23 Jan 17

Ottamax in his playing days with former Gor Mahia striker Tom Odhiambo during a stopover in London

Gor Mahia’s goalkeeping coach Mathew Ottamax Owino, is in hot water again. This time he has been formally suspended by the club.

Club official Judith Nyangi confirmed to goal.com that Ottamax did not make the Sudan trip due to the suspension.

“The coach complained on his (Ottamax) behavior of coming to work while smelling alcohol, a thing which resulted to his suspension. He was not available when we played Al Hilal in Sudan and will not be available when we play Onduparaka in Uganda.” she said.

Last year Ottamax was at odds with Ze Maria over a different issues. At the time it was reported that he had beeen fired by Ze Maria. Upon learning of the decision, Ottamax went on social media to rant about Ze Maria’s perceived incompetence.

The decision to fire Ottamax was reveresed by the club EC at the time.

This time Ottamax has taken a more calm demeanor, posting only one benign sentence on his social media pages which read”

“The more NANYAMAZA the more naona NIKIUMIZWA…..”

Ottamax is a former goalkeeper for Re Union FC, Gor Mahia, AFC Leopards and Harambee stars. He made his national league debut while still in secondary school.

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  • Jaupanda says:

    Ottamax can not be in trouble with different leaders or offices and claim Ku umizwa. Discipline is a must and is a virtue. Embrace it with humility.

  • Jakoyo says:

    no, no , no ! EC can not be seen to condone racism. Another brazilian as goalkeeper coach ? Why did tom ogweno not travel to sudan ? Something is not right with the TB. This blame games must stop with immediate effect.

    They better reinstate otamax or else they risk loosing more league points in 2017 due to crowd trouble. That’s a warning !

    • Jamigori says:

      @Jakoyo, there is no racism here. It is all about discipline and well behavior.

      The failure by Ogweno to miss the Sudan trip was largely on CAF qualification requirements. Please take note that we have new dispensation for the licensing requirements that have stipulated who should be a technical member.

      Ogweno and Ottamax do not meet these requirements and hence will be very soon declared redundant due to these new rules. Unless we want the club to be penalized or demoted to NSL competition.

      On crowd trouble, the rules and law are there to be followed and we stand to drop more points should this bad behavior of thuggery persist. Jakoyo, you should not support the idea of crowd trouble due to indisciple of a technical bench member unless you were not there last year and not familiar to what happened to the team by being deducted 3 points. Such kind of comments or conditions are for the past years. We should discourage all thuggery, hooliganism, human waste kind of behavior otherwise we will receive tougher punishment and penalties.

    • Sam Muga says:

      @ Jakoyo, go slowly. We gave EC the mandate to manage the club. They are not foolish to make such decision without several considerations.

      We can not micromanage EC with such stupid threats. We are more wiser than last year and this a new era. Just do it alone, there is enough space in Kamiti and Langata prisons.

  • Jasego says:

    I don’t know how I can solve this one of Ze Maria claiming Ottomax biro pap komadho Andiwo overnight. Maybe Jamriambo owadwa can try and BB or A Person.An Aling thii jokamaa

    • Jamriambo. says:

      Jasego if it is indeed true that he was drunk on duty….aende kabisa. We wouldn’t condone that. And well sincerely the same blade should be used to the Brazilians as well….and hmmmmmm if the team performs as required no one will raise a finger. And…oh Korea is looking for a job, apply pap Korea.

    • A person says:

      @Jasego although the reasons are scanty, I am just wondering whether Maria Mama carries an alcoblow to the training ground! And is the same alcoblow used on Fontino the drunkurd? I think this is just the gradge that has been brought over to the new year. And if he is alcoholic, has it started over night? I think there is more than meets the eye here.Let’s wait and see how things will unfold. Maria has never come to terms with the quote “misfiring coach’ Now if they have started these kind of petty arguments, how will they win the tittles?

      • Jamigori says:

        @Person, you do not need to carry alcoblow but he was smelling alcohol. We need to have disciplined technical bench members to reflect positively on the playing unit. Just imagine you are in a classroom and there comes a teacher who is drank. What will be the impact of this drankurdness to the students or pupils he supposed to be impacting positively.

        This is how we bloggers continue to support negative things that will eventually have negative impact on players. When we are going to stadium, we do not go to watch Ottamax nor Ze Maria but players.

        I think we have a problem with our Luo members of the technical bench. Furthermore all of them apart from Jolawi Obondo do not meet the threshold requirements set by CAF licensing to sit at the technical bench of any football team as they have no qualification. They are busy politicking instead of pursuing the CAF or UEFA or FIFA courses to upgrade their resumes.

        Very soon we will not be seeing technical team members sitting at the technical bench without the CAF qualification requirements.

        We should not condone a member of technical bench inciting fans on their own problems. Why can’t Ottamax enjoy his brew after work?

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Even methylated spirit is alcohol! Perhaps the real intoxicating alcohol was poured on him either accidentally or out of malice by those who want the same job!

    Anyway just shows why most of yestergeneration stars never prospered much from the proceeds of football. Lack of focus and a stupid know-it-all mentality. If a coach’s clothes get into contact with alcohol during working hours does he have the moral right to raise an objection when alcohol starts pouring on the goalkeepers as they attend training?

    Don’t waste time suspending; just wield the axe.

  • A person says:

    Nyangi can you stop blowing simple things out of proportion! At I the coach complained that the he was smelling alcohol! Did he kiss him? This is childishness. We are told that our strikers are not sharp and yet Maria mama is smelling peoples’ breath instead of tying the loose ends. Burr kabisa.And all the other coaches who have worked with ottomax have never complained of such! Ottomax may have overreacted last season but that is no reason to hold grudge against him. We are keenly watching.

    • Jamigori says:

      @Person, you guys need to grow up. Our postings depict a lot on our childish behavior. You do not need to kiss anyone to determine the smell of any brewed substance. Ottamax has continued with incitement of fans every time he has crossed the red light and this should be condemned with full equal measure that he is not indispensable. If he can’t obey the basic rules, he should pack and go to any other team that will condon such bad behaviors.

      Do you support such kind of behaviors in the team? What will be the final results? What will be the impact on the playing unit?

      • musymo says:

        @Jamigori you are very right!!! Discipline is a MUST. So what do you propose we do about Sandro Fantoni, our fitness trainer and his indiscipline?

      • A person says:

        Jamigori can you stop personalising things here. I am old enough to decide what I can write here. What is childish about my posts? Kissing? You are not my prefect. How many people in that squad take alcohal? So did Maria KISS ottomax to feel the smell of alcohol. You have since turned into a kingdom guard whobis barking at every divergent opinion. I also hate how you refer to some TB members as LUOS as if being luo is a crime. So just post your own staff and let me do my bit.

        • Jamigori says:

          @person, the above posting describes yourself and you can take it to bank but it won’t pass credit test.

          • A person says:

            @Jamigori that is your opinion. I am also of the opinion that your posts above won’t pass any test. Jipe shughuli! as for me I am neither planning to lick anyone’s boots nor stop blogging here.

  • Jakoyo says:

    @ jamigori, that is selective bias or racism if you want to call it…..how many times has Sandro aka onyango aka brazilian fitness coach misbehaved and nothing has been done? Inciting players, shouting at referees, using obscene language etc etc etc

    If otammax is going the Sandro must also go ! We shall demand equal treatment if EC does not apply it

    • Dan Original says:

      @Jakoyo, have you forgotten that Onyango was punished by KPL. Anyway, players and TB members have to know that football in kenya is getting more and more proffesional. Those days of chewing veve aimlesdly and without consequences are long gone. Our own Gattuso is a victim of indiscipline otherwise he could be a permanent fixture in HS.

  • Kazzarah says:

    Firing Atrainer Is Not The Solution,tb Should Work In Hamony For The Betterment Of Our Beloved Team,there Are Some Issues That Should Be Solve Internally Before Going Public.Alcohal Should Not Be An Issues Since People Do Take Alcohal Even Though There Are Time Stipulated For Alcohal.All Of Us Should Concentrate Our Effort In Ensuring Our Team Sweep All Available Titles And Cups Offer Rather Than On Drinks People Takes,ottomax Should Not Be Victimize On Mere Olcohal Allegation Unless Proved Beyond Reasanable Doubt.Let Give Our Local Couches Chance To Learn From These Foreign Couches And Thus Is The Only Way Our Local Couches Can Better Develop Their Careers.

  • musymo says:

    Ottamax should not come to work drunk(if indeed he came to work drunk), nobody allows that in civilized society. But why is he being suspended and not being fired if he is guilty? It is the EC who allows this to happen. Make a decision and follow it through. If it is verified that he came to work drunk, kick him in the you know where head first, then use the same rod, the moment Sandro Fantoni misbehaves because we must be consistent with our application of the rules. If there is no truth in the accusations, then sit down with Ze Maria and tell him to stop sowing seeds of discord so early since a house divided, always crumbles.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    In my books EC should give the Head Coach FULL CONTROL on who are to be his TB members only limiting its maximum size.Just as 982 members gave Omusinga led EC control of Mighty Gor Mahia.The head coach should be fully responsible for player recruitment unless he abdicates that role to the EC.THE BUCK STOPS WITH HEADCOACH AND EC. That aside the intrigues are noted.Is GM’s TB full of quacks-Fantoni was also drunk on duty,as a “fitness”coach does he take the players through their paces practically or scientifically, surprising Ogweno has no qualifications or any practical achievements of note,and what qualification does Jolawi have?No wonder all the indiscipline. What of the quiet Brazilian asst.coach? When(if ever) will Omusinga put in results oriented codes of conduct/structures coz at the end of the day we want TO BE CHAMPIONS LOCALLY, REGIONALLY,CONTINENTALLY AND EVEN GLOBALLY.If ineffective players can be cleared out why not the TB,hope Ze Maria amenisikia!

    • ODUOR12 says:

      E.g codes of conduct should cover crucial areas such as contract renewals inaddition to behaviour/conduct etc etc.The club must give the player/TB members a written offer 45days before the expiry their current contract and negotiations must be concluded 1 month before the expiry of a players contract.One of the many EC members should be specifically responsible for this. Come on,EC we don’t have time for energy sapping sideshows. Also put down codes of conduct for 982 members and publically authorize police to arrest and prosecute saboteurs who may fanthom disrupting a GM match. IN 2017 EC DO NOT ACCEPT BOARDROOM POINTS DEDUCTION AGAIN.MAKE THAT VERY CLEAR TO KPL/FKF. LET US SEE THE DECADES OF EXPERIENCE SOME EC MEMBERS CLAIMED TO POSSESS DURING THE ELECTIONS.YAWA GM HAS SIJUI 3/4 CHAIR/VICE CHAIRMEN.The only guarantee for staying at GM should be WINNING TITLES be you a player, coach or EC.THAT SHOULD BE OUR CULTURE.

  • Jaupanda says:

    As we share our thoughts weather against or for on this matter, only one person has the answer, Ottamax himself. My appeal is if it is true that he takes alcohol and sometimes goes overboard and spills into his profession, I urge him to take a second look, never depend on how much we support you and defend you to the kilt. We may express our disappointments or support but that is the farthest we can go as opinion givers. At the end of the day he will stand alone. Irrespective of who one is, life has away of telling us “Life Must Go on” weather one is there or not. A bitter herb but that is just the way it is. If there is room, please utilized it wisely.

  • jamriAmbo says:

    Change is inevitable, get Korea there.He is a great player during his days. We do not want misplaced priorities this time round.Wuod Maria oil the machine , sharpen the blades ready for war. 2017osemoko. Jasego quickly get Korea in Toyoyo as fast as possible

  • Barefoot Bandit says:

    Mr. Administrator, please release my post from quarantine.

  • jathur gi ji says:

    Ahaaa drunk in the office, was he or was he not?
    If he was, that is NOT excusable and one can not talk about crowd trouble.
    If he was not, that is a factual thing but what would be involved in trying to prove innocence much late after? Let office run office issues-administration, let TB do their job – training, as supporters let’s do our part – support. On all these we have clear boundaries don’t we?

    • Jamigori says:

      I do concur with your posting. Let everyone do his role and we will analyse the performance at the end of the season.

  • bob says:

    It sounds funny that some honorable bloggers can support such kind of behaviors from some one like Ottamax. This is an ex-international player whom I think is being regarded with high esteem from the players his is coaching therefore he should handle himself with decorum and be as a role model.

    Even if he had a long beef with head coach he should handle himself and complain in a professional and civil way because it can spill over to players. These village mentality must not be tolerated in modern world

  • A person says:

    I am sure that some holier than though blogger s here take alcohol out of their work places. So if you go to work afterva long weekend smelling alcohol then you should be fired! Come on guys the reasons arevnot convincing. On this I think ZE MARIA IS A RACIST.

  • bob says:

    @a person cool down, you might not be able to know probably how many warnings he has been given, to reach a situations where you are being suspended then their is something under the table. Call a spade a spade. indiscipline can create anarchy in a club, let us not yap here by defending indefensible

  • vincent owino says:


  • I see a situation whereby we have copied the Kenyan political stupidity and pasted it on this forum.
    Ottamax comes to work drunk and expects to be a role model to his students.
    Ze Maria ‘has been’ complaining of his drunkenness for some time. (Past continuous tense)
    Now, defending Ottamax on grounds that even Fantoni has been misbehaving is as a typical political reasoning in this context.
    Ottamax is not an organ of Kogallo. He should not be suspended, he should be served with a release letter just like Agwanda.
    Nobody is bigger than our dream of bagging of trophies at our disposal this year. We are not going to take sides in a stupid episode like this, count me out.
    For how long will we handle adults with surgical gloves simply because they are Luos, Brazilians…?
    Success is deeply rooted in discipline, Olunga is my best example.
    EC, show us the fantastic preparations that you have for the trophies this year. Stop popularizing an activist who is yet to distinguish between Sabena Joy and Camp Toyoyo.

  • ODUOR12 says:

    On reflection am liking Nyangi’s “tell it like it is style”. Maybe the previous EC was sweeping a lot of dirt under the carpet hence condoning / encouraging indiscipline,patronage and sabotage. Sweep the house clean Nyarwegi! As for Ze Maria the first 5 games will determine your fate and note Fantoni will be similarly judged.GM fans,supporters or members will not be interested in excuses let nobody cheat you. Get rid of all moles frustrating you and deliver results and you be safe and protected by the same fans.There is nothing in Gor Mahia like mara a Luo, Brazilian, Local, foreigner or nef, nef. We only know of great winning players/coaches e.g Thigo,Julians,Sonyi, Otti,FN,Johnson. Those who don’t perform particularly in their 2nd season are literally chased away ask Zico, Pamzo that’s a guarantee.

  • ja Thur GI ji says:

    Hallo there is nobody who is indispensable, there shouldn’t be at all. These are the people who hold everyone at ransome and cause problems in TB and the whole team, shenzi sana

  • musymo says:

    Who knows the exact time of our friendly with Thika on Saturday? Some sources say 4 pm but there is one that said morning friendly. They should have planned it at Nyayo as it is more convenient for most onge ma hard bado Camp Toyoyo nyale. Will be there to see with my eyes!!!

  • papa says:

    @person and your half brother @jasego…you do not seem to be having anything between your ears. So skimpy in thought. Surely even after being docked points for rowdiness, @ Jasego you can still encourage the same? Very disappointed.

  • moses says:

    Huyu coach a select his technical bench;then we demand results.Ottomax should rise in career like those who worked under Nuttal.On strikers we should release Tuyisenge or Ksgere in June to get a good replacement

  • Manual says:

    Hello! I just would like to give an enormous thumbs up for the fantastic information you’ve here on this post. I will likely be coming back to your blog for much more soon.

  • Ottamax says:

    The truth shall set me free. Shocking!