Oktay: Injuries decimating the playing Unit

Stalwart attacker Dennis Oliech is out for the rest of the season. He broke his hand in the match against Western Stima after colliding with an opponent and landing awkwardly.

Aside from Oliech, coach Oktay stated that the tight schedule is taking its toll on the playing unit in terms of injuries.

“Goalkeeper Boniface Oluoch is sick, Jacques Tuyisenge as an ankle problem same as defenders Charles Momanyi and Shafik Batambize, while Shaban Odhoji is also struggling. All I want is to get a report from the medical stuff before I know what to do.” Oktay told goal.com

Oktay also re-asserted that the blunt attack is the culprit in the last two games.

“That is normal to drop points, it normal and in football that is normal, Against KCB we had injuries and we were losing 3-0 but managed to get a draw despite the mising seven chances. We were supposed to get maximum points from KCB,”

“It was also the same thing against Western Stima, we dominated the match and hit the post twice plus a number of missed chances but we finally dropped points because Stima came looking for a point.” Oktay continued.


6 thoughts on “Oktay: Injuries decimating the playing Unit

  1. We are in the digital era where social media demands short and precise mode of communication as opposed to long, boring and repetitive composition of the old generation. Let keep it short , precise and align to twitter techno savvy. If I have wronged you then POLE.

    1. @ Ja Supembe, what do you really mean by keeping it short and to the point against the background of the fact that the players are getting injured and thus affecting the team’s performance?

  2. For the last few weeks I have learned lessons in the champions league that I wish lessons could be learned from and that is , no matter how small they may make you feel about yourself ( Ajax) that desire and ambition can make you fall a giant and yesterday I learnt about Belief in oneself and that its never over until its over attitude from Liverpool and to come back from 3-0 down and overcome the greatest football club in the world who have the greatest player in the world is a
    lesson/s our players who are still on their career progression can benefit from .
    Engineers learn from fellow Engineers , Doctors from fellow Doctors , Lawyers from Lawyers and likewise Footballers should Learn from fellow Footballers and not clueless fans , in the same breath our EC can learn from Ajax EC that despite having the smallest budget and the most inexperienced players in the Champions League , there is a way you can maximise the little you have and yet have maximum impact .
    @Dawaplus , there is no need to respond to some people or some sentiments coz Low Self esteem has no cure , I would rather respond or debate differing opinions like @Jakoyo or once in a while @Dinga coz at least the issues will be at an intellectual and structural level , as for the others I am sorry you are pambanaring with some condition but I am not the one responsible for that hali .
    Finally , I think it should fill one with pride to know the full history of the club you support from inception to date , it surely cant be that ignorance is cool and its on that note that I normally beseech those villagers who came to the city bila plans and who are idle and spend all their time rumour mongering on the streets , viciously demanding for handouts from all and sundry , embarrasing everybody else with the mistaken belief that they are supporting Gor , that you need to go back to the village where your phisicality will be of use in the farms , I propose this not coz I hate you but coz I care , anybody not telling you this is not your friend .
    Wish the boys all the best as they tackle chemelil sugar .
    NB: My articles are unapologetically long, so please dont blame me for reading all of it or for reading it at all .

  3. Would it be repetitive of me to once again remind our fanbase to borrow a leaf from the Liverpool fans , who despite going into the match 3-0 down , despite how hopeless the situation looked , despite the fact that the all medias and all the pundits had ruled and rubbished any chance of a comeback by Liverpool , Still heeded the call to turn out in the thousands , filled the stadium to the rafters and from the very first minute roared the boys to the most memorable victory in Liverpool’s folklore .
    Hitherto the match , the fans of all generations were treated to and reminded of the conquests going back over 100YEARS that past legends have overcome and because of the discipline in the stadium , you would see Thousands of men and women in their 90s , 80s, 70s, 60s, 50s, 40s , 30s, 20s, Teenagers , Families , Boyfriend , Girlfriends , each in the stadium for one singular positive purpose and that is to perform their part as the third component of the club and to cheer the club to victory and thank God , their efforts were not in vain .
    And each time they scored , people celebrated and cheered within accepted norms , nobody threw nothing at nobody , nobody threw nothing into the pitch and after the game , everyone civilly walked out and back to their destinations , nobody harassed on the highways , no motorist mollested and essentially thats how to build a club .
    I have had occasions to discuss football with some of these very old Liverpool fans and their stories and experiences when you compare to what we see back home makes one so sad and wonder whether we are under some curse and where the Shallow minded and non paying “fans” and who are the “minority “majority are the ones who reign supreme for no other reason that their tool of engagement is violence and stone throwing -Bure Kabisa

  4. Teddy I love your writing and immense knowledge. As I had said before I would like to comment a friend because I lack the locus standi to comment as a registered member. The civility you saw in Liverpool fans is entrenched in support from the legal law enforcement agencies. The act on lawlessness and punish individuals without hesitation. Pictures have flown around in the media of Gor or AFC fans and hooligans I’m the act. No law enforcement agency has acted. Remember neither these teams have law enforcement agencies. The day a fan will arraigned and subsequently used as an example watajua Kenya ina wenyewe. My otongolo adek opinion

    1. What Liverpool fans did (support during the game and calmness after) after eliminating Barca is something you need a whole battalion of soldiers to do here in Africa, and Gor in particular. Why do we as fans cause the same team and office so much harm in terms of fines?


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