Musa Lauds team spirit as Ze Maria praises Ulinzi

As Gor Mahia approaches the remaining six matches. Only two points separate the two teams. And there are three teams that are tied at 37 points and within shouting distance of Gor Mahia and Tusker. Gor Mahia skipper Musa Mohamed has said that the team change in fortunes for the team was due to a laser like focus.

“The team is focused. I feel there is a change in mentality as the display today showed.”

Musa also knows that focus among team members is going to be crucial in the last six games.

“Of course the win is very important s as we reduced the gap between us and Tusker. Our  main focus is however on approaching and playing all our remaining game well and get results in “each game. ” said Musa to

As for Brazilian tactician Ze Maria, he was full of praise for Ulinzi Stars whom he said came ready to play real football.

“Every team needs to be like Ulinzi. Many teams come into our matches looking to defend so much that they end up not playing at all. Ulinzi didn’t do that. They ran in the first half and they ran in the second half and you could see that they were prepared to win. That is football.” said Ze Maria to the KPL website.

Ze maria says playing positive football enables players to show their real attributes.

“When a team comes prepared to win and not just to avoid conceding goals, it becomes even more beneficial to the players because they end up showing real football attributes. I hope all teams in this country can play like that,” Ferreira said.

But Ze Maria should fully expect the remaining teams to park the proverbial bus against Gor Mahia. And he will need to adjust his tactics as such. Gor Mahia’s next match is against Sofapaka on September-25.

19 thoughts on “Musa Lauds team spirit as Ze Maria praises Ulinzi

  1. In the previous story someone said we may need to use calculators as we embark on the home stretch. My calculation is a prayer that we beat Sofapaka and Tusker loses to Miron aka Gor B/C or even draws(I want to be fair to them). Once Gor is perched atop that log even juok or awes cannot remove us

  2. Congrats to the TB,EC Player s and fans.I mean the fans who have supported the club during these cloudy months of frustrating draws and one deafeat.Kagere and Jausenge’s team chemistry will blossom.Both or one one of them will give us crucial goals on this home stretch.I am sure.

    1. Not really, this tems only , live, dream to beat Gor only throughout the whole league. Only Gor, Only Gor, after that , they can even hbernate untill next season

  3. The truth is that most teams just come not to lose to Gor. They never dream of beating Gor and if they do so then it’s a bonus for them. That’s why we are not able to beat the bottom teams. Any team that opens up the game because they want to climb up the log then it’s better for us since it becomes an open game. All the best for the remaining games and thanks for those who were OPTIMISTIC that things will turn around for the better. For those who gave up at least we can all now rejoice together but hope for an even better ending

  4. Perhaps it is just me but I don’t seem to buy this mantra that most teams just live to beat kogallo in KPL league. If we are that good, how come we struggle to make an impact in the champions league ? How come we don’t attract the best players from other KPL clubs ? How come we cannot develop tactics to neutralize their pack the bus mentality after all this years ?

    Let’s not chest thump that we are the best till we win the Africa champions league on Kenyan soil. Zesco has set the standards ………

      1. How, when (how many times) did we last win CECAFA or go beyond the first round in either of the CAF tournaments? Something which subsequent to 1987. Yanga, Simba of TZ, maybe APR of Rwanda and even S/paka have achieved. But yes currently we have the potential to be the most dominant regional club but its starts from the TOP with the officials being committed to the goal. I.E Members MUST commit EC to sign yearly written performance contracts to deliver some minimum football targets nationally, regionally and continentally.

    1. Mmmh tutafakari hayo! Lakini standards were set by the Mighty Gor Mahia players, TB and EC of 1987. Wishing Gor Mahia flavoured Zesco all the best.

      1. Officails will wake up when shemeji starts winning tournaments…..” dhako piem gi nyieke”
        Wapi Okeekenungo and Collins the oswahili people?

  5. Its fact known from day ONE of the season that 90% of the teams playing against GMFC will pack the bus especially if they score first. Any TB that does not have an antidote for this will struggle. A rare exception this time is Ulinzi couldn’t pack the bus coz they wanted a win inorder to draw level with GMFC on points. Their urge to win was made even more desperate coz we scored first. KUDOS FOR THE WIN BUT CONCERNED THAT ZE MARIA ADMITS “RELYING” ON ULINZI STYLE. I sign off let the next AGM put EC on yearly written performance contracts with these 3 minimums. GMFC MUST :1) qualify for a continental tournaments 2) qualify for at least the semi-final for every CECAFA tournament we participate in 3) qualify for at least the group stages / the 3rd round of CAF tournament, WHY WOULD ONE WANT TO BE AN OFFICIAL IF ONE CAN’T DELIVER ON THESE FOOTBALL MINIMUMS.


      1. You are absolutely within your rights to express your displeasure with lengthy posts. On the contrary an idler like me who has nothing else to do finds these gentlemen’s posts very enlightening and not boring at all. In fact I usually look forward to reading comments from Oduor12, Dan, Jakoyo, Musymo, Oriarogo and many others.

      2. That is why it has also been said here before that when you come across a blog/blogger whose style/information bores you or wastes your precious time then you simply skip it. Why waste your time and bore yourself? None the less, as put forward by @BB, you’ve have every right to complain on how you inflict upon yourself so much misery, pole sana. My free advice pick & choose what to read.

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