Oktay: We were ready for Zamalek

Oliech rounding the Zamalek goalkeeper

Gor Mahia coach Hassan Oktay is happy with his players performance stating that his side had studied their opponents and knew what to expect.

“I was expecting this win because we did some good homework on Zamalek and watched their game against Pyramids (in the Egyptian league) and two other teams. We knew the way they play and tactically we were ready for them. I knew we could get something and I am happy with the players,” Oktay noted.

Zamalek coach Christian Gross for his part is unperturbed

“We have started in the wrong way but this is just one group stage game. We had the advantage of an early goal but we ended up conceding because of lapse of concentration in defense,” the tactician stated.

It was a happy return to the starting line-up for Kenneth Muguna who appears to have put is rift with coach Oktay aside. His midfield partner Francis Kahata was brilliant as an architect, deeply involved in every move.

Oliech dedicates goal to his brother

Twenty one years ago, Gor Mahia played Zamalek at Kasarani and won 1-0. The man who scored on that day was Steven Okumu, Oliech’s eldest brother who is one of the most lethal strikers ever to grace Kenyan football fields. Oliech dedicated hos goal to Steven.

“I dedicate this goal to the late Stephen Okumu,” remarked Oliech who wriggled through Zamalek defenders before rounding goalkeeper Mahmoud Ahmed to slot into an empty net at the death.

“I knew I would score by employing the same style and celebrating in the same manner like he did, I am happy for myself, the fans and Gor Mahia,” added the 33-year-old.

Raila rewards players

Chairman Rachier said the team was rewarded Sh500,000 by club patron Raila Odinga who was in attendance.

The former Prime Minister was accompanied by Rarieda member of parliament Otiende Amollo who topped up the amount with Sh50,000.

“They are many more assisting us to motivate these players,” saidRachier to the Nation

“Already I had promised the players Sh100,000 for reaching the group stage, we will pay them once we receive the money from Caf,” he added.

The senior lawyer further congratulated the players for the emphatic win urging them to keep the momentum in the coming games.

“We’ve had new players who took time to gel but so far the team chemistry is taking shape, it will be difficult to trounce Gor Mahia in the next games.”

24 thoughts on “Oktay: We were ready for Zamalek

  1. just pray and hope this win was not a lobi star moment i.e a fluke …………we have another trip to angola next week ! lets finish the job early.

    1. Jakoyo in case you have been following Gor CAF matches then you would know that we don’t fluke results at home. Ask Esperance, Supersport, USM etc. Could you be the ingo we know by any chance?

  2. Most difficult goal – Tuyisenge header.
    Most talented goal – Oliech “waist twister”.
    Best New kid on the block goal – Kipkirui
    Most crafty goal – Kahata\Tuisenge “kasarani job”
    Gor looked strong. The team now needs perfection especially on “assists”. The counter attack game was effective. CafCC remains tough coz of the drop outs. So long as Gor does not “sell” it’s home points then it will be fine, but Gor must find one away victim. The important thing is that Gor took the 3 points.
    I believe Zamalek will go for Hussein Dey[Alg] hummer and tongs. Gor just needs to contain Petro Atletico. Hussein Dey will be forced to come “shopping” in Nairobi and that’s when they shall find the market closed… but that’s just my wish. Zamalek came and left with one “bloodied” nose.
    My pride is that Gor Mahia will AGAIN be mentioned in Africa with respect. This is where we belong.
    Gor needs a partner in it’s Africa battles. It seems AFC is too tired. At the rate at which they are dropping someone needs to buy them a parachute. I hope Kariobangi Sharks can raise to the occassion. Teams like Tusker, Ulinzi et Bandari will never have an African agenda coz shareholders will always question costs. For them East n Central remains the agenda.
    A one club league is not what Gor needs and I say this for the future of football in Kenya.
    It’s a pity when one group can have 3 clubs from the same country.
    And for Oktay, beating a N.Africa giant earns you respect. Congrats once more.

  3. It is worth noting that Boniface Oluoch was involved in the build up to Oliech’s goal. A long pin point pass to Kahata’s head who then flicked a through pass to Oliech to finish.

    Some matter of concern: we play in Algeria on Wednesday 3.3.19, then in Egypt seven days later on Wednesday 10.3.19.

    Travelling and preparations there of will eat four of the seven days. It is therefore my humble submission that we don’t fly back home after Algeria. Instead we need to camp somewhere near Egypt. Flying back home will only leave us with three days of meaningful training. Turkey would be ideal and safest. Camping Turkey will give us some five days of uninterrupted quality training. I think coach Oktal enjoys some warm appreciation from the Turkish embassy considering that some Turkish embassy officials afforded time off to come and watch Gor Mahia. Perhaps Baba could seize this opportunity and lead K’Ogalo to camp in Canaan!!!

    Please Ja’Asego, let the EC buy this idea and write formal letters to FKF requesting for postponement of our domestic league matches and to the government to facilitate travelling. I believe that we could even cut on air travel costs if we camp north after playing in Algeria.

    1. We will camp in Algeria after the game with Nasr Hussein Dey..No need to ponder on it for various destinations as it is a settled matter with plans already underfoot barring any calamities…

  4. Bloggers the team will camp in Algeria period. Worst case scenario is Egypt itself by arriving early which is counter productive due to expected harsh treatment. So relax and revel in glory this particular issue is settled already no need pondering over it. By last week plans were underway concerning it

  5. Good job wuod Kanyada. Make mana kanyo kanyo. I was overwhelmed mpaka nikashindwa kuongea. Beating Zamalek. Wuolololo yawa. Wuololo

  6. Gor Mahia despite the media being consumed with notions of other clubs greatness in Africa, they have weathered that notion and are very victorious. Congratulations! Prove all these non-believers wrong and sin through to winning because you’ve just felled one of big media giants, Zamalek

  7. copied……
    Let our yesterday’s win not blindfold us.Oluoch is a player that should never be relied on,he is a player who will impress you today & seriously disappoint you tomorrow. Zamalek was a team worth 4:0 loss but Oluoch decided to gift them 2 goals.
    One thing Oluoch may not know, football is business, goal posts are his office & I wonder why he sometimes joke with what brings food on his table.
    I think coaches should consider giving Peter Odhiambo a priority,he deserves been our number 1 keeper.

  8. Was in Nairobi
    over the weekend for the game and having arrived a day earlier and with enough time on my hands to burn , I decided to sample some of the media outlets to get their feel on our game with Zemalek who by now were being referred to as the white knights and in all the media outlets , a narrative was formed , built and promoted of an expected massacre of our beloved kogalo , thereafter listeners were invited to call him give their views and place their bets and ofcourse the listeners after being given the through pass swallowed it hook , line and sinker , most of them being Ingwe fans and a few weak kneed kogalo fans , all were Zemalek kichwa (whatever that means, this narrative continued until sunday and I guess was a very big factor in discouraging a good number of fake Gor fans from going to the stadium ,this coupled with the nonsensical excuse of kasarani being far and yet there are people who travelled all the way from Dar , Kampala, Entebbe and other parts of the country , infact I met some of the “kasarani is far”guys after the match in Isinya, guys Afc is coming next on Sato and I beg this time we should look for more serious and intelligent excuses if at all .
    I want to sincerely thank @BB for the suggestion you have made vis a vis our travel arrangements to North Africa
    though it was horrifying to see somebody
    Opportunistically trying to piggy ride on your origin and then suggesting Libya as an alternative , just falling short of giving Yemen or Gaza were those suggestions e ncouraged .
    Lastly I also wish to give a huge Big up to @Jasego , our trusted guy on the inside for your incisive and in real time your rapid and undiluted response to genuine bloggers queries on this blog and I just fail to intelligently understand why your being on the inside offends some people , my wife tells me that one needs to be stupid to understand such people.
    @Musymo , thanks for showing people that their is a huge difference between liking football and knowing football

    1. @Teddy thanks for the appreciation. Concerning the people offended by my presence here i long figured out they are Not GM genuine fans but disguised Afc Leopards sorry fans who for lack of anything worthy at the den decided to infiltrate this blog and sow seeds of conflict and despair to kill the Mayienga spirit. In so doing who better to bash and character assasinate than the inside guy. They will fail in their schemes just as ingwe is soon joining the relegation play-offs this season

  9. Last season Kogalo began well in the group stage. Then team was destablized by player departures. This time EC wajipange. Think of everything ahead of time.

  10. That was an unbelievable and gritty performance by our beloved team but we thank almighty God!

    Kudos to the boys and the TC!

    Jaasego sometimes you take all kinds of barbs but it is all for the love of K’Ogalo and we TRUST in you!

    In victory and glory, in defeat and agony K’Ogalo for ever!

  11. Jasego as you can see, Boniface oluoch is becoming so erotic and his reflexes are wanting. I believe that you as a member of the technical committee or technical director as I prefer you to be called, should allow Fredrick odhiambo to be our no. 1goalkeeper to gain the necessary experience. If we’re a big team in east africa and our goalkeeper is not the first choice goalkeeper of the national team, it shows that even the national team coaches are not keen to gamble with him in goal as we have been gambling. Fredrick odhiambo is a good goalkeeper and with hard working defenders like momanyi and oluoch, we can minimize the no. Of goals that we are currently conceding. Remember mwene made Zambia fail to qualify for the African cup of nations due to his poor judgment in goal. I think that Boni should be given another role maybe in the goalkeeping department as an assistant to the goalkeeping coach because I understand that he is the one who recommended for the signing of Fredrick odhiambo.

    1. @Ogolo we erred in not signing a quality keeper in the transfer period. Sentiments on Fredrick Odhiambo are Noted and will be acted upon….

  12. I dedicate VICTORY to team of ’84/ Orieko aka Zamalek. What if we released Jausenge as some were advocating recently? Muguna, Joachim, Momanyi,Kipkirui etc are suddenly shining? What about GK Peter? How many more hidden gems need to be given a chance?

    1. @Oduor12, we have some fans calling for players to be released and yet they have no idea how good some of the players are in the team. Such armchair fans have no idea in football and they should be ignored. We have very good players in the team and we just need to encourage them as well as motivating them. They are our gems and office should not interfere with their performance.

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