Musa Mohamed: Bad luck stifled Gor Mahia

Gor Mahia skipper Musa Mohamed thinks Kogalo were the better side on Saturday but a combination of the heavy downpour and back luck put paid to Kogalo’s efforts.

It was a tough match and the rain messed with our tempo in the first half. When we came back after halftime break we were able to put pressure on our opponents, he told

In the second half Gor Mahia created a number of chances and even struck the post twice but could not make a breakthrough.

“It is part of the game sometimes the game does not go as planned but we are happy that we got a point from this clash and it puts us somewhere.” continued Musa.

Tusker coach George Nsimbe for his part thinks his side accorded Gor Mahia too much respect.
“First half we got many chances and we were stable but when they came back they respected Gor Mahia that is why we didn’t play well but I thank the boys managed to pick a point from one of league leaders” said Nsimbe to

Gor Mahia are tied in second place with arch rivals AFC. As a result, winning the next match against Bandari has taken a higher magnitude of importance. Gor Mahia will face off with Bandari on Wednesday.

Bandari lost their last match to Chemelil FC. A win would have seen them seize the lead in the standings. They will be in no mood to slip up again and will rely on former Gor Mahia players Dan Sserunkuma and Edwin Lavatsa for goals.

Gor Mahia for their part will be hoping that the Rwandese duo of Jacque Tuyisenge and Meddie Kagere can find their scoring boots. Since the first game against Kariobangi, Gor mahia have yet to win any match in convincing fashion.

Musa Mohamed is confident that Kogalo can rise to the occassion.

“We have prepared well for the match. What remains is for the players to do their duty on the pitch,” Mohammed said. “We know it is not going to be easy because of the weather and the fact that Bandari lost their previous match. But we are ready to battle and hope for the win.” he said to the Nation.

The match kicks off on Wednesday at 3pm at Mbaraki Sports club.

Gor Mahia starting Line-up
Starting X1: Boniface Oluoch, Innocent Wafula Musa Mohammed, Shakava Haroun, , Ernest Wendo, Wellington Ochieng, Ken Muguna, Francis Kahata , Godfrey Walusimbi, George Odhiambo, Maddie Kagere,

Subs: Fredrick Odhiambo, Joash Onyango, Oliver Maloba, Anthony Mbugua Amos Nondi, Philemon Otieno, Timothy otieno,

14 thoughts on “Musa Mohamed: Bad luck stifled Gor Mahia

  1. Mpira haina bahati, play well, score goals and win.Best of luck against Bandari.Musa please weka Sserunkuma kwa mfuko the way Herrera aliweka Hazard kwa mfuko.

  2. Please players/TB “neutralize” Dan “Flava” Sserenkuma. EC please re-sign this club favourite in the mid transfer period. Why:He thrives in the K’galo atmosphere,he’s a goal getter who capitalizes on a half chance(remember the league winning goal from the Oboya flick), is good at goal mouth scrambles,a man (messi) for the big occassions (uliza kiatu,sorry i mean efusi),knows where the goal is,packs a hard ACCURATE shot even from outside the box. The problem with Ze Maria is he wants players and assistant coaches to be recruited for him.He’s been here long enough and should be more PROACTIVE.Let him identify FIT players who can score regularly with his system. Any of the main strikers not 5+ goals by mid season should be released. Lastly,as admin noted, we are almost done with teams at the bottom half of the table hence we need to up our game,then recruit “certified” goal getters in mid season to capture 2017 league and shield cup.

  3. What do you call hitting the post twice? Luck is and has always been part of the game. Your technical abilities need some complementation with a bit of luck gentlemen lets be sober.

    Where is the Bandari match anybody knows?

  4. Is it that some of us on this blog never participated in any sports? when an opposing player devoid of any pressure scores an own goal how do you call that? Wasn’t Tusker lucky that those strikes on the posts didn’t go in?

    I was once told that to be champs you equally need lots of luck on your end though you cannot depend on luck to win a game.

    For our game today we wish the team all the luck they need as well as our players to play their part

  5. Why bring in an expatriate team,the head coach,his assistant and even trainer and pay them 6 to 8 times more than the locals like Pamzo,Omino if it’s not to win the league, perhaps unbeaten, sometimes a double, at least reach the finals of CECAFA and group stages of CAF. Its been done by before by previous coaches, players and ECs-Ze Maria please READ OUR HISTORY.Locally GMFC should generally be head and shoulders above the competition because TB/players are much much better remunerated. So the excuse that opponents put extra effort against us is a very lame excuse given that TB/players rightfully strike when not paid. Current and last year’s performance raise the question whether the club is getting value for its money. You can be unlucky in a match or two but not an entire season. If salaries of TB/players translates to quality GMFC should be dorminant locally. A WIN AGAINST BANDARI WILL DO GIVEN THAT BAD LUCK WAS FOR BREWKENGE.

    1. I agree with you my friend, but let’s live in the real world for a minute. Even in our homes you can toil like a donkey, but if lady luck doesn’t smile at you, you’re a loser. It’s unfortunately that we have the most expensive football machine, we pray luck smiles our way

      1. Yes, but never be afraid to analyse the issue(s) and identify what is pulling you down or holding you back.Back to GMFC,is it the TB and players (does the quality match the resources spent),the EC i.e management not forgetting the role of members/fans. Or is it a negative mix of all of these. To me the EC,TB and players are the key. EC recruits a quality TB who in turn recruit quality players. Being voted in can always be “arranged”/manipulated just look at the political arena. That said being voted in does not give one the right not to deliver but means you’ve accepted a responsibity or job. GMFC is a big football club and we expect EC TO DELIVER TROPHIES, to win trophies we must win more matches than opponents, hence we simply must score more goals (and concede less) than them.

      2. Kudos Jamriambo. We should stop considering Gor like some ‘Samson’ when it comes to football. Every team including Bayern and Barca lose at some point. Or they completely overrun their opponents but do not win/score

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