Oboya joins Gor Mahia on short term contract

Oboya pictured here while at Siad Most. 1st season as a professional

Courtesy of goal.com

Former Harambee Stars midfielder Patrick Oboya is set to join Gor Mahia on a short term contract, his manager has exclusively revealed to Goal.

Oboya has been training with Gor Mahia for the last one week and is scheduled to pen a six month loan move.

The player is contracted to Vietnamese side Thanh Hoa but is in desperate need to get his form back hence the decision to return home.

“Oboya has been training with Gor for the last one week and they want him. He is also comfortable with playing for the club and this week we will sit down and negotiate a suitable short term contract.

“He (Oboya) needs some playing time so that he can get back to his form and go back to pursue his professional career,” said Oboya’s manager Robert Muthomi.

Muthomi further revealed that Oboya’s form was affected by injuries he sustained one year ago something that kept him out of competitive football for a long stretch.

23 thoughts on “Oboya joins Gor Mahia on short term contract

  1. Let Sir Bobby, our blonde-haired soccer aristocrat, continue assembling his troops into a formidable outfit. Next, we will move to Zdravko’s former house once he clears his earthly belongings, quote scriptures and then say cleansing prayers led by apostle Mwakio before we settle the legend, rateng’ woud Ogola in. This is Sir Bobby’s and K’Ogalo’s time to shine.

  2. Well come patrick n thanx 4r choosing the mighty,feel at home n uwl enjoy every bit of ua stay.guys we jst need 3wins n there we are long leave kogallo.

  3. This is a welcome punch added, what of Monday?

    Tomorrow are we there at City Stadium or not? We want and are ready to be there for our team. If I remember well this season, we have played cleanest and why are we being punished together with Ingwe who were the trouble makers during that match? Even DP was there an saw what happened. Remember last year? We were punished alone and bore the punishment all alone as the other side celebrated and cried for more of Kogalo blood; why is it that this time we are being dragged in to take punishment that surely should not be ours? When I see the people lining up to take positions in Ingwe including a Nairobi lady politician I think it is clear some quarters are shielding them but want to make Kogalo suffer at the same time.And who is to benefit? THIKA!!!!!!!Washindwe!!!!!!

    While there is an appeal, I think the so called punishment must be held in abeyance.Someone please clarify.

  4. once again , does EC have a recruitment policy ? on what factors do we recruit players ? am not sure this guy is going to add any value to the club….

  5. yakoyo ni ingwe damu thats why he is against Oboya playing fo mahia Gor. be patient and learn to give ppl oportunity !

  6. BB Yes, Sir Bobby should be given a treatment commensurate with his class and responsibility. Why not settle him in that apartment and be paid the 500K formerly given to the Loga guy?

    Its our time to get our trophy back and the way is through Bobby at the helm.

  7. I agree with Oboya’s joining Gor mahia,These veteran players add more value to local league e.g luky dube,wanga.They know how to inspire local players.

  8. @Kassim as regards AR, please read my blogs
    I’ve been fronting for former legends to take over K’galo as I don’t see any current official who has any worthwhile experience to run GMFC.
    My only point is that maybe AR’s positives outweigh his negatives e.g the sponsorship.Like you I’ve reservations that one can just commit his resources to the club all those years without “getting” something in return.
    Like I said
    1. Chairman AR vs ????
    2. Vice chairman Dr.Obwaka obviously better than Kilo,Faiz and the other guy
    3.Sec Gen-Can you compare Nashason Lule vs Bwana
    4. Technical Director -J Sianga , even Bobby, Makamu
    Let’s give Bobby and players the support but I know immediately Bob is paid over 300k which he deserves than the executive community will start plotting his downfall

  9. “He (Oboya) needs some playing time so that he can get back to his form and go back to pursue his professional career,” said Oboya’s manager Robert Muthomi.

    Muthomi further revealed that Oboya’s form was affected by injuries he sustained one year ago something that kept him out of competitive football for a long stretch.

    My comment Here we go again- is K’galo a rehabilitation centre? Why does the EC allow such nonsense

  10. We want the title this year, how it comes is not the problem Oduor12. This is the player that can thrill you on his good day and in any case these are our children, why would you want to deny then such chances. Just add Monday and it will be a walk through to the title AND please as civilised supporters lets quietly close the Loga chapter, he was ours lets avoid bad mouthing.

    Latest good news is that we shall be at the city stadium tomorrow, this is until the appeal is heard and finalised. But why is the match at 10am?


  12. but can the executive committee finalise this logarusic issue lets not forget where we were before loga now that we are smelling success we should not start being arrogant if the executive is really worth its salt they should manage the club not going to the press to tell us they will not be blackmailed . who brought loga to gor isnt it the same executive why didnt thy sign him under terms and conditions that he would have to live under ? why are we being forced to live with a coach who is awol in the middle of the season? to me that only spells poor management that should be controlled before fans start calling for elections.

  13. Let’s all play our part as fans and support all our new signings. I’m sure the tech bench is upto the task and the experience players like Oboya can bring us is invaluable. I know Ingwe has done what looks like better signing than even Tusker but unfortunately the game is only played by 11 players at a time.
    Let’s keep the faith and the mountain shall move.
    No more sideshows and all energy directed in one and only target and we shall be celebrating come November. The hill looks steep but the rewards of conquring such a mountain are ernomous

  14. @13 ja thurgi ji the match will be played at kasarani 3pm not city 10am. It was scheduled at 10am when no fan was expected. Since the ban has been lifted so the change in time. ALL THE BEST KOGALO!!

  15. Gor Mahia is a leader in the beautiful game and has something to give back to the community through corporate social responsibility CSR and that is where Oboya comes in as he is a Harambee stars player let him be given the chance and it will be a plus for the club if the player gets back his form and goes back to Vietcong or wherever as Ongoro ja Karachuonyo says’tenda wema nenda zako’
    On Loga i wish him the best in his future endeavors he was there when we needed him most for now the green army must move and with that said he still has a contract so if he want to come back and finish his contract so be it but we must-as a team-never loose focus which is the coveted TPL title.

  16. About management i don’t think its about the former players but in my view its about professional running the club and i stand to be corrected as i think there has to be a job specification for a CEO /General Manager/Team Manager/Coach/Technical Director etc what are they supposed to be doing?what are their duties you know.To create such the club should engage the services of professionals like say Pricewaterhouse coopers to develop a job speck for such (largely what we don’t understand to avoid conflicts and remove the positions that we don’t need)in the process the club will evolve from the situation that we are paying wages and allowances for too many officials in the process saving money and having an efficient management system.My point no. 2 is that elected officials MUST not run the club OR CONTROL THE FINANCES but a CEO/General Manager and his team(all employees complete which a finance manager,Public relations officer etc and an office) who should all be EMPLOYEES WITH SPECIFIC TARGETS(read the TPL title) of the club who can be fired if the don’t deliver.The work of the elected officials should be to formulate policies to be effected by the employees and play politics if they so wish that way in my opinion should unlock the potential of the club and sourcing of the employees again must be done by a respected organization in the business in my opinion again KPMG Pricewaterhouse coopers etc.Just thinking out loud don’t kill me and before you think of killing me in the 1980s Kogalo was in the same breath (if not greater) with Esperence Zamalek,Asec Abidjan,Raja Casablanca,TP Mazembe, Club Africane now tell me is the same true today? if not what changes did they effect that we did not? and to move forward by that i mean building our own club house and stadium,being irresistible to sponsors etc what do we need to do?

  17. I think Logas firing was long overdue. He knew very well that he could not win the leauge with the way K’ogalo was playing under his watch.He had even lost respect from players by seducing their girlfriends resulting in luckluster performance from players.Lets give Sir Bob Ogolla the necessary support to bring the trophy to K’ogalo.

  18. He (Oboya) should knw that play time comes with results/perfomance. if u dont perform please go back to VIETNAM. this is second leg mann.any joke can cost us the trophy.

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