Poor defending was the culprit says Williamson

Gor Mahia coach Bobby Williamson has blamed poor defending for the loss to KCC.

“I am disappointed at how we defended because the two goals were just due to poor defending. Look at the first goal, poor defending, second goal, poor defending. That was a match that we would have won had we concentrated and defended well”, he said to the clubs portal.

Indeed poor defending has been the bane of Gor Mahia when they play internationally. In the first leg match against Esperance, at least two of the goals Esperance scored were due to schoolboy errors and slack marking. The first Esperance goal occurred when a defender headed a cross right into the path of an oncoming Esperance striker when the better option would have been to head the ball out for a corner. The next Esperance goal was due to slack marking. Against KCCA, slack marking was once again the culprit.

It appears George Nsimbe the KCCA coach was not kidding when he said he knew the weaknesses of Gor Mahia.

Williamson has his work cut out. The Gor Mahia defence will have to significantly pull up their socks before they play APR. In past years when Gor Mahia won the CECAFA , they had an experienced and solid backline.

Williamson also blamed Gor Mahia’s inability to press upfront. “I was surprised by how well we did in the first 45 minutes but that’s what is expected from the team. Second half we allowed our opponents to have a big say on the pitch and it’s all about concentration and failing to pressed hard upfront that made KCCA to win”, he added. It appears Williamson wanted to play a pressing game which is why he deployed what looked like a 4-3-3. But of three forwards, the only capable of pressing is Timothy Otieno.

Some observers suggested that Gor Mahia players appeared tired. So lack of match fitness could be another factor.

12 thoughts on “Poor defending was the culprit says Williamson

  1. What is blackberry doing in the line up , mr coach? …..this guy is a waste of space, let’s try kariuki for 90 mins and adopt. 4 3 2 1 format !!!!

  2. You expect such comments from an incoming coach identifying weakness in his team that need 2 be addressed?
    An experienced outgoing coach saying what has been obvious weaknesses since last year’s season ender against KCB, not to mention inability to score its just excusing his inability to correct these weaknesses.
    How last minute inclusion & out of form/favour BB made the starting lineup is another puzzle from BW.
    Hoping nay praying 4 at least 1/4 final placing, looking 4ward 2 post BW/AR era

  3. oduor12@2…..remember when i questioned blackberrys form,some bloggers here were quick to attack me.from all the matches he has played so far what has he brought to the team?being a fans favourite is not enough…you must justify it in the field and sadly bb has not done that.
    l now open the floor for your predictable attacks….who will cast the 1st stone???

  4. The loss was 4r Bobby williamson. the work of a coach is to read the game & make necesary adjustment.B4 we went to CECAFA kagame cup I thot Bobby will use a more defencive approach by deploying 3-5-2 or 4-2-3-1 but due to his arrogance like all scots think that he is the best & cannot use anybodies sugestion. He wud’ve changed the system in the 2nd half bcos KCCA were pressing from the first whistle of 2nd half.His lack of reading the game will also cost kenya in matches that we r destined to win.

  5. From the three top comments I can see that we have adequate candidates for the post of coach post AR. Gntlemen, you can now send your applications as the podt has been declared vacant. Best wishes to you all anf we are looking at Gor playing scintillating football and scoring at will

  6. Bobby Williams is a coach with mediocre cast of players. problem is when he hoodwinks the public that he can take the team to greater hights then only to come back and give excuses. Gor players are an indisciplined lot. most of these players engage in jungle football. simply look at how they pass the ball and it tells these guys never bother with what they do. a players commitment is demonstrated by his commitment to complete the ‘Plot’. the players in the kpl are all of same calibre and i must add including the so called professionals. what kenya needs is a coach who can capture the imagination of these players. the players do have calibre but as i have said before the minds of african players tends to be weak. one day a player can perform extremely well but the nxt day he is totally useless. these are the markings of weak minds. if you want to destroy the mind of a kenyan player all you have to do is praise him and he will turn himself to Mariga, Jamal or Blackberry. gor should get rid of probably 3/4 of this current team or get a coach who can strengthen their minds. kenyan football is handled by managers who simply think that paying players allowances will make them perform. Bobby,maybe someone in Uganda saw this deficit in you and let you go. U r now playing to the gallery and i wonder for how long. gor players were tired, gor players cannot press…gor the pitch was not good, i am suprised we could not defend, school boy errors against esperance, gor has a small budget. the list of excuses is getting longer. one day you will give this one just like Harambee stars did in Rwanda.. ‘we did not have the correct boots’.

  7. Be it 3-5-2, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3, 5-2-3, 2-3-5 OR 11-0-0. Honestly Gor has never have a tangible strategy for any team they play against. But other teams teams always have a game plan against Gor. They have been riding on luck that’s why where intelligent, game reading and adequate switching made even by the players themselves on the pitch while playing are not there.

    it’s only in Kenya where you can win with luck, otherwise against other teams outside Kenya the current Gor is a very mediocre outfit plus the outgoing Coach. In reference to the above words by the Coach, seemingly he is blaming the players who played under his guidance.Or am I reading something different?

  8. A mediocre team with close to 8 players in national teams. Only in kenya does a team win by luck!!!! Unless our football interest starts and ends with kenya. Football worldwide has the element of luck anf this is nt confined locally. To me we have a hard working team that is producing poditive results despite major hurdles in their way. Coupled with that we have SOME MEDIOCRE FANS who expect gold even after paying for bronze. To me those boys and the TB are trying very hard despite all the hatdships the club is undergoing. As we demand the Barca-type performance are we aware that regular payment to these boys and men is a mirage?

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