Polack a master tactician and motivator

Caoch Steve Polack is showing a knack for being able to bring the best out of his players despite difficult circumstances. He showed this once again with succesive wins over Bandari and Sofapaka within days of each other. Still Polack was not satisfied and lamented about his team’s inability to take chances.

“We missed a lot of open chances but I am happy they made a strong comeback which earned us the three crucial points,” Pollack said after the match.

His tactical acumen was on display against Sofapaka as summarized by Citizen Sports.

Pollack made three substitutions in the second half introducing Ugandan import Juma Balinya in the striking force with Samwel Onyango coming in to strengthen the midfield.

It was an inspired substitution as the second goal was a direct result of Samuel Onyango’s hard work. Juma Balinya also showed a lot of potential.

In defence, Gor Mahia will still make do without Philemon Otieno whom Polack says will not be ready until March.

Polack Faults KPL

Coach Steve Polack has faulted KPL for constantly changing match starting times and venues with very short notice.

“KPL should operate just like other leagues in the world. We are at times inconvenienced by the changes on the fixture, time and venues. They should be serious and do their work diligently instead of expecting clubs to adopt the changes hurriedly,” said Polack to the Nation.

He cited specific examples

“Against Chemelil Sugar, we camped in Homa Bay and were prepared to travel to Kericho where the match was to be played, only for KPL to change the venue in the evening and take the game to Kisumu.

“On Wednesday, our match against Sofapaka was to start at 3pm, but it was rescheduled to 4pm and communication made when we were set. It has happened in the past and this trend has to stop,” said Polack

 KPL CEO Jack Oguda defended the changes saying they are always within 24 hours and are necessitated by the use of sporting facilities by the county governments.

“The changes sometimes can’t be avoided because the facilities are always being used by the counties. For Gor Mahia’s case, the stadium was hosting another event and that is why we changed the time. Against Chemelil, we were informed that Kericho Green Stadium won’t be available and that is why we had to move the game to Kisumu,” he said, while agreeing that it has affected other teams as well.

Polack further claimed that the decision by KPL to slate the Top Eight competition in the June when the season shall have ended, will affect preparation for teams participating in continental competitions.

He insisted that KPL should rethink the decision because players will be exhausted even before the new season starts.

The league ends on May 22 and Polack wants players to be given time to rest then proceed for pre-season, before the new season commences in August.

“KPL should know that players cannot play for a continuous cycle of 12 months without resting. How can you fix a competition after the league has ended? Players need to be resting and preparing for the new season. Maybe this could be the reason for poor performances in Caf competitions,” he said.

On Top Eight, Oguda revealed that the dates were tentative and could be changed to within the season if a new sponsor comes in.


5 thoughts on “Polack a master tactician and motivator

  1. So it’sTrue, hii Fund ime “Chungo” ma fans, MAYBE most of us ni wale we don’t pay or pay less to watch GM matches bt are loudest on this wall.Bytheway am not yet a registered member coz I happen to share same skeptism posted by a blogger previously.I would like to request the leaders of this fund to engage & bring on board AR about this issue of transparency.Just you guys post the amount collected and how much is paid as salary,AR should do likewise and also acknowledge your input in his official breakdown of monies.You should tell him the fund can do better ni yeye aonyeshe gudwill sote tujiunge..hehe hapa nakaa kutolewa kijiko na gateman.

    1. Levelmind fan, Instructing a group for which you have opted not to join can be very tricky. The fund is one of the best things that has happened in Gor and on this wall we were very vocal about such an initiatve. With time we will get there. Remember that despite corruption we still pay taxes and continue asking for accountability

    2. Levelmind Fan, GMAF Direct advising AR or the EC about transparency as you suggest, is tantamount to interference with the duly elected Gor Mahia administration. That is neither the mission nor mandate of GMAF Direct.

      We all know that the Gor Mahia EC is definitely compromised with regard to accountability and integrity. However, GMAF Direct as at now lacks the capacity to change the status quo from outside. The immediate problem that GMAF Direct is focusing on is membership recruitment, because with a membership of 25000, K’Ogalo fans will comfortably sponsor Gor Mahia F.C. steadily and consistently. When the numbers are finally there, those other changes you would like to see will just fall in place through self-drive.

  2. I find it interesting that people claim they are advising Rachier about transparency. He does not need to be advised. He has been told about transparency since 2008. But each time he deflects it, postpones it or flat out denies that transparency is needed. Right now he is using Augmentin to deflect the issue of transparency. If you ask him about transparency, he will say that fans should focus on contributing to Augmentin and transparency will come later. And if money raised by fans is used to pay players then Rachier and his team can just eat gate collections and other moneys. The man is a real charlatan.

    Rachier is intelligent enough to know that transparency will increase membership, gate collections and even bring sponsors on board. In fact this team can immediately get as many as 20,000 members if it was transparent.

    Rachier has been in office for a decade. He will never allow transparency. There is too much money to be made at this team. Consider that Tuyisenge was sold for Ksh 15 million. Walusimbi was also sold for a significant amount (I understand Ksh 12 Million). Yet as soon as Sportpesa withdrew in August, there was no money to pay players. And they went from August to December with no salary.

    The day when I nearly fainted was when Gor Mahia played Hull City. Kasarani was full. And Sally Bolo announced that attendance was only 30,000 !

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