Olunga discusses immediate plans

Gor Mahia striker Michael Olunga, who is in South Africa for trials with Bidvest Wits says he will stay at Gor Mahia until January before considering his next option.
“It is true I am in South Africa but I am not signing anything. I can’t make any commitments to any club yet because I still have a contract.” he said to the KPL website

Olunga, who is a second year geospatial engineering student at The Technical University of Kenya. also likely wants to finish this semesters studies before proceeding to a foreign league.

“I came to check out on the prospects of moving here in January, not now. I also wanted to confirm if they would be willing to let me study at the University of Witwatersrand as I play for them, and I think everything is going well.

“Things are going on very well, I have been training with the team (Bidvest Wits) since Monday but it is still too early to tell for sure. We have a friendly match on Friday and if I am selected to play then I will have a clearer picture of what is going on,” he said.

Olunga will also attend trials with famous South African side Kaizer Chiefs

Olunga first came into the limelight when he scored several crucial goals to steer Upper Hill school to the Nairobi schools title including a famous 4-3 win over Ofafa Jericho. he then steered Upper Hill to the national finals where the lost 2-1 to St Anthonys Kitale. Olunga was voted MVP and was the top scorer at nationals. At the finals he announced that he would like to join Gor Mahia, a request which was ignored by the Gor Mahia brass at the time. Prior to joining Gor Mahia, he played for Tusker FC then Thika where his talents finally came to the fore. He is currently second leading scorer in the league with 15 goals to his credit and has scored more goals in all competitions than any Kenyan striker in 2015.

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  1. Olunga, if you want to go places, you must play for Ingwe for atleast a season. Ingwe is the oly team that produces pro footballers in Kenya. What happened to blackbery, how about Oboya? Na Ssere je? How about Rama. Ingwe wako na wakina wanyama, Wanga, Paul Were, Musa Otieno, Peter Opiyo etc. Listen to wise counseling son

  2. I see you are also studyin Geospatial Engineering. Not to discourage you Son, but I strongly advice you and other young and upcoming Engineers, to Major in one of the three primary Engineering fields FIRST i.e., Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering. Im a Civil Engineer and have used Geospatial tools to solve Civil Engineering Problems. If you just have a degree in geospatial, you will most likely end up working as a technician for a Civil Engineering firm or Meteorological organisation. At the end of the day this is what Im saying; You will not be the decision maker but a support staff. Those kind of jobs typically do not have room for Growth. I would say do Civil with coursework in geospatial and you be just fine son. I could have given you my contacts but I have a lot of enemies here 🙂

      1. Ingø you are very stupid. Geospatial Engineering are new emerging areas of Engineering and what are saying old traditional engineering courses is misplaced. After his undergraduate, he can go master in new emerging areas petroleum engineering, renewable energy or even financial engineering.

        1. Education is very important to me and I will respond to your post in a professional manner. You state that someone with a geospatial background can go get a masters in petroleum engineering. That is very true. It is also true that someone with an undergraduate in Civil or Mechanical can also master in Petroleum Engineering. Today, a barrel of oil is going for about USD 40 which is very low. Even though oil production is still high, exploration (where Olunga would most likely be working) of new oil fields by most major companies has been drastically cut. In Kenya, we are not sure of how much oil we have and I can not advice any young engineer to put both of his or her feet there. Secondly, there has been a big push for clean energy in recent times.Therefore, demand for oil might start slowing down. The first people to feel this pinch are the people in the exploration groups. So If have a degree in Civil or Mechanical with a masters in petroleum, I can always go back to doing Civil or Mechanical work when times get tough. Now if you have an undergrad in Geospatial and a masters in Petroleum, your options become more limited. Finally, the engineers who are responsible for bringing the crude to the surface and day to day operations are none other than Civil, Mechanical and Electrical engineer. My first job as an engineer was with Fugro McClelland company in Houston Texas. Where I supervised offshore Geotechnical drilling as well as designed foundations for offshore structures. I do not have a masters in petroleum but I do have a masters in Civil

          1. It is also true that he can do a masters in finance; wait a minute, most projects in Kenya are Civil, Mechanical or Electrical in nature. Having a degree in one of the above plus an MBA or Finance can also be very lucrative. There are very few geospatial projects to apply fiancial management to in Kenya. Renewable energy is directly tired to Civil Electrical and Mechanical. Do you now see what Im talking about?

          2. Ingø you are too naive. What is the purpose of doing a degree? By the way first degree can lead you to do other degrees. You are too much preoccupied with your qualification. Any Engeneer can do either a postgraduate degree in any field or alternatively he can decide to go for another undergraduate qualification.

          3. Further Ingø, you will require project finance experts to structure and package the funding of any infrastructure projects. Bankability of projects is normally done by finance experts with very little input from civil, electrical and mechanical engineers.

  3. Som E Attitude

    The Mombasa Longroom Branch is pushing a contribution campaign dubbed ?#?themagic101bobforGorMahia? in which we target around 1 million fans to be sending at least only 10 bob to paybill no 350100. During the Bandari match we plan to have printed flyers to be given to fans to urge them to make it their habit to be sending that small amount every month. So send what you have to 350100 and make a difference.

  4. This guy is a good striker in how he can attack the spaces in the channels and I also see his attitude should be a template for other Kenyan footballers.
    One thing, I completely despise this scenario of Kenyan footballers having to do trials; mind you on football terms Bidvest Wits is not a massive step up on Gor Mahia at this moment. If PSL clubs seek top flight Kenyans they should treat our league’s best players with the dignity of their top flight status. And the Kenyan footballers and their advisers must arrive to this as well.
    In my assessment, Olunga should indeed stay till the end of the campaign. I would prefer he stays one more year as this Gor side seem to have another ceiling in them but outside football terms there is no reason to stay in KPL. Truth here. If Gor had some well founded near term strategic plan then he could buy into it and be part. Instead we unfortunately have a club where the leadership says they will have a stadium and training facilities in 5 years without a clear show of how it will be achieved. Unless there is a big backer ala Mazembe, Sundowns or Azam we will remain in this quagmire.
    Selling Olunga also shows our standing and our ambition. “The players you have tell whether you seek to win the league or compete in the continent”
    you know the blog

  5. Gor shud start looking for a replacement. Try not to borrow from Liberty this time. What role is the Gor jnr side playing so far? I know it’s abit early to make demands but they need to copy what Liberty is doing. On my opinion Olunga shud have waited until Gor started the Africa champs campaign. His value would have trippled. But I guess this is about education n not football. Wish u all the best.
    For Agwanda, this is now ur chance to make the 9 O’clock NEWS.
    Has Elliots started with the Gor bread? Make a special quality bread n watch us buy. If u repeat what the other guy was doing then expect another flop. Watch out for ppl who want to use the Gor name to sell trash.

  6. the other bread of Good whatever appeared terrible from pictures;I wonder how it tasted.Anyway any Gor deal should be for quality.We love quality;the management should know that.

    1. The bread was crap n tasted as such. Will Elliot do the same? Lets wait n see. The Gor business arm now needs to come out n dictate on the quality of these products. It’s only a matter of time, one of them will surely succeed.

    1. It’s only when playn against Gor that teams feel pumped up. So it’s no supprise that this is the only interest Loga had. This is the same with most teams in kpl, ushuru automatically plays very gud soccer while playn against Gor. The game against Tusker today was basically a sleepn pill. Same with Tusker. Most team n coaches can only prove or will only want to justify their existence against Gor. The average Gor player will develop at a very high pace. This factor is also coz of the demanding nature of the fans. Players struggle to perform while not playn Gor. Tusker could hardly maintain their recent one month form. Gor on the other hand maintains the form thru out year. The irony is that Gor easily performs better in foreign lands. Hostile crowds have never bothered Gor. From Mali, Togo, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan Gor conquered.
      So Gor remains the better team to play for as its the only team that has brought African honours to Kenya. So gud soccer is about the arena and atmosphere.Any sports man from the days of the gladiators need to be cheered. Probably thats why Afc fans feel they can beat Barcelona in an empty stadium. Thats why they wanted mashemeji replay behind locked doors. So why is Gor better while playn in hostile lands?
      While playn against Zamalek in Gor faced one of the most hostile crowds in Africa. They were out to silence Zamalek if not for the ref. Esperance while on the way to take the cup was not for the faint hunted. Most ppl talk about biased officiating, but watch the 87 matches against Esperance n know what biased officiating is all about. That kind of battle only comes when Gor is around n that’s one thing Logarusic knows. Thats why Gor rules.

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