Ngala refutes “baseless” rumours about pay

Gor Mahia’s long serving club official Ronald Ngala is refuting reports that the club has not payed its players. ┬áNgala says that media outlets are sensationalizing stories about Gor Mahia.

“That is a blatant lie, we have paid our players and reports that we owe them money are baseless. All teams are feeling the financial pain, not only Gor Mahia. People tend to focus more on us because we are a big team, and our story will have an impact.” he said to

Ngala went on to say that this is not the first time Kogalo is in financial difficulty.

“We have been in this situation before, and we managed to get through it, so we shall get through this situation as well,” he continued.

10 thoughts on “Ngala refutes “baseless” rumours about pay

  1. Thank you ngala for clarification.Having been fully paid the players must now earn their renumeration on the field of play.Of vital importance is strikers scoring goals abundantly.On that point we won’t relent

  2. Fake !!! This is blatant attempt to massage the ego of players who have threatened to boycott this weekend games.

    Footballers welfare association of Kenya which consists of captains of all KPL clubs will make a ruling on the same tomorrow so Ngala spare us the blah, blah blah PR stories as we still demand players be paid , wether they play for Gor or not is not the issue, this is their right NOT a priviledge thooo…………

  3. You shouldn’t blame the media because the moment you failed to pay Walusimbi when the team was going for a major tournament, you in essence invited the media to probe you.
    Surely you shouldn’t be expressing comfort that you’ve been in this situation and you managed to pull through, think out of the box and give us a permanent solution. I think you have overstayed in that office and things as grave as they are, to you is normal.
    You are at the helm of leadership of this most loved club, you shouldn’t be helpless, show leadership by managing the most basic things like club merchandise, gate collection etc. You have a very huge support behind you, take advantage of this support

  4. Ngala must have lost his marbles. The statement is itself contradicting. Its a shame that Walu didn’t travel toTunis

  5. Between Ngala the ‘old’ club official and Ben Omondi the ‘new’ secretary General, who is speaking the truth? It is time Gor players themselves confirmed whether they have been paid or not unless they have been gagged. Hull city coming to play Gor in May sponsored by sport pesa! So it means Sport pesa still sponsors Gor behind the scenes. This can be good news because players’ welfare is paramount and not the kind of opponent in a friendly match. Sadly Gor fans won’t be able to watch the match in Kenya, because we don’t have the kind of playground to host a team of Hull calibre. It might be played in Tanzania.

    1. It is not your business to ask players to confirm whether they have been paid or not. You are not the paymaster. Let fans keep to their lane of giving support to the team.

  6. Why do people insinuate anything and everything i wish to refrain to anything am not fully knowledgeable to but for pleasure no player of gor has complained of payment of salaries this with exception of signing fee for walu n who else we don’t know ..

  7. When some idiot says it is not the fan’s duty to ask of players payment status yet sometimes back the same fans contributed to the paybill number in the past. This was after some players on condition of anonymity decried of late or non payment of their salaries.Fans can still be called upon to give a helping hand because the club is still nowhere near financial stability,so let the myopic and non enlightened bastards keep their ignorance and intellectual deficiency to themselves.

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