Polack taking charge

New Coach Steve Polack is eager to stamp his influence on the playing unit and is confident that the team can do well based on what he saw in Bujumbura.

“I want to be the number one with the club not just in local competitions in Kenya but also on the continental scene. Against Aigle Noir, we had our chances and perhaps one goal should have been scored but a draw away is fair enough away from home. The tie is there for us to take and that is what we are going to do at home,” Polack told the Star.

Polack believes he will have enough time to prepare for the return leg.

“We played on Sunday [against Aigle Noir] and face Bandari in the Super Cup this weekend. That will be sufficient to prepare us to the level we want to be. In between, I want to spend more time with my players on the pitch so that they know me and I know them. I want them to buy into my philosophy fully so that I can fully implement my strategies,”he concluded

Oliech has not received his July salary.

Legendary Harambee stars attacker Dennis Oliech says that the club has not paid his salary for last month.

“I have not received my July salary because an official of the club is withholding it. I was to be paid on Friday but since I was away, it was not possible. I have been taken in circles and now the official claims I will be paid on Thursday. Why Thursday and not Tuesday,” he told goal.com

“The official promised to pay it on Saturday after failing to do so on Friday and up to now my calls are not answered, neither are my messages replied to. Other players have been paid already.”

The veteran striker wonders why the official is not paying his dues now and pushing it to a later date.

“Monday was a working day, Tuesday is a working day and also Wednesday will be a working day so why push my salary to Thursday. The chairman signed for the players to be paid so in this case, I cannot complain about him at all,” Oliech added.

Oliech further explained that he is speaking on behalf of all the players

“It is the first time I am facing this problem but I understand other players have been in this situation before.” I am complaining so as to speak for players who are maybe afraid to raise the issue. It is not the first time the official is failing to pay players, it has been a recurrent issue but some of the players prefer to remain silent for fear of untold consequences,” explained the striker.

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    1. If you want to steal the first thing you do is develop an allergy to transparency / modern methods but rather stick to outdated manual processes. Surely ADOR’s failure to implement modern and transparent ways of managing the club is astounding. Why not sign off a salary (bank) transfers from GM’s bank direct to each player’s bank account. And then this Oliech gamble has failed mara asst. coach, mara broken arm, mara not paid kshs 2m transfer fee but WHERE ARE THE GOALS?

  1. Let players salaries be wired into their bank accounts direct at one go. We are in a digital era. People are nolonger paid cash in an envelope as it used to be in the 1970’s.

  2. No one speaks to Oliech candidly. No one pushes him to get the Goals, No one tells him he can’t be coach of Gor Mahia, No one tells him he can’t Gor the press all the time, No one tells him time is up. Oliech should also know that Gor is a hardship zone and lower his expectations and play a mentor role. Our new players are soon going start throwing tantrums.

    Will Polack see what Oktay saw in him?

  3. I vouched for Oliech to join Gor Mahia hoping seriously then, that he had grown up. Unfortunately, as observed by these posts, he has been a total flop. Why do only hear of him when he is raising dust over his dues?…..and dues for what? He has not earned it. Oliech should drop this aura of self importance and being indispensable.

  4. Since oliech joined mighty mayienga, how many goals has he scored in total, we have problems ,sportpesa left ati he is speaking on behalf of voice less players is he a unionist at Gor, plz Mr oliech ship out

  5. I think that Polack has the right attitude and desire for the Team. I say this because as you and I know that Gor Family never talk or plan to underachieve. This basically goes down to set goals and hard work. Many of us have talked of our local dominance and the urge to translate it internationally. The Coach has captured it very well. If I may quote him, he says “I want to be the number one with the club not just in local competitions in Kenya but also on the continental scene” He has not lost the need to keep performing on the local seen because this where the fire is lit first. Secondly, it is good for the playing unit lest they loose the focus of the bigger picture, Continental Arena. To help him execute what he has is his philosophy. In a nutshell, he is telling his players, that this is where we are and this is what we shall be doing to get to our destination. Based on the aforesaid, he is hitting the right tune which we must all dance to, in support

    1. Yes, he’s hitting the right tune but the usual destructive factors are soon coming to haunt.
      Umesikia Oliech ashaanza, if the office thought the young players they recruited would not be spoilt then i think they didn’t do their homework well.
      Swahilis say ‘ kikulacho kinguoni mwako.

  6. We should release oliech he has the arrogance of Messi but unfortunately when it comes to perfmance..he’sva total flop…he should stop comparing gor mahia with Nantes…

  7. Meanwhile…after breaking all CECAFA records last year, club legend and defence expert ‘zico’ takes over Harambee stars. Best of wishes jathurwa !

  8. Ogwang have made very recommendable quality local signings. Am impressed. It suits their budget.When Oliech will wake job from the slumber. And realise ” hedhruok” is childish it will be too late. He should mow be struggling to build a legacy ..probably a coach. Not with his attitude.

  9. Congratulation is in order. But I see a very big problem when it comes to choosing players. Kimanzi with his Mathare and Kariobangi Sharks preference might not augur very well with Zico’s possible preference……….of allegiance

    1. Football Kenya Federation (FKF) has denied rumours on the ‘appointment’ of Francis Kimanzi and Zedekiah “Zico” Otieno to lead Kenya’s Senior National Soccer Team bench following the termination of Sebastien Migne’s contract.

      FKF President Nick Mwendwa has however denied the reports.

      “We don’t run football via the internet. I am also reading the same news on the internet and I am very surprised.

      “Whoever is spreading such rumours has no idea what is going on with the reorganization of the technical bench. We will announce the new coach officially at the right time.” Mwendwa said in a telephone interview.

  10. Can’t a man demand his pay? What is the rave about? Is he not in the team’s payroll? How quickly do lose respect for such an illustrious son of the soil? Pay him or release him with honour. I have said and I have quickly put on my helmet.

    1. Oliech should be paid but clubs like gor mahia don’t need inciters like oliech..because it’s clear we have financial difficulties he’s a bad influence….and he’s not a good role model neither is he a performer…we are better off without him

      1. Johny, I respect your very vocal hatred for Oliech and his ‘childish’ antics. With due respect though kindly answer me this question:
        If your employer tells you that they have fallen on hard economic times and may not be paying your salary, will you understand with your rent and other pressing monetary commitments in mind? Will you complain to your wife, family, trade union or will you honourably agree and ship out?

        Mago kende sani baa

  11. Oliech, Oliech, Oliech, for how long are we going to sing about Oliech he should pack and leave kwani is he any better than the other players if anything he’s just a stumbling block. Who ever brought him on board should take him away like yesterday. His game is wanting running aimlessly in the field. He’s friend Oktay who had him in his plan has left he should follow suit.

  12. It is funny that the see no evil, say no evil branch is uncharacteristically quiet while a Gor Mahia player is being bashed on this blog(let us put aside the issue of whether Oliech is right or wrong as that is in the court of public opinion) They always say whatever mistake Gor players have committed criticizing them here lowers their morale because of the ‘you don’t know who is reading this blog’ crap

  13. @Johny you are very right. Oliech is a liability to the club and should be released. He squandered his golden times spending life like celebrities knowing very well where he comes from. More oftenly than not wisdom is better than a talent.

    He started the boycotts which was quickly embraced by others and should be released sooner than later. Otherwise the management will be caught pants down.

  14. For the first time Gor Mahia has agreed to work with the coach. The club has signed a player as requested by the coach.

    The blunders of nostalgia led some people like Jolawi to bring in the rusty Oliech into the fold. They are now reaping the consequences.

    Let everyone play his role.

  15. Oliech = 2m sign on fee, salary 350k per month, goals scored 8, unfit and “injury” prone.
    Nicholas Kip = sign on fee probably less than 200k, salary probably less than 90k per month, goals scored 12, trains regularly and is committed.
    Sammy Onyango = stats probably similar to Kip’s, goals scored 10.
    Oliech may deserve his salary but is GM getting value for its money. The Oliech issue is just another EC scam. Oliech needs his pay BUT WE/GM NEEDS OUR GOALS

  16. This guy cliff miheso may be good. A good catch. But do we have the financial muscle to sustain him? Are we chewing more than we can swallow? Just asking because kesho kesho we shall be hearing the same old song of they did no pay my signing fee.

  17. Kindly a polite request to all GM kogallo supporters, and even officials we are tired with this name Oliech, he should be paid and then released since his time has gone,and he can’t even deliver.(Linda amechoka wacha apumsishwe.)

  18. I said earlier that oliech should should leave ,I’m happy that fans have seen what was my concern. Let us press so hard ,18 good players added oliech will ruen them oliech to leave as yesterday

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