22 Jul 10

The new team list is available at the following page : http://www.gormahia.net/team.html


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  • michael says:

    I thought Osumba is not with us rather is with Mahakama. Confirm.

  • Oti Oluoch says:

    The team list is quite ok. But my only worry is the good players who have signed a short term contract. Also I noticed that some players have gone past their contract. Is ‘Pro’ still an active player or full-time assistant coach?

  • I think its ok for the short contracts so that the players will perfom in a competitive Gor with the anticipation of their contracts being renewed. Long term contracts make the players relax.

  • Stephen Mokua says:

    Our players are good hence Gor should win this league.

  • Oti Oluoch says:

    I read in a local Daily that Opiyo Peter have signed for a club in South Africa and he was not a duly player signed for Gor but he was on loan from Thika United. I wonder why did the club not have signed him this year after he was loaned to us last year?

    Please someone confirm this development to us. So the rest of the season minus opiyo. Also is Masika around?

  • Mike Alem says:

    Okoth was the signin g of the season

  • KORE says: