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An advertisement that really stood out in the past week is the one touting the re launch of Nation FM from Easy FM.

As a certified advert addict this one could not escape my eyes more so because it had my beloved Gor Mahia as the subject.

In that advert, two men are seated on a bench presumably at a public park. The first man says: Waah! Imagine what will happen when the taxman closes Gor Mahia because of taxes.

Gor fans will really cry this time round. To which the second man responds: Mmmmh. But imagine what would happen if the more than 1 million K’Ogalo fans contributed Sh200 each. They would pay their debt and probably start a K’Ogalo Junior Club.”

This is a brilliant advert by any standards and the copy writer must be commended. However, the writer erred in the small matter of a junior club because we already have one that is emulating their big brothers by posting impressive results. An apple never falls far from the tree, so they say.


Today I am revisiting the issue of the Sh118 million tax arrears which Kenya Revenue Authority is alleging we owe them. As my friend Murithi Mutiga wrote in his weekly column a few weeks back, the matter needs to be looked at afresh.

I am not saying that KRA played a political hand in the matter but for the average K’Ogalo fan the coincidences are just too much. First, Brookside, a company closely associated with the president’s family terminates its sponsorship deal for a club whose patron is Raila Odinga, President Kenyatta’s nemesis.

Immediately after that, KRA slaps Gor with the huge tax arrears claim. The taxman’s claim that it was targeting other clubs as well remains hot air because so far we are yet to see another club slapped with such a fine.

I think it is time KRA told us how they arrived at the figure and come up with a way of solving this impasse. Of course de-registering Gor can never be part of such proposals.

Mine is a simple advice to the Green Army; sit tight, this is a storm we will ride out. Perhaps the most dramatic of the many headwinds that Gor has survived in the past was the order by former president Daniel arap  Moi for  the club to change its name.

22 thoughts on “Nation article questions Ksh 118m figure

  1. Gor needs to produce their books. If not, then KRA will be within their boundaries to charge Gor any number plus the associated fines and late penalties. The ball is in Gors court and not the other way around

  2. Wa ingo jamaneni. Nipe site ya afc nihamie uko. Ina kaa hii nyumba yetu umekuja mpaka gi onget kod godhro yawa.

  3. For once can Gor Mahia fans stop being deluded with this 1MILLION FANS thing!! Gor Mahia cannot have such a number of contributing members anytime soon.
    The club with most members in africa is al ahly with 96000 and they have +40MILLION fans in Egypt alone. Even Yanga whose average attendance belittles Gor has only 12000 members.
    Also I still don’t understand why you have not ejected the leadership-are the members that powerless? or is this run of form diverting attention in typical manner? I would never be proud if my club, the only in CECAFA with a continental title, is receiving kit hand outs from a politician.
    Why don’t you fans stage a boycott to remove the office instead of bailing out the ones who caused this.
    I’ll make the call again, if you need advise on football management in africa email me or you can continue deluding yourselves with the KPL supersport shows/Soccer Africa. I’ll be here sipping my cocoa
    Sad for your team, guys.

  4. Wa Ingo,what are we doing in your mouth? Do you ever think anything else, leave alone how to help your club improve its performance in the league apart from meddling in Gor Mahia affairs? Pili pili usioila, inakuashia nini? Get serious bro!

  5. Abaluhya Futa Coach – @ingo, you have another opportunity to sack a coach. This time it will be big again HE IS a MZUNGU. Get busy.

    Can you confirm you have also sent something to 350100 wajameni

  6. mine is to thank Tom Osanjo for that great article,and acknowledge his efforts, indeed,i consider his column as a great and articulate representation of kogalos interest at a national platform, hoping that Tom Osanjo logs to this site, mine is to request him to tell peter leftie for me that he is in the den to write about efusi not their noisy neighbors as he normally put it, i read Toms column every Monday, and i thank him for being wise to use his column to highlight kogalos concerns unlike at the den that uses its column to highlight their noisy neighbors. Tom, tell leftie to style up and remind him that he is an efusi fan. i remember there is a day that you counted how many times leftie mentioned kogalo in his column and it was a massive over 10 times. And for the football authority and the government, i humbly would wish to state here categorically that as Tom put it, de-regitering Gor Mahia fc IS and SHOULD and WILL never be an option. Kogalo is Kenyan football and Kenyan football is Kogalo. period! if somebody want to kill kenyan football, kill Gor Mahia fc, and Kenyan football will be as dead as a dodo, and the stadiums as empty as empty Debes. somebody in authority trust me on this.

  7. Let’s get some facts clear KRA cannot deregister GM over the tax issue.

    It’s not within their mandate BUT IT CAN take such punitive measures (which it already has)like freezing the club’s accounts and interfering with the club’s revenue streams.

    This makes the daily operation of the club difficult.
    The above article is misleading & am sorry to say like it or not Ingo is absolutely right on this one.
    Its upto EC to present GM’s books to KRA to counter the 118M claim and agree with KRA on the correct figure. There is no other way round it.

    Like Jasawagongo put it why EC has gone quiet on the 350100 updates, membership.
    Try to read blogs / articles objectively instead of blindly critizing everything the likes of Ingo post when the blame is entirely with GM’s EC on the KRA saga.

  8. is true that AFC will fire coaches when they do not deliver, it is true that AFC fans will go after officials when the team does not do well, it is true that AFC fans will hold hostage players and technical bench when they don’t do well…Let us now look at Gor. Gor fans will urinate on vegetables being sold by old women who have nothing to do with Gors loss, Gor fans will stone innocent drivers when their team fails, Gor fans will steal from hawkers and stone them. All these people have nothing to do with a loss. At least AFC fans go after those who are responsible for poor performance. This is the reason why Gor fans have a bad name

  9. ingo whn dd we urinate in ur mothes milk n what was ur mum doing by the roadside whn we usuall sing Gor cmng leave the way wacha ujinga

  10. ingo! you are out of your mind , KPL HAS 16 TEAMS , why only gor ?? can you concentrate with efusi please !!! sooner or later, look at you need to evaluate your coaches before sacking them . and finaly dont worry efusi will be there !!!!

  11. ingo if tht is wht makes u sleep n wake up dreamng ths site thn bado tutakojoa n instead of guns our weapön is stone u better respect tht n shun this site

  12. ingo i thot efusi guys r just stupid bt ur case is worse if attacking gor wl make u imprv thn go ahead.

  13. ingo alisema ukweli …we need to put our books in order and again the guy is actually in love with the great team let him be sioni akiondoka ni fala mang’aa na anapenda kogalo labda tumwambie bi mos yaani come lakini polepole kogalo ina wenyewe.

  14. On post No. 1, Ingo was sober and talked alot of sense regarding our books but now on No. 7, he has talked nonsense.

    @ Ingo we dont need your advise. Gor Mahia already know what to do so you can focus or redirect your postings to AFC’s blog. Thanks for understanding.

    To all fans – let us wholeheartedly support our team and explore best way possible to vote the right people in office in future so that this club can be run professionally with accountability being put first. In other words we need a visionary leader who can transform Gor Mahia for better.

  15. Walter,we need a team of proffesionals to run the club not these politicians who keep on changing after every three years.The elected EC should not be involved in day to day running of the club.

  16. Hi Dan, if you read the full article about this incident, Ingwe fans beleived that their club chairman was in the car. This was purely collateral damage.

  17. I am disappointed at how easily bloggers here get distracted by Ingo’s comments. You have stopped discussing issues and are now concentrating on Ingo. Don’t forget that it is his tactic and you have fallen flat to it. Meanwhile, he should be allowed to air his opinion. Who says this site is only for Gor Mahia followers?

    Meanwhile, Caffootball (No 4) has raised very pertinent issues that explain why numbers are not adding up. The EC has failed us and must be kicked out. We need to identify people who have the ability to mobilize funds from the corporate world. We need a marketing guru as our CEO and let us kick out these pseudo-politicians from the helm. Some of them have actually admitted that the job seems much bigger than what they thought.

  18. bogus article… only way way to capture jang’o attention in anything is to include politics to it. i did not vote jubilee… but on this why would Uhuru waste his time fighting gor? i suppose the writer has now captured the luo imagination with this conspiracy theory.
    now on the 350100, why is the collection not making headlines. the only fact remains that gor support is simply a false image. most of the crowd are ppl who simply want to be seen as part to the crowd but will never contribute anything. the imagination that gor crowd can lift the club to greater hights will finally be exposed as a fallacy. this site endured claims by fans on how the gor base could build a stadium, a wave that the current EC especially the chairman rode on to get into office, well, reality is fast checking in. at this rate, five years from now gor will still be a wannabee club unless the gor nation changes it perception on how the club should be managed. gor is claiming some piece of ground which was ‘given’ thru a road side declaration. how gor is planning to get this piece of earth yet the goverment is asking for it’s tax return, by itself this will be a miracle. so what’s the easier way to do it, hire some writer to come up with a conspiracy theory?
    here are 3 options;
    option 1. get ur act together counter the KRA claim by declaring how much income passed thru ur hands and hand it over. KRA claim is based on what they found at the Brookside books.
    option 2. ask for forgiveness. lots of ppl never used to pay tax including landlords.
    option 3. continue use the press to peddle rumours that luos are being finished.

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