Photo Gallery: Jaro Soja in his new office

When Gor mahia visisted president Uhuru Kenyatta at state house after having won the 2014 Kenya Premier League, Famous Gor Mahia fan Jaro Soja was offered a job by the president. On Thursday Nov 20, Jaro Soja officially reported to work. Dressed in a sharp suit, Soja appears to be having a blast in his new digs. Though it is not clear what he will be doing. But since the directive to employ him came from the president, he could even spend all day sharpening pencils while taking visitors in his spacious office. Hopefully Soja uses his new influence to get Gor Mahia cheaper training accommodations.

Images courtesy of Jaro Soja


2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery: Jaro Soja in his new office

  1. JARO SOJA , Congratulations in your NEW POSTING ….Be the best always , put your best foot forward strive to make a difference in your life .

    Your DEDICATION & PASSION has accelerated you further and the WORLD had to come to your TERMS .



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