Oktay says Kahata is peerless, incomparable

Now that Jacque Tuyisenge’s departure is settled, coach Hassan Oktay is fighting to keep Francis Kahata in the squad. Oktay has set his sights on a good performance in the 2019-2020 Africa champions league and he believes Kahata is integral to his plans. According to Oktay, Kahata is in a special class of his own.

“I tell you something…Kenya will never see any Kahata in the next ten or 15 years. Kahata is in a class of his own, a gift delivered from God, a pure Gold and a player you cannot find from any shop,” Oktay told Goal in an interview on Tuesday .

Oktay’s pleas were in response to a report that the club has not even made Kahata an offer.

“All the shops to buy a player of Kahata caliber are unfortunately close, none is open because such players are very rare. He is a magician and every player at Gor Mahia loves to play alongside him. Everyone knows what I call him, and they love it in training. He is a gem and a player we should try as hard as possible to keep.

Oktay has taken it upon himself to convince Kahata to stay since it seems the club EC is fast asleep on this issue.

“I spoke to him (Kahata) again on Monday and told him the importance of staying with Gor Mahia. I want him to stay and I will do everything to make sure that he stays. We need his services and will have to fight to keep him around.” Oktay said.

Kahata is indeed one of the best playmakers to don the Kogalo jersey in recent years alongside the likes of Dan Ogada and John Odhiambo “Baresi”. He has been at the heart numerous crucial goals that Kogalo scored this season.

Chairman Rachier for his part appears to be hedging and is not sure he wants to keep Kahata.

“Kahata is a good player, but we will do what benefits both parties. If he wants to stay, we will negotiate and give him a better offer, but if he wants to leave, then we will not force him to stay.” Rachier said to goal.com

Earlier this year, Rachier was furious with Kahata and Philemon Otieno because of the fiasco where the players were pictured sleeping at the airport. Philemon is also rumoured to be leaving as is Shakava and Kipkirui. Newly promoted Wazito FC which is throwing money around, has been mentioned as a potential landing point for some Kogalo players.

Kahata wants to stay but ………..

Francis Kahata told Citizen sport that he would like to stay but will only do so if Kogalo matches the offers he has received from elsewhere.

I love Gor Mahia but as you know football is like a business; they need to do something if they want me to stay next season,” he said. “My contract ends in June and thus if Gor want me to stay then they should offer me a better contract which matches what other competitors want to give me.”

“I have received a lot of offers with Tanzania’s Simba SC among those keen on securing my services, I can’t really reveal other teams but I can confidently say they have contacted me and they want to offer crazy deal. From next month I will be a free agent meaning I can sign with any team I feel like.” he told Citizen Sports.


14 thoughts on “Oktay says Kahata is peerless, incomparable

  1. Even if he is a quality player but too much praise may spoil him.Anyway let him mint money now because this carrier is short lived.

  2. True this is a very good player and I also support his retention but again if he wishes to try other options then he should be let to go without acrmony, he has had his great contribution to the team. Muguna should seriously take up the creative role as we look for support in this area as we must. Someone is talking about Wazito, yes they always come with great pomp and soon enough they disappear from the scene. I remember the year Utalii came, later on Sofapaka and lately some Shark, all back to their average status, no threat at all. So come Wazito come.

  3. Kahata is a great player but in my opinion, it’s time for him to move. He isn’t getting younger and needs to make something out of his career. From the time he left the Nigerian keeper wondering about his magic to date is quite some years and he will soon slow down.

    For the Chairman, i can only say all the best. Will remember what you did for our club. 6 league titles (one unbeaten), together with countless other trophies and wins is something worth appreciating.

  4. If Kahata feels like he has better offers elsewhere then he should not be giving interviews. On the other hand Rachier et Co. should not hold vendetta against Kahata coz of the “airport picture”. Players were asking for their allowances, it couldn’t have been Kahata alone.
    Kahata is slow in pace. Kenyan players have to learn how to make best of the Kenyan situation. Kagere set an excellent example. It’s not the go-slows, “kuhepa training” or airport pictures that will set you free. It’s not about signing 3 months contracts as you wait for this imaginary BIG club from Sijuiwapisgovina.
    Kenya has good players so Oktay claim of 15years is surely a joke. Kenya has good players but poor or negative attitude towards the profession. The problem is bogus coaches. Coaches who lose 50+ points but can only account for the 6 or 4 points lost to Gor.
    Kahata should be given another contract but with stringent delivery conditions. Gor players must also learn that contracts are about delivery. Players need to learn that they are not on pensionable employment.

  5. Kahata go for the “crazy deal”. No one in Gor will fall for the bait you are pulling off. You are pushing for Gor to table an offer so that you use it for bargain? Gor already has given you its “name” to sell yourself. You had a whole season to add value to “Kahata” brand simultaneously and you did your best. Accept your worth. You know what you are worth. Otherwise why don’t you willingly tie yourself to a contract and let the Simbas and the undisclosed teams by out your contract and offer you “craziest deal”. That way you will also have contributed to Gors coffers. You are also going to AFCON and have another chance to showcase your talent. Concentrate and grab the opportunity.
    I hope Otkay is not doing his talk blindly oblivious of Kahata blackmail. Also remind Otkay we had “legends” and more will come. He just need to look and get them to the team. By the way does Kahata fit the “legend” tag?

  6. Kahata is top of the pack in mid field. His game changer, dedication, fighting spirit and sharp instincts in the mid field beyond doubt, has been a fulcrum in gors success. We need him now more than ever especially for the champions league. If he could be a little more patient and the club officials alittle more accomodative to keep the player. Hence make it a win-win situation, to the player, the team, the club and the fans, we love this guy.

  7. Whilst I agree he is a good player, I think we have gone overboard with the praises. If indeed he was all that, he wouldn’t have been plying his trade in the local league and he would have helped Gor navigate through the caf leagues over the years , though it’s never a one man show, unless you are Messi or Ronaldo. I wish he could add goals to his artistry. Let him seek the greener pastures out there and see how he fairs. He has been a good servant and I can only wish him well.

  8. This is over the top vigilante journalism , simplistic at best and designed and targetted at non thinkers and even a lazy but thinking individual would see right through it that transfer business and contract issues are not conducted in the pedestrian way the coach and the writer is trying to potray .
    Our standards as a country has been put so low that one who sings one song is labelled as a celeb , people who do what they are paid to do are potrayed as heroes and back to this kahats issue , am not one to fall for artificial media platitudes and if Kahata was as good (and I dont mean he is bad ) to the level lazy journalism wants as to believe , we ought to be reminded that a 28years old who has attempted a career in South Africa (6months) , Europe (6months ) and a failed trial this season with CS Constantin of Algeria is what we are being fed on this article .
    To the ones who have started looking for a narrative as to why Kahata has not been offered a renewed contract may be excused , for contract issues , negotiations are not an issue for people who believe that thinking is a punishment .
    Kahata is a very ambitious player and just like Paul Were’s six month Afc Contract , is in Gor for purely career and professional reasons and trying to inject feelings to an issue that is completely otherwise is to reach a conclusion that is trillions of miles away from where the facts are .
    Lastly , any serious professional in the local league , invited to a tournament that will have a beehive of scouts like Afcon , will always tell you one thing “If we have to talk , lets do it after Afcon , these talks of crazy offers from elsewhere are just that and it will not take us more than one transfer window for Kogalo to get a worthy replacement .
    Otherwise for now I appreciate Kahata , just like I would appreciate anybody who has renderred service to Gor and I wish him well and were he to upgrade , I will be happy for him , no feelings , just fact .

  9. We have addressed Kahata very well.

    Otkay – however good Kahata is, please let him Go for the “Crazy Offer” lest he blames you for missed opportunity in the future. Remember, just a few months ago at a critical stage these are the same players you were sympathizing with when they were on strike because of unpaid salaries. And no one even listened to you. Please advice Kahata on this matter and any other player who seek your advice without being selfish and fearful of your own future. Yes we are GOR and will demand more and more titles with or without Kahata. We expect you to seize the moment and look for upcoming players who you can develop and have them ready for next season and they are many. The Ugandans have also walked with us well in this department ask someone who baba kizito was and you will calm down after loosing Kahata. We wiah him well

  10. You dont win titles without good players. I ask Kogalo EC to keep Kahata especially since he is a local player and popular in the country. Oktay is right.


    By David Kwalimwa
    Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier says he has been pushed out of the club by a section of critics who accuse him of overstaying in power.
    He has also confirmed that he spent a personal fortune of about Sh100 million at the club during his decade long reign, and will not ask for a refund.
    “There are people who referred to me as (former Zimbabwe President) Mugabe, others said I am (Uganda President Yoweri) Museveni allegedly because I overstayed in power. Now I am leaving and inviting them to come on board and see what running a club entails,” said Rachier.
    The respected lawyer also declared that he will be quitting football management altogether.
    “I will not offer my candidature during the next Gor Mahia elections in December. Neither will I contest for the FKF elections next year. I am done with football management.
    “Maybe I will retreat to run an academy in my home village just to nurture those talents and also give back to society.”
    “I have spent over Sh100 million on this club and I do not intend to ask for it. It is not good to spend personal money in these things but when there is no money what do you do?”
    Rachier thanked Gor fans and players for their support and ranks the multiple league titles he won at the club as his main achievement.

  12. I would like to hear our recruitment plan now that it’s known Tuyisenge is going and some dependable players’contracts are running out.
    Time is a factor to consider when planning for future.

  13. @Sylvester my friend , I think that we all need to relax coz it is this same Office that brought Tuisenge , Aucho , Walusimbi , Baba Kizito , Sibomana , Nzigimana , Kagere twice , Kahata , , Ssesikambu , Mustapha , Muguna , Olunga , Samuel Onyango , Fredrick Odhiambo , Joash Onyango , Shakava , Calabar etc etc that is going to replace whoever leaves and with all the above examples , is it not a fact that we all need to show some faith .
    As to Kahata being local and popular , well the assumption here is that the player wants to stay but for some “airport reasons ” , he is being pushed out , well , I would say that six or so of the Ajax Amsterdam players who reached the semis of the Uefa champions league are equally as popular , but they are leaving to other clubs for purely professional and career reasons and their fans understand and accept and if popularity were to be a criteria when giving or renewing contracts then very soon people will start calling for a Referendum or/and Public participation before a player is signed .
    We have been getting these signings right before , we will get it right again this time .

  14. For those who believe that kahata is the best, with me if am given a choice between kahata and muguna,I’ll choose muguna over kahata. why, because I still believe that muguna is better than kahata although he’s being ignored. Muguna is also young and is yet to reach his peak. Kahata is at his peak and can only drop but I don’t think that he will be better in future than he is now. Mugunas achievement in Gor is relatively impressive if you compare his debut season with kahatas. Remember that this is the season when Gor qualified for the quarter final when muguna came back. For those who are Gor mahia followers can recall that kahata was only able to cement his position in Gor mahia when muguna left and that’s why when he came back, he complained that some players are trying to make him stay out even though he is the best and oktay had to find a way of playing both kahata and muguna at the same time to cool matters. So I don’t think that if kahata leaves we will miss him. The only player I believe is the best thing that happened to k’ogalo is the return of muguna because I still believe that he is the best. The coach can say what he believe but with me, muguna all the way.


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