succession, the second one resulting to a corner from which Hassan easily scored in.

Hassan Octay’s Gor, however, responded well but Zamalek’s backline held well beating the home side to high balls.

Nicholas Kipkurui found himself in a goal scoring opportunity but was easily pushed off the ball in the 10th minute.

As the match progressed Gor Mahia’s confidence grew and time and again found themselves inside the Zamalek defence.

The equaliser finally came in the 24th minute through Jacques Tuyisenge following a brilliant cut back from Francis Kahata from the left flank.

Gor Mahia looked to have settled down after the goal creating more chances as the match progressed towards the break.

Boniface Omondi made a good run on the right flank, but could not finish off his effort.

Then Omondi turned provider for Tuyisenge in the 37th minute when he turned in Francis Kahata’s pass to pick out the Rwandese who headed home the second.

The Gor Mahia backline will blame themselves for allowing Zamalek’s second goal.

A through pass found Ibrahim Hassan waiting and he scored his second of the match just before the break.

Tuyisenge turned provider as he set up Nicholas Kipkurui to score Gor Mahia’s third goal in the 50th minute.

Gor Mahia were forced to pull out injured Kipkurui for Dennis Oliech and at this time the visitors looked to have nothing much to give in the match.

With his second touch of the ball Oliech picked out Kahata, but the midfielder failed to score with plenty of space for him to tap in.

He then saved the best for last scoring the fourth goal in the 89th minute and with it ensured Gor Mahia won comfortably at home.

Gor Mahia line-up: Boniface Oluoch, Shafiq Batambuze, Nicholas Kipkurui (Dennis Oliech), Francis Kahata, Jacques Tuyisenge, Boniface Omondi, Joachim Ochieng, Keneth Muguna, Lawrence Juma, Philemon Otieno, Charles Momanyi.

48 thoughts on “Momentous win as Gor Mahia trounce Zamalek 4-2

  1. Congratulations team K’ogalo, may you keep the fire burning. Jasego nikuona hapo, you said it and it came to pass. Keep it up jakanyada

  2. Congratulation to the team for making us proud and proving some prophet of doom wrong. This is the start of good tidings . God bless Kogalo.

  3. Congratulation to the boys for the good work the 2 goals scored by Zamalek was not due to defensive lapse but the blame is squarly on Oluoch he was too casual on goal as always

  4. Congratulations everyone ! The amazing strikers, the fans who turned up, fellow bloggers, the tech bench and the entire EC. Special mention to Victor kidiwa, i owe you a drink this evening.

    Today, am very proud but off course, I should not forget Oktay, my persistent threats and high standards brought the best out you…you have consequently earned my respect . Who am I to disrepute such splendid offensive performance.

  5. Congratulations to everyone. Good work K’Ogalo. Let Zamalek feel the pain that I felt in 1984.

    Omwami Ingo and Benson Disi, while we were hitting four past Zamalek, Bandari were busy firing four past another team down here in Mombasa.

  6. Congrats team mayienga. Jack, Deno and Kip special regards.
    Revenge is sweet but everybody has seen the weaklink in this mighty team.

  7. It is now confirmed that Gor can win matches after good team selection. No mustafa, shakava,joash no problem. Congrats team Kogallo for silencing waarabu

    1. @ODHIS muga, my namsey, you owe me one. I told you to give Muguna time but you were a bit hesitant, I hope that scintillating performance has you converted…

  8. Congrats team, you’ve been called all sorts of names, Mara average Mara sijui nini but today you’ve proven us wrong, you’ve beaten a big team in Afrca convincingly.
    Another positive point is that all the four goals were scored by strikers

  9. Again negative energy vanished.No no no!.Oktay must go.we cant do without negative energy.On behalf of Oktay and Ja asego, we apologise to the negative energy branch for what happened to Zamalek.we wont repeat this.i your energy for another day.Long live negative hell with oktay,me and ja asego.

  10. Asante sana Kogalo players you have made us proud once again ! Plz keep on !! We shall never miss to give you our support!!

  11. Very nice and congratulations to all who made it happen, but I saw several clear schoolboy keeper blunders that prove that that is our weakest department. Had this match was been lost, I can’t imagine what would have been said

  12. This guy Oktay must go, he must be SACKED, how dare he goes against the desperate aspirations of our desperate saboteurs by smashing , dashing and cras hing their wet dreams , on what basis do u Oktay expect the night runners to approach their sponsors after posting such unexpected results .
    Being a foriegner Mr Oktay , I think u need reminding that this is the week landlords are knocking on Jodala’s doors , now you know and so next time you hear somebody hurling unprintables at you , dont assume its entirely for footballing reasons , u see
    Nairobi being a shamba la mawe , Jodala mostly thrive when their are chaos in the club , by spreading rumours from one street to another , from one office to another .That Mr Oktay is why you must go , why you must be sacked .
    CC: -Gor P?ayer.

  13. Coach Oktay, thank you. Some of us stuck out our necks for you. You have not disappointed today.

    Tuyisenge, forgive us. Sometime back some of the bloggers here called you a Shs. 4 million problem. Today, you have proven that form is indeed temporary but class is permanent. You are now officially one of Gor’s greatest.

    Kahata, that cut back to Tuyisenge was sumptuous and EPL quality. Your performance top class. But how the hell could you miss that other chance? We could have been talking 5- 2!!

    Oliech, you have proven many people wrong on age.Your predatory instincts are still intact! Congrats.

    Oliech, cograts too. I know for the next few days you are going to take a social media beating. But don’t worry and don’t pay attention. We won after all.

    All other players, it goes without saying that this win was team work. Congrats to you all.

    @Gor player. Please don’t bother posting anything today. You have proven a waste of our reading time!

  14. Thanks Oktay you made us proud.what remains is the casualness in gkeeping.check that out jasego.JAKOYO 5th

  15. Use keko ahinya anbe koro we awach matiiiin…
    1. We are all happy for what many have called an offensive performance. Do we all know why? It is because of a working midfield where special mention goes to our prodigal son Muguna. If anyone watched both this match and vs Sony then you would never want another slow sideways passing midfield that has been our trademark this season. Quite a number of ud have been calling for a dynamic, quick transitioning midfield and today we had one at its best. Lawi complemented Muguna quite well. We never had a traditional CDM but two versatile ball players and passers that gave the Arabs a torrid afternoon in the middle of the park. For the second match in a row I saw several direct forward passes from the base of midfield to the opponents third. Quite a joy to watch.Wendo deserves an extended leave of absence
    2. What a menace we have in our hands in the name Kipkirui. I never knew he was such an aerial threat. On several occasions he was able to out jump the Zamalek giants despite his shorter stature. Two of those were deadly. Please Jasego kindly keep Mustapha away for sometime.
    3. Momanyi should permanently replace one of our two blundering central defensive pairing.
    4. I blame Oluoch for the casual manner he conceded the corner but not the goal that came after it. He conceded a similar corner against KCB and he needs to cut out such mistakes at this level. The second goal caught Joachim in no man’s land and though it was a hard shot and Oluoch has a touch, he should done better. To maduong’ en ni he still has my faith and should not be demoted for what happened today.
    5. Who noticed how many times Batambuze left his man unattended?
    6. Oliech pod pek, kudos Kahata, Bonny Nyadundo and J9.

    1. Osiepa how though was Batambuze going forward dummying and dribbling into space? The idea was to play behind the ball and transition quickly into offensive counter attacking football. How well each and every player executed it but Muguna was terrific while Batambuze superb

    2. Congrats team Gor.
      Second goal not Boniface fault. I put the fault on Philemon who was too casual instead of offering help. His baby tantrums also are not gud for the team as his unnecessary yellows make him a lameduck for more provocations.
      Zamalek had one intention, beating Gor. A draw was not gud enough. This is a victory that will reverberate in Africa. Gor is nolonger a minow.
      I congratulate Zamalek for not using Arab tactics.
      Sweeeeeet revenge. I had never recovered from that Cairo Zamalek debacle. Now it’s settled.
      Congrats Oktay for shutting me up, as you can see…it has not worked.

  16. Today!Today!Today! Heheee am i not happy!! Beating zamalek was sooooo important to me am not gonna criticize no player. CONGRATS TEAM! The ten infield players were just superb. Oktal even if you lose the leave you are already a legend. Abbas khamis magongo aka zamalek is happy in his grave. Thanks team kubwa! erokamano.

  17. We did it. A masterclass terrific display from the boys. Special mention to Muguna and Batambuze though all players were wonderful. Oliech Wuod Mary hapo sawa. Jamriambo Osiepa bende imor?

    1. @Jasego, how could Boniface Omondi out jumped the tall Zamalek defenders? Muguna and Juma were master classes winning many balls from the opponents. We could have won with a very big margin. Meanwhile Boniface Oluoch has problems with home games and sometimes I do not understand what is in his mind.

      1. @Kipkurui is an assassin waiting to slaughter the opponents. The lad is very strong in aerial balls as well as ball controls. We have a great team. We need to give this team massive support in all fonts both in KPL and CAF Cup.

        @Jakoyo, Imbecible Gor Player, Ingwe Ingo etc should respect our coach as his philosophy ihas just started to work well with players.

        The midfield of Mguna, Juma, Omondi and Kahata can make us win many games as the the first trio are very mobile and working very hard for the team.

        1. @Jamigori the team did very well we are happy and revelling in the moment before turning the big guns towards ingwe and the derby this coming saturday…

  18. It was good oluoch plz be serious I pardon u I saw how u were in pain after the match the two goals were ur plunder be strong next match

  19. kama nzuri nzuri jodala,that was a masterclass performance from the mighty Kogalo, that was the so call team work, the back line was superb, midfield quite splendid while strikes very very excellent ,jausenge,kipkirui and Wuod Mary I salute you dearly, the central defenders momanyi and Joakim thumbs up guy.Sitasahau na Wuod asego nilikuona kabisa thumbs up to.

  20. Quick recovery to Nicholas Kipkitui, congratultions Gor Mahia. Let the EC ensure the players are comfortable by paying them in time. Threats of players going on strike are not healthy. Let us prepare well financially for the remaining matches. Issues of financial challenges cum lack of air ticket are not healthy.

  21. CONGTATULATIONS TEAM GM,WONDERFUL PERFORMANCE.U might say such & such player or department is the weakest link in the team & the next game your are made to swallow your words coz the weakest link raises up & wins the game again.My observation is that Momanyi/Joachim should partner some more to understand each other, same applies to miguna and lawi, the gaps in the mid were abit of concern coz they both offensive mid fielders, we could improve on this if our wingers fall back immediately.
    My appeal to Oktay & Zivo , Demo should train twice a day to get his fitness ASAP, I think he is a very lethal artillery

  22. My opinion the boys played well and congratulations whoever some areas need to be rectified 1. Goalkeeping was wanting our wonderful international goalkeeper was in the field in body but not in mind he was too casual on the way he carried himself in the field 2. Kahaya was more of a winger than a midfielder though still did a marvelous work 3. Muguna was very good though more of an offensive than defensive 4. Our backline mainly the two central still need to learn on how to defend the setpieces 5. Batambuze is good. 6. Lawrence was marvelous 7. Omondi need to be composed he seems to be in a hurry. In all the team we had today can take us places. Wish you all the best.

  23. goal number ngpi ilikua tamu sana? mmi ni second goal after playing several ground passess then to kahata and finally to jausenge. wot agoal!!!

  24. I was in the field despite being told why should I waste my time to watch a team that will be thouroghly by zamelek now am smiling coz ni wao ndio wanaswanasing vile gor ni fans who didn’t attend Gor imeamuka.we should pets pets it ndio izidi kuwaka.

  25. K’Ogalo 4 – 2 Zamalek
    NA Hussein Day 2 – 1 Petro
    Home teams won on match day one. Perhaps home teams will win again on match day two. For us to finish in the top two we need to win our next away match.Zamalek’s major undoing is that they may have watched and relied too much on videos of our games when we were not playing at our best. We need to win the next match before our opponents figure out our kind of game.

    1. Wed 13.2 Petro vs GM
      Sun 24.2. GM vs Hussein
      Wed 3.3.19 Hussein vs GM
      Wed 10.3. Zamalek vs GM
      Sun 17.3. GM vs Petro

  26. An amazing display today!

    I hope we can play away the same way. It is good to try defending while playing away but it is better to attack as a form of defense!

  27. pls fans let us help Oluoch.have noticed that most player normally have faith with oluoch even when it seems to us he is committing school boy mistakes.have it ever occur to us that oluoch perform better when he has no pressure.fact he has on several occassion saved us to reach this stage and it was away.we have never forgiven oluoch from his first blunder,thats why most Gor fans are ready to lynch him.did you know that oluoch initiated the third goal by kip.his greatest asset is readying thefield

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