Olunga advised against leaving

All three top Tanzanian teams have shown an interest in signing Gor Mahia talisman Michael Olunga. The 21 year old has earned rave reviews following his performances in which he destroyed both Young Africans. Azam coach Stewart Hall, who recently signed All Wanga from Al Merreikh has told the Standard that  Gor Mahia was asking for $200,000 (Sh20 million).

“This is a crazy price tag, but those asking for this money are not true representatives of Gor Mahia. “They are brokers who want to go in between for their own benefits,” said Hall. “He is a young player and we can use him as one of our projects. He is tall and physically strong and can partner well with my captain John Bocco,” said Hall.

Hall said he will engage the proper representatives of Gor Mahia with time to settle for the price.

Simba FC for their part are also interested in Khalid Aucho and Boniface Oluoch in addition to Olunga.

 Until Gor Mahia secures its finances, they will continue to be constantly  threatened by Tanzanian sides who have access to all manner of sponsorships. Yet a move to Tanzania very rarely pays off for Kenya players.

Former Yanga striker Boniface Ambani who was once top scorer in the Tanzanian league has advised Olunga against leaving Gor Mahia too early.

“I believe he can manage the pressure that comes with playing in Tanzania and I am not surprised that Simba want him. However, my advice is that he takes his time before making such a move. He needs to stay in Kenya for at least two seasons before going professional.

The biggest danger we have had with local players is that they rush to turn professional. For Olunga’s case, he needs to grow and become mature first. He should not rush. He needs to build himself in the national team first.” said Ambani to goal.com

Many former Gor Mahia players who went to Tanzania recently did not excel there, be it Kiongera, Sserunkuma or Rama Salim and even coach Logarusic. Ambani himself had to sue Yanga for backpay.

Nuttall to rest players

Gor Mahia coach Frank Nuttall has announced that he will rest key players in their Friday match against Sudan representatives, Al Khartoum.

“Since we have qualified for the quarter-finals with two matches to play, I will give more players a chance to play,” said the coach in an interview. “I have a very strong bench and it would be wise to explore all the talents I have here by giving them a chance to play,” said the coach.
Among the players who could be rested are Meddie Kagere and Michael Olunga. The rest will enable the players to recuperate after playing three  games in the space of 6 days.

20 thoughts on “Olunga advised against leaving

  1. Any player who wants to go SHOULD be allowed to go !!

    Aucho can be ably replaced by club favourite ‘babayao’ Kizito, Oluoch can ably replaced by veteran fredrick onyango and there is Gor Mahia youth team which is also doing very well and those players need top flight exposure.

    If we sell Olunga and Meddie Kagere leaves by end of year, free agents danny flava and dennis ‘the menace’ olliech, are more than willing to join the glamour club.

    Since we are broke, let us officially become a selling club !!!

    1. @Jakoyo stop talking like Ingwe fans and followers. I think your points and postings hold no water at all at this moment of mid season where we need all our top players. I just wish to remind you that you are not wise at all to pew such kind of venoms. Can you be objective?

    2. @Jakoyo you had highlighted the need to inject players from the youth team to the main team. Please note that these youth players are not registered to play in KPL and therefore they can not be fielded.

  2. The so called Jakoyo, is talking like an Argent of AFC, how can sell all your Players because you are broke what are going to do with the money? On Olunga case, just has Ambani advise him. He is still young persue his Deree I do not see the rush to join TZ Clubs, I have not seen any Kenyan Players has excell in TZ Leaqeu except Ambani himself, its just waist of time.To be specific TZ players are using kAMETE, against other players from other Countrie. NO NEED GUYS!!

  3. Bloggers , Bloggers , Bloggers, Football has moved on from the traditional cinderella stories and die hard 1980’s rituals of ‘come we stay ‘ and community ownership arrangements. Wellcome to the world of commercialising football i.e business and putting your money where your mouth is… though i need NOT to say this if you truly understand global football.

    Lets do business as a club , at least for once.

  4. My advise to Mica Olunga is please DON’T LEAVE KOGALO !!


  5. This is very interesting. The deal looks very good and sweet. But as Ambani advises that he does not go but still take time and even build himself in the National Team, that is an excellent advise.. It is too early the boy is just beginning to build his career. History is also not his side based on all the Kenyan players who have gone to TZ. At least they are still there and he can even ask them. Apart from Football he is per suing his academics which I think he would prefer to accomplish. The Tanzanian clubs are just taken by emotions of the moment especially the fire power that hit them so hard. OLUNGA DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP JA KABABA

  6. Though Gor Mahia is through to Quaters, I would prefered that Prof. Natull play their usual Squade to clinck the table, this will enable GM easy chance to meet the weaker Team in the Quaters because A1 will meet just the better finisher.Both Yanga and Al-Khatuom can still go to 9 points and put us on okward situations.Let them play the last Match against Telecom please? I see it that way!.

  7. Are we aware that Olunga is a Liberty player just like Kevo and Musa belonged to FISA academy? That means that we are not the once to hugely benefit from the sale but the player and FISA.
    Selling players once in a while is not bad since as Gor we seem to have the goodwill of the best players in the region wanting to join us

  8. Olunga, my humble request is that you play another two years in Gor Mahono and propell yourself in harambee and cup of Nations, coz Gor will develop you regionally and in the continent, most European teams do there scouting in continental competitions that is CAN and club championships, and in Gor you are guaranteed of these two chances, so Engineer stick around and help the team of your great grandfathers as did Peter Dawo, Onyango Jogoo, Odembo, Magongo and the rest, we as Gor Mahono need you now than ever, coz continental next year, we want that cup in our cabinet again, once i was told by my lecturer Dr. Tom Konyimbih, ”young man don’t think beyond the answer, coz you wiil overdoz and get negatives”, same to you, rushing to teams in Africa will be short term but creating a name in Gor Mahono is long term, as teams will fly in from Europe for your signature, and that is where you belong wuod Luo.

  9. Nilisema hajaiva wengine wakanitukana. Olunga will be a very good future player; he is just not ready for prime time yet


  10. As for resting players and giving others chance, I agree with that 100%. Call it tactical footbal, kudos Nuttal

  11. What a brialliant advice to gor players. But my question is for how long are they players going to stay in kpl n harambee stars to mature are they wines. Secondly does kpl clubs pay that huge sum per month apart from this peanuts pay. Did fiston matured at sofapaka before he was sold 24million to SA club. I think lets be honest n stop being jealous here to me olunga is ripe at moment n let him make money since he has adapted a high workrate which is required out there n there is no way he is going to fail either in TZ or in other country. Everyone in gor is ripe let them get big money n move from poverty. Incase no player is going to listen to this advice. So is up to gor office to make money out of them before they leave for free when there contracts expire in december 2015

  12. I hope after CECAFA we get Safaricom sponsorship so we can pay the likes of Olunga 500,000 per month and even strengthen the team further.Why are we not above the likes of Azam and Yanga in terms of net worth?Are we supposed to rebuild Gor yearly?is Gor a feeder club to other major teams?Does Gor Mahia have a master plan for growth as a profitable entity?Does Gor Mahia have continental ambition?. After CECAFA,we MUST change Gor.

  13. It’s still early for Olunga to have in mind for international clubs “Olunga is like a young plant showing is first fruits which still needs to be nurtured by a farmer”he should prepare is house well before making a step.Mature first is better after 3 season from now wuod Ogalo, is when you can take your ears to them wisely.

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